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Saturday, May 8, 2010
Surreptitious liquidation of sovereignty
bu Yousuff Zobayerullah
HISTORY taught us that through the passage of time hard earned
sovereignty of a nation, state, empire, colony, union or even a
republic could eventually crumble. We are not a union lie the
former !SSR or a republic lie the !S". We are a sovereign state
#ith ma$imum homogeneity in terms of ethnicity and culture.
Ho#ever, it still remains vulnerable lie all others, barely
surviving or cra#ling to#ards maturity. To retain its
sovereignty, a nation must possess a strong, tangible and
intangible ideological platform. This is the area #here feeble
states perform poorly and eventually succumb. %nlightened
leadership #ith sound civil and military bureaucracy and a
professional and patriotic intelligence apparatus can strengthen
the foundation and help eep a nation go for#ard.
Sovereignty is never cheap& it is al#ays traded through
sacrifice, dedication and perseverance. "nd it is never earned
#ith an intention to lose one day. 'erald (elente, founder of
Trends Research Institute of !S" #hile commenting on !S
recession said, )When people lose everything and they have
nothing to lose, they lose it). The *uestion here is #hy people
of a superpo#er nation have to lose everything and become
homeless in large numbers+ Was it the design of their founding
fathers+ If not, #ho has stolen their fortune, their dreams, and
taen,for,granted affluence+
" loo into some modern societies #ould reveal that it is due to
the drift in attitude or perception. The surge in democratic
atheism and free #orld philosophy has pushed religion far a#ay
from human understanding. -ivine and human education has been
deliberately #iped out from the academic.social curriculum. What
is left is only materialistic education, #hich conse*uentially
produces a bunch of educated creatures in different shapes and
si/es0 This type of education, #ithout moral and humane touch,
turns people totally materialistic and easy prey to brain
#ashing by social engineers 1psychological #arfare e$perts2.
Thus the long and arduous tas of individual subversion becomes
redundant. It is about time #e put on our thining caps and use
our spiritual.intuitive intelligence to understand the reality
that surrounds us.
Ideological subversion is a legitimate process that is overtly
conducted in a target country for social conditioning. "nd this
is done #ith a vie# to achieving demorali/ation,
destabili/ation, crisis, and finally normali/ation. The #ord
demorali/ation does not mean only frustration and hopelessness&
here it is to deplete the moral value of the society.
-estabili/ation stage taes 3 to 4 years #hen economy, politics,
defense system and foreign relations become active target of
hostile psychological #arfare. The targeted country #ould be
pursued to tae decision economically or politically that are
unviable or suicidal.
This is #here the destabili/ation stage terminates and
initiali/ation of the crisis stage tae place. "t this point of
time the nation #ill be under the control of a leadership
lacing vision and #isdom encircled by non,professionals and
hyper, personally loyal hypocrites. The general mass is
absolutely hopeless about the future of the nation&
administration is deeply penetrated by the turned agents of
hostile intelligence service, and finally unbridled corruption.
The crisis stage may tae up to si$ #ees to bring a country at
the brin of a violent change in po#er structure or economy. "t
the end it is the period of normali/ation, #hich may run for an
indefinite period. The #ord normali/ation is basically a cynical
e$pression of getting the target country under full control.
If desired, lessons can be derived from our neighbors. (hina is
very concerned about the process of demorali/ation& they often
bloc different #eb lins that propagate pornography. They have
even bloced the free run of 'oogle in their country to ensure
that the people are not sub5ected to any counterproductive
stimulus from cyber space. 6eople of West 7engal cannot vie#
cable T8 program put on air from 7angladesh. Singapore, 9alaysia
and even 9yanmar and Sri :ana are highly sensitive about the
type and volume of information getting virtually do#nloaded in
the heart and mind of their citi/ens.
;o# comes the fundamental *uestion< do #e have any policy to
eep our citi/ens secure from hostile social engineers= psycho
manipulation+ The first *uestion is, are #e a#are of this
invisible threat+ It is the responsibility of our o#n social
engineers under the guidance of leadership to detect the success
level of hostile active measures. That demorali/ation stage is
over saturated and very comprehensible< #e are do#ntrodden and
corrupt, and patriotism is rated very lo#. These t#o signifies
hostile social engineers have achieved commendable success
against our failure.
" very long list of incidents lie the grenade attac at a
public meeting on 3> august 3??@, A@ district e$plosion, >.>>,
massacre of 4B military officers, unabated violent clashes in
different public universities, sudden eruption of ethnic clash
at (hittagong Hill Tracts, shortage of electricity and drining
#ater in -haa city signifies that #e are passing a prolonged
destabili/ation stage. If #e fail to reverse the situation no#,
#e may face the crisis stage any time soon.
When a nation enters into crisis stage, the chances are 4?.4?,
either to hold out or to surrender the sovereignty. It is almost
a point of no return. The situation #ill be normali/ed by the
invasion of foreign forces of neighboring countries or !;
peaceeeping forces& the #ay #hen Soviet tans entered into
(/echoslovaia in >CAD and 7re/hnev e$pressed& );o# the
situation of our brotherly (/echoslovaia is normali/ed). Our
subcontinent has so many e$amples of such ind.
Sensing and monitoring hostile brain#ash is a highly speciali/ed
sill, either #e attain that as soon as possible or run the ris
of becoming history. E"gainst the insidious #iles of foreign
influence I con5ure you to believe me, fello# citi/ens. History
and e$perience prove that foreign influence is one of the most
baneful foes of republican government.F , 'eorge Washington.
The author is a freelancer.