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Soul Plan Readings - Why They Are So Accurate

Prior to birth, souls choose to overcome whatever negative traits they developed in other lifetimes;
however, that is forgotten once they are back in dense bodies and once again, behaviour develops
according to free will choices within the environmental influences the souls also chose and forgot."
Matthews Message, 11th January 2010 channelled by Suzanne Ward (His Mother)
Click here to hear two radio interviews I recently did with Suzy Ward. LINK
My interest in Soul Plan Readings (SPR) only grew because it happened to be part of my Spiritual
Counselling Diploma. I didnt know anything about them until I started my training module for this
aspect of the course. Needless to say it has now turned out to be a major part of my spiritual work
with clients, and SPRs are becoming more and more popular.
At the point of training in the SPR system, I had undergone some intense weeks in which I had
awoken spiritually. It was all pretty raw still, and I did not fully understand what had been happening
to me. So doing my own SPR helped me to understand things a lot better and I had several OMG
One was that I would indeed go through the dark night of my soul but come out the other side
pretty damn strong (Im still waiting for that bit ), and the other was that my soul purpose here
was to do with completely mastering self, and reaching full soul consciousness. This too cleared
up a lot for me, not least why I had been so fascinated by personal development, as well as religion,
having been born a Hindu, practiced Buddhism, then Christianity. I can tell you that even I surprised
myself sometimes with my previous eagerness to explore religion! And I think my family were just
plain baffled! I love writing and this was also indicated, plus many other aspects, such as emotional
denial (definitely experienced that one!). The effects of looking at my own SPR was much greater
clarity and acceptance (forgiveness) of how my life had gone, the challenges I had faced, my inner
challenges, and also clarity about talents and goals.
I have since seen many clients, as word of the accuracy and powerful transformational potential of
SPRs has got out. But SPRs havent actually been around long, only since the 1980s in fact. The
system was channelled by Frank Alper of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, and it is said to have
been used in the time of Atlantis (thats another topic, right!). It was brought over to the UK by
Nicolas David Ngan, whom I interviewed earlier in 2010 about this system you can listen HERE
Some people do find it hard to believe and accept that your name is not just random. Certainly the
SPR system takes a different view: that there is a grand design, a process you yourself take part in
before birth, in order to experience certain situations so that your soul can evolve further. And this is
what life is all about soul evolution Yes, sure, its about that holiday in the summer, or its about
making your millions, or whatever, but ultimately, the benchmark is how your souls evolving.
Evolving towards what you may ask? Towards Love of course.
As you can clearly understand, you are all in here to learn through your experiences and
nothing comes your way by pure chance. Life plans are agreed before you come into your
earth body.... Remember that you have most likely had hundreds of lives in all manner of
roles and situations. These have been carefully planned to give you suitable experiences
that will advance your evolution. There is no experience that is truly a random event, and
certainly each one is an important step on your path... Dear Ones, can you imagine the
amount of planning that goes into each of your lives, and isnt it something of a miracle that
you intermingle and yet all play out your roles successfully? The more you can accept life in
this way, we feel the easier you will be able stand aside from all of the turmoil and chaos,
knowing that it is all a passing phase.

SaLuSa 19-05-2010 Channelled By Mike Quinsey
For an SPR all that is required is your full birth name. Nothing else is needed. The idea is that the
sound vibration of your birth name is what gives rise to a certain set of experiences in your life it
rearranges reality around you if you like. Sound is said to be a primal force in the universe.
The benefit of having your SPR done is that you can access your own deep truth, and find out what
sort of contract you entered into before taking physical form. Its not a business contract, its a life
contract, one that is of your own choosing. What this means is that you get clarity like you may not
have had before.
You see, some people are just way off track from where they should be. I do readings for people who
are sometimes so way off their soul purpose and talents that the reading makes a big difference for
them to clarify where they should be going in life and what they should be focussing on. When we
are off track there is a feeling of square peg in a round hole for example. Or a feeling of something
missing, or not quite right, or perhaps you never feel quite satisfied, even though you may have it all
on the surface. So a reading will clarify whether you are indeed on track, or it can help you to decide
that the direction you are going in may not be serving you well, and you can then put plans in place
to find and implement your passions and talents.
And when were on track? Well, even if things are tricky it still feels right...
Ive had a few clients who realised that their jobs were not the right ones and understood why they
felt so challenged there. And even though finances dictated that they couldnt just leave just like
that, the reading gave them the clarity to focus on putting a plan in place to do fulfilling work going
forward. Other clients have for example been living fairly solitary lives when in fact they should be
working and facilitating groups because this is their skill. So it gave them the motivation to come out
of their shell and reach out more to others and society.
Usually it is also the case that most people are not fully utilising their talents. We each of us have
unique gifts and talents that we must use in order to feel fulfilled. Sometimes people are aware of
these if they are creative types for eg, but often here too, they may be sabotaging their talents in
other ways. Using our talents is vital for our satisfaction. So, for eg if youre working in the left-
brained corporate job but your talents are creative (6-6) then you are constantly going to be feeling
stress (which comes with 6-6 too) and be drawn towards creative pursuits. With a reading, such a
person would be able to understand where their stress comes from, and be able to make plans to
use their creative skills a lot more.
To conclude, an SPR is a catalyst for releasing your deeper potential and to become engaged in your
life, work and relationships in a new, committed way. It provides clarification of your lessons,
talents, goals and overall soul purpose.