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WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, that is the hot issue in this time and will be our topic today, here
Im Annisa from Junior High School 1 Ponorogo, and I would like to present my speech and the title is,
Boarding School And Its Impact Toward Young Generation In Developing Religion And Nationalism
Well Ladies and gentleman,
Lets see now, Indonesia is country that is very respect with their education, all people also
know, that the real education is not just the ACADEMIC lesson like math, science, language and other, and the
real education is all lesson that has relationship with our better future. But, not all school in this country will
to follow it, tough this country have to make the school that can including all of that, ya... that called boarding
school. If we talk about boarding school all of us certain thinking that boarding school is a school that is very
left behind, because of why?, because we know when the first time when boarding school is made, the
function of it is to make the student know the lesson of life, so all people thinking that boarding school not
more teach about academy subject that they think its very important for the students future. We also know
that many boarding school more teach about religion the example is maisonette of Pesantren that they think
its very left behind. So if we see know the plan of this country to complete the real education can called to fail,
tough we know that is very important.
All my beloved friends,
Cause we know that Boarding school is very important, so we must know why after this country
make boarding school, nothing people who want to learn there. To can now what is the reason, we must now
what is the definition of that first.
The first is the definition is about boarding school, and the definition is place where the student
can get all lesson but also they can get the lesson of life and the lesson of the culture, especially the lesson of
religion. the example is, modern maisonette of Darusalam Gontor, all of us know that Darusalam Gontor is
boarding school that popular with their religion, even its popularity have popular until overseas, but the
education except religion like academy subject also is very good, so Darusalam Gontor can be the Boarding
school like what this country want.
The second is the definition of religion and nationalism, and the definition is how to make the
development of religion and nationalism for young generation, to make the young generation understand that
religion has same function with nationalism, religion here is the trust and fear for their God, and nationalism
here is caring the young people for their country.
The honourable of jury,
The function of boarding school is certain to teach the young generation to be the generation of
Islam with their knowledge and be the mubaligh in their society, the relationship of that is so clear, because of
why, because young generation is generation who will make this country be the good country in future. Beside
that, the relationship of religion and nationalism like what I say in the past time, that if we have nationalism
knowledge but we have not religion we cant, and certain the contrary of that.
Happy Brothers and Sisters,
all of those is the Boarding School in detail, that in fact in Boarding School we can find all of
those, if we thing that boarding school just teach about how to live in the middle of society and religion, but in
fact that false, we must thinking that in Boarding School we can get anything, so deleting all the bad thinking
about Boarding School, because with it we can get all we want in Boarding School.
Well, Ladies and Gentleman thats my speech and Thank You ^^
By : Annisa Aulia Afifah