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Nowadays, losing weight has been popularity trend, espacially for young girls. As media and
the whole society emphasis that thinnes as the ideal for beauty. Young girls start to take
notice of their body image. But some of them are so dissatisfied with their weight that they
have negative attitudes and no confidence to the life. It has been impact on their life.
Besides, they always choose intensely method to lose weight, such as emetic method, drinks
and so forth. Now there is a technology that will help young people to improve the
3.1 Vision
Young people has healthier and more funny way to lose and keep their weight.
3.2 Industry Analysis: The industry of electroni ca robot
Industry: Automobiles industry and electronic robot industry. Robot helps people to set
heathy body image to lose weight.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High Many diets and workout plans/routines are
promoted to consumers through various
mediums as methods of loosing weight. Rather, it
be Jazzercise, Tae Bo, or P90X Insanity, Weight
Watchers, The Dick Gregory Diet, or the South
Beach diet, all of these products are trying to
make a profit and stay current in this rapid
industry of dropping pounds fast.(R Robin, 2013)


Supplier power: Low The industrial robots application becomes more
demanding and complicated because of growing
modernization and automation of the
manufacturing process in all branches of industry,
flexibility, and demands for a change in
manufacturing lines of industrial robot functions
(Karabegovic, Karabegovic, Husak, 2013).
Threat of new entrants: low Characteristics likely to attract newcomers
include high profit or sales growth. Given the
spotty record of the industry on growth and
profits and the high barriers to entry, potential
entrants are a weak force. (Harold Hopkins,2008)
Threat of substitutes: low The potential for product differentiation is high.
Products differ in terms of size, power, features,
quality, service, and many other factors. The
potential for differentiation, all others things
being equal, reduces the competitive rivalry. A
slow rate of growth increases competitive rivalry
since firms have a greater tendency to compete
against their rivals and try to steal market share.
(Harold Hopkins,2008).
Rivalry among existing
moderate The auto firms are big, few in number, buy in
great volume, can backward integrate, can use
manual labor as a substitute, and represent a
large percentage of total sales (Hopkins,2008).


Overall attractiveness of the industry: Automobiles industry and electronic robot industry is
high for buyer power, for supplier power and threat of new entrants are low, threat of
substitutes is low and rivalry among existing competitors is moderate.
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
Losing weight is main stream in the society. More and more people join the team of losing
team, especially young girl. Compared with older people, young people is more care about
others eye, it will make them lose heart and have negative attitude to life. More and more
young girls have psychologiacal problems. Besides, they always take extreamly measures for
losing weight.
Furthermore,the reason why the problem can be more serious is that young people lack of
related professional health knowledge, they eat food disorder and have unrealistic self
critical thoughts about body image and abnormal weight lose and so forth. It can impact on
people healthy and cause disease, even death.
3.4 The Product and Service
I will develop an kind of app which is different from the others. Adolescent girls can target
their robot by themselve, like creating personal conversations and answering questions
positively to them, based on a host physical attributes. It can be their image of their
dream body figure and healthy phsysical attributes. After customers design their robot
online, we will make real physical robot to them.
we will provide therapists, personal trainer, dietitian and social media to analyse the data
and a positve environment for teenage girls. Scale we will provide a number scale to
adjust if you have positive mentality to lose weight and healthy diet everyday. Recipes we
will use healthy ingrediant to replace junk food but it still can satisfy customers who want to
eat junk food, like using yogurt ice cream replace normal ice cream. Personal trainer the
robot give you advice and recommendation, company with you. Forum is using facebook,
Youtube to share successful experiences to encourage each other.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners


Since our main industry are automobile industry and robot industry, our suppliers are apps
developer who help us to design the software, artwork designer and techniques who
implemented robot functions.
we use robot to collaborate data from customer and send data to professors to analyse it.
So we organised therapists, personal trainer, and dietitian are our partners. App store is also
our partner who help us to promote our app and share the profits with app developer.
3.6 Strategy: Difference
As a matter of fact, the group of obesity teenage people is becoming bigger and bigger in
the world. Even some developed countries have more serious situation, like United States.
Therefore, our products industry face to international market.
It focus on high price. Losing weight has been an essential part of their life. More and more
people have the specific needs for it. Our products has competitive advantage. We use
robot instead of electronic apps and we own unique immortal professinal team to nalyse
personal situation.
The overall strategy is therefore broad market, high cost. Difference.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Make the product or service
The most important value chain activity for this business is Make the product or service
Our products mainly rely on making the product or service to add value. When we mention
the idea for it, the first thing we should do is designing of products, services, and processes
it. We should think about what shape of robot looks like. What kind of functionality the
robot should have and how can we make it. In addition, what service we should provide
when we sell the robot and so forth.
3.8 Business Processes
3.8.1. BUSINESS-FACING PROCESS When we start producing our products, we should make
strategic and tactical planning for sale, and the budeget forecasting training . For example,
the cost on making robot and design the apps. What cost on employees salaries.





3.8.2 CUSTOMER-FACING PROCESS Once our products went into the market, we need to
prepare how customer order the goods, what service we should provide to customers and
sales process. After customers buy our products, we need to order shipping and prepare
customer billing as well.




3.9 Functionalities
Making strategic planning for sale.
Making budget forecasting for companys inventory.
Order processing for customers booking the products
An order shipping for customers after they buy the products
3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. DECI SI ON SUPPORT SYSTEM we identifies our customers problem. Based on the
problem, they design robot by themselves. We need to collect data everyday from robot.
Aiming at data we make solutions, then we have solution test and select the best solves
problem. Finally, we need to test if it is working for the problem.
3.10. 2. ENTERPRI SE RESOURCE PLANNING SYSTEM we need to collect data from customers
and send the data to our professional team. Therefore, we put the data into a single IT
system so that employees can make enterprise wide decisions by viewing enterprise wide
information on all business operations.
3.10. 3. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM We need to build relationship to
our clients. After all we are the new products in the marketing, we need to increase
customer loyalty to our products and retention customer for organisation profitability.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

Make the
product or
FACING process
1. Making strategic planning for sale.

2. Making budget forecasting for
companys inventory.

Transaction processing

Executive information

Enterprise Resource
Planning system
FACING process
1. Order processing for customers booking
the products

2. An order shipping for customers after they
buy the products

Transaction processing

Decision support system
Transaction processing

Customer relationship
management system


In conclusion, our product is benefit for teenagers who may have psychological problem of
their weight or body shape. It has high buyer power, high supplier power, low threat of new
entrants and moderate of Threat of substitutes and Rivalry among existing competitors. We
use making the product or service for our value chain. Differentiation is for our porters
generic strategics. When we make our products, it involves business-facing process,
customer-facing process and also using enterprise resource planning system, customer
relationship management and so forth for dealing with some common problems.


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