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Adam Wood

15415 Bryanton Court

Granger, IN 46530
#5$4% 33&'5$11
Quick learner, forward thinker, and self-starter who gets things done with minimal
direction. Can solve challenging problems and convince and connect with customers
and people within the organization.
*eey ("hoo o+ Bu,ine,,, Indiana -ni.er,ity, Boomington, IN
May, 2!"
#achelor of $cience, Corporate %nnovation & 'ntrepreneurship
Ma(or )*+, ".-./.
0verall )*+, ".!./.

Ad0ro.a, Indiana0oi,, IN
May 2!/-+ug 2!/
Client $uccess Manager
*lanned, negotiated, and e1ecuted online marketing campaigns.
Communicated and maintained rapport with clients and user base. 2racked 3*%
analytics and created reports from data insight. Managed the day-to-day
implementation, and optimization of campaign activities. Monitored and assessed
ongoing campaign performance4 assisted in strategic analysis of campaigns.
1enn'2arri, 3adi,on ("hoo 4i,tri"t, Granger, IN
$eptember 2!"-May 2!/
$ubstitute 2eacher 3-!2
'1ecuted lesson plans. Created environment that engaged students.
%mplemented student participation approach for elementary to high school
students that increased their enthusiasm for reading and performing well on
5he 6AIN 4igita 7A8N9C May 2!2-
+ugust 2!2
0nline %ntern
Managed content data and provided market research to support growth in
number of subscribers and listeners. %ncreased 2witter followers by -6 over "
months by analyzing pro7les, fre5uency of visits, and patterns of comments.
Btowntra/!"om, Boomington, IN 8ebruary 2!!-
9anuary 2!2
Created the business. *roduced music playlists4 implemented %nternet
marketing4 managed website, and 2witter and 8acebook accounts4 edited and
managed :M; documents. 'stablished and maintained relationships with local
businesses through social media. )rew website visits to !!, with /,
uni5ue visits within / months.
ChaCha!"om, Granger, IN 8ebruary
2<-9une 2!
)uide, ;evel Master
=esponded to 5ueries on topics including science.math, sports, entertainment,
and directions in a tight deadline environment. 'nabled customers to get
5uicker answers to search 5ueries by strengthening association of 5ueries to
potential answers.

$ocial Media, )oogle +nalytics, 8acebook, 2witter, :M;, M$ 0>ce ?+ccess, '1cel,
@ord, *ower*ointA, *hotoshop