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Q.What is the most appropriate configuration to access www.sbismart.com .
A. The application works smoothly with Flash player 10.3 ,which is compatible with browsers IE8 ,Mozilla Firefox
4,Chrome 11,Safari 5 ,Opera11 and above. We have seen the application work best on Google Chrome.
The application is tested to work most smoothly when it is accessed from a machine with minimum configuration
of 512 MB RAM(1 GB Recommended) and 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor having at least 512 kbps
internet connection.
Q.I installed Adobe flash player as required and still I am facing problems.
A. If you have installed adobe flash player as required and still face a problem then reinstall it via adobe flash
player website. If you still face an issue then please send us an email on ithelp@sbicapsec.com
Q. Is it compatible with all Operating Systems?
A. It is compatible with Microsoft supported Operating Systems only. Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft
itself. Hence our website will not open is you have Windows XP installed. Please upgrade it to the latest version.
Q. Which browsers the website would be compatible?
A. Our website is compatible with multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,
Opera etc. Google Chrome is the preferred browser.
Q. Are there any pre-requisites for the new trading platform?
A. You need Adobe Flash Player to view various functionalities of our new website. You can download it using the
following link. Please note that Google Chrome already has Flash Player in-built.
Q. I have downloaded the Flash Player, but after login in the website a green screen is reflected?
A. After login in your account if the green screen is reflected please Click on the refresh button and the details of
the trading account page would be reflected.
Q. How do I login in to my Trading account?
A. You can log in using your Username which is the same as your Client code. Please remember that if you have not
logged in to the new website any time before you need to login with the System Generated Password which you
would have received on your registered email id for the first time. If you have not received the System generated
password, kindly note that first time password for the same is first five characters of your PANCARD followed by @
followed by last 3 characters of your Client code e.g. the password for a client having PAN Number ABCDE1234F
and client code ESI7890 will be ABCDE@890
Incase you are unable to login with your changed password, you can generate New Password by clicking on Forgot
password or Get New Password > Enter your Username and follow further guidance thereon.
Q.I am an SBT customer. I am unable to login on the new platform.
A. Customers having their Demat accounts with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Mysore and
erstwhile State Bank of Indore will be migrated to the new platform shortly and are requested to continue using
their trading account on our old platform until further notice. Click Here to Login.
Q. My login screen is open but gets automatically closed.
A. Our trading page is most compatible with Google Chrome browser so it is advised to install the same. If you still
face a problem, then please email to helpdesk@sbicapsec.com

Mobile Phone or IPAD
Q. Your new website is not opening on my Mobile Phone or IPAD or Tab. Why?
A. The new website uses Adobe Flash Player which is not used by mobile phones and tabs including iPad. Please
use a laptop or pc to access our new site. We are working on a trading app version of our website which will work
with Mobile Phone, iPad & Tabs, which we shall introduce shortly.

Q. Where can I see demo of the website ?
A. You can view a brief demo of the website: http://www.sbismart.com/content/getting-started . Detailed
demo on Market Watch is uploaded on http://www.sbismart.com/demo

Q. I do not get my OTP on my mobile for a long time.
A. If you are unable to generate OTP then please wait for 3-4 minutes, else regenerate it again. If you still face a
problem, then please email to ithelp@sbicapsec.com
Q. In the event that you have not received the 1st time login password, you can use the following combination
for first time login.
A. For your convenience, your 1st time login password has been emailed to your email Id registered with us.
Incase, you have not received the same, the 1st time Login Password = First 5 characters of your PAN (in the
uppercase) followed by @ followed by the last 3 characters of your client code. e.g. if PAN is AGVPP7897N and
your client code is ESI123456, then Password = AGVPP@456.
*1st Time login is compulsorily with System Generated Password. Please use Forgot Password Option for
changing password only for subsequent password change.

Q. I have logged in my account with the initial password but after login and changing the password I am not able
to login with the changed password?
A. You may use the Forgot password link which is available on Trade login page and set a new password as per
your choice. However, if still not able to login with the password received from our end, you may contact us on our
Toll free no: 1800-22-3345/1800-209-9345 or send a mail on helpdesk@sbicapsec.com
Q. Getting an error message: Invalid Username or Password, please try again.
A. You have entered incorrect username or password or PAN. Remember to enter PAN in CAPITAL.
Q. Your login has been disabled due to intruder detection.
A. You have entered incorrect password 5 times. Hence your account has been locked. It will automatically get
unlocked in 10 minutes. You can login again if you remember the password or use Forgot Password option to set a
new password.

Post- Login
Q. I am getting a blank screen after logging in. What is the issue?
A. You probably have not downloaded Adobe Flash Player. Please download it using the link
https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/.If you have already downloaded Adobe Flash Player and are still
getting a blank screen, please try refreshing the page.
Q. The maximum number of allowable sessions has been reached. Please try after 10 min.
A. You have not logged out using the log out button. You have clicked on x on the top right hand corner of
the page after logging it. Your previous session is still valid. You are requested to try logging in after 10 minutes.
Please log out of your trading account only using the logout button.

Order /Trades
Q. How do I place a buy/sell order?
A. In order to place a buy/sell order it is important to fill in your order details and press on the Go button for the
LTP (Last Traded Price) to appear. Once the same is done, you can click on the Submit button and place your
Q. Where can I see my Orders and Trades in the website?
A. Your Orders and Trades can be seen under Orders/Trades screen available under Menu. Order details and the
current status can be seen in Order Book and all the trades can be seen in Trade Book. Order Modification and
Cancellation can also be done from Order Book Tab.

Q. Why is my data not displaying in the Order/Trade Book?
A. If the Order Book and Trade Book does not display any data then Logout and Re-Login again for the orders to
reappear. If the problem still continues then send a mail to ithelp@sbicapsec.com for resolution."
Q. How can I place my AMO Orders?
A. AMO orders can be placed After Market by selecting AMO check box in the Order Entry screen. Placed AMO
orders will be displayed in the Order Book where client can Modify and Cancel till the orders are placed at the
exchange when the next trading day starts.
Q. Why are my AMO orders getting rejected?
A. If the placed AMO orders are rejected with the reason "Target Not Logged" then send a mail to
ITHelp@sbicapsec.com .
Q. I am unable to invest in NCD and IPOs through new system.
A. NCD & IPO are under development and will be launched soon.
Q. Where can Product Conversion be done?
A. Product conversion can be done from the Trade Book.
Q. I am getting a message KRA not completed / updated. Hence cannot invest in mutual fund.
A. If you get such a message, then write to us at helpdesk@sbicapsec.com

Demat Holdings
Q. Where can I see my Holdings?
A. Holdings can be seen in the Portfolio Screen available under Menu. Portfolio screen consist of 3 Tabs (Current
Holding, Zero Holding and Negative Holding) with Cost of Carry and News Tabs for the Particular stocks you are
holding. Current Holding indicates the holding available with you for selling.

Q. There seems to be a mismatch in the profit/loss calculations in my portfolio.
A. We perform the portfolio calculations based on the FIFO ( First In First Out) method. Please compare your
calculations using the same method. If the problem still continues, then send a mail to helpdesk@sbicapsec.com
for resolution.

Q. Some of the transactions are not shown in the portfolio.
If there is any mismatch in transactions or If there is a message like no data found then wait for a while as there
might be a synchronisation problem in the backend. Alternatively, you can Logout and Re-Login again for the data
to reappear. If the problem still continues, then send a mail to ithelp@sbicapsec.com for resolution.

Funds/ Stocks Lien and UnLien
Q. How to Lien Mark my Funds ?
A. Go to Menu and select Lien/Un-Lien option. Select Fund Lien/Un-Lien option from the Lien screen. Fund Lien
screen will open where you have to select the Account number and enter the Amount to be Lien Marked and
select Submit. You will be redirected to your Bank site in which you will be asked to enter the id and Password
after which a confirmation message will be displayed for Lien Marking. For Un-Lien the same procedure needs to
be followed.
If there is any problem and the Lien screen displays blank page or Web Page not available then please send a Mail
to ithelp@sbicapsec.com for resolution.
Q. How to Lien Mark my Stocks ?
A. If you want a Delivery Stock to be sold then it needs to be Lien Marked from DP. Stock Lien can be done by
selecting Stock Lien/UnLien option from Menu Option. If you are an SBI DP Client then you will be redirected to SBI
Site where you have to enter your bank credentials for Lien Marking the Stocks. If you are an SSL DP client then
you can directly lien mark the stocks without the login credentials being asked. For checking the Holdings, you
have to select this lien option and check or can be checked in Portfolio Screen.

For UnLien you have to select the Stock Lien/Unlien option from Menu and select the Release option available at
the right hand corner of the holding details.
If there is any problem and the Lien screen displays blank page or Web Page not available then please send a Mail
to ithelp@sbicapsec.com for resolution.

Other Queries: Please go through the following list:
If refresh doesn't work in order book or trade book, then select the URL and press enter.
If scrips are not added in the market watch, then select the URL & press Enter.
If series is not displaying when placing an order from order entry panel, then select the URL and press
When selecting order book (trade book, position, market watch, portfolio, lien/unlien, widgets, back-
office & obligation) from Menu and if please wait is displaying for more than 2 minutes then select the
URL & press Enter from your keyboard.
After entering credentials, if the page is displaying blank then press Back Arrow in the browser & select
the logout icon which is at the right hand side of the corner. It would log-out & you will be saved from
waiting for 10 minutes.
If you are selecting modify, buy more, sell & sell more from action tab in order book and if values of scrip
are not added in order entry panel then go to URL and press Enter.
If an open order is not getting cancelled, then go to URL and press Enter.
When no order confirmation message appears after squaring off the positions then go to URL and press
If available limits are not deducted, then go to URL and press Enter.
If convert product is not happening then go to URL and press Enter.
If trade log widget is displaying 10 columns then go to browser history & delete it. Please re-login again.
If charts are not displayed in the chart screen then go to URL and press Enter.