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What This Book Is NOT!

What This Book IS!
Lets Get Started
Self-Limiting Beliefs
So What Can We Do?
The Write Over Method!
Getting That First Victory!
Fake It Till You Make It!
Picking Your Style
Playing The Numbers!
What To Say
The Human Mind!
You Are Here!
The Relational Skeleton Key
Self Hypnosis 101
Visualization / Preparation
See It, Then Be It!
Have a Seat
Heres Where It Gets Really Fun!
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Location, Location, Location!

So Now What?
Practice, Practice, Practice!
The World Is Your Oyster
(Now Go Claim Some Clam!)
Theres Always Room For Improvement! Cant Make Anyone Do Anything!
Hypnotic Subconscious Suggestions
The Masters
Information In-cumming!
Every Game Worth Playing Has Rules!
Hypno-Date 201
The Ins and Outs of our Hypnosis Style Techniques.
All Around, All The Time!
Thats What Makes All The difference!
Sending and Receiving Signals!
Howd They Do That?
Subconscious Broadcasting.
Natures Stealth Technology
Better To Give AND Receive!
Role Reversal Strategy
Have Friends Who Are Hot Chicks!
Hypno-Date RULES: (Dos and Donts)
Hypnotic Tantra
Tantric Techniques
Avoid Cumming - Are You Crazy?
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The Power Of The Method

The Greatest Massage
The Big Pay-Off
Hold That Thought!
WOW, Look At That!
The Hypnotic Dance
One Step forward - Half Step Back
Attraction: (What it is / How it works)
No More Mr. Nice-Guy
What Women Want!
Create Allies And Some Jealousy
Sending Signals
Hypnotic Pep Talk!
Limiters And Amplifiers
Hypno-Date Summation
Grace, Honesty And Good Intentions

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What This Book Is NOT!
These days on the Internet, its almost more important to assure yourself
right away of what you are NOT getting yourself into before its too
late. So I want to declare right here and right now that this is definitely
not your typically dry and boring medical science treatise. It doesnt have
a lot of advanced biological vocabulary and psychological terminology.
This is also not in that ever growing genre of books out there that are so
ethereally metaphysical, that it borders on a warlocks recipe book of
mysterious and magical incantations, sadistic sorcery or wacky whims of
wanton witchcraft or just plain Wish Crap!!

There is so much flimsy, false and fraudulent garbage being hawked out
there, that its becoming harder and harder to determine what you are
actually getting until you are sometimes one third of the way through the
book. This is not one of those books. I am not going to ask you to join
some off the wall secret organization, or pledge your ever-lasting soul to
any outlandish deity, in order to gain the favor and the assistance of some
dark overlords from the 17th dimension.

You will not need a degree in Psychology or even need to have graduated
high school to read and understand this book. It is written in basic, easy to
grasp language. And while there may occasionally be the necessity to
present a semi-complex concept in this book I will then always break it
down and explain it in the simplest of terms, so that we all continue to
remain on the very same page together!

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What This Book IS!
This is basically the simplest and easiest to understand book ever written
about self-hypnosis style techniques and how to run your own brain
properly to make you ever more popular with the ladies. Many of the
techniques you will see in this book are in fact NOT actually hypnosis,
even though we may describe them as such for ease of understanding. So
please expect the term hypnosis or other such terms to be used
interchangeably when in fact, often they are not what are commonly
known as traditional hypnosis techniques. In reality, they are a collection
of personal principles and techniques blended together for maximum
effectiveness and described under clear, understandable and highly
useable umbrella terms. In everyday language, weve clearly presented
the fastest and most effective ways of using the standard hypnotic process
to acquire the true confidence and comfort level that will allow you to
score with the hottest babes around on a regular, consistent basis.

This is a book for all men, written by a guy. I went through many of the
very same things that you may currently be going through as you seek the
knowledge, the confidence, the comfort level and ability to go out and
score regularly and efficiently with the very hottest chicks out there. This
is the answer to that search for the Holy Grail which will allow you to
get it on with the most desirable females that you encounter at work, at
play or just anywhere that you may come across a beautiful babe that you
would love to bag!

The ideas are highly effective, but I have carefully taken the time to scrap
all the unnecessary complexity away from the main and pertinent points.
The chaff has been burned away, leaving only the grain of truth, to help
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 7 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

you to apply these century old truths in such a way as to get you Getting
Some sooner rather than later, and a lot more often than you ever would
have dreamed or believed possible! It is a process, yes, but it is laid out in
simple, step-by-step instructions that if simply read and immediately
applied, you will be getting laid a lot sooner than you will be finishing
this book. However, I do suggest that you do finish the book, because if
of the knowledge can get you 10 babes, what will all of the information
get you. Lets find out, shall we?


This is not a typical pamphlet style E-book This is an Online Manual
and Guide. Therefore, read it that way. Saturate the information within
your mind and take a few sessions to read it. Then go back and read it
again and never underestimate the power of consistent SELF


O.k., were here for one reason and one reason only! You want to get
dates, get women and get laid, a lot more often than you currently are,
with much hotter chicks than you normally get. Period!

Perfect honesty is the very best policy and frankly, thats as valid and
significant a priority as any guy can possibly have in life so lets make
it happen! Its all about having the confidence to just GO FOR IT!.
Thats what you will get by reading this book!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 8 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

First off, lets get something out of the way immediately! Screw all the
silly Hocus Pocus, and Mumbo J umbo out there about Hypnosis style
techniques. Its mostly a bunch of illusionary imagery and stage smoke to
keep people like us from figuring out that we really dont need people
like THEM to make our lives better with hypnotism. Truth is, you can
do it all yourself. However, they dont want you to know that, as they
make a living on keeping clients coming back for literally years. Its big
business for those who understand these simple principals and they dont
want any one to reveal the truth about this little Gold Mine situation of
theirs. Thats why most of this stuff is done in a very Hush, Hush
secretive and shadowy manner. But that is not necessary and its certainly
not to your advantage, so lets get the facts right out into the light, where
we all can see exactly what is going on!

So, most people who really know about self-hypnosis, and how to work
it, dont want you to know how to use it yourself, because that would
deplete their cash-flow and power over you. Great, then who can you
trust? Well, generally someone who has spent years learning the
intricacies of the science and who has mastered the techniques to such a
degree, that they can now explain it all in a very simple, matter of fact
way that could be comprehended and applied by any average J oe.
Someone who isnt looking for the POWER TRIP or the financial
windfall of having people like us coming to them once or twice a week
for months, or dare I say...years.

Self-Hypnotic Suggestion and Self-Subconscious Implantation are 2
very big terms for a couple of very simple concepts that will help to get
you laid with consistent regularity, or as most of my students report back
to me, pretty much as often as you want it. More importantly, quality
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rises as well as quantity, and you will soon be finding yourself fully
confident, cool, calm, collected and comfortable, as you begin bedding
pretty much any type of woman that you find yourself sexually attracted
to. Notice I said, Type of woman, as opposed to simply stating

This was done on purpose. The facts are, these techniques will greatly
increase the likelihood and chances of you making it with THE specific
lady of your choice. But there are always other additional factors
involved, when you are singling ONE individual out for sexual
conquest. Is she married? Or in love with some other man? Did she just
get dumped or heart-broken? Is it that time of the month? Is she with
friends? Is she a lesbian? Is she a virgin saving herself for marriage? Or
maybe shes a nun on temporary leave from the convent? Who knows?

So, can these techniques guarantee that you will be sleeping with that
blonde over there in the blue and purple polka-dot dress tonight? No!
This book will certainly increase your chances, but its not made to
promise you a particular target. What it will guarantee is that you will be
having great sexual adventures with more women than you previously
had ever dreamed of, and they will be the 9s and 10s, no more settling
for the 5s and 6s.
O.K., so now, Self-Hypnotic Suggestion and Self-Subconscious
Implantation. Dont let the scientific sound of these two terms scare you
away and keep you from achieving your goal lots of acrobatic, utterly-
astounding action. Look, I barely got through most of my science courses
in high school and college, and if it wasnt for the sake of some foxy little
hottie who got straight As and was the Teachers Pet, in school as
well as mine after school I never would have graduated. So this is not
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going to be a text book or scientific treatise, that shits for jumble headed
academics who dont get laid anymore. No, this is going to be the straight
stuff, plain and simple!

No long theoretical discourses, no over-hyped theatrics and no BS. Its
just straight facts and techniques to get some serious quality Poon-
Tang!. Make no mistake my friend, it is finally time for you to see just
how good it can get. There are veritable erotic treasures waiting for you
to harvest, right here within these pages. Once you have acquainted
yourself with the material, theres some serious sex waiting just outside
your door just as soon as you take a little time to absorb, apply and
practice the very simple and easy to understand tips and techniques
contained in this manual. Yes, There is Pure Gold in these, here, pages,
and its simply waiting for you to dig-in and make it yours.

But remember, simply reading this book alone will definitely make a
noticeable improvement in your love life and the confidence & comfort
with which you pick-up chicks. But to truly become the all conquering
stud that you truly dream of becoming, it is going to take some well
organized and committed implementation of the ideas presented in this
manual. Thats another way of saying what you have known as true all
your life, to get really good at this, you must Practice, Practice,

But then, is that really such an inconvenience and sacrifice? To practice
getting laid on a regular basis? I mean, what in life worth having doesnt
take a little bit of study and effort to get it right and achieve the
classification of a well respected and sought out expert? Especially when
it comes to seducing the ladies. This is well worth a little bit of effort,
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 11 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

would you not agree? After all, what more important and valuably
significant line of endeavor is there, out in this great big world these days,
than to be considered the Absolute Top Dawg and Numero Uno Head
Honcho in the sex game?

So like everything in life, it is a simple trade-off. You can get more
quality action by simply making the small effort of learning some very
basic, fundamental, foundational facts about how the human mind works.
The BONUS of this all is, once you get this stuff down and learn to
apply it to sex, you can take the very same concepts and apply it to other
avenues in your life. Its like an owners manual for your own mind, and
obviously your mind effects pretty much everything you do in life. So,
learn these simple techniques now and not only get laid, but watch all of
life open up to you like a cornucopia of absolute abundance. Which is
another way of saying, things will start going your way on a regular basis
as you start getting all the stuff in life that you really want and need!

Can someone really truly just read, study, apply and practice a few
techniques and actually start getting wild and hot sex from gorgeous
babes? Yes. I know this because its exactly what happened in my life. I
was not the best looking guy around, nor did I have the benefits of
money, a cool car or the right clothes. I was a definite zero in the dating
game. Yeah, I could reel in a couple of half-way decent looking chicks
here and there, if they were drunk and it was getting late, but I wasnt
first choice, or even 7th choice on the lists of the good looking girls.

Then my uncle shared with me a most amazing book. More about this
book later, but for now, suffice it to say it made all the difference in the
world. As I started to apply the simple, easy to do, step-by-step principals
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 12 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

explained within, things started happening. I started to feel better about
myself and felt a strange sense of confidence to just relax and be myself
around these babes. Suddenly I was the funny guy, the clever guy, and
pretty soon I was the interesting and cute guy.

I got a few of the local hotties, and because I was cool and calm, I made
some powerful impressions that developed a bit of a reputation. Suddenly
the best looking women around were calling me, asking me out, or just
wanting to hang around. Of course, one thing would inevitably lead to
another. It was GREAT! It was absolute Heaven on Earth! It was 100%
Self-Hypnotic Suggestion and Self-Subconscious Implantation!

J ust understanding and applying a few basic rules and laws of biology
and practical psychology, I was in! In their pants that is!!! Problem was,
it was a big book and very old. So when I tried to share it with my friends
who were as into reading as me, they just couldnt break through the
barrier of it being like school to them. I had to teach it to them verbally
and just make a few simple notations as basic reminders of what we
discussed. It was all handed down, by word of mouth, and it worked
amazingly well because I took over 1,000 pages of information and
distilled it down to about 3 hours spoken instruction. My friends started
getting laid like magic, as well!

So here I am today, writing it all down for those of you who cant speak
with me personally. And, for those of you who dont have the slightest
inclination to want to enroll in years of scholastic, educational courses
with designated hours of lab work and study hall just to get a little piece
of ass. This is how Hypno-Date came to be. Carefully put together to
give you just enough valuable and powerful information to make your
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love life legendary and satisfying, but not so much as to overwhelm and
drown you in elongated, abstract concepts, ideas and a lot of verbiage.
Its basically a very simple Pickup, Attraction, Dating and Sex Manual
made for guys like us who dont have time to delve through all the
Lets Get Started

Alright, first of all, we need to understand a very basic fact. Women are
naturally, automatically attracted to guys that are confident and
comfortable with themselves and the lady. Its thousands of years of
Survival Instinct subconsciously and sometimes even consciously,
programmed into their heads. Confident men, often referred to in
psychological books as the Alpha Male are viewed by females as the
natural born leaders. Theyre the strong and self reliant providers and
thats what they instinctively want to attract to themselves and what they
feel safe being attracted to. Its all a matter of mentally programmed
survival instinct.

Plus, women like to feel like women and want to be around a guy who
makes them feel like a woman. Thats accomplished by a dude that seems
strong, powerful, secure, and has his proverbial shit together. So, does
this mean that if we werent born with these natural personality traits,
then we are simply out of luck and arent going to get the babes? Well,
thats what it used to mean. But now we have a couple of secret weapons
thatll change your life and your luck with the ladies forever. The names
of those secret weapons are Self-Hypnotic Suggestion and Self-
Subconscious Implantation!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 14 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

You see, somewhere along the road most of us some how got f**ked
up in the head by someone. It could be a parent, or sibling, maybe a
relative or neighbor. Perhaps it was a teacher, or some other culturally
accepted authority figure, maybe even a total stranger. Or, as is most
often the case, we simply did it to ourselves.

The human mind is like a computer whatever you program into the
computer, is what you are going to get out of it. Sometimes, if your
inputting skills are lacking or if there is a flaw or glitch in the system,
what comes out is distorted, warped and barely recognizable as what was
intended to be filed away for safe keeping.

So, a misunderstanding with a friend, a harsh comment by a teacher, a
cruel word by a parent, or even simply being turned down when making
an early attempt to steal a kiss or hold a girls hand while walking, can
create devastating effects. Left alone and unchallenged, they will
debilitate and subconsciously handicap a guy for life, until he takes the
time to go back in and Re-Program out the garbage information and
replace it with the Proper Data that will be useful and effective for him
to run a successful love life!

Self-Limiting Beliefs:

Whenever we have unfortunately or even accidentally programmed
inhibitive ideas or beliefs about ourselves into our conscious and
subconscious mind, whether these thoughts are of our own origination, or
injected into our psyche by someone else, they are known as Self-
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 15 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Limiting Thoughts,. They are absolute trouble and need to be dealt with

Self-Limiting Beliefs are so effectively detrimental because they come
from within, so there is far less opportunity to fend off their attacks and
defend ourselves from the self-annihilation they bring. Self-Limiting
Beliefs are the most powerful enemy we can ever have to face, as the
famous old saying reminds us so very clearly, We have seen the enemy,
and they are US!

J ust like in real warfare, one of the most efficient strategies to win a battle
is to infiltrate the oppositions camp and spy out their strategies and battle
plans. As well as this, you provide them with as much false information
as possible, to lead them astray, causing them to make incorrect moves,
based on improper assumptions. In turn, leaving them vulnerable and
ready to be more easily defeated.

This is exactly what happens to you when you allow your unconscious
and conscious mind to offer up negative and simply bad information to
yourself about yourself. As you plan your campaign to get ladies and get
laid based on a collection of Un-True and Falsified Facts about yourself
the facts that are burned into your unconscious mind you will start
setting in motion a plan to FAIL. Your brain will work its hardest to
prove your plan correct and you will probably fall well short of your
intended targets.

Some Self-Limiting Beliefs are as follows:

1. Girls only want to be with guys who have lots of money!
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2. Women only want sex with strings attached committed relationships!
3. If you arent Great Looking, you may as well just give up now!
4. Babes can sense inexperience and wont even give you the time of day
if they think you dont have the experience they deem necessary.
5. Hot chicks are only attracted to Bad-Boy, Alpha-Male, A-holes!
6. Shes already got a boyfriend, better give up now!
7. Women should be willing to accept me completely, just the way I
already am!
8. Shes a Total 10, I cant compete for her. I dont measure up!
9. The Super-Models are off-limits, simply NO CHANCE there!
10. That babe is way too popular, look at all the guys who are already all
over her!

Theyre just a few of the seriously debilitating Self-Limiting Beliefs that
can hold us back from really going for all the gusto we not only deserve,
but could easily have if we just trusted in ourselves enough to go for it! If
you dont believe you can get the chick, you wont get the chick! If you
DO believe you can get the chick, you WILL get the chick! Its really
that simple. Its all about what you believe!

So What Can We Do?

O.k., so we agree that having the enemy within is a huge set back and a
very important problem that needs to be jumped on as soon as humanly
possible, or we are all in a lot of trouble, right? Right! So what can we do
about this situation so we can jump the hurdles, beat the odds and start
getting some A+action on a regular basis?

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 17 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Well, there are two ways of dealing with Self-Limiting Thoughts,. The
most effective, efficient, but simultaneously energy consuming and
complex way is to actually:

(1) Delete the previous negative programming by completely wiping it
out. Thereby removing all traces of it from your minds consciousness,
just like deleting a file from your computer (remember that the human
mind is in fact the Bio-Computer that the original idea of the electronic
computer sprang from, all those years ago.) Then, once youve done that,
you start from a fresh slate.

This is accomplished by a very involved and complicated combination of
self-assessment with deep meditation, and some form of psychoanalysis,
whether self initiated or performed by a professional Psychologist or
Psychiatrist. Or in other cases, some sort of authoritative religious figure
like a Priest, Pastor, Guru, Spiritual Master or Meta-Physician.

This Methodology is about 68% successful. But sadly, even some of
those success stories, that seem to so progressively make a smooth
transition to the New Positive Thought Forms and Beliefs, can have
severe relapses. Thats because this process removes all the long-
standing, original underpinning, foundational belief structure and
Psychological foundations that have been built up since childhood. So,
some adherents to this style of Mind Change suddenly find themselves
without a mental anchor or Experiential Infrastructure to be grounded
in, which means they often panic in the abyss and revert back to old,
negative, but emotionally comfortable ways of thinking again.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 18 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Honestly, most of us simply dont have the extra free time, money and
inclination to get this severely wrapped up into a Mental Methodology,.
Nor the personal intuitive psychological expertise to perform this process
on ourselves. So that leads us to the second way of deleting the Self-
Limiting Thoughts that we no longer want present to hinder us from
achieving what we really want in life, particularly, GREAT SEX on a
regular basis with totally hot chicks!

So, the more common and easiest way is to simply Write Over the
offending program by placing enough positive and confidence building
material into your mind that you naturally begin to see the more effective
self beliefs. Then, you focus in on them, and are no longer paying
attention to the negative BAD programming in your mind. This is the
most common way to get rid of our Self-Limiting Thoughts. It is not
the fastest or most effective way, but it is by far the easiest way for those
of us who do not want to commit ourselves to the in-depth,
psychologically involved gymnastics of psychoanalysis or as some might
call it Brain washing!

This procedure works approximately 97% of the time, as long as one
remains consistent with the process of continually placing the new
Positive data in his head on a regular basis. And, fights the natural
inclination to fall into bad old habits of thought before the wondrous
effects and benefits can be clearly observed from the Write Over

The power of the Write-Over Method is the fact that it doesnt try to
remove all of your early foundational beliefs in one fell swoop, but rather
teaches you step-by-simple-step how to start adding additional positive
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 19 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

information to the mix. Then how to focus on it, so that it is the NEW
MAP that you begin to look to for direction in your sex life.

You clearly realize the value of letting bygones be bygones and letting
the past mistakes go, while still learning from those mistakes and moving
forward to victory. It doesnt artificially leave you hanging in the void, as
if your past experiences no longer even exist and you are now a soul
without a history, like the Delete method. Rather, it allows you to
evaluate what has worked and not worked previously and gives you the
New and Improved belief structure that will get you where you want to
be, in comfort, security and true confidence.

Therefore, it just seems obviously logical that because we can ALL
easily do the Write Over method, which doesnt involve a lot of effort,
money and time, that its a simpler route and as youll see, a hell of a lot
of fun to work through. This is the route we will focus on from this point
forward in the book!

The Write Over Method!

So, where do we go from here? Thats actually a very easy question to
answer, and I think you are really going to start having a lot of fun and
enjoying this exciting adventure! Remember that Rule #1 is: Whatever
you truly believe about yourself, especially regarding women and getting
laid, is the TRUTH!

We are not trying to make you forget the past here with this highly
effective method though. J ust like learning to ride a bicycle or do
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 20 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

multiplication, you will remember all of your initial failures and mistakes.
But then you will begin to learn from those mistakes and see where you
went wrong. Then, through a commitment to yourself and your love life,
begin to practice, practice, and practice some more. Thinking and
behaving in such a way, youll start getting some small and then with
time, more significant victories under your belt. And with those
victories comes confidence and deeper dedication to sticking with the
program and truly Going for it!

Then the old adage suddenly will prove true to you as clear as day. As
you begin throwing enough spaghetti on the wall, that some of it will
actually begin to stick!. This is really all there is to the simple and easy
to accomplish process of Writing Over. So what does it mean to you
right here, right now?

As you begin to add additional positive experiences to your Book of
Life and begin to get it right more and more often, your confidence and
abilities grow in leaps and bounds, and you start to not only truly believe
in the system, but more importantly, believe in yourself.

Meaning, NOW, when you believe that you can get the very hottest 9s
and 10s on a scale of 10, then suddenly you will discover that you
actually do get them with consistent regularity. However, if you continue
to keep adding messages to your mind, inputting data into your Bio-
Computer telling and programming yourself to believe and actually
perform as if you dont quite measure up to the competition, you will
focus on the old negative data. Then, sure enough, you will be sunk
before you start.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 21 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

See it and Be it, Name it and Claim it, Think it and Drink it. What you
believe in your heart, soul and mind is what will prove to be the ultimate
reality. And sadly, for those who truly think that the chances of you
getting an A+Babe are low to ludicrous, then in fact thats exactly how it
will play out, and it just will never happen for you at all.

O.k., great, so then what exactly are we to do then to help us BELIEVE
that we can get the hotties?

It all comes down to action! Weve all heard the old saying; Seeing Is
Believing! Well, the reason most old sayings get repeated enough times
over a lengthy period of years, and become an old saying, is because they
usually pan out to be TRUE!

Therefore, what you really need in order to honestly begin to believe the
new optimistic, confident, powerful perception of yourself as a real
popular ladies man, is a few victories, followed by a few more victories,
followed by a lot more victories, with the beautiful women that you
desire. Unlike most sports that you have participated in over the years or
witnessed through the media, where the final game, the championship
game is the very most important game to fulfill a winning season, with
chicks, the most important victory is not the last, but rather the first!

Getting That First Victory!

Keep in mind at all times, the two most important things to remember
about getting your first Convincing Victory are the following: (1) You
absolutely have to go for a babe that you would normally consider out of
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 22 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

your league. (2) You shouldnt shoot so far above your normal
expectations that you automatically and unwittingly set yourself up for
failure. Lets look at this in a little more detail.

First of all, its important that the women you shoot for are above the
level of babe youve have been settling for in the past. If they arent, the
whole point of this book becomes moot. The concept here is to learn to
develop the confidence to go for the gorgeous girls and get them on a
regular consistent basis. You will never accomplish this task if you dont
actually start raising the bar a bit, right now.

Thats right, Immediately, if not sooner! The one thing that you will
very quickly discover about this book is that Im on your side. J ust one of
the guys who has gone through the same situations that most all of us
guys have been through. Im here to help you succeed with the ladies and
thats my only concern, my only priority, and my only objective. I am not
looking for Kudos or applause and Im certainly not one of those
insecure pseudo-experts that fears you might figure things out before I
finish telling them to you. No, I hope and intend for you to be getting
some seriously improved, choice, Grade-A action before you are halfway
through this book. And it all starts right now.


From now on, every single woman that you see, smile at her. This does
not mean you are actually going to hit on or pick her up. Hell, it doesnt
even mean that you are the slightest bit interested in banging her. But
just in order to grow more effectively comfortable and fully used to the
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idea of smiling at the ladies, begin now to make it a habit! If you see a
chick, smile.

You will quickly discover that many more of them are smiling back at
you than you ever would have guessed possible. Dont gawk, dont stare,
and dont hang around to wait for a response. J ust go through life, smiling
at the women you see and you will already be in the running for making
some real headway hooking up with the girls of your dreams.

Two very important truths:

(1) Women youd never normally go for often have hot friends. Be nice,
respectful and friendly to the ones you arent interested in and you may
one day get access to their friends.

(2) Most guys are afraid to approach the hottest babes out there because
they automatically assume that if a chick is a 9 or 10 that they must have
tons of good looking, rich and successful dudes at their beck and call 24
hours a day. But that just isnt the case at all. Most fashion models are
very lonely people, shunned by the average women who are jealous and
hate them and avoided by most men who assume they have no chance at
all. So most foxy women are often desperate for a date or any sort of
close up contact. People stare and lust after them from afar, but very few
guys ever have the balls to actually go up and talk to them like a normal
healthy and attractive woman.

A smile denotes confidence, feeling comfortable and good about noticing
an attractive lady in your presence, and feeling completely at ease
expressing that observation and appreciation in such a way that makes
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you seem as if you are in your groove and used to being around good-
looking women. This makes you instantly more attractive to the ladies
because (A) a smiling face is so much more pleasing to the eye than a
frowning scowl or fearful jack-o-lantern grimace. And (B) in the sub-
conscious mind of the female, you are perceived as a more powerful
Alpha Male, who is completely in his element with hot babes. This is
because you show no fear and dont wrap yourself at her feet, begging for
attention like a lot of guys. You just go your own way!

So the mere act of simply smiling a knowing, confident smile and then
moving on as if you are a busy and successful guy with lots of things to
attend to, will get you a very positive rep with the ladies in no time at all.
The exact opposite happens if you stand around, looking smitten,
hypnotized, or desperate,

This is cool because you notice first off the very most important thing
here: if you are a little bit shy at this juncture of the process, its OK. You
never had to talk to her, you didnt even have to approach her, you just
started getting all these beautiful babes attention and developing your
stud reputation with them by simply smiling and moving on like you are a
player. In other words, in the minds of these women, you noticed them,
you liked what you saw, admired the way they presented themselves, but
you are a busy guy, getting on with that business. Which in turn gives you
a sense of confidence and casual swagger, long before you ever actually
earned it.

This brings us to another very important rule for when you are just
beginning your journey to consistent hot dates and sex with the most
attractive women around, which is Faking it till you Make it!
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Fake It Till You Make It!

When I decided I was going for the glory, I dedicated myself to watching
exactly how the guys who got the best chicks did what it was that they do.
But I soon realized that it wasnt always so abundantly clear as to what
was really going on inside the mind of these Super Studs!

So I realized that if I was to ever be regularly getting the fine ass that they
were reeling in day after day after day, I was going to actually have to
approach and ask these guys some questions about how they did what
they did. Now I knew a lot of them were not going to be inclined to share
their secrets with me or any one else for that matter, because some people
feel that when you find the formulae to gold, you should just shut up and
keep it to yourself. But I was quickly surprised to find that a few of the
guys were more than willing to talk to me and give me some tips and

It seems that what I heard most often from a relatively diverse group of
guys who claimed they were at one time, just as insecure and nervous
about Shooting for the Stars as I was, was a term that was repeated over
and over to me, again and again. Fake It Till You Make It!

I was instructed to get the idea out of my head that most ladies men are
simply born to be successful with the babes. But that in fact, it is a skill,
like riding a bike or hand-writing, that must be learned and practiced.
Most importantly, the most efficient and effective way to learn how to get
good at the gals, is to fake it till you make it.

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What they taught me was that there is actually no real way of ever truly
knowing who is authentically confident with the ladies, and who is
actually just doing a great job of successfully pretending to be a stud.
Also, that the process of playing the part actually rubs off within your self
consciousness, and you do in fact begin to become the player that you
were once just playing like a role in a stage play. In other words, merely
acting confident and comfortable with the babes, automatically trains you
to truly become confident and comfortable with the babes!

O.k., so how do you fake it till you make it? Easy, just keep your eyes
open from now on and carefully take it all in. Whenever you see a stud
clearly having his way with a luscious lady that you think you would like
to eventually have a shot at, watch what they do around them. Then begin
to impart those observable personality characteristics and physical ways
of interacting with the Wonder-Women onto yourself.

One very significant word of warning must be mentioned right here.
There are a few drastically distinct personalities that some guys use to
score with the babes, and you will come across as a slightly schizophrenic
psycho if you try to encompass the attitudes and strategies of them all
simultaneously. Thats why you need to pick your style before you
actually start.

Also keep in mind that you can change your style, or use more than one
style, but not with the same group of people and definitely not with the
same women. Otherwise, you will be perceived to be a strange, split
personality, bi-polar casualty of confusion and you will freak the chicks
out. Theyll then want nothing to do with you no matter how confident
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you act towards them, as there is definitely such a thing as False
Confidence and you will be clearly displaying it and making the Hotties
want to avoid you out of fear.

Picking Your Style

There are many ways of playing the game. Some guys have effectively
figured out how to combine a couple different styles together to create a
persona that is more unique. But if one isnt careful, one can instead
simply come across as if he has a dual personality and problem with
schizophrenic behavior. That serves as a negative, so think that out ahead
of time and make sure that the way you play the ladies makes some sort
of logical sense.

Now we all have been told a billion times by the female population that
chicks just want a guy who can simply be himself around a girl. At first
we assume that women must truly know exactly what it is that they want
and will openly tell us the truth about what precisely they are looking for,
so we can give it to them.

Sadly this is the furthest thing from the truth, and we guys who believed
this nonsense were continuously shot down over and over again, leading
to the need for this book to be written. This happens either because the
women out there really dont know what it is that they really want, or
they simply cant see past their own sets of mind games to lay it all out,
clearly on the table for themselves and us to see. Or that they are
emotionally living in a state of absolute denial and they are just plain
lying. Take your pick. Each woman is a unique and individual case, but
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one or all of these basic patterns seem to come into play with the vast
majority of ladies, if not all of them. So we need to understand this
situation and respond appropriately by choosing the set persona that we
must comfortably fit into that achieves success with the particular type of
girl that we are attracted to and want to draw into our circle of influence
and perhaps eventually our bed!

Here are just a few of the most common successful male personas or
personality styles that seem to do well with the chicks. Read about them
and think about what your thoughts have been about these types of guys
when you have been around them. Also, think what your comfort level is
like when youre around them. Then, consider becoming each of them.
What is the effect these sorts of guys have on the niche targeted chicks
that you have lined up in your scope to hit on?

Not all personas and styles appeal to every woman out there. Because of
this, it is of the utmost importance that you truly consider whether or not
there is a particular kind of babe that you find more attractive than all the
others and then pick a style that does well with that kind of girl!

Keep in mind this very important fact. Most women do NOT know what
they really want OR they lie like dogs. The shit theyll tell you they are
looking for in a guy, is really the sort of characteristics and qualities they
are seeking in a BOY FRIEND. A friend whos a boy. Not a Boyfriend
and certainly not what you want to be to this babe, a lover! When girls
say what they are looking for in a guy that they want to get together with,
to be taken and pleasured by, they are usually lying; its simply just not
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Maybe theyre merely embarrassed to let on just how superficial, sexually
sensuous, shallow and slutty they really are deep down inside. Or maybe
theyre just so socially conditioned and out of touch with what really gets
them wet between the legs and makes them want to hump and purr. Its
debatable. What they sometimes say they want describes the guy who lets
her cry on their shoulder when shes been let down by some jerk. Its a
guy who holds her purse while she is in the bathroom, trying on a new
outfit at the mall, or waits while shes f**king a real man on the back of
his motorcycle.

Trust me, you dont want to be that guy. You probably already have on
more than one occasion, which is why you are reading this book. Dont
feel bad, Ive been there too. A complete servant to the babe I wanna
bang! Its a bitch, aint it? So lets not allow that to happen any more, and
lets decide to be the type of guy who gets into the gals panties in the
right way, without allowing yourself to become fundamentally lowered or
a servant that is never respected in correct manner.

So question yourself. Would the type of girl that you most definitely
prefer and want to get it on with, be more naturally attracted to:

The Arrogant Ass-Hole: The trendy, yuppie kind of above it all, living
in the castle on the hill, rich and fashionable jerk who is all about himself
and his possessions. Some women find this guy to be an archetypal
Prince Charming, and if they spread their legs, they hope for the potential
to be the next reigning Queen of the Ball! Now remember, you dont
actually have to be a member of the upper class in order to play the part
of one of the rich and famous.
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The Big, Bad-Boy Bastard: This is that rebel without a cause tough guy,
who will not be saddled by societys conventions and rules. Chicks will
tell you that they are a menace that should be locked away. But what they
wont admit is that they want to lock them away between their thighs to
be ravaged and pleasured by them all night long.

The Cool, Calm, Calculated, Charismatic and Confident Charmer:
Can you tell already that this guy is my personal favorite? Hes the one I
have always felt the most comfortable being, and the one I most strongly
recommend to guys who truly are nice and just arent at ease acting like a
butt hole in order to get laid. This guy is never desperate or focused too
strongly on one female at a time. But, he clearly admires womens
beauty, as a player, and though has other things on his plate, he will stop
to talk and develop a rapport with a lady politely and confidently drawing
her in a bit, before running off to climb other mountains.

The Defiantly Devious Devil: This is the overtly sensuous, if not balls
out, downright licentious playboy who is all about sexuality and nothing
else. He is a player and has his ways with the ladies. And, thats
seemingly all that his life is dedicated to.

As I said before, I certainly cant choose for you. You really need to
decide which persona gets the type of action that you are looking for. If
you want the foxy debutante who was the local high school Home
Coming Queen you may do well as the Arrogant Ass-Hole. If you get
hot for biker chicks or find the sensuous slutty, almost openly trampy
whore-vixen look to be a huge turn on, then probably the Big, Bad-Boy
Bastard is your best bet. If you want a babe who is completely satisfied
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by simply getting together for an hour of booty-call and then is on her
way, then by all means consider playing the role of the Defiantly
Devious Devil,. Most of us guys who are basically nice dudes who dont
want to play the bad boy or the jerky prick will do well to focus on
becoming the Cool, Calm, Calculated, Charismatic and Confident

Playing The Numbers!

So, once you have picked a style, do your best to observe exactly how the
studs of your chosen manner do what it is that they do. Watch what works
and what fails, as even the best hitters strike out on occasion, and even in
the major leagues, getting a hit 3 out of every 10 times you take your bat
in hand and approach the plate is considered All Star credentials. See
what tends to consistently work for you and see what doesnt go well
with your particular version of who you actually, truly are.

Remember, that the whole idea of Faking it till youre Making it is
only a temporary tool, to be used only up to the point of developing your
own well programmed comfort levels with the ladies. Its merely a
momentary Modus Operandi, as you learn to take in the psychological
data that finally proves to yourself once and for all that you honestly have
what it takes to do it on your own, in your very own unique way.

Playing the role of one of the previous 4 personality styles is just a jump
start to get you moving forward and to start getting some decisive
victories under your belt. But you never want to remain trapped within a
plastic persona. And the longer that you do without beginning to develop
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your very own unique style, the more likely that people will begin to
realize that youre merely role playing and not truly and authentically a
sincere and legitimate hunk, with a successful personality all your own.

So commit yourself right now to using the Fake it till you Make as
nothing more than an initial process to get you in the game and around
the action. And, spending time learning how to be with the ladies, in a
comfortable and confident manner that will eventually be YOU and only

So get out there, and always keep in mind the old saying about the more
spaghetti that you throw on the wall, the more likely some of it will begin
to stick. Its all just a matter of playing the numbers.

If your current experience and personality combination equates a 10%
success ratio when trying to pick up on chicks, then you need to openly
embrace that number. Hope to continue to improve upon it, but deal with
it without denial. Then realize that if you are going to get laid 10 times
this week, then you are going to have to go up to and attempt to pick up
on 100 babes in order to do so.
Now that may seem like a lot, but remember, youve been smiling
confidently at every single girl that you see, without ever even having to
speak to them directly. By the time you are ready to walk up and start
talking to them, you will already get an instant GREEN LIGHT with a lot
of them, because you have attracted their interest from afar by being so
cool and giving them a pleasant and encouraging smile.

As you get better at meeting women and learning how to talk with them
in a casual, confident way that leads to a physical encounter, so will your
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ratios improve. Pretty soon you will be scoring 25% of the time, therefore
only needing to now approach just 40 women to get laid 10 times in a

With continual study and progress toward over-all laid out process,
staying active and continuing to work the system, you will eventually get
to the point where 50% of the chicks you try to get it on with will actually
go for it and give you what you are looking for. From that point on, the
numbers may or may not go up a few points here and there, but most of
even the most successful Ladies Men only score about 1 out of every 2
efforts. But thats not a problem, as that gives you 7 days to make your
move on only 20 girls per week.

Now thats less than three a day, so you may find that you have to
increase your willingness to bed and bag more than just 10 babes a week,
or you will have to eventually cut back on the amount of contact that you
have with the ladies. That is not suggested at all, because it is constantly
staying active in the game, keeping in tip top playing shape both mentally
and emotionally and never getting rusty, that gives you your edge as a
lover. You might also begin to revert back to old ways of thinking, bad
mental habits, if you dont continue to download a consistent bevy of
positive data regarding getting the action you want on a regular basis.

Please, constantly keep in the very front of your mind, that its all about
what thoughts are most deeply and most recently programmed in your
mind that determines what you believe about yourself and what you can
accomplish. So once you have psychologically implanted the data that
gives you the awesome advantages that you have always dreamed of
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achieving, dont let your new found powers fade by getting soft and lazy
and trying to rest on the laurels of your past. If you do that, you might
find yourself right back where you started before you ever read this book.
Keep playing those games of numbers, and keep getting better and better
at scoring and winning.

What To Say

Alright, so you now have a chosen temporary personality style to help
you more confidently approach the ladies and get some quality time just
playing the numbers and learning what works and doesnt work by
experiences of trial and error. Great, now you need to feel at ease having
interesting things to say to the women when you approach, and more
importantly, a comfort level knowing that no matter what they say to you
or ask you, you will be confident in your answers, responses and replies

First of all, I have found that if you show too much interest in a single
individual woman when at a social event, it gives them an instant sense of
superiority. You then have to work all that much harder to get in with her.
So the most important thing to remember is, while you may not ever want
to appear arrogant or prickish, you certainly dont want to come across as
if you are concerned in the slightest in what she thinks of you and your

You want to seem polite and interested, but not as if she is the focus of
your evening or even the moment. Often paying equal attention to her
friends will ignite the old jealousy fires within her bosom that place you
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in a much better place of assurance to get some tonight. You see, you are
now no longer pursuing HER, instead she is jealously pursuing YOU and
making sure that she wins out over her rival female friends for your
attention. So now you truly can be comfortable and confident, because all
the pressure now is totally off of you, and she is now positioning to reel
YOU in.

So say what you honestly, truly think and believe but be sure to never
make your comments (1) boring to the woman or the other ladies in the
vicinity. Or (2) Self absorbed or focused on you, (3) Focused on her, as if
she is some sort of a special prize or Goddess that you have been stricken
by. Anything else goes. J ust keep it short, to the point, and dont ramble.

If you do ramble, you are far more likely to make a dumb mistake, say
something stupid, or mispronounce a word. Or worse yet, start to
stumble, falter, stutter or even worse yet, pull into a tailspin with one of
those tell tale long pauses, that exhibit a sure sign of confusion,
misplaced concepts, lack of confidence in your convictions, or inability to
effectively take charge and compellingly make your point. Keep it short,
keep it simple, and keep it to the point. Women assume that a confident
man, who gets right to the point and doesnt ramble or flounder, is a real
winner, and that is what she is looking for a real winner!

Humor is an aphrodisiac, if it is truly funny. There is nothing more
sickeningly obnoxious than a wanna-be funny man, who consistently
strikes out with jokes or humor that just isnt funny, interesting, clever or
on target. So if you truly are a funny person, let it shine, but if you are
one of those people who simply cant tell a joke, then dont!

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Keep compliments to a minimum and make sure that they are legitimate
and sincere. Chicks know that dudes try to butter them up with all sorts of
praise in order to get into their panties, and they dont like getting played
in an obvious fashion. So only say something on occasion that will come
across as legitimately a truth about her that you honestly find appealing,
impressive and unique. But dont over do it, as I already told you, you
score points with a babe by being a bit independent and the slightest bit
Stand-off-ish, and when you start throwing around the compliments,
once you have developed your comfort level talking to her, you will
relegate yourself right back into the Dweeb category if you lay it on to
strong or too often.

Never brag! No one likes a braggart, and it is a definitive sign of
insecurity and a total turn off to women, who want to be taken and done
by a strong, confident, powerful alpha male, not a wimpy little sniveling

The Human Mind!

Very well, we have covered a lot of the thoughts and beliefs about
ourselves that we need to continually impress upon our own minds to
make them our own thoughts. To truly believe them in order to grow to
become the studs that we all really want and deserve to be.

Now lets look at how the human mind works, taking into consideration
the very significant differences between the sexes, as we analyze and
learn to implement some extremely vital information that applies to us
guys, as well as the women that we want to more effectively hook up
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with. These important additional concepts about our own psychology and
the thinking style and thought processes of the ladies in our lives, sheds
some very valuable clues. All combined, with the help of self hypnosis,
will easily lead us to the development of a winning strategy for getting
laid on a regular basis by women who just weeks ago wouldnt have
stopped to give us the time of day.

O.k., here are the facts. We are currently living in a socially conditioned
culture, struggling between the two very distinct world-views of war and
peace. In other words, men and women want to get together and enjoy
one another as much as ever. Sadly though, our minds have been
conditioned and psychologically torn apart between the dichotomous
theories of the Make Love Not War mindset and the theory dedicated to
and deeply believing in the War of the Sexes!. This antagonistic pull on
our psyche leaves us both disjointed and confused, from pre-pubescence
on through till death, and release from the dance of physical love!

So whats up with this scenario? Is this a Game of Love or the War
between the Sexes? How do you win, and must you annihilate the other
side in order to survive, or does that defeat the whole purpose of sharing
and caring?

How terribly misguiding it has proven to be, for any culture to continue to
throw its young into this cataclysmic turmoil and emotional quagmire. As
to tell them that they must coinhabit and learn to not only live with the
opposite gender, but learn to love them and cherish them, while
continually referring to that inter-gender association with one another as a
battle or war, to be fought and won!
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There lies the beginning of the problem for the men and women alive on
this planet today. Not only the actual true differences in how we think,
rationalize, feel, exhibit our fears, wants, desires and needs, and express
our emotions, but to subjugate that naturally confusing process with
additional, culturally defended, man-made antagonisms. Antagonisms
that definitely dont serve any purpose other than keeping us apart and
unwilling to truly trust and connect in an organic and pleasurably
comfortable manner.

This is where much of the so called proverbial Mind Games first came
into play, and it has been an utterly depressing boondoggle for us guys
ever since. Because, while we may clearly be the physically stronger of
the two genders, when it comes to playing these mind games in order to
get what is desired, , face it guys, the women have our asses kicked, no
questions asked.

So what is the answer, what is the solution? We need to learn the basics
of the Mind Games, understanding the subconscious desires, dictates,
and delusions of both the male and female psyche. That thereby renders
us well enough armed with the vital knowledge and powerful enough to
go out and have a fair chance of not only surviving, but actually winning
in the so called Game of Love.

We need just enough information and self transformation to go out there
and confidently approach the women of our dreams. To observe their
body language and stylistic persona and know instantly how to get
connected to them on a physically sensuous level. We admit that we
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understand a certain amount of reading, studying and practice will be
necessary to get the payoff we are looking for. But we simply dont have
the free time, or quite honestly, even the true interest to dedicate
ourselves to the conventional acquisition of all the fancy degrees that it
would normally take to glean and squeeze this much sexually
authoritative information into a workable seduction approach. So for the
good of all man-kind, we have decided to lay it all on the line in the
simplest terms possible, right here, right now!

You Are Here!

Often the very first step to fixing any problem or finding a solution, is to
carefully observe exactly where you are, right now. Understand,
acknowledge and admit the situation that you find yourself in, with
honesty and a determined willingness to accept responsibility for your set
of circumstances. The only way to rise above is to openly admit where
you are, because you can never effectively get to where you want to go, if
you dont have a competent grasp of where currently lie!

So where are we? Well, we are living in a society of mixed and confusing
almost antagonistic and diametrically opposed philosophies, that state
that we should learn how to appreciate, admire, relate to and eventually
learn to love and cherish at least one, if not more, members of the
opposite sex. At the same time, we are continually raised from childhood
to prepare for battle, laughing at the apparent differences and
inconsistencies found in the thought patterns and manner of the other
gender. Were told to set up to eventually go to war, with the intent to at
least conquer, if not emotionally decimate one another.
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This is truly unfortunate. But theres no point in crying over spilt milk,
there is very little that we can possibly do to turn the tables or change the
cultural tide that is set in motion here. So all that is really left for us to do
is try to survive and get what we really need and desire out of the
situation. And, if we can do a little something along the way to set things
heading back into a more cooperative and peaceful cohabitative scenario,
then all the better. But if we are going to get by in this current life
situation, we need to use the tools and knowledge available to us to
succeed, and that is self hypnosis and an understanding of the male and
female psyches!

So whats the plan? Simple, you need to teach yourself how to unlock the
treasure chest of life with what we have come to call the Relational
Skeleton Key.

The Relational Skeleton Key

The following truths, presented in this book, are going to put you in a
very powerful position, when it comes to dealing with women and their
emotional needs, psychological entanglements, and erotic desires. So it is
of the utmost importance that you understand right now that what we now
offer to you, we smilingly refer to it as the Relational Skeleton Key.

This KEY, when in the hands of an individual who understands the
craft and has mastered the following methods, can be used with discretion
and skill to unlock the doors that have held you back these many years.
These secrets are revealed in such a way as to ascertain their simplicity
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and usability, but please beware, with this power, come some very serious

For your own good, as a man of honor, as well as for the good of the
ladies that you interact with while using this system of self transformation
and confidence development, never take undue advantage of any female
while using these dynamic techniques. Nor should you in any way
attempt to push her to do things against her own personal nature or will
that you or her may later regret. Women have psychologically had the
upper hand for so very long, that it is almost natural to take some pleasure
in gaining a powerful mastery of how the mind actually works, and how
you can use that knowledge to score with babes. But you should always
make sure that each and every step progresses in a purely consensual
agreement between two legal adults. YOU are responsible for your own
actions. I advise that you respect a womans wishes at all times and
always, always treat them with respect and dignity, if they dont want you
around, leave them alone.

Heres the Key. In the sexual dance between men and women, there can
only be one person leading and the other person must follow! J ust like
driving a car, too many people trying to turn the steering wheel in
different directions, leads to an inevitable accident and potential injury. In
the preparation of a gourmet meal, too many chefs trying to season the
meal will lead to a culinary disaster. And, when conducting a well tuned
orchestra, more than one conductor or written musical score controlling
the notes and tempo, and you will have an audio catastrophe well beyond
what any human can bear to listen to for more than a single moment.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 42 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

It all comes down to who is sensing themselves as being securely in the
position of power and authority. There can be only ONE! . Either the
male is going to take his place as the assertive alpha male, and take the
woman to where both of them want him to take her, or the opposite
happens. The female is going to have the time of her life, making the
weakened and insecure man jump through hoops of fire and never get out
of the encounter what either one of them were truly looking for.

You see, women actually want men to act like men so that they are free to
act like women. When nature takes its course and both genders act in
their organically and genetically determined manner, all tends to go very,
very well and satisfying for both parties. The ladies are more than happy
to give up what the strong and virile man has proven he has earned the
right to take.

In other words, as men, we have to go back to acting like men, the men
that women are subconsciously looking for to let them free themselves to
act like women. But because so much cultural conditioning is crammed in
both sexes heads, we have to fight against almost everything that we
have learned about relationships and our selves over the years. This is
where self-hypnosis and an understanding of both the male and female
psyche comes into play. That combination of information and the ability
to apply it to both ourselves and our ladies in waiting, is the relational
skeleton key, that will open her doors wide to your masculine advances.
Once you have re-empowered yourself by overwriting the negative
thoughts and beliefs about yourself as a guy, about women as a whole and
about how best to interact and connect with the opposite sex on a
mutually satisfying level that makes everyone happy and ready for more.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 43 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Simply take the time to study up and learn how to be an authentic mans
man, and in no time at all, the women out there around you will gladly
lay back and allow you to make them feel like real women. Making you a
celebrated and truly popular ladys man!

O.K., so how is this accomplished? Great Question! Welcome to

Self Hypnosis 101

This is something that truly should have been done years ago; taking all
the vital and usable psychological understanding of the human mind and
how it works, along with the science of hypnosis, and combining them
carefully into an easy to comprehend, easy to apply system. Something
that could be described around the world as The Idiots Guide to Self-

Its just not fair that, over the centuries, it has usually only been the
pinheads, book freaks, academic brains, and most recently, the computer
geeks, who are the only ones who have held this vital knowledge of how
the male and female mind actually works. The Nerds have understood
exactly what is going on inside the thought processes of both genders
with regard to the Mating Game. As well as how to use this knowledge
in order to get laid by the most beautiful women on Earth with great
regularity. But sadly, these nerds are also the precise kind of guys who
have absolutely no chance in hell of actually ever finding the balls,
courage and comfort level to apply all this knowledge.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 44 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

So we propose the dawning of a whole new age where the guys with the
guts to go for the glory can get a simplified version of what the rules and
regulations are involving the subconscious thought processes behind
human sexuality and gender interaction. And it all starts right here with

Visualization / Preparation:

Visualization is the number one technique to guarantee an absolute
victory in the war between the sexes. The male genders lack of using
visualization, in order to prepare for the mating game, is the precise
reason that we dudes have been losing the war of the sexes to the smaller,
lighter, weaker chicks for years upon years.

When you really take a moment to think about it, you know its legit.
After all we have been watching championship athletes use visualization
techniques for generations to more effectively prepare for competition.
Fighters visualize their battle in their head for months before the main
event, pole-vaulters see themselves time and time again clearing the beam
successfully months before the athletic event, football players see the
play orchestrated to perfection 1,000 times in their subconscious before
the game ever even starts.

O.k., so we know it works, but how have the women managed to gain any
sort of advantage over us guys? After all, what do they know about
athletes preparing ahead of schedule in their sub-conscious minds? Most
of them, nothing, though a few may surprise you. But what they may not
have learned from athletics, they most certainly learned from being little
girls and growing up to be ladies.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 45 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Think about it, while you were a little scamp, running around playing
with snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails, the girls were busy learning
how to be sugar and spice and everything nice. We played with cars and
army-men, but the girls were playing lets get married, mommy and
daddy, playing with dolls that worked out their dating problems and
mating game situations over and over and over again for years. They did
this till they were well practiced and completely prepared to compete in
the Game of Love and win decisively!

We played Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers. And Space-
Man while the girls practiced talking, listening, picking up emotional
cues, reading body language, and the art of debate and mental
manipulation as they visualized their Dream Date and exactly, step-by-
step, how it would go.

When we got older, we dudes went off and played sports, or rocked out in
a band, worked on our cars. Meanwhile, the girls were continuing their
day-dreaming and self-hypnotic visualization techniques, as they
prepared for the eventual male/female encounters that would arise in their
futures. Hell, they not only visualized all these things over and over
again, but they sat around and talked about it all incessantly. They
compared notes with their friends, studying, learning, planning, and some
of them even practiced kissing and making out with one another (anyone
who grew up with sisters like mine can probably testify to this fact). They
did this just so they would be fully, completely and absolutely prepared.

I tell you, these girls left nothing to chance and no stone unturned, and
now you wonder why they continuously kick our ass in the mating rituals
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 46 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

of life. Well, I say its time to make a change and heres how were going
to do it guys!
See It, Then Be It!

There are all sorts of pet-names for this technique. Blab It and Grab It,
Talk It and Walk It, Name It and Claim It, and many others. But
since we are really focusing on visualization here, the best term is See it,
then Be It!

Remember the concept of self visualization is either to: (A) play out the
possible scenarios in your head that might occur ahead of time. Doing
this so that you are completely at ease, comfortable, confident and calm
when any probable possibility springs up in a situation, as you have
already dealt with it successfully time and time again, in your own
subconscious mind. Or (B) program the optimum, ultimate outcome in
your mind, seeing yourself succeeding and getting exactly, precisely what
it is that you want out of the situation, time and time again in your self
conscious mind. Creating the reality of your dreams by pre-programming
your marvelous Bio-Computer to achieve and accomplish your desired
goals with absolute expertise!

The process is very easy, so dont let yourself get caught up in any self-
fulfilling prophecies of failure because of some fear of psychological
mumbo-jumbo. Believe me, if I can learn to do this stuff, any guy can. So
lets get started! Its as simple as clearing your mind of all thoughts, other
than the particular choice experiences that you want to visualize yourself
having over and over again, until it becomes an achievable reality for
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If other unwanted thoughts pop into your head, no problem, it is very
common for all people who are just beginning to learn to do self hypnotic
visualization to have all sorts of thoughts come popping into your
consciousness. Anything from thoughts about work or school, to things
like what you want to do this Saturday, on your day off, Im hungry, what
should I have for dinner tonight, I think I need to go to the bathroom,

No problem, it is all a part of the learning process as you come to more
efficiently discipline your mind. When these other thoughts jump into
your consciousness, simply tell them NOT NOW! and gently, calmly,
peacefully send them away, and get back to focusing on the scenario and
subject that this special time is intended to be dedicated to.

Never get angry, tense or nervous about the extra thoughts, with practice
they will eventually stop showing up. Its just like learning to ride a bike,
you will fall a bunch of times your first attempt, but each time you try, it
will get easier and you will get better at it, till one day it is just second
nature and there is nothing to it at all. J ust dont let the arrival of the
additional thoughts get you agitated, or you defeat the whole process, and
that works against you. So just calmly and peacefully tell the extra
thoughts Not now, go away!, and they eventually will.

Part of the process is finding or preparing the proper place to do your
self-hypnotic visualization techniques. You definitely want to do it in
privacy, because if someone else is around, your mind will inevitably go
off and start wondering what that person is thinking about what youre
doing. Like if you look weird, stupid, strange, or neurotic to him or her.
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Are they laughing at you, judging you, freaked out by you, and BOOM,
the whole process is completely destroyed as your subconscious mind
begins creating one outlandish scenario after another. You are completely
off course from accomplishing what you set out to do.

Simply find yourself a nice, calm and quiet place where you feel secure,
safe from any annoyance or harassment, and comfortable. Then loosen
your clothing, so that you can begin to relieve your body and mind from
the stresses of the day. Begin to breathe deeply and shake yourself out a
bit to loosen the muscles and any tension that you might be holding in
your neck, shoulders, back, or hips. Then shake out and rotate your arms
and legs, and the rotator joints of your shoulders and hips even deeper,
creating a true sense of calm, relaxation.

Some people like to take the edge off a bit with a cup of relaxing
chamomile tea, a light and airy incense, a glass of wine, or some other
relaxant that they find effective for themselves. I have no real problem
with that, as long as the effect is a calm relaxation, and not a stoned, tired
or lethargically sleepy slothfulness; otherwise we are defeating the whole
purpose! And dont forget the most important factor, that we all so often
forget about. You need to continue to remember to breathe!


A quick word to us all about breathing. Most of us have never really
learned to truly breathe correctly and naturally, so it may take a bit of
effort you want to try to avoid hyperventilating. We, especially those of
us in the western world, tend to normally breathe very shallowly and
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 49 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

when we are concentrating on a task or thought, we actually often tend to
completely hold our breath. So we need to make a concerted effort to
slowly learn to breathe deeply through the nostrils, allowing our chest to
fully expand as well as the diaphragm, which is our singing muscle
located below our lungs in the belly region.

Let it expand, let it move, grow, reach out and fully open up, letting a
full, large dose of oxygen rich air to fill our lungs, maybe 10 to 15 times,
before we begin the visualization process. Keep breathing throughout the
entire process. Truthfully, your body was built to breathe on a regular
basis, all throughout the day. But ridiculously tight fashions, and an
overly insecure concern for appearing fat, makes people hold their breath
and breathe in a very, very shallow way which robs them of the true
ability to feel and experience life to the fullest.

Have a Seat

Great, you have shaken off the stress and anxiety of the work-day, freed
your mind of inner turmoil and relaxed your internal organs and muscles
and joints by breathing deeply. Now you should be seated, either on a
chair, with your legs firmly on the floor and your hands folded
comfortably on your lap, or perhaps in the physical style of the meditative
yogi, often called the lotus position. Or for us more western culturally
influenced dudes, simply sitting Indian Style on a soft padded rug or
carpet with a pillow supporting the back of your butt, so your spine is
straight. Or, if you prefer, on a bed or mattress of some sort.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 50 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Great, now with your back straight but relaxed, as if a string were tied to
the top of your head and was holding you upright, close your eyes, and
focus your internal gaze to the center of your forehead. Feel your eyes,
even though they are closed, moving inside your eye sockets to face the
very center of your forehead, which some people in the meditative world
like to refer to as your Ajana, or Third Eye or 6th Chakra, but which
I simply like to call, My Forehead!

I am not going to ask you to buy into all the mumbo-jumbo, voodoo
magic. Its not important that you do at all, simply understand that for
what ever reason, when you focus your closed eyes in the direction of the
center of your forehead, the visualization process works about 30%
better. So I am not trying to convert you to be a guru, but for Gods sake,
you do want to get laid by hot chicks more often, right? So close your
eyes and focus them in the direction of your forehead, and lets get on
with it, shall we?

Heres Where It Gets Really Fun!

Dudes, thats as complicated as it gets! See what I mean about squeezing
all of the succulent sauce out of the psychological treatises and biological
encyclopedias, and laying it all out on the table in a totally easy way to
understand and apply? Thats it. The rest is easy as pie and the truly fun
part of preparing yourself to be a more confident and competent ladies

Thats because from this point on, you are the boss. You decide what
sorts of programming you want to place in your mind. You decide what
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 51 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

scenarios and goals you want to practice over and over, seeing yourself
continuously succeeding at. Its all up to you, as the world now most
certainly is your oyster.

Here are a few recommendations for you to carefully consider. For the
most effective, fast and efficient transformation into the Hypno-Stud,
plan on setting aside at least 2 to 3 times a day when you can commit
yourself to the dedicated achievement of your sexual goals in. Spend 5 to
15 minutes at a time doing your visualizations, preferably on a regular
schedule of some sort. Perhaps 10 minutes in the morning, then 10
minutes during the noontime lunch break, and then a longer 15 - 20
minute session during the evening before bed.

Right before bed is a great time to visualize, because you kill two birds
with one proverbial stone. You relax your body and breathe deeply,
which definitely helps prepare the physical body for transitioning into the
sleeping phase of your daily existence. Meanwhile, you are giving
yourself something totally fun, enjoyable and positive to think about as
you slowly allow the visualization to lead your mind into a very happy
dream state as you slip from waking consciousness into sleep.

Also it is a scientifically proven fact that what you think about, analyze or
study right before going to bed, is what your subconscious mind will
focus most of its energy on all throughout the sleeping process. J ust like
if you see a scary movie right before bed, you may have nightmares. Or if
you get into a fight right before bed, you may have a restless, angry and
agitated sleep all night. Well, when you fall off into slumber-land,
visualizing YOURSELF being very confident, secure, comfortable with
lots of beautiful women, you are priming the pump for a very effective
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 52 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

subconscious implantation of this positive Date data. The information
that will program your biocomputer to quickly set all necessary
scenarios into motion to achieve the desired result that you are Re-
Writing in your mind, through this very powerful, yet simple form of
self hypnosis!

So this is literally killing two birds with one stone. You are
reprogramming your mind with positive, powerful images that will
become self fulfilling prophecies. As you see yourself over and over
again in your sub-conscious thoughts, successfully, confidently, calmly
and competently playing the role of the ladies man with all the different
women you can possibly think of and in all the different situations and
circumstances that you can imagine. At the same time, you are relaxing
your body and preparing for a deep and restful sleep, revitalizing your
energy and spirit to conquer the next day. Very effective and efficient,

See yourself talking to beautiful women of all sizes, shapes, ages and
occupations, models, nurses, doctors, lawyers, strippers, librarians.
Imagine hitting it off perfectly and making out in a controlled and
consistent manner with blondes, redheads, brunettes, some of them 5 4
and 112 pounds, and others 65 and 148 pounds. Visualize the conquest
of the freshly turned 19 little fresh vixen, as well as the hot, sultry MILF
who is 45 and ready to rock your world and knock your socks off!
Imagine losing yourself in the exploration of a full figured Rubenesque
sex cherub as well as the nice, tight, fit of a slight and slender thin

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 53 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Location, Location, Location!

Also very important in your Ultimate Suck-sex with the various ladies,
just like with real estate, is the matter of location, location, location! You
need to be completely comfortable and capable of approaching the foxy
female, no matter where she is. Whether its the grocery store, office,
club, theatre, restaurant, Laundromat, park or library. So practice seeing
yourself, time and time again, in all these various locations, getting the
girl, and having her want more and more intimate relations with you on a
consistent basis. J ust see it, over and over again in your head, and then be
it, over and over again in your life. What could be easier or better!

Theres no better place to start your new fangled confidence than right
where you are right now. Remember, smile first, and dont act too overly
interested. Then when the moment is right, make your approach. Have
something interesting to say, but not too much. Fake it till you make it, by
playing the cool, calm and collected Captain Conquest and just come
out and ask her to either go somewhere where you two can talk, alone, or
you can just hang out a bit and see where things go from there!

If you want to get the ball rolling, be sure to mention the relaxing art of
massage, and how good all your female friends say you are at it, or ask
her to dance, both very, very effective ways to get the mating ritual
started off with a spark.

Or if you start to feel a bit nervous, have your buddy (wingman) come up
to you or call your cell phone and make up a non-lame excuse for why
you need to leave. Then, simply tell her that you have really enjoyed your
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time together, or if you just met, say that you couldnt help but notice her
and ask here for her phone number, and then split.

J ust be sure to keep up your visualization techniques, every single day.
Try to be sure to get in some serious work right before bed, then apply
these very simple techniques wherever you go, throughout your day, and
you will notice just how much more popular you become with the chicks.
And, how easy it now is to get in there, in the middle of the action, and
score regularly with the really hot babes that you only used to dream
about! Go For It!

So Now What?

Simple, by consistent application and dedication to continually get better
and better at working the babes with total confidence and relaxation. You
know, no one is totally sure how it all happened, but somehow we guys
allowed many of the very sexually powerful and freeing events associated
with the womens liberation movement over the centuries, to somehow
deflect our advances, diminish our dominance and dilute our confidence
as lovers. Its time we brought those ugly days to an end! Dont you

Now you will more often than not, in the future, be in a position of
making the most amazingly erotic things happen with gorgeously
attractive and sexy girls with a high level of authoritative control.
Because of this, you may at first be tempted to test the ranges of
possibilities and limitations in what you can accomplish with women.
However, dont lose track of reality, with this new found confidence and
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ability to conquer even the most awesome babes on planet earth, with the
same effort that you used to use to get a night out with a band geek or
class nerd!

Dont let your abilities get so out of hand that you begin to develop a
reputation as an asshole, unless of course that is the style of persona that
you chose for yourself. J ust use these new skills as a tool to get dates and
get laid, more often, with a higher grade of chick. Try to remain cool and
dont take things too far out to the edge of reality, because sometimes
when you get that far out, its harder than you think, for you and her to
find your way back.

Get used to the idea of now being given sexual favors on a golden platter.
Experiences so much grander and more elaborate than anything that you
ever used to have to barter, pay, or beg for, when you didnt have your
Hypno-Date understanding and abilities. Suddenly your life has turned
around and you find yourself surrounded by willing and very able bodied
absolute babes. Girls who will gladly do anything that you want, as long
as you continue to strike her as an alpha man winner!

I guess what I am trying to say here is, be sure not to lose your inner
compass! Dont allow yourself to drift so far off course into the newly
available world of open, ready and waiting wet poon-tang, that you allow
the other things in your life that are meaningful and of value to you, to be
ignored or put on the back burner. While it is definitely true that getting
hot chicks is a top priority in life, there are other things of importance that
need to be attended to, and it is of the utmost significance that you try to
remember that, when you are drowning in a sea of willing women.

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Too much of a good thing. Is a bad thing!

Also remember the Golden Rule, which is as true in the game of sex as it
is in the world of business, or even life itself. Have fun, but play fair!
Show respect for all parties involved, by conducting yourself as a
gentleman. Remember, there are LAWS regulating human sexual
behavior, so know what the law books say in every jurisdiction in which
you choose to play! If you are a conscientious lover, you will always get
asked to cum back to play again and again! Thats part of the beauty of
this system.

Self-Hypnotic Suggestion and Super-Conscience Implantation are some
of the various psychological terms used by the experts to explain this
amazing system of sexual improvement and comfortability. Hitting on the
hottest women around is just a part of the secret methods used over the
vast centuries by the great and famous lovers throughout history to
continuously conquer the beautiful damsels that these Sexual Giants or
Erotic Masters came across, quite literally, in their travels.

These famed lovers were not viewed by the women who graciously gave
in to their seductive powers of ultimate confidence as cads or scoundrels.
No, they were practically worshipped as living sex gods, walking the
earth and pleasuring its women in such a way as most men simply did not
know how to do!

These confident and calculated cocks for hire spent their lives walking to
the beat of their own drummer. Usually that was the sound of their
mistresss headboard banging into the wall for hours on end. They did the
dirty deed with whomever they found attractive and alluring, while all the
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time making the wanton wench believe that she was the lucky one,
coming out on top in this bargain. Now is that better than a dream, or

So the point is, while it is important not to get too caught up in the erotic
splendor of this new found freedom to get it when you want it, it is
equally as important to remember how you got these amazingly super-
human powers in the first place. As well as to realize, that just like with a
perfectly sculpted, muscular body, when you stop working for it and let
your exercise slack and drop off, it is just as easy to lose it all, more
quickly than you gained. So be smart and keep up the magic mantra of
Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Thats right! Its so easy to forget where you came from or how you got
here when women that once wouldnt give you the time of day are
available for your pleasure, at your convenience, time and time again.

Suzy Cheerleader, who once was a mere wet dream for you and who had
you beat up back in high school for merely looking at her as she walked
by, with the entire football team, who she was banging at the time, is
suddenly right within your very reach. To have and to hold, to bend and
to fold, into whatever kinky position will get you off best! She doesnt
care; as long as you seem to be fully satisfied and happy, because her
only concern now is making sure that youre gonna want to be cumming
back for more, and more and more!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 58 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

You now know exactly how the human mind works, and what you need
to do in order to replace the old, negative LOSER programming that
was leading you down the road to disaster. Now its time to continue
applying what you have learned, and keep learning some other very
fascinating facts and psychological techniques that will ensure you just
keep getting better and better, and more and more popular with the ladies!

The World Is Your Oyster (Now Go Claim
Some Clam!)

Remember, it all comes down to applying what you know. You could
have all the volumes of the 5 largest libraries in the entire world
memorized by heart, but if you dont go out and actually apply that
knowledge to your life, then its all for nothing. So many intellectuals
pride themselves on what all they know, what degrees they have achieved
at various well established institutions of learning, but they may flounder
in the real world where its not what you know that makes you a winner,
but rather what you do.

Some of the most successful people in the world never even graduated
college. Heck, some of them never even made it all the way through high
school. But they were adept at what we call Street Smarts and they
kept their eyes wide open, and paid very careful attention to what was
going on all around them. That made all the difference in the world,
applying what they observed and learned in the school of hard knocks.

You have an even greater advantage than those street smart individuals
who had to pick it all up, piece by shattered piece, as they trudged along,
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 59 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

looking for an opportunity to step into a position to work their way out of
their rut. You now have the knowledge of the centuries, the knowledge of
the human mind and how it works, explained in bite sized, simple to
grasp, easy to apply concepts, and now all you have to do is begin
applying it to your life in a consistent manner.

Thats where the real success starts, in the application and usage of what
youve got. So keep it real and keep your game on, as often as possible,
and in every possible situation that it is applicable. Youll then be getting
the payoff of dreams, as all those chicks that once never turned their head
when you entered a room are now turning down the bed to make sure you
have one terrific time after another and return for some repeat

Dont just see it, be it! Dont just dreamit, glean it!

Theres Always Room For Improvement!

The human mind is a most marvelous creation, certainly never intended
to be simply left to chance. As you continue to succeed with the ladies
and get more adept at getting what you really want from the opposite sex,
as you learn to navigate the sub-conscious minds deeper treasures and
pathways, you will continue to learn more and more about what makes
you tick. As well as all those who exist around you, both male and
female, friend and foe!

This is a very powerful position to be in, whether you are looking to get
laid, paid, or made. Thats right, once you learn how to re-write the
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programming in your very own bio-computer, you can begin to
understand some of the more universal truths that have been used by the
alpha males and leaders of industry and nations over the centuries since
time unmemorable!

Cant Make Anyone Do Anything!

How many times have we heard the tale of woe about the individual who
went to get hypnotic help to stop smoking, over-eating or thinking about
sex, but sadly failed completely in their attempt, even after several long
and drawn out efforts to try it again and again.

Why is that, if hypnosis has this mysterious ability to control minds and
make others do our bidding? Its because hypnosis CANT control minds
and make others do our bidding. Thats an old wives tale a deceitful
urban legend and a bunch of malarkey.

Hypnosis cant make anyone do anything that they wouldnt like to do
normally. So then, if thats true, what is the whole point of it then? Its a
helpful enabler, it is there to help people do the things that they really DO
want to do, but are afraid to try. It helps people accomplish the tasks or
accomplishments that they truly want to achieve, but lacked the
confidence to get the gumption together enough to actually give it a
serious effort.

Perhaps a person is very interested in being a singer. They have a lovely
voice and a well trained ear, but every time they step onto a stage in front
of an audience, they choke up and their voice closes off and they cant get
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a note out to save their own life. In this case, hypnosis is very effective,
because it is helping to enable someone to gather the comfort level and
confidence to go do what it really is that they want to do.

Maybe a person is the most qualified individual working at a company,
and they have wonderful people skills, and a clear understanding of the
goals and principals that drive the corporation forward. But when it
comes to applying for a management position that opens up, or even
asking for a raise in salary, they just fall apart. They simply cant deal
with the thought of standing up and making their desire for a raise and
promotion clear to the upper management. Clearly hypnosis would be of
a great benefit in this case.

Say there is a person who is very much attracted to another individual,
but they just cant seem to find the way or the words to let them know
exactly how they feel. Hypnosis, especially self-hypnosis, under these
specific circumstances, is just the thing to help this person get the comfort
level and confidence to approach the individual of their interest and make
a love connection that may very well have gone denied without it.

As you can see, in all these various cases, hypnosis is not being used to
try to talk someone into doing something that they dont want to do, but
rather it is the positive enabling force that allows a person to rise above
the occasion. To allow them to break from the rut that has been holding
them back and FREE them to finally reach out and do what it is that they
truly, really want to do. Hypnosis is not a maniacal manipulator, but is
actually an edifying enabler, who comes to peoples rescue and allows
them to finally accomplish what it is they have had their heart set on, but
didnt have the confidence to go for it before. That is all it is, but believe
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 62 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

me, when it comes to truly making peoples lives more satisfying and
fulfilled, thats plenty enough!

Hypnotic Subconscious Suggestions

Once we begin to learn the first steps of applying this psychological
technology to ourselves, it only makes logical sense that we would
eventually begin to see how these very same techniques can also be
equally applied to any and everyone out there with a brain. In turn,
helping to create the situations that lead to better grades, successful
projects, job offers and financial raises. As well as the ability to
confidently speak in public forums, leading to highly increased public
approval, and an ever growing sense of attractiveness that surrounds you
whenever you are in peoples area of direct environment or indirect area
of personal influence.

Hypnotism has been around for as long as there have been people on the
Earth. Yes, it is true that only a very few individuals have ever truly taken
the time and energy to really learn how to use it correctly, perhaps less
than 1%. But honestly, as you now see, its not nearly as hard,
complicated or tricky as you had at first believed. As you continue to
practice and learn to apply it not only to your sex life, but to your job,
politics, negotiations, virtually every aspect of your life, you begin to see
just how effective a tool it truly is. And just how often people apply
aspects of its technique, even unconsciously, without being aware of what
they are doing at all!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 63 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

J ust the very fact that some power beyond your comprehension somehow
managed to create within your subconscious mind the desire to purchase
and read this very book is a testimony to the mysterious power and truly
effective magnetism that exists within the mysterious methodology of
Hypnotic Subconscious Suggestion. Think about it, just considering how
you somehow subconsciously knew the infinite value to yourself, even if
you were at first, only thinking about fulfilling your carnal urges with
Prime, Grade A trim. The very reality that you have shown the
dedication and commitment to make this all work for you and have
decided to actually read this book is a near miraculous glimpse of the
inner hidden mysteries that lie within us all!
As opposed to the many others that you have brought home and barely
bothered to even skim through.

Truthfully, if you had a grasp of the known statistics regarding self
education and personal improvement, you would be amazed to discover
that your willingness to cooperatively and consistently stick with the
program, thus far, following the easy, step-by-step directions, means you
are one of the very special few. Youre choosing to create your own
destiny, becoming one of those very remarkable 1% of the world
population that throughout history have come to be known as The

The Masters

Hypnotism is nothing more than the understanding and application of
some very rudimentary rules of how the human mind takes in and
processes information. That is all that it truly is. If someone had said that
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 64 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

to you last year, or even six months ago, it probably wouldnt have meant
a thing to you then, but now suddenly it does, because the old adage tells
us that when the Student is ready, the Master will appear.

And when the student is ready to step it up a notch and grab all the gusto
that the student can claim in a single human life, it is time for the student
to be prepared to become a Master himself. Not only taking in and
learning to apply all the specialties of the chosen system that one studies,
but to in fact become a teacher oneself, all in due time. This is how the
ancient information has been handed down from teacher to student over
the millennia, through the teachings of the masters!

The uneducated and unenlightened masses will always doubt the very
existence of the Masters, and for this we are truly gratefully thankful,
because it relieves the pressure from process and takes the concerned and
curious eye off of the spectacular details of ones most amazing journey
through life, as one continues to excel and exceed even his own wildest
dreams and passions.

The Masters are not literally invisible, though at times it seems as though
they might just as well be, as they are rarely recognized by common
society, except when one of the more learned, who has come to some
understanding of what it is that they are looking for, declares to the
masses, here is one such master, take heed, take notice!

But as we have all been taught, If you arent looking, you simply wont
see! Clearly there are Masters of all kinds: science, religion, industry,
warfare, culinary cuisine, education, sports and athletics, but for whatever
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 65 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

reason, the dim and unenlightened somehow refuse to acknowledge the
existence of a mentally prepared sexual master.

So while you should certainly thank the long lineage of those who came
before you, who lived the life and then taught it to others, you should also
count your blessings that less than 1% of the world population is aware of
such techniques. The techniques that allow you, through user friendly,
step-by-step processes, to instantly begin to access the working wonders
behind the scenes of our very own human consciousness, giving you the
data, power, insight and a massively decisive advantage in what has come
to be called The Game of Love.

J ust as the local Net Nerd or Giga-Geek is unfathomably drawn to
learn exactly how a computer works, so you too, by investing a small
amount of additional time, energy and concerted effort, can learn to truly
master the techniques of Hypnotic Self-Suggestion and Self-
Subconscious Implantation,. That is, controlling your own thoughts and
beliefs about yourself with exacting precision, and influencing in the
most positive ways how others perceive and feel about you, simply by
applying the basic A,B,Cs of self hypnosis.

Information In-cumming!

O.K, I must confess, when it comes to being a horn-dawg, Im about as
sincerely up for it as they cum! So, like the knights of lore, Im willing to
stray far from the comforts of the castle, in order to find the mythical
majesty of the highly prized lost chalice, the Holy Grail itself.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 66 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

I was willing to spend more than a decade searching high and low,
looking near and far, for mysterious answers that have perplexed
MAN-kind for all these long, stiff, pulsating centuries. How to get laid
more regularly by hotter, finer babes!

I needed, for my own personal reasons, to know how those Sexual
Masters throughout history managed to accomplish their endless string
of female conquests, while always being affectionately welcomed back
for more, whenever they fancied a return engagement!

Now did my pure, unadulterated soul desire to share the educational and
historical finds of the all existence, with the learned Professors and Deans
of the worlds academic institutions? Sadly, NO!

Was I fully committed to sharing my wealth of knowledge to a hungry
and anxiously waiting world of horny guys, helping to raise them up out
of the shadows of ignorance, distilling freely the pristine and academic
brilliance of these scholarly skills and technical talents? Sadly, NO!

I just wanted to get laid. It was all about sex, and not the worlds sex, not
Mankinds sex, just MY SEX! My one and only priority involved in the
passionate procession, which was lots of hot, dirty, animalistic, pump-
humping, ritualistic, orgiastic, and orgasmic sex, with as many gorgeous
little honeys that I could possibly service in a row before my magical
Ying-Yang wore out.

I simply sought out the meaningful missing memoirs of the marvelously
mysterious magicians of mental massage and mega-muff manipulation.
Those wise men of old, who could teach me how to make it with the girls
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 67 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

who normally wouldnt have even taken the time to spit on me, to put me
out, if I were on fire!

You see, I may not have known diddly about chicks way back then, in the
bad old "daze", when I was young, but I did know a hell of a lot about
world history. Over the years I came to see the connection between these
seemingly two disparate items of interest. And, while it is certainly true
that my lack of success with the ladies lead to many lonely nights with
my nose nuzzled in books, the eventual outcome was that I, over time,
became well aware of the reality of what we have been told was only
mere mythical legend!

It was all there, for me to witness with my voyeuristic, beady little eyes.
Famous females in prominent positions of power, with partisan popularity
and political prestige, for some unknown reason, instantly finding
themselves inexplicably enraptured with persistent passions and devilish
desires previously unfelt for their former lovers or husbands. Now,
expertly inflicted upon them, at will and some times from a great
distance, by a simple glance from these mere mortal men, who some
called the Masters, but they of course, being educated women, knew

Confused, yet simultaneously electrified by the intensity of the
circumstance, these ladies of renown would most generously and
voraciously submit themselves without concern for their reputation,
fragility of political influence and their well guarded financial and artistic
treasures, to these Great Lovers of Lore,. Willingly and wantonly
theyd fulfill their every erotic desire, at any time they were called upon
to do so!
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Needless to say, that impressed the hell out of me, and I was more than
willing and ready to sign up for the same gig, if I could just figure out a
way to come up with the answers of how exactly they did that! All I knew
was someone out there still knows this stuff and it sure as shit aint me!
This, my friends, was my dilemma.

After more than 10 years of looking, I nearly gave-up. Not on ever
successfully making it with the babes, I was already well on my way to
improving my lot in that game, but as for my chance of ever discovering
the Secret Sensual Solution to Sexual Success, yeah, I had pretty much
lost all hope of ever finding it. I could find the clit, hell I could already
find the G-Spot, but I was about to give up all hope of ever finding this
vital erotic information, when something very, very strange happened to

J ust as I was packing away all my history books, coming to the
conclusion that this treasure trove of titillating techniques was a figment
of some very active imaginations, I received a most mysterious phone call
from a personality.

This strange voice claimed to know what it was that I was looking for,
and that it did in fact exist. Now, lets be completely honest here. Its not
like it was a secret that I was looking for this information, as I was very
openly persistent in my search. I was making phone calls and writing
letters to anyone and everyone whom I thought might have some insight
into the situation, or at least a lead to someone else who did.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 69 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

No, what is weirdest about this situation is that the call came in on
exactly the same day I had decided to stop looking anymore. WOW! The
individual said that he was willing to drop off a package, containing some
documents that I will find most interesting. But first, I had to first
promise, more specifically, swear to God, that I would agree to adhere to
some very strict ethical and honorable conditions, regarding the
information within the documents. As well as agree to abide by the
particular laws and injunctions of this Order, as they like to refer to
themselves, which has kept these ancient truths and psychological
mysteries alive throughout the eons of time!

Now, just like you, I at first thought it was a practical joke being played
on me by one of my douche-bag friends. It just seemed, oh .. I dont
know, like too far out of time and space to be taken seriously. But once I
was allowed to ask some questions, over the phone, after agreeing to
follow the organized bi-laws of the group, I was quickly convinced that
this was actually the real McCoy! Needless to say, I was pretty pumped
and couldnt wait to get my hands on these documents.

After reading and studying a bit, I began to more thoroughly understand
the magnitude of the power that these techniques and concepts placed
into the mind of a person willing to learn, practice and apply it.

Every Game Worth Playing Has Rules!

Look, this is all about sex, fun and maybe finding the love of your life. I
understand that. But basically, in order to effectively use these techniques
successfully long term and improving yourself as a person making
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 70 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

yourself more attractive to women, without running into conflicts with
the women, you need to do the following. I ask you to commit yourself to
the common sense, courtesy, guidelines and legislation of our society,
when it comes to using these methods of Self-Subconscious
Implantation and self Hypnotic transformation.

Be one of the Good Guys. Never hurt others intentionally, never force
yourself on a chick or make her go further against her will than she wants
to and by all means, ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM!

And remember, NO MEANS NO!

The intention of this book is to make YOU a better person. Give you
more confidence; give you the ability to handle rejection with ease so the
first rejection wont be your last attempt. Make you a more charismatic
individual and give you that little spark that makes women think hey,
this guy is special. If youre reading this to simply learn how to
manipulate women, youre in the wrong place. A GOOD man (not a good
guy who remains the eternal best friend of women), that is looking for
long term success with women does not seek to manipulate, he seeks to
become what they want, in a natural way that truly becomes his own way.

Hypno-Date 201

Things here are explained thoroughly and completely, so that there are no
misunderstandings, surprises or embarrassing assumptions that can lead
to disaster out there on the metaphorical battlefield of this war between
the sexes.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 71 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Thats right.. WAR! Theyve got something that we want, and they
intend to make us work our asses off in hopes of a chance to get some of
it. It is a literal battle for the prize!

Now Hypno-Date has come along to rescue good guys like you and
change the balance of power in this battle forever, putting those men who
are willing to make the effort to study these vital principals in a position
of clear and undeniable dominance over those guys who dont!

This is strategically accomplished by a strict adherence to the rules of
engagement and a willingness to learn the methods in exactly the way
that they are presented: step-by-simple-step, in order, with full and
explicit explanation, whenever that information is deemed necessary.

Hence our taking the time necessary to make sure you are in the best
possible position to pull these maneuvers off to perfection, by making the
instructions clear and complete! Were on your side, a part of your team.
Were here to help! If we take the time to explain something in detail,
believe me, there is a reason for it, so read the directions and follow them.

The Ins and Outs of our Hypnosis Style

There is so much utter nonsense going around these days about the
subject of hypnotism and what it actually is. How to do it, what it
involves, what you can do with it and what you cannot, etc. Guys like us
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are simply stumped trying to find out the Real Truth about when,
where, what, why, and how! There are lots of questions being asked and
very few true answers being given these days, and thats a shame. Most
everything you read about this fascinating subject is a combination of
Half Truth / Half Promotion . So the first thing we need to do from the
start, is set some parameters to work with regarding what OUR
hypnotism actually is, and what it most certainly is not.

The simplest and best definition Ive ever heard for hypnotism came to
me from a very accomplished and successful practitioner in both the
fields of professional psychology as well as Hypnotism, working as an
accomplished stage practitioner / Entertainer who does those Las Vegas
side show acts.

This is what he told me:

Hypnotism is any thing which is intentionally done to alter a persons
state of consciousness, leaving them open to your delivered suggestion!

Did you get that? Hypnotism is any thing which is intentionally done to
alter a persons state of consciousness, leaving them open to your
delivered suggestion!

O.K., so then, according to this definition, given to us by a person who
has spent many successful years as both a Clinical Psychologist and as a
Stage Performer, using hypnosis to make a really great living for years,
Hypnosis is the following. (A) Intentional, (B) Alters a persons state of
consciousness and (C) leaves the person open for delivered suggestions.
Thats it. Case closed. Absolutely anything else that people ramble on
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about regarding this style of hypnosis is probably either incorrect or pure

So for those poor souls who have been spending years trying to calculate
the cycles per second of your ever fluctuating male ego and thought
center. Or, focusing on the mental activity and mood swings of some
chick you are hoping to get with, in order to determine the optimum
moment to deliver some sort of voodoo entranced, pre-fabricated and
well memorized, sexually suggestive subconscious inducements, found in
the pages of a mysterious black book with a picture of a watch swinging
back and forth and a spinning circular maze, whirling like pin-wheel, I
can only sympathize! But take heed, because those days are over and a
new day is dawning!

I understand the frustrations of those of you who have been taken to the
cleaners by some of these Snidely Whiplash Carnival Barkers, or
Culturally Carnivorous Circus Clowns with their magical bag of tricks.
But look on the bright side, my friend, you are about to learn just how
truly easy it really is to use tried, tested and true self-hypnotic suggestions
to help you get laid. Once you grasp the concepts, you can use them to
your definite advantage throughout many areas of your life including
business, politics and human relations.

All Around, All The Time!

Heres the new way you need to start thinking about hypnotism. Its easy,
its fun, and its all around you all the time. Hypnotism is everywhere.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 74 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Its not something to be afraid of, or amazed by, or thought of as
confusing or complicated. It is all around you!

Youre watching TV and suddenly you hear a friend say to you: Have
you heard a single thing that I have been saying to you? You didnt even
realize that they were in the room. You were so pulled in by the
enticement of what you were watching on the television, or what I like to
refer to as the Lobotomy box!

Youre at a Club, the lights are flashing, the music is loud and pounding,
people are all swaying in a rhythmic gyration of sound light and
movement. The next thing you know, its 4 hours later. Where did the
time go?

Youre driving home from a long weekend away, and you are thinking
about work, relationships, money, God, politics, suddenly youre pulling
up into your driveway.

Youve just driven 400 miles and you dont really remember with any
certainty where you were, but you know where you left from and you
know youre now - home! How is that possible?

Youre at a casino. The lights are dim, the room is cool yet comfortable.
The lights are flashing all around you, reflecting off glass and the
surrounding slot machines, the bells ring out and declare yet another
winner as the metallic sound of coins cascading into a bronze or silver
pay-off receptacle let you know that the dream is real. Drinks are cheap
or free, and theres not a clock in the room. You finally find someone
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 75 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

with a watch, whose face isnt glazed over like a zombie, and he tells you
its 4:30 a.m., when you thought it was around midnight. How can that

Television: TV writers and executives have known the secrets of how to
pull people in and take control of their thoughts, wants and desires for
years. Thats how advertising works. Of course, every one out there
thinks that advertising doesnt work on THEM, which is why it is so
successful. People who think they are immune are often the first ones
infected. Trust me. When corporations are willing to spend over a million
dollars for a thirty second commercial during the Super Bowl, you
better believe that they have some empirical evidence and data that
proves that their investment will give them a proper R.O.I. (Return On
Investment). Otherwise theyd would never part with the cash in the first

Think of the companies who you see on the television on a regular basis.
Are they companies on the brink of extinction or are these guys doing
pretty darned good for themselves. Hey, are you starting to think that
maybe advertising works? J ust ask a couple of clowns named Ronald or
J ack, they will sit you down and tell you tales that will make your head
spin! Hypnosis works! And in one form or another, it is all around you.

Youre at home: You are getting ready to go out with your friends and
meet some women at the local hot spot. But for some reason you realize
that you arent short of breath, tense, tight, nervous or sweating bullets
this time, as you look in the mirror and make some last minute alterations
to improve upon your appearance.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 76 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

You feel strangely confident and completely in control. You cant wait
for the opportunity to get there so you can introduce yourself to some
new ladies that you can spend some relaxing and enjoyable time, talking
and getting to know them, do a little dancing, and then break off from the
crowd to develop a more intimate connection. Then, get some digits and
ask her to come over to listen to your extensive c.d. collection, to view
your etchings, read some of your poetry or get a great, relaxing massage.

Wait a minute, whats so different in how you feel about tonight? Both
you and I now know the answer to that question, dont we? So are you
ready to proceed to the next phase? Great, lets Do it!

No more wasted time and money on books telling you all about how you
need to bring the womans pulse rate to a near stand still, achieving an
almost meditative level, while her brain wave cycles slide progressively
down out of the regular active, fully conscious Beta, waking range.
Then into the vulnerable, easily seducible, Alpha, day-dreaming stage.
These bogus and science fiction like treatises on how to create and
observe the ultimate hypnotically approachable phase in the targeted
female of your choice are an insulting sign of absolute disrespect for
woman, as well as being pure hog-wash and total bullshit!

J ust get her into Alpha as soon as possible, they claim. But, oh,
watch out, be careful not to accidentally allow her to slip too far down the
spectrum into the overly relaxed, and near sleeping Theta state. Do that,
and she will be gone and totally out of it, and if she hits Delta before
you have made your move, then youre shit out of luck!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 77 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Even if that kind of stuff worked, then it wouldnt be ethical or moral to
use such techniques. Thats why in this book, youll learn how to improve
yourself and make women NATURALLY attracted to you, not tricked
into temporarily liking you with some psycho-babble-hogwash.

So just forget about all of that nonsense. Its all a bunch of comic book
crap anyway. J ust think about it for a moment and it is clear as day. Most
books on hypnotism direct you to focus all of your attention on what you
can do to the chicks, in order to manipulate and take advantage of them.
By targeting your energy on the babe of your desires, rather than learning
how to effectively focus on yourself and what you can do to improve
your own game with the ladies.

Which would you guess is more efficient and productive use of your time
and which do you think the women in your life approve of more?
Manipulating and taking advantage of them? Or improving your own
presentation of yourself to them, by subconsciously rewriting your beliefs
about yourself, increasing your confidence and comfort level around the
hotties? Exactly correct, the latter one!

Thats What Makes All The difference!

There have been certain clever individuals throughout history who have
taken the time and energy to learn how to apply these wondrous powers
to their advantage, and congratulations to you, now that you have decided
to dedicate the effort to finally become one of them!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 78 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Hypnosis, just like electricity, is always there; sometimes you just cant
see it. Sometimes you could, but you just arent looking! There were
lightning storms all the way back in pre-historic times, leading right up
till todays electronic age. It was always there in abundance. It just took
some time for a few clever individuals to study the attributes and
characteristics of this most amazing and powerful source of natural
energy. Then when they finally figured out exactly how it worked and
learned how to capture the essence of it, direct it, and control it, it became
the latest and greatest tool ever known to man.

So the same with Hypnosis! It has always been there. Lights have flashed
in the sky and thundering sounds have whirled in the wind, causing trance
like states of altered consciousness to prevail. Cavemen pulled cleverly
planned PSYCHE-OUT strategies on other competitive cave dwellers,
in order to get their hands on the other clans Mammoth Meat as well as
that hot little piece of ass hes been pulling around by her hair the past
few weeks. It just took some time for a few studious individuals to study
the attributes and characteristics of this most amazing and powerful
source of natural energy. And, when they finally figured out exactly how
it worked and learned how to capture the essence of it, direct it, and
control it, it became the next, greatest tool ever known to man.

If you take the time to study these methods well, you will amaze yourself
and your friends at the quantity and quality of the women you start
confidently talking to, making it with and taking home for the night.
Pretty soon it will seem as if every chick on the planet wants a piece of
what youre offering up, because they can sense that inner power, that
psychic electricity, and they want to get plugged in, charged up and
ecstatically electrified.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 79 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Face it, Alpha Males have the most amazingly powerful effect on even
the most virginal females. They can instantly light up their sex-drive,
making them wet from a distance. Once they have those hormones fully
raging, they will be literally cumming out of the walls to check you out
and try to earn their right to take a turn on the new bucking bronco in
town. Ride em Cowboy! Yeeee Haw!

Babes that once used to roll their eyes in disgust at your advances, will
soon begin to thank you sincerely for this sensuous service to Woman-
kind,. You will soon be in a position to offer up with joy in your heart
and gladness in your pants the tool to scratch their itch, again and again
and again. So moving on to Self-Hypnosis 201, prepare yourself to study
up a bit more. The next phase will take a bit more effort, but believe me,
this is all worth it once you see the quality and quantity of glorious girls
that will be regularly throwing themselves at you, in desperate need for
some good lovin! Remember: Practice, Practice, Practice, leads to some
serious screwing and smooth sailing on that sensuous sea of sexual

So far you have learned explicitly only how you send yourself
subconscious re-programming and vital messages of new thoughts and
beliefs about yourself to help you expand your horizons and improve
your chances with the ladies. The truth is, as we have now just
discovered, that the hypnotic signals are coming and going, shooting back
and forth between not only electronic and natural sources of energy, light,
power and sound, but also constantly back and forth between people.
Now we are going to focus not only on the messages you are sending to
yourself, but additionally, the facts about the messages that we send to
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 80 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

and fro, between other humans, specifically in this section of the book,

Yes, thats right. Its more often than not purely subconscious, but we are
sending definite messages, back and forth, some positive and productive
regarding our opportunities with the opposite sex, some negative and
hindering to the process of making a connection with the babe or babes of
our choice. Either way, whether we are aware of it all or not, the
messages are being sent and received, practically at the speed of light.
Dont you think that it might be to our advantage to get a little bit of
deeper understanding and hopefully, eventually some control over the
messages that we are broadcasting daily to the babes that surround us?
Dont you think it would be to our advantage to get a grasp of exactly
what messages the beautiful females are sending out to the general public,
second by precious second, as well as the messages intentionally or
unintentionally being directed specifically at YOU? I agree, lets go for

Sending and Receiving Signals!

The Human Mind is both an effective radio receiver, as well as an
efficient radio station! We send each other signals all the time.

For centuries those in the know have been able to put their hypnotically
directed thoughts effortlessly not only into their own subconscious minds,
bettering themselves with each day of practice and effort, but also into the
minds of whomever they chose to send signals or thought fragments to.
Some conceptual, others emotional, it doesnt really matter. The point is,
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 81 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

they are out there, all around us, and chicks are sending out definite
messages, intentionally or not all day long. And the truth is, you better
learn to pick up on them and interpret them correctly if you intend to be a
big hitter with the ladies. Enough said!

Were not talking about the highly exaggerated, science fiction Mind
Melds of Mr. Spock in Star Trek,. Nor that amazing scene where
Obi-Wan Kenobi puts the words directly into the shallow and clearly
vulnerable mind of the Storm Trooper Patrolman, who is looking for the
robot R-2 D-2, in the cult classic Star Wars. You remember, the
cosmic cop thinks that he has found the renegade droid that the Empire is
looking for and is about to make an arrest, when suddenly Ben Kenobi
does Mind Master Manipulation,. From out of nowhere the Storm
trooper declares: This isnt the droid we are looking for. Move Along!
Move Along!

Our heroes inexplicably manage to escape detection and apprehension,
apparently just by the skin of their teeth, all because of Old Bens
ability to control the thoughts of their supposed captors with
subconsciously placed thought implants, which over-ride the agenda of
the target in question. All, of course, without them ever being aware of it.

Well that was just a Hollywood Movie, but the concept is an exaggerated
example of centuries of historical notations about the famous Men of
Glory. Men who walked the Earth, making it their own pleasurable
playground. A literal Heaven on Earth, while still alive in their physical
bodies, able to enjoy it to whatever level of satisfaction they chose at the
moment. Gaining lovers by the scores, as well as the necessary funds to
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continue their illustrious travels and playful adventures with the wildly
wanton women of the world.

Howd They Do That?

So arent you wondering just how these Great Men seemed to instantly
turn the attention of an entire room to focus on them alone, whenever
they entered, as they effortlessly set the agendas that affected the lives of
countless millions? They were known as the historically legendary
Famous Lovers, Romantic Writers, Sensuous Composers and Musicians,
as well as the Numerous powerful World Leaders for good reason. These
men of action and adventure did not have time to wait for women to fall
in love with them, in order to get the feminine pleasures that they so
greatly desired. They did not have time to wait, they were way too busy
living life for all that they could get out of it. So they instead brought into
their already adept ability to create confidence and charisma, the
additional knowledge of the ancient and well-guarded secrets of Signal
Sending and Receiving.

Once again, keep in mind that this was by no means a one-way
transference of thought energy, perpetrated upon unsuspecting and
hapless victims. No, this is the very same two-way transpersonal
interaction that is taking place all day long between people, only these
gentlemen decided to take the time, energy and effort to effectively learn
how to better understand and eventually control it. That is all the
difference there is.

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The fact is, these messages constantly travel back and forth between men
and women. They send signals of interest and attraction (or the lack of it).
Simply put, those who understand precisely how to control the signals
they are sending and interpret the signals that the women are sending to
them, the entire room, and the competition (yours and hers) will have a
much more satisfying time in social situations involving the opposite sex.

Subconscious Broadcasting

This is really fun stuff and easy as can be to do! For those of you out
there who have always wanted to have and manage your very own radio
station, Congratulations my friend, today is your lucky day. I am about
to present you with the key and owners manual to your very own radio
station, right now, which is conveniently located in the best place
possible in the entire world!

Inside your very own mind!!! Thats right, its inside your head, right
now, all you have to do is learn how to turn it on and use it. This is, of
course, to your greatest of advantages, as you now can take it with you
wherever you choose to go, and broadcast whatever type of message you
want, to whomever you choose to reach out to.

Now this may seem like an uncomfortable idea for some. I understand
that, but it is of the utmost importance to constantly keep in mind that this
process is happening, non-stop, all day long, between people, whether
they are aware of it or not and whether it is intentional, or purely
subconscious. The fact is, it is happening, right now, all over the entire
planet. The only thing I am suggesting to you now is that you learn to
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more directly control the signals that you are sending out to the general
public, and the woman of your interest of affection. Meanwhile, learn to
perceive and receive messages, interpret and respond to them in the most
effective and efficient manner possible. Thats all!

The facts remain the same whether you pay attention to them or not.
Reality does not alter simply because you refuse to perceive and
acknowledge it.

Some people have suggested to me over the years that the following
techniques are in fact all to do with body language, self-conditioning or
other simple to explain theories. Maybe they are right, but that is of no
concern to me, as long as I continue to believe in the techniques and as
long as these methods work AND THEY DO!

Natures Stealth Technology

Stealth radio technology in a portable package! What Fun! And all you
need to do is take the time and follow the directions on how to use it
correctly for your very own 24 hour a day channel of pleasure!

So how does it work? Well, once again, at your request, Ill spare you all
the human physiology and in-depth psychology in order to simply tell
you that thought forms are energy. Whatever you think of in your mind,
that thought, is energy! If there were a team of Doctors, connecting and
probing your brain with electrodes and various other implements to
register electrical pulses every time you started to think a thought, the
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little needle on the gauge would start to move and the little blip sound on
the monitor would begin to activate!

Therefore you are, in fact, a very powerful Thought Generator,
broadcasting all the time. Every single time you start to think about
something, those thoughts are instantly sent hurling out into the
immediate environment and eventually into outer space.

The only difference is, when you are self-trained to control the process
and intentionally direct those broadcasts, with a few simple and easy to
learn techniques, I believe you can not only send your specified message
directly to your chosen recipient, but anyone else around in the immediate
vicinity. Not only that, but you could tune your inner dial in on the
particular individual of interest to you. Specifically focussing on their
broadcasted messages, while ignoring the constant noise of the
surrounding competitive interference of other messages, and clearly take
in the signals that the person of your choice is sending out.

What intrinsic value does that bring to your communication style? Do
you think she will be impressed that of all the men in the room, you were
the only one who seems to pay enough attention to her to tune in
specifically on her feelings, moods, wants and desires? You could
actually quietly sit across a crowded room and pick up her signals loud
and clear, and then reply back, broadcasting your thoughts and with
practice even images, right through 30 or 50 unknowing bystanders, and
nobody but you and her will be the wiser.

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Better To Give AND Receive!

O.K., So, thought waves are energy, and our brains were designed not
only to broadcast thoughts out into the universe, but also to receive the
thoughts of others through the usage of various tools in our anatomy.

Your brain has such marvelously exciting and powerful capacities, well
beyond our cultures current understanding and level of experimentation.
But all that is about to change forever! J ust like the radio in your car, your
brain receives information all the time. The trick is to apply the necessary
techniques and methods that allow you to receive the energy waves that
you carefully train your mind to bring in and magnify them for better
reception. In other words, your human perceptions are intentionally re-
calibrated to Pick Up On (Catch that phrase: Pick Up On!) the signals
of those gorgeous ladies surrounding you at all time, whether that signal
is an invitation, fear, hope, dream, or desire. In other words, your mind is
proudly on Action Alert, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Some vitally important information comes to you directly through your
five physical senses! This stuff may not seem all that exciting, but thats
only because over the years you have allowed yourself to become
immune to the wonder of it all, simply taking it all for granted. As you
learn to exert some control over your inner senses, you will start to
develop a whole new appreciation for the gift of your five physical

Do you remember what all five are?

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The sense of smell: What is that amazing perfume she is wearing!
Whoa, do you smell that Bar-B-Q-ed chicken out back? Alright,
who farted?

The sense of sight: Damn, That girl is FINE! Dude, you just ran a red
light! Heyis that my girlfriend over there talking to that J erk with the

The sense of sound: Hey, the phones ringing!!! Man, This band is
definitely the hottest sounding rock group on the radio today Hey
Dude, I hear a siren wailing right behind us, better pull over!

The sense of taste: Ohhh my God, shes got this banana-coconut lotion
on her skin that gives my tongue a total boner! This is the greatest piece
of Pizza in the history of the universe! Dude, have you been using my
beer as an ash-tray?

Last, but certainly not least, is the sense of touch!!! Ohhh Baby, right
there, yeah right there!!! Ouch, your tongue stud just poked me in
my A-Hole you clumsy neophyte! Stop poking me with your elbows
and stepping on my feet, or I wont ever dance with you again!

But we are not limited to our five senses, and the sooner you come to
truly understand this, the sooner you will be making out with all the
hottest chicks youve ever dreamed of!

How many times have you heard this sentence in your life? Wow, its
really weird, but I feel as if someone is watching me! How many times
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have you looked up from reading a book or magazine only to discover the
roving eyes of another individual from across the room checking you out?

Have you ever wondered how that works? How is it possible that you can
feel someone watching you from across the room? How come you keep
getting busted checking out the tits and asses of your girlfriends best
friends, when supposedly no one is around to catch you looking?!
Because thoughts are energy, and we are both radio transmitters as well
as receivers!

You pick up the phone and call a friend and they say: How weird, I was
just thinking about you!. You walk into a party and three friends turn
around, see you coming and instantly say Speak of the Devil, look who
the cat just dragged in! You go over to a buddys house, and the exact
tool you wanted to borrow is sitting on his kitchen table, and he doesnt
remember how it got there.

Or you walk into a club and your favorite song starts playing. You see the
hottest babe whos ever graced the planet Earth standing at the bar. You
ask her to dance. She says O.K., suddenly a new song comes up and she
says: Oh, this is my favorite Song! . So you think thats pretty cool, and
she drives you totally crazy gyrating and pulsating her lovely body to that
rocking beat. J ust when you think it cant possibly get any better, the
song ends, and it goes right into a nice romantic, hip and ass grabbing
slow song. Ahhhhh, it doesnt get any better than that does it? Yes it
does! And you are about to find out how!

So, if all humans naturally send out thought energy whenever they think,
then it only stands to reason that if you learn to tune in on those bio-
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electric frequencies, and learn to interpret the code, we can intercept the
signals of those chicks we find most attractive. Thereby giving us a little
deeper insight into her mood, thoughts, and feelings, which gives us a
definite advantage over the other guys in the room who may be just as
intent on being with her for the evening. But, they havent bothered to
tune into her inner world, or they just plain dont know how to.

Also, if you are able to make her subconsciously aware of your thoughts,
intents, mood, wants and desires, it definitely can help solidify the chance
of you two getting together. And if shes not interested in you, it certainly
helps you to find that out a lot quicker and not waste your time barking
up the wrong tree, but rather move on to where the peaches are reachable
and ready to be picked.

Alright, so far so good. But what if the woman that you are interested in
doesnt know how to tune in effectively to the seduction signals that you
are putting out to her, or she just happens to be a little bit tired and
doesnt have the energy to really efficiently receive your love call?

No problem guys, you are now going to learn how to help her decide
whether or not she is really into you. You do this by using a few special
techniques that put the ball in play and makes her more quickly choose
whether she wants to connect with you, without wasting anyones time,
leading you off and on all night long, or just being oblivious to the whole
attraction scenario.

This technique is purely a helpful enabler which gives you the newfound
confidence and comfort level to go out and accomplish the goals that you
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had your heart set on. It is a friendly encourager that says to you: Dont
be afraid, you can do it if you really want to!

Role Reversal Strategy

O.k., so you now need to learn how to reverse the roles of all your
thoughts, whenever you are intentionally broadcasting a subconscious
signal out to the mind of a woman whom you would like to be with. Its
actually a very simple thing to do it. However, it can occasionally get a
bit confusing when you first start. Thats because rather than merely
trying to get her to tune in on your signals that you are ever so clearly
sending her, you instead help to mentally prime her pump by supplying
her with some possible options to consider. Options or choices you hope
she will find enticing, and truly want to take you up on, only she needs to
feel free to do so. If she isnt truly interested, then you agree to be the
perfect gentleman and walk away, no pressure, no harm, and no foul.

So the concept behind the role reversal signal transmission is to ferret out
if by any chance the chick is truly interested in you, or at least open to
getting to know you better by spending some additional time with you. It
works just like the normal Sent Signal, only this time you phrase the
comment within the message in such a way that it is as if it were
something the woman might be thinking to her self, either about you or
the current environment or situation.

Again, you are not looking to manipulate or control her thoughts. Rather,
you are sending a message that she will hopefully pick up. But instead of
coming across as a pushy, forceful goon or ungentlemanly aggressor to
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her, it is presented in such a way that the words are something she might
say from her own mind, either conscious or subconsciously, regarding
YOU. She then has the opportunity to analyze and decide if it is in line
with her actual thoughts or interests.

Something along the line of: Imagine her face, focusing very intently on
seeing your face, in the front of your mind. Do this with your eyes once
again aimed in the general direction of your forehead, while saying
quietly inside your own head: Hes cute; I hope hell come over to talk
to me!

Or you are sitting in a library, where you arent supposed to talk. You see
a beautiful girl who just knocks your socks off, but you quickly realize
that she doesnt have a whole lot of self confidence, so you imagine her
looking in your direction, and saying inside your head WOW, hes hot
Im going to make sure he sees me smile!

The point being, you keep the image in your mind consistent, you keep
the verbal message short and simple, so it is easily repeatable, as you are
going to be saying it over and over in your subconscious mind, 20 to 50

Also, it is of the utmost importance to remember that the message must
be phrased in such a way as a woman would be thinking, in her own
words, to herself. Its giving her a little boost in focusing on you, to see if
she is truly interested, that is all.

It takes some practice to get used to the process, especially thinking the
thoughts in female terms and phraseology.
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So, for example, lets say you are sitting on a park bench with a beautiful
woman. She is totally hot and you want to start to chat with her, to ask
her out.

Most guys would just look over with that cocky grin, or even worse, that
look of terror like a deer caught in the headlights of a car at night, and to
the best of their ability say something along the lines of: Hey, How you
doing? Listen, if youre free this Saturday night, how bout the two of us
going out to dinner together? We could maybe have a really good time or

Ding!!!! Wrong! Odds are way less than 5% that they will get the date or
even a phone number from this babe. Women need to be slowly warmed
up to speed, they arent always walking around like a giant Horn-
Dawg, ready to F all the time like us guys are. They need to be
Regulated with care and patience.

Also, keep in mind, most women like to think they are always getting
their own way, so the best way to score with them is to make THEM want
YOU from the very beginning. J ust how is that accomplished? I thought
youd never ask! And the totally cool thing is, if they truly arent
interested, you have saved both of yourselves a lot of time and energy as
she will clearly not respond positively.

Meaning, if there is no response at all, then she is simply not receiving
the message. It could be your fault and you should try a different
message, or it could be a bad day for her, and she just isnt tuned into the
ways of the world. But if she is picking up the signals and she is NOT
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interested in you, she will definitely make it clear to the both of you that
there is no chance, no way.

Women say they make up their mind whether or not they are going to go
with a guy, even if it is eventually, as in the minds of the Good Girls, in
the first 12 seconds of their taking notice of you. This means, if you are
doing the Role Reversal Technique and you get her to look at you, and
she gives you an instant brush off, you simply aint getting any. Or
similarly, after 12 seconds she replies with no clear sign of appreciation
for what she has just experience by taking you in, then its over. Move

Now this is only in cases where you are doing the role reversal.
Remember, she is not playing hard to get or toying with you for
positioning and determination of intent. She is actually thinking to
herself, so in this single case, role reversal, she is not playing hard to get,
she truly isnt interested. So save everyone the time and hardship and
move on to greener pastures!

So heres the best way to play this technique, covering all your bases,
ensuring the greatest opportunity for success, without wasting a lot of
precious time. Sit down next to the woman that you are interested in and
immediately say Hi, how you doing? while looking her directly in the
eyes for about 2 seconds, no more, or she instantly thinks you are a
Dangerous Psycho Freak, and the game is over before it starts!

Smile again but now break off the eye contact. Turn to look at something
else of interest, after all you are interested and like what you see, but you
are a confident person, and are used to being surrounded by hot chicks all
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the time, right? So remember, smile, say hello, look her in the eyes for 2
seconds, break the glance, look away, but maintain the smile on your

Calmly survey the surrounding area, and wait for some kind of immediate
response from her. If her reaction is anything less than totally
enthusiastic, or a least reasonably open and perhaps playing coy, but
showing signs of sincere interest, then you immediately withdraw your
attention from her completely, as if she is simply not there. I mean you
totally back off, as if youre not even the slightest bit interested at all.

This officially puts the ball into motion. The game has now, to all intents
and purposes, begun! While you appear to be reading your magazine or
watching the people walk by, you will begin the Role Reversal Thought
Transmission Strategy!

This technique is cleverly performed quietly inside your mind. But dont
ever underestimate the power of its pull and force! You start to send your
short, sharp signal, subconsciously towards her, but an important point of
serious differentiation needs to be observed here.

This time, you must keep in mind that you are right up close, sitting
directly next to her. So you will in fact, truly look like a Dangerous
Psycho Freak if you roll those eyes directly up toward your forehead
right now. So instead, you merely imagine, within your own mind, your
eyes looking toward the center of your forehead. You feel the sense of the
muscles in your eyes focusing in on that Third Eye position, right in the
middle of your forehead, in order to give your signal some strength. But
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in order to appear normal, you keep your eyes looking around the area,
just like nothing unusual is going on.
Start to repeatedly think very strongly in your mind, the chosen message
that you want her to consider. Again, not in such a way as you would if
you were speaking directly to her, but rather as how she might be
thinking to herself, in her own head about you. If she is interested in
getting together with you, then she will send a clear signal back to you
that it is time for you to initiate conversation. This is wonderful for when
you are first approaching a woman to meet her, or better yet, hopefully
seeing if she wants to meet you, as well as priming the pump and
checking for clearance when initiating the eventual seduction phase of the

This tactic works because it allows you to maintain your confidence and
sense of comfort and control with an aura of slight indifference to how
things actually go between the two of you. This naturally ignites and
activates her inner need to have you find her attractive. Therefore, instead
of wasting energy trying to play for position by fighting off your
advances, as what used to normally occur during such interactions with
other less tuned in guys, she suddenly finds herself reduced to the role
of the unsure person, hoping to get your appreciation and attention!
Thus she begins to actively pursue you! The prey becomes the hunter
and the pressure transfers onto her, and away from you. How cool is that?

So do you see now, how by reversing the roles of the signals that you
originally send her to initiate the contact, you set into motion a process
that allows the outcome to also be reversed? And instead of you being the
insecure hopeful, trying to buy for attention and interest, you
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subconsciously arouse her interest in you and create a natural scenario for
her to actually make the efforts necessary to ensure that you are in fact
interested in her!

You can now maintain your dignity and composure by appearing open,
charming and relaxed. She becomes the nervous one who has to struggle
a bit to get what she wants, which is exactly what you wanted. But you
got it because you asked her, subconsciously, if she were interested in
you, without being the aggressor, which is really what you wanted all
along, isnt it?

Remember the KEY here is to phrase all the transmitted thoughts in her
voice, or as if she was thinking them, about you and how she feels about
you. It has to be in her voice, thinking things through internally, like
women tend to do. The messages must come across to her comfortably, as
her very own internal wishes and desires, which she then naturally
completely cooperates with and follows through on, because why would
she want to fight with her own wishes and desires? So be careful not to
put together sentences such as Hey Foxy Lady, why dont we get
together tonight for some real lovin!. Or, God, you are such a total
piece of ass, I would love to lick you all over and then do you from

While they may seem like perfectly poetic pick-up lines after ten to
twelve beers at the monster truck rally, they hardly are going to get you in
this little hotties heart or pants. You need to be creating words that
naturally sound as if they are being originated in the mind of a beautiful
woman (remember, the concept is that these are her thoughts, not yours!)
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Whether or not this technique works is up to you to find out. I do not
believe that you are somehow altering her orginal thoughts by using this
method. However, I do believe at the very least, you are conditioning
your OWN mind to believe that the game is not over before it has begun.
So, instead of sitting down on the park bench and nervously, internally,
thinking about chatting to her but never getting the guts to do so and
letting her just get up and walk away - you create a change in your
perception - Instead of wondering what she's thinking, and wondering
whether her first impressions of you are bad. You stop procrastinating
and you create an internal voice that speaks as though it comes from her,
and has positive thoughts about you. So you aren't believing false truths
about the situation, you are in fact being optimistic about the possible
outcome of the initial interaction, thereby creating an opening for you to
actually make the first move and remain optimistic for a positive

Have Friends Who Are Hot Chicks!

This is why it really does help to have a few Good Friends who are hot
chicks, who you can rely upon to learn from and observe. You dont have
to have sex with them if you dont want to, and truthfully, I suggest that
you dont, because it destroys the objectivity of their opinions and starts
to become a Girl Guy Thing rather than just a friend thing.

Listen to how they talk. Observe what it is that they talk about. Pay
attention to the things that get them pissed off, worried and fearful.
Memorize the things that get them hot, horny, and ready to F like
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rabbits. Ask lots and lots of questions, and really listen to them for the
answers. Become an expert in how women think, because you will soon
be getting laid a lot more often by knowing exactly how their thoughts
are constructed and precisely how they are expressed. Then you merely
practice at developing the ability to re-construct these thought patterns
to turn them into allies rather than enemies to vanquish. If women want to
invest time, energy and attention to the so-called War of the Sexes, then
always keep in mind that the most affective attack on any conquerable
territory is the attack from within!

So now you at least have a clue how to broadcast subconscious signals
that sound, and more importantly, feel like the thoughts of the woman
you want to be with, so how about some statements more along these

Wow, this guy really seems to have his act together!. I wonder if hes
married or has a girlfriend (some women really are thinking about such
things as this). Talk to me again!. Hes really cute!. Maybe I should
move closer to him. Lets see, maybe if I unbutton another button on
my blouse or show a bit more leg, hmmmm. God, Im such a bitch
sometimes, . I hope he gives me another shot!. O.k., Im going to
talk to him!.

Having hot chicks as friends is the smartest move you will ever make. As
long as you never try to force yourself on them, screwing up the whole
trust and respect thing, you will have an invaluable intelligence agent,
right there in your own camp telling you exactly what the other teams
plans and strategies are. Remember, women are very competitive by
nature, so they dont mind selling out the sisterhood, if it benefits one of
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 99 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

their good, trusted and loyal friends, so dont blow it with the hot friend.
J ust like the old saying that says: Never dip your wick in the company
ink . Which means dont screw babes from work, never blow the
valuable ally away for some paltry sexual pleasures that you can get from
the myriad of women she is willing to sell out and throw under the bus, as
long as you are willing to just keep it friendly!

J ust like the guy who knows how an automobile engine works, gets paid a
lot of money and is called a mechanic. Or the guy who knows how
computers work, gets paid a lot of money and is called a techie, the guy
who knows how the female mind works is called a player, or if he is
really good, a Master!

The point is, the player or master continually gets paid for his expertise.
Only instead of cash, they get compensated for their knowledge and
service with Prime A-1, First Class, Top of the line, You-Know-What.

Do you realize how many guys out there pay for sex? Not just common
J ohns, doing business with the local Hookers and Call-Girls, but even the
guys trapped in the life style of always buying expensive dinners and a
night out on the town in hopes of getting back a little erotic gratification
form the lady of his dreams.

Most of the time, these arent guaranteed, slam-dunk, done deals either.
Hes just as likely to end his evening having just shelled out a large wad
of cash on the little Gold-Digger. Only for the honor of her precious
company, and a fresh pretty face and body to study and memorize, so he
can go home and spend the night alone, spanking the monkey, imagining
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 100 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

that he was lucky enough to score a handout hand job from the darling

Thats a hell of a way to live out your love life. I know, I was there once.
Youve probably been there too, or you most likely wouldnt be reading
this book right now! The important thing is that it doesnt have to be that
way. You can use this knowledge to your advantage, and really go out
there and apply it, getting laid for your efforts, or you can let it slip away
like 99.99% of the other guys out there who are ineptly competing with
you. Its your choice my friend, what are you going to do?

Hypno-Date RULES
(Dos and Donts)

Youve got to know the rules of the game
before you can ever have a chance
to WIN!

Along with the powers and benefits of hypnotic self-suggestion comes a
set of unbreakable rules that must be adhered to by any man who wants to
maintain the right to keep cumming back to the well, over and over again
to get refreshed! If you will invest the time and effort into really learning
the rules and how to adeptly use the tools, you will definitely be a

You know you are finally a Master when those girls that wouldnt even
give you the WRONG time of day suddenly start approaching you with
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 101 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

nothing else in mind than making every curve, crevice, bulge, and
opening fully available to your pleasure, whenever you damn well want

Is this a dream, or what? Gorgeous babes are waiting in line to see if you
might be willing to screw them till they cant take it anymore, and theyre
thinking if they can only manipulate you into doing them dirty, then
theyve somehow managed to have gotten exactly what they wanted from
you! Ohhhh, isnt it sad to be used like that, for purely lustful,
animalistic, erotic sexual pleasures of these beautiful women. Man, its a
hard, stiff job, but somebodys got to do it. So it may as well be YOU!

O.k., then if you are going to be a winner at the dating game you need to
be sure to learn and always abide by the following Hypno-Date

*Do: Be yourself!

Women are very intuitive. They can tell when a guy is comfortable just
being himself and when he is trying to pretend to be something that he is
not. Fake and phony are a big turn off to women. It literally makes them
sick. They may play along for awhile, just to lead a guy like this on, to
see just how much of a fool he is willing to make of himself, but they
only do it to watch him squirm, they arent going home with Mr. Bullshit.

J ust be yourself. If youre a little nervous, no problem, some girls find
that endearing. It can be a big compliment to them that you find them so
unbelievably alluring that you are a little nervous just talking to them. But
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dont let your mild case of semi-nerves start to explode in your face and
get you in trouble.
Instead just ask questions. Women love to talk. They love to talk about
themselves and they love to talk about other people. They find this stuff
fascinating. Why do you think Cosmo and People magazine sell so well?
Ask about what they do. Whats their favorite type of music, favorite
actor or movie, TV. Show, band, etc.

Ask who they came with. What type of work they do or what are they
studying. Get creative! What would they do with a million dollars? What
is the most important personality characteristic to try to have on a regular
basis, whats your favorite color and why? Anything.

*Dont EVER give her flowers or candy!

You might as well put a big sign around your neck that says Wussy-
Boy: J ust kill me now. As I am worthless! You may think you are being
all Retro-Gentlemanesque and shes going to really appreciate how
sensitive and caring you are. But you may as well just reach into your
trousers and pull your balls out by the roots, put them in a vase and hand
them to her as you walk through the door.

J ust dont expect her to give them back to you when she kicks your sorry
ass to the curb some time in the next couple of days, cause your time in
Gina Town has just ended in a big way, my friend.

Flowers and candy say: I will offer you wimpy tokens of insignificant
appreciation in hopes of receiving from you, in exchange, your attention
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 103 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

and approval. Yikes, just kill yourself now, and avoid the pain she is
going to put you through after that hideous blunder!

*Do: Talk to her friends!

First of all, if you hone in on her alone, her friends are going to do
everything in their power to blow you out of the water and get rid of you.
But if you talk with the friends, maybe even flirt a little, and show them
some interest, they will suddenly think youre pretty cool and a nice guy.
They will stop running interference and let you be. This is a good thing.

Also, if things blow up before the moment of truth tonight, you can
always switch targets. Its a guaranteed touchdown because she now feels
very attractive and good about herself, knowing that she had what it took
to seduce your interests away from her friend and get that attention spent
on her. She will be so happy with the powerful lift you just put into her
confidence level that she will bang you till the sun comes up.

Also, it helps your cause because women are naturally jealous. If she
senses that there is a chance that youre interested in her friend, she will
work doubly hard to make sure that it is HER that you go home with
tonight. How cool is that? Simply act like youd go with her friends if
you had the chance, and she will make sure you dont go unpleasured.

*Dont be predictable!

Predictable is boring. Women look for excitement in men. Excitement
stimulates their emotions, and their emotions open them up to attraction.
When they are simultaneously attracted and excited, they perceive that as
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 104 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

a natural biological sign that it is time for them to have sex with
whomever is giving them that specific stimulation. Keep it mysterious;
always be partially unperceivable. Never fall into patterns where she can
start guessing your next move. Once you do, the allure and the surprise
are killed off, and you suddenly seem uninteresting to her!

*Do: Initiate Contact.

Women are turned on by decisive men of action. Genetically they are
designed to get attracted to and made wet by a highly confident guy who
just walks up to them as if they own the place, not cocky and arrogant,
but natural and comfortable. If he can just approach and rhythmically pop
right into conversation mode, she knows hes a Master and she is going
to want some of that before it disappears into the night.

Guys who are GREAT with women are most likely the best in bed.
Every woman complains that she hasnt has a seriously good screw in
ages and she is not going to let this chance pass her by!

Even in these post-modern days of womens liberation, women
subconsciously are wired to want to be swept off their feet by a strong,
virile, knight in shining armor, her Conquering King.

*Dont give away your power, especially to HER! Never come across
as weak or as a pussy in front of her. It is like instant kryptonite to your
Superman image. She will suddenly focus in on your weaknesses and find
you embarrassingly lacking in the manly confidence she needs to have
around her. For thousands, if not millions of years, women as the
physically weaker and more fragile gender, have had to rely on strong,
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 105 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

courageous, fearless men who have the power, know-how and confidence
to protect them against the scary and dangerous things in the world. Even
in these modern times of Womens Liberation and feminism, women
still to this day need to feel a sense that the man in their life can protect
them and keep them safe from harm.

Also genetically and biologically, they are internally programmed to
make certain that should their sexual behaviors ever lead to the
conception and eventual birth of children. And that those children are
well protected and supplied with the necessary food, housing, warmth,
and all the other provisions desired to raise children successfully in a wild
and unpredictable world.

*Do: Be willing to learn and change!

Yes there are certain inalienable truths that we teach in this book that will
stand the test of time forever and ever, throughout all eternity. That is a
given. What is not a given however, is your ability to grab and fully grasp
and implement to perfection everything that is written in this book.
Therefore, you need to continue to be open to change, to continue to
study and learn new and deeper aspects to the Master techniques that
have been expressed, but perhaps not fully understood to complete
comprehension! And never forget, Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!

Face it. It took thousands of years for these methods to be observed,
learned, perfected and put into simple step-by-step instructions. Dont
make the tragic mistake of ever assuming that you are the one chosen
individual who will be able to beat the odds stacked against you by
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 106 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

simply reading the pages of this book one time through, from cover to
cover, and completely assimilate all the hidden truth and significant
points after that single reading. It truly cannot be done. Do not Cheat
yourself off the prizes and treasures waiting to amass themselves at your
feet by being lazy, too busy or arrogantly over sure of your own skills and

That would be much like picking up a set of Encyclopedia Britannica,
reading it through and thinking you have now officially learned every
thing there is to know in the entire world from that single reading. Pure
stupidity! Dont do it! Life just doesnt work that way, and it is the same
with the teachings of the Masters!

During your 5th reading of this treatise, there are things you will
suddenly pick up on and see as if for the very first time. You will swear
to yourself that that information was never there before, when in fact it
most certainly was, but you had not yet evolved to the level of perception
and understanding that would allow it to penetrate your consciousness at
the previous readings.

Dont let this freak you out or bother you in any way, as it is natural in all
serious forms of study, and it only means that you have now graduated on
to a higher level of mastery of the subject, congratulations and keep
moving forward!

*Dont Limit Yourself!

We all tend to set limitations and obstacles up in our subconscious mind,
that holds us back and stop us from having the confidence and security to
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go forward and grab the things in life that we truly want and deserve!
That is a shame because the world can be cold enough all on its own,
without cooperating with the forces of negativity and chaos, and setting
mental traps for ourselves to fall into.

Beside the type of limiting thoughts that hinder our progress and
achievement of specially set goals and plans, there are also the limiting
thoughts that cut back on what you yourself view as potential

For example, if I think I am only attracted to tall blondes with large
breasts, I am cutting down my possibilities of getting laid tonight by
about 95%. In other words, Im suddenly looking right past all the hot
and available, ready for action and fun as hell brunettes and redheads, let
alone blondes that may not have such a large rack, or may be a little on
the shorter, petite side. Thats crazy.

Some people know what they like and that is cool and admirable, but who
in their right mind would say: I only eat pizza! Thats it, just pizza!
This guy will never experience the amazing and tantalizing delicacies of
Mexican, Chinese, and French cuisine. All the great hot dishes from
around the globe, just ignored as if of no value at all, not to mention the
rest of the wonderful and delectable items still left on the Italian menu.
You get the picture. Stop limiting yourself and start living!

*Do make her feel good about herself!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 108 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Women, even the hottest women who appear absolutely drop dead
gorgeous 10s to us guys, down inside can be very insecure people who
have a lot of inner doubts, fears and confidence issues to deal with.

Any dude that can easily make a woman feel comfortable and at ease
with herself around him is going to get laid on a very regular basis. He
must be able to accomplish this feat without obvious effort, as no one
likes to be bull-shitted, manipulated, have smoke blown up their ass, or
have some insincere compliments aimed their way, like a wiggling brown
tongue invading their sphincter without permission.

Make her feel really good about herself and she will be forever in your
debt for allowing her the peace of mind to be comfortable and happy with
herself in your company. In return for those feelings of inner contentment
and acceptance, she will give you whatever it is that she perceives that
you need from her, just to ensure that she has the ability to keep you
coming around. Why? Because she gets emotionally attached to the Safe
Zone you create for her. That gives her a happy place to be herself, relax
into the flow of things and feel a sense of inner confidence around you,
and that is worth its weight in gold to her, and she will gladly trade you
anything she has to keep you coming back for more!

Even the hottest Super models in the world are generally very
uncomfortable to be out in the public during social engagements. If you
can figure out little seemingly insignificant, but believable things about
them that make them special and shine out above the crowd, you will be
getting a healthy and consistent portion of good loving on a regular basis
from this great little flower who Only You truly understand.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 109 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

*Dont be shy!

Even if you think you actually really are a Shy Guy, suck it up and get
out there and fake it till you make it. Now I hear you So Called shy
guys saying to yourselves, Hey, I thought you said just be yourself,
whats up with that?

Well I did, but thats not in any true way at all what you are doing when
you are acting shy.

When you act shy, you are openly presenting your inner fears and failures
on a golden platter for all to observe and judge you by. Thats not you.
Thats just a small aspect of you that you have let grow out of perspective
because you got turned down a few times during your vulnerable growing
phase. No one was there to tell you that youre O.K., that thats just part
of playing the numbers game, and you could have just as likely hit on a
chick that would have instantly fallen into your arms. Its just a game of
chance and a matter of pure luck sometimes.

Besides, acting shy forces you to be preoccupied with other peoples
response to you and how you are projecting yourself. Who died and made
them KING or Queen? Dont buy into their hierarchy of manipulation
and mental attack. Dont give them the power to have that control over
you; they havent earned it!

If you let a few bad experiences control your perception of your value in
your very own eyes, it begins setting up your lack of value in the eyes of
the women you pursue. So you need to just never give up and fight your
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 110 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

way through it and just be willing to go up and talk to a babe with
confidence and strength.

The more you do it, the more confident you become in the process and
the next thing you know, youre no longer acting as if you are confident
and secure with yourself. You actually are! Until you reach that point,
just go up to a girl, and say: Hey, Hows it going! wait for her response.
Whatever it is, either say: Cool! So whats your name? or ask another
question till it is appropriate to get her name.

*Dont act desperate!

Never let her think that you think all of your hopes ride on this one, single
chick, cause they dont. Remember its a numbers game. The more
failures you get in a row, the more the odds are stacked in your favor that
youve got a few serious victories coming your way really soon. So keep
hitting the numbers.

Besides, you never want a babe to think that you think shes All That!.
You need to keep them guessing as to what you really think about them.
Be playful and tease them a bit, they fall for that in a big way. Never let
her think you are crazy about her, or she will treat you badly, and be sure
to publicly humiliate you for your trouble, by wiping you off her shoe in
front of the entire world, for all to see. Always keep her guessing and
never act overly interested, or shy!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 111 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

*Do: Make EYE contact.

While that ridiculous myth of The 3 minute Rule has proven to destroy
more guys chances with the ladies than it has ever helped, the part of it
regarding the absolute importance of making immediate eye contact is
definitely right on target.

Yes, the 3 minute Rule is complete bunk, but its intentions were good,
because it was designed to get you up off your ass and stop
procrastinating the night away before you got up the nerve to go check
out Suzy Q! over there by the bar. So be thankful that the Gurus who
promote it as an unbreakable edict from God, care enough to want to see
you at least hop over there and give her a smile and a line.

I know, now some Gurus are even now running around claiming you
need to approach a Babe within the first 3 seconds of her or you entering
a room or your chances with her are squelched. But again, that is total
rubbish, but the importance of approaching her are intrinsically true and it
all has to start with making eye contact with her.

Dont stare her down or freak her out by constantly glaring into her eyes
like a psycho, just nonchalantly look over. Catch her eye momentarily,
then get a knowing smile on your face that reveals that you like what you
saw, and then break off contact to continue with your conversation or
whatever it is that you were doing before you saw her.

The 2nd time you make eye contact with her, you hold it a little longer,
make the smile a little broader, and acknowledge the connection with a
wink or a slight Hey There! nod of the head.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 112 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Third direct eye contact is her signal that she has checked you out and has
found you to be an acceptable possibility for her to spend some time with.
Trust me, if she is not interested, she will NEVER give you the
opportunity for the 3rd direct eye contact, so if you get it, thats your cue
to come on over and start talking to her.

Now again, the old myth that if you miss the 3rd eye contact, or if you are
too tied up with what is happening around you at the moment of truth,
to immediately get over there and approach her, then you instantly lose is
utter nonsense. She respects a gentleman and a businessman, she knows
you may have some important business to attend to before you can come
over to introduce yourself, but once again, the old myth has some truth to
it. If you hesitate, without any clear and obvious reason thats holding
you back, other than hesitation, YOU LOSE!

Shes looking for a confident, take charge kind of guy, so if you put her
off, she will assume you are (A) saving her as a back up plan. (B) Simply
not interested in her or worst of all (C) You are fearful of rejection and
not secure enough to go over there and meet her face to face. Regardless
of which conclusion she eventually comes to, your chances of EVER
sleeping with that woman have suddenly deteriorated into the ether.

*Dont Act Too Interested!

This is so important, please really make sure that you fully grasp this
concept, because it goes against common sense and fights the logical
expectations that men naturally have in their own minds of how the world
should work and what is fair.
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 113 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Make her work for it. Its in her nature to want to do so. Guys often screw
up the slam-dunk, Sure Thing because they come on too strong or act
overly enthusiastic about the woman too quickly. Show some interest but
dont let her think you have bought into her package, or she will instantly
lose interest. If you pursue her further after that point, she will actually
become angry and perhaps create a scene in public. This may make no
sense in your mind, but its the way things work, so dont F it up for
yourself, just accept it, and watch the game play itself out with grace and

Women have been raised all their lives to practice using their charms,
looks, and wiles to attract men to them. It is all about the chase for them.
Allow them to use their natural instincts to try to lure you in, and just sit
back and watch in utter amazement as they practically kill themselves to
ensure that you truly want them. This merely guarantees that you are
definitely going to get some tonight, if you are simply willing to play it
cool and keep your distance and a little indifference for awhile!

*Do: use your humor!

Its the number one preferred way to open a conversation with a beautiful
lady and by far the easiest to do and the most likely to succeed. Girls see
it as a sign of confidence and intelligence, and they are looking for a guy
who is creative, conversational, exciting, entertaining and most of all,

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 114 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

90% of all women polled said the first thing they find attractive in a man
is a great sense of humor. Did you bother to catch that number? In case
you unwittingly missed it, I said 90% of all women say that the thing that
first turns them on to a dude is a great sense of humor. So if you dont
already have one, you better develop one quickly, or lose out on 9 out of
every 10 hot pieces of ass looking for romance and a good time tonight!

Women love to talk, they love stories, they love to be entertained. They
love to laugh. When you give a woman what she loves, then she will want
to give you what you love, just to keep you coming back for more. All of
life is quid pro quo, everybody does things because they get something
out of it that they value, or they wouldnt be doing it. The only
unconditional love that truly exists in this little Universe of ours is
expressed by GOD and by parents, for their children.

*Dont keep calling her!

It is always better to call her less than more. In other words, better you
dont call her often enough to make her happy. It keeps her wanting you
more, makes you all that more attractive because she cant have you, and
shows her that you are a man of action, a real mover and shaker in life, a
player who has other things to do and other places to go. That drives
women wild with desire!

When you call her a lot, it means you are available, in other words, no
one else is interested and fighting for your time and attention. That makes
you far less exciting to her. Besides, calling her a lot makes you look
weak. It is a sign that you are insecure, that your confidence is somehow
shaken and you need to be assured by someone else. You come across as
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 115 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

weak, needy and unsure of yourself! Bing: Total turn off! It proves that
you dont have anything, anywhere or anyone else to be preoccupying
your time and energy. Therefore your value drops immediately in her
eyes, and she starts treating you like a loser.

*Do: Make sure you're the one to end All contacts!

Thats All contacts, in person, phone calls, emails, whatever, always be
the first one to have something else that you need to do and break off the
communication. This leaves her in that subconscious state of semi-
rejection, where she suddenly is confused and starts to sense mixed

Women will use that electrical energy to attempt to solve the conundrum
and figure out just where she stands by trying to move the relationship to
the next natural level of intimacy. In other words, every time you
suddenly put a stop in the flow of the love dance, she becomes more and
more determined to do whatever it takes to see that the sexual event will
in fact take place. So the more you confidently, but politely, pull back,
the further she will insistently push those alluring assets into your grasp.

Remember the old saying: Always leave them wanting more! It is one
of the oldest tricks in the book. Whether you are a writer, musician, actor,
or a Player, always leave them wanting more. As long as they are not
fully satisfied, they will continue to seek you out to try to get their fill.
Once they have gotten their fill of you, your value greatly diminishes in
their eyes from that point on.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 116 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

When you're the one who ends the contact first, it creates an unbearable
form of subconscious tension that triggers her need to assert and prove
herself worthy to draw you back into her close area of influence and
connection. This tension automatically creates a deep sense of
uncontrollable "attraction!"

Your sudden apparent lack of interest makes her innately curious to
figure out what just transpired to change the dynamics of the interplay.
This puts you in a huge advantage, as womens strong sense of curiosity
is unfathomable and unstoppable by any force, including their very own

When she suddenly feels as if you are not thinking about her as intently,
she instantly begins to make you her highest priority goal to achieve
getting back in her aura of influence. So what most guys think might spoil
the mood or kill the deal, actually ends up getting your brains f**ked out
all night long!

*Dont ever BRIBE her!

Its viewed as wimpy and weak to try to gain her interest and buy her
time with bribes of any sort. Yes, women like gifts, and they are willing
to work to earn them if you just lay back and confidently be yourself
around them.

In every single relationship, there is always one person in the couple who
feels they NEED or WANT the other person in that relationship, more
than they are wanted or needed by their beloved.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 117 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Its a fact of life, so use this fact to your advantage. Keep yourself held
back slightly, interested in her enough to keep the electrons stimulated in
her brain, but certainly never fully committed to her and her alone, or
hooked by any means. This will immediately turn on her competitive
spirit to prove to herself, her friends, your friends, and hopefully, and
definitely most importantly, YOU, that she has what it takes to attract and
keep her man!

Chicks are naturally looking for a guy who has a big set of balls. They are
strongly inclined to sense a deep-seated need for someone who is
completely confident with himself. One who treats life like an exciting
and rewarding adventure that he is the Captain of. A man who knows that
they and their time are of great and significant value!
When you use bribes to try to get babes to spend time with you, it
backfires in a big way. They see that as a self-admission that youve got
absolutely no game! Youre basically telling them youve got nothin
going for you at all, so you need to offer her a gift, or an expensive night
out to feel you have something of value to persuade her to spend some
time with you. LOSER!

Trust me on this one. I have had chicks call me up and ask me if they can
come over just to watch me mow the lawn, change the oil in my truck, or
help me do the dishes and vacuum the house. The last thing you want to
do is make her think youre starting to question your ranking in life. Once
you question it in front of her, she will question it for as long as she
knows you!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 118 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

*Do: Stay a mystery!

Guys have a couple of serious self-destruct buttons inside their mind, and
this particular one drives me crazy. Whenever I see a Player suddenly
fall from his position of prowess and power and become a mere bystander
on the side lines.

They have the woman totally infatuated and hanging on their every
gesture and movement. She has been activated between the legs, and has
basically nowhere to run, but to bed with the studly stallion who has
ridden off with her heart and her passions. Then he suddenly starts that
stupid destructive move that I have seen a million times before.

He starts telling her everything about himself. Sharing his deep inner
feelings, his fears, his heartbreaks, and worst of all his failures and flaws!

Ahhhhhhh!, he thinks he is opening up to her emotional side in the
hopes of getting in with her good graces and maybe getting a little Pinky
Dingle for his trouble and effort. But what he doesnt realize is that he
has just shot himself in the foot, and basically closed off any chance he
had at scoring.

*Do: Talk it up with her!

She will love you for it in more than just one way, I guarantee it. Words
are tools for giving other people NEW Experiences! As you put new
ideas into peoples minds, they begin to experience the emotions and
physical sensations that go along with those experiences.

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 119 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

Like at the movies, you know the Monster isnt really there in the theatre
with you, and you know the monster isnt even real, but you still jump
and your heart beats when he springs out from behind a wall, dont we
all? They identify with the experience, feel it as their own in order to
truly understand it.

*Dont Ever Be Negative!

Women hate bitches. Thats why they fight with each other so regularly
and intensely. Dont ever come across as one by complaining or being
negative. Dont let yourself be drawn into confrontation and conspiracy.
Your job is to always be upbeat, optimistic, fun and exciting.

You need to come across consistently as a happy and successful guy, who
has his shit together and is enjoying his mastery over life. You are a
winner who doesnt have time for petty disagreements or feeling sorry for
yourself because something didnt work out the way you planned.

Believe me, the chicks are watching to see which guys truly are
victorious and satisfied in their lives. The rare Masters in this world
know how to get whatever they want and come out on top of every
situation, even a tragedy, always landing on their feet and ready for
action. Those are the guys that are enjoyable to be around. Therefore,
those are the guys who are going to get the quality action. Its as simple
as that!

Go get it Tiger!

There you go. Those are The Hypno-Date RULES!
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 120 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus


Learn them by heart and follow them till the day you die and you will be
getting great quality sex from an enormous quantity of beautiful women,
all because they can sense the power, not only of the Rocket in your
pocket but the Mysterious Magnetism of your Mind! And where I cum
from, two heads are certainly better than one!

Enjoy and Explore!

Hypnotic Tantra

Weve all heard of Tantric Sex. Generally in long and annoyingly
pointless conversations, between bone-headed braggarts trying to
convince the world that they are top notch Ladies Men in the first
degree. Thats really unfortunate, because there is a lot of value to this
priceless knowledge!

First of all, before we get started, we need to set a few points straight. If
the image that you have in your head of tantra is some really skinny
exotic looking dude with electronically piercing eyes, dressed only in a
flowing white diaper, bending into a pretzel shape before mounting some
two dimensional chick with a big knowing smile, then youre going to
have to let those ideas go. And NO, Tantric is not a sexual service
performed by a prostitute working out of a tanning salon.

Tantra will help you to more powerfully fulfill your female in a way that
makes her think that you are the veritable King of the J ungle. Practicing
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 121 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

its techniques will not only allow you to go at it for a lot longer than most
guys, while maintaining a firmer, more prevalent erection, but it will
create a contagiously enjoyable high while the two of you are making

Also, these wondrous sexual practices will help you to consistently create
in your lover such a magnificently memorable sense of satisfaction. She
will not only have more, REAL orgasms, to her own surprise, but she
will also walk away from the experience, in a state of absolute ecstatic
and erotically charged bliss.

From that point forward, she will be completely addicted to the amazing
things that you just did to her. Shes just never had these types of truly
intense experiences with other guys before, and isnt really sure exactly
what it is that you can do so differently from all the rest. But she certainly
knows that she likes it, and wants some more of it real soon! She will
quickly make it abundantly clear to you that should you be interested, that
whenever you feel the need to park your tool, she has a nice warm cozy
garage available for it, 24 hours a day!

The most important thing to know immediately about tantra, is the fact
that anyone can do it! It has been around for ages, across the entire globe
and bringing pleasure to its proponents throughout the ages. It has been
called by as many different names, as there are languages on our swirling,
whirling little planet.

What if I was to tell you that it is the very attempt to perform these
extremely simple positions and maneuvers that actually teaches you the
system, as if by osmosis. What if I was to tell you that tantra cannot
Copyright HypnoDate.com - 122 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

possibly be done incorrectly, so there is no point in fearing making a
mistake or failing at it. It really is more of an attitude and state of mind
than it is a step-by-step procedure!

These are extremely simple and easy to perform little exercises. You
couldnt possibly do them wrong. They will immediately begin to work,
getting you laid a hell of a lot more regularly than you have been by all
the hot chicks youve always wanted to be with, but couldnt get to even
say hello to you before.

Oh, O.K., so now Ive got your attention. Great, cause this stuff is really
easy!!! You just practice it whenever you feel like it and automatically
get better. Theres no real pressure or WRONG way to do it. So you
cant screw it up if you tried. But the more you do it, the more hot women
will sense that you have that certain powerful sexual Know How that
they just have to get a piece of. And, once you have allowed them the
opportunity of having sex with you, they are going to be so blown away
by the experience, that they will want to do it again and again.

Ohhhhh, I know, its a tough job, but I suppose someones gotta do it.

Tantric Techniques

Right! So it might as well be you. Lets proceed. A lot of the so called
Tantric Techniques that are pitched on the net today are purported to
get guys laid by using simple and childish parlor tricks, or mere
psychological ploys and mental manipulations, which might possibly
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work, once, maybe even twice! But after the chick finally figures out
what you did to get her to do you without her realizing what was going
on, shes going to get pretty pissed, and thats when all the trouble begins.
At this point, she makes it her life goal to destroy your very existence,
and then shes not going to just stop there. No my friend, she is going to
do everything in her power to shoot down your reputation with every
other chick in town. Her goal will be to make sure you have to drive at
least 45 minutes from where you originally met her before you will find a
woman who will even talk to you again. Your name will be MUD!
William Shakespeare once wrote: Hell hath no fury like a woman

But Tantra is very different. It naturally creates a deep felt appreciation,
and inner acknowledgement, a subconscious connection between the
participants, so that the more you use this technique, the more she is
going to want you back, as often as you are willing to come back and do
it some more.

And here is the amazing part, but its true. She will tell her friends about
you. Shell start bragging to everyone she knows about the amazing ways
you made her feel, how she finally had her first Real Orgasm, and not
just one of em! Shes going to become the most spectacular promotional
partner you have ever seen! You couldnt buy this much compelling
advertising for a million dollars, but its all FREE!

Its crazy! Shes going around telling every girl in town just how
completely brilliant you are in bed, and how they have to try out some of
this new Tantra stuff, cause it will Rock Their World and literally
change their lives forever.
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In just a couple of months, you will suddenly find yourself feeling
inclined to pay your ex-lovers some sort of a commission or finders-fee
for setting you up with even finer Gina than what was previously
blowing your mind when you first started this whole Trantic Sexual

O.k., so how does this stuff work?

Well believe it or not, you could get laid using tantra today, before you
ever even started reading about it or practicing it if you just learn to
incorporate it into your every-day conversations with women you meet
throughout the journey of life.
If you dont act like a total braggart or try to bullshit or impress her, it can
be very exciting for her and effective as an ice breaker. Inform her,
sometime early on in the conversation, that in your spare time, over the
past several years you have been studying the advanced techniques of
Tantric Yoga as a form of exercise, discipline and meditation!
That gets them every time. Most women dont really know a damned
thing about tantra, but they have all read about it somewhere. Maybe in
Cosmo, and they have been told that the best lovers in the world practice
it like a religion or something, to become veritable Masters who make
women cum multiple times, in an ever heightening series of mind
blowing climaxes.
Then just let her know that you normally arent at liberty to say much
more about your esoteric studies when youre out on the street, especially
to total strangers. But, that you perceive that she is a pretty open minded
and intelligent woman, so you suppose it wouldnt hurt to let her in on a
few of the basic secrets to the system.
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Boom, shes already hooked, and now trying to get you to open up to her
and talk about wild, erotic, sexy, passionate love making. Whens the last
time a conversation about sports or cars ever got you that deeply into a
womans active fantasy world so quickly? This chick is not only not
offended if you talk about screwing, she will be downright pissed off if
you dont talk about it!
Believe me, just a few well placed lines for her to slurp up about how
dedicated practice of Tantric love making, naturally leads to highly
charged emotionally satisfying sexual escapades. As well as erotically
potent physical intimacy, which is expressed openly in a deeply bonded
coital relationship between a man and a woman! Bingo, she is not only
curious about tantra and about you; shes already hot to trot. Remember,
curiosity creates interest, which in turn creates attraction! Go for it!
Tantric Yoga is merely a collection of various esoteric and erotic sexual
positions and practices; performed in order to achieve a mutually deeper
and more focused sexual connection between a man and a woman. It can
involve various forms of physical exercise and training techniques, as
well as step-by-step methods used to heighten and induce ultimate
sensual pleasure to both parties. But predominantly it is an attitude and a
way of thinking and focusing on the sexual experience, while learning to
control your over-all response to the action through a series of erotic
kissing, disciplined sexual positions, sustained eye contact, and
synchronized breathing.

In Tantric practice, the ultimate objective is not necessarily orgasm, per
se, and most of your efforts at first will often be dedicated to actually
putting orgasm off as long as possible and prolonging the sexual humping
and bumping. By avoiding a quick and pre-mature climax, you increase
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and magnify the energy surrounding the intercourse so that when orgasms
do finally occur, they are literally out of this world!

Avoid Cumming - Are You Crazy?

What?! Intentionally try to avoid cumming? Are you crazy? Now why
would any guy in his right mind want to do that?
Well, let me give you an example. If I offered you a penny to hold your
breath for 5 seconds, you probably wouldnt even bother. The task and
the eventual pay-off are of such low and insignificant value, right?
But if I offered you $500.00 to hold your breath for 2 minutes, the payoff
would be very enticing and well worth the effort. The release of stress at
that final moment when you let go of your efforts and allow the flow of
air to surge deeply into your vital organs again, is almost a religious state
of bliss. It is like Nirvana, ultimate, complete peace and happiness. That
is what the eventual orgasm is like after a session of Tantric love making.
It is the difference between a tablespoon of water, sitting silently still in a
Dixie Cup, and the ragings of the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of a
hurricane. Thats a big difference!
For one thing, in tantric sex, you are encouraged to move very slowly,
very deliberately, things that might normally take just a few seconds, now
could take 5 minutes. It is almost more like a methodology of disciplined
meditation combined with Tai Chi exercise. Slow, deep, and focused.
You exert your full attention and consciousness on every minute detail of
what is taking place between the two of you.
Now as I said before, part of what is so amazing here is that even if you
are brand new to these concepts, just your active participation in
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attempting these methods, to any degree of success at all, is a guaranteed
A+from the babe perspective.
Look, shes been Wham-Bam, Thank you Mammed so many times
now by Cro-Magnon Gorilla-Men, looking for a quick grope and hump.
So much so, that any guy that takes his time and seems to slow down and
enjoy all the finer points of sex are barely even detectable in the blur of a
flash most men call sex.
So now this chick is going WOW, this guy really knows what he is
doing!. Plus, you are coming across with additional Brownie points for
being mysterious, interesting, and you are appreciating her for who she is,
on a deeper level, taking it easy on her and just enjoying the time of
contact with her. Instead of doing the opposite, rushing to a blazing
orgasm and then rolling off like most of the duds in her life.

But wait, theres more! Through the deliberate and slow exacting process
of tantra, you create a bonded emotional connection, beyond the pure
physical erotic experience, and it deepens and grows ominously more
profound the longer it is allowed to continue without orgasm by both

Oh really, and how do I do that? Glad you asked! First of all you need to
look at sex from a completely different point of view than you and most
guys have in the past. Before the emphasis and main goal of sexual
contact with any woman was the All Mighty Orgasm, and getting to it
as soon as possible. But now the whole point is to try to put the orgasm
off for as long as physically possible, so that you now become a veritable
F-ing machine, maintaining your erection and stamina for prolonged
coital pleasure with and for your mate.

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The pay-off. She proclaims to the world that you are the Sex King of the
Universe. She is ready and waiting for it whenever you are in the mood.
And oh by the way, when you finally do cum, it will be like the
comparable difference between the popping of a small party balloon and
a nuclear explosion, quite an amazing experience for both of you, I
The trick is to remember to move slowly and deliberately with each
movement that the both of you take. Remember that in her mind, you are
the expert giving her lessons, so she will willingly and gladly follow
whatever instructions you give her. Tell her that the whole object is to
slow down and truly feel each and every second of the experience with a
focused and clear consciousness. To not consider the act of orgasm the
objective or end goal, but rather a very satisfying reward once the whole
experience has been taken in and milked of all its intimate and erotic
power. She will love this kind of talk from a guy. Remember most guys
barely want to kiss before they shove Uncle Willy into the hen house, so
this will be an all new, respectful and calm session of love making that
she will remember for years.
Considering the fact that every other dude she has ever been with has
performed rather poorly and way too quickly without thought or concern
for her feelings and pleasure, she will be thrilled to finally discover you.
A MASTER of making love, creating and prolonging such sensations
of sensuous and succulent sexual surrealism! Remember, the main point
is to just slow everything down and fully focus in on feeling every single
detail and movement with objective clarity!
As 99.9% of guys out there simply pump away to gratify their own ego
and for the instant gratification of seminal release, you are going to stand
out as being really different and when word gets around to her friends and
their friends. You are going to be one very busy gentleman!
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Imagine how much she will appreciate your determination to focus on her
pleasure, as a genuinely considerate lover, who is more concerned about
and dedicatedly wrapped up in the goal of making sure she has at least
one, REAL, legitimate orgasm. All without putting undue and
inconsiderate pressure on her to perform according to your busy schedule.
Tantra teaches us to instead focus our attention and energy on enhancing
our awareness of pleasure In The Moment, Right Now!

The Power Of The Method

Try out some of the exercises when you are with her, just so you can
catch a glimpse of what is available to you through these marvelous
principals and techniques. Tantra may sound very simple, and in fact, it
really is. But never underestimate the power of the method, as you come
to master it with continual practice in the sack on a regular schedule. You
will begin to not only get women so stimulated and ready to just explode
in ecstasy, but when they finally do release, it will be such an awesome
and miraculous experience, that many of them will cry, sometimes
uncontrollably because it is such a moving experience.
Remember, they are not used to getting this kind of attention, intensity
and intimacy from a guy. Why do you think so many women experiment
with Lesbianism in their early teens and up till their late twenties, and
some beyond that as well? Because they are dying for intimacy and
tenderness, thats why! They have a deep-seated need to experience the
feeling of consideration and caring, and to have some one really slow
down and take some quality time with them. Yes, tenderness and
intimacy, the man that can bring those items to the table, along with an
erect and functioning penis, is going to be one very popular fella indeed!
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Give it a try; you will be astounded with the outcome. There may be a
little transition period, where you want to pop back into Hyper-f**k
mode, but give it a try and you will be very happy you did. It
automatically creates that close and caring sensation that women thrive
on and continually search for in the bedroom. This is new for her as well.
When do you think the last time was that a guy wanted to slow things
down and focus in on feeling close and connected with her?
Its easy. Make every movement count. The kiss should last minutes and
should be deliberate and passionate. The undressing of your partner in
stages of one step forward, then pause for a moment, retreat from the
action just a little bit by taking a half step back. Then, once she moves
toward you to fill the sudden vacuum of empty space between you,
continue on to take it to the next level.


Slow and methodical, no hurry, one step forward, pause, half a step back,
let her fall forward into your space, and then proceed with the next step
forward. She will start to get hotter and hotter with each step, each
heightened level of erotic tension and passion play, each moment of
deliberately created Antici-Passion.
Do you see what is happening here? Rather than you desperately trying to
get into her pants, and her having to play the role of the good-girl victim
fighting off your advances, she is the one who will keep moving in to
create more contact. Each time you stop and fall back a little, the wilder
she will get from the state of intimate anticipation, so she will eventually
be the one who just rips off whats left of her clothes and says: Please!!!!
Please DO me right now!
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Now I know that this is a dream come true for all healthy young men. But
if you can hold on, and continue the method all the way through, slowly
making her work her way into intercourse with you, she will eventually
be so hot and turned on, that she will let you do ANYTHING that you
want to do to her. All as long as you do it slow and with intent!
Next, drive her absolutely crazy by slowly massaging her entire body.
Slowly and firmly, with strength and deep passion, all around, but never
actually touching the erogenous zones. At first she will think you are a
gentleman, and just appreciate your respect and honor, but this is a tricky
form of driving a woman crazy. Its much more effective and guaranteed
for results than even the old Chinese Water Torture method! Continue
to rub and caress her body, with desire and passion in your eyes as you
maintain long sessions of eye contact with your lady, but never actually
touch her tits, or pussy, or even the crack of her ass. Go all around them,
kneed the muscles and flesh, rub and shake, vibrate and press, but only
get within a whisper of her sexual centers, and then right as she thinks
you are about to touch them, move away, slow and deliberate.
What do you think is going to happen? Damn straight, she is going to
grab your hand and place it directly on her breasts, she is going to wiggle
around and coo like no tomorrow. She will open her legs and run you
fingers right up and down the crack of her ass and shudder in total
delight. Then for her grand finale, she is going to thrust your hand
between her openly spread legs and she is going to stroke that pussy for
all its worth with your fingers, and may even end up having an orgasm or
two while she is doing it. But dont worry, as you learn to live life as a
MASTER, you will soon realize and thank God that women can have
multiple orgasms all night long, and they will.
Now just lie there together on the bed, in a very relaxed and peaceful
fashion, without talking, if you can manage to keep her from speaking
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without being abrupt or come across as rude or demanding. Some women
do not know how to handle intimacy, so they will start to become chatty.
You need to either with your lips in a very slow and passionate kiss, or
with your index finger lightly placed across her lips, tell her

The Greatest Massage

Now start massaging her again very gently, but with enough room apart
from one another so that you are in a comfortable position to be able to
easily look directly into her eyes. Start to match her breathing, breath by
breath, until you're both breathing in total unison, together, as one,
synchronized and connected. Let go of any distracting thoughts and focus
only on her and her breathing. Simply allow the rest of the outside world
to melt away into total oblivion. It is just you and her breathing!
This is a very effective method that is used to connect her to your
thoughts and desires. She sees only that you are attempting to follow her
lead, match her breath, focus on her, so subconsciously she is confident
and relaxed. If you find in the very beginning that you are having trouble
synchronizing your breathing with hers, just stop trying, completely relax,
watch her chest move up and down, and match the movements with your
own body. When you stop trying to do it with your mind and simply
respond with your body, and completely let go of all worry or thought,
and it will just naturally happen automatically.
Tantra gives you a great playground to practice your game, get in close,
and try some experimentation, because the response is so much more
direct and focused while performing this powerful and persuasive mode
of sexual seduction.
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O.K., remember. Look deeply into her eyes. There is nothing else in
existence other than the two of you and your ever-increasing erotic
energy. J ust keeping full and constant eye contact is one of the most
effective ways to create an intense and growing sense of complete
J ust continue practicing tuning into her sensations and her thoughts,
imagining that you can read everything about her by simply observing her
breath, the opening and closing of her pores, the flush and blood-flow in
her skin and complexion, and the reading of her eyes.
Keep in mind, you have been consistently taking one step forward,
pausing momentarily, then retreating a half a step back, letting her move
into you and fill the void you have just created by suddenly breaking
contact again. This drives her wild with anticipation, the need to maintain
that level of intimacy. So she is now moving full speed ahead and thinks
that sex is all her idea and that she is going to somehow manage to get
you to screw her hard and deep, no matter what she has to do to get you
to submit to her will. Isnt that amazing? Shes going to be so very
disappointed if you dont boink her brains out, and sex is her agenda, and
she is now ready to insist that she gets her way! WOW!

The Big Pay-Off

Time for the Big Pay-Off. All right, remember: keep it slow and
intense. Make love to her as you normally would but while continuing to
keep your breathing completely in step and synchronized with hers, while
maintaining that intimate lovers eye contact. Every time you feel as if
you are about to climax, slow it down, perhaps even come to a complete
stop, if you are afraid you are going to blow your load too quickly.
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Continue on like that for an extended period of time. How long? Thats
really up to you, just remember that the longer it goes, the deeper she will
continue to fall under your masterful spell, and the more intense and
outrageous the eventual orgasm will eventually be.
Simply by consistently practicing intense sexual activity without the goal
of orgasm as the first thing in your mind, you will discover yourself
becoming aware of other equally satisfying, though less obvious, sexual
pleasures. As well as noticing a deeper sense of direct intimacy that you
and most other men have automatically filtered out by focusing on the
climax, and nothing else! Now you are starting to realize that tantra has a
way of always making sure that things end very well for everyone
concerned. And that its more fun to take it slow, make her crazy and do a
charged meditation session while you're inside a woman, taking her to the
ultimate limits of her imagination, before rewarding yourself with a
registered 8.9 on the Richter Scale orgasm!

Hold That Thought!

So if you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, stop moving. Hold still for
a period of time, but continue to pierce her very soul with your eyes. You
will start to notice something amazing. As you sexually exert yourself
and begin to breathe deeper and harder, as long as you maintain that eye
contact, she will follow you and pick up her rate of breathing as well. As
she speeds up her breathing, the blood flow will start to circulate
throughout her body in a quickened fashion. Now she is heading for the
finish line!
Every time you stop the orgasm from occurring, you build your ability to
maintain further stamina without discharge. Now the anticipation is really
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building up, because she is now breathing faster and faster. Blood is
starting to really circulate and create intense tingling sensations all
throughout her body, and she keeps waiting for you to blow your wad,
and you keep making her wait for it, which as we know, just gets her
more and more stimulated and emotionally charged.
Boom. She is cumming and there is no stopping her! She is practically
breaking up into pieces, shuddering and quaking, shivering and
squirming, gurgling and cooing, moaning and groaning, she is in ultimate
NIRVANA and you are her hero!
Well done, my friend. She thinks you are a walking, talking, F-ing
God. She wants the emotional satisfaction and ego boost of knowing that
she has what it takes to make you cum. Did you ever dream in your life
that a hot babe would be laying there with her legs in the air? Spread
open to your every pumping advance, and praying to God that she will be
able to get you to orgasm, or die trying? This is Heaven my friend, literal
All right, you have done your duty and again sealed your reputation in
another beautiful womans mind, heart and soul.

WOW, Look At That!

Way to go, you are now truly a MASTER! How does that feel?
Of course you don't need to do these Tantric Techniques each and
every time you date a lady. Remember, never be predictable. So pull the
Tantric Yoga move on her once during one sensuously seductive sex
session, and the next time, just to mix it up a bit, bend her over a chair
and do her like a wild stallion. Changing up your delivery and style will
make you a total mystery to her, and we all know what mystery does to a
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womans sense of attraction and level of lust dont we! Contrasting slow
methodical Tantric Techniques with wild animal sex, and always doing
her different will only get you laid more and more often, and that my
friend is a good thing!

The Hypnotic Dance.

(How to do the Four Step to Nirvana!)

In order to get her to that top most pinnacle of sensual arousal and
eventual orgasmic erotic explosiveness - The most effective way to drive
women to that point of lustful desire, and beyond, is called the Four
Step Approach, and today you are going to learn it!

Yes, it is HER job to supply a sexy and attractive body for you to work
your way into with the skills and methods that you are being taught in this
book. But it is YOUR job to supply the anticipation. If you dont give her
the sense of anticipation that she needs to get wet and ready for your
advances, then she in return will not be giving you the action that you
need to feel good. So this is important stuff and well worth taking
seriously and listening up.

Creating anticipation is easy once you know the steps. The steps go like
this: One step forward, pause, half step back, and pause. Thats it. Apply
those easy to follow dance steps right into the bedroom of the hottest
babe in town. Its guaranteed to work. J ust be patient and true in the
process, it wont let you down!
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Every time you are seducing a woman, assertively take a confident step
forward, be it in conversation, or in touching her, or taking her to an even
higher level of erotic intensity. No matter what you are doing with a
woman, always follow the dance steps and you will never go home
unsatisfied! All right, lets continue the dance!

One Step Forward: You move in and let your intentions be known, loud
and clear. You are secure and confident, you are sure of yourself and
what it is that you want! You are assertively grabbing a hold of the prize
and claiming it as your own personal trophy.

You are demonstrating your desire and ability to progress forward in
pursuit of what you intend to have. This turns her on, but also activates
her defense mechanisms to protect her virtue and her reputation, and to
make you work for it before you get the pay-off you are looking for.

Pause: When you suddenly pause, you create an instantaneous halt in the
action. This creates a sense of surprise in the female, as she was
expecting you to thrust right through the motions like a bull in a china
shop. Now she is slightly confused, and less sure of herself. Did she read
her signals wrong? Has she done something that you suddenly find less or
Un-attractive, whats up?

Her world is suddenly stopped and turned topsy-turvy by this surprise
stop in the action.

Half Step Back: Now her mind is racing. She is utterly confused by the
situation, and her head begins to spin, as you were clearly making your
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advancing moves on her, then suddenly stopping, and now actually
backing away from her.

This creates a sense of determination in her mind to prove to herself and
to you that she is certainly worth pursuing. That she is definitely going to
get things back on track again, so she begins to move towards you, to
close the gap that you have just created between the two of you. She is
now pursuing you.

Pause: She is basically throwing herself at you now, but you dont seem
to be responding. So whats up with this? She better make it abundantly
clear that she wants to continue this dance, before you bail out on the
whole process, so she does.

She escalates the seriousness of the game and raises the stakes a bit. This
maneuver now leaves you in a perfect position to take the initiative to
progress onward to the next step. Then the process continues in this very
same 4-step manner, all throughout the seduction and also continuing on
throughout the entire love making experience!

One Step forward - Half Step Back

This simple One Step forward, Pause, Half Step Back, Pause, is the
perfectly balanced dance of erotic enchantment. This is a technique that
simply cannot lose! It automatically feeds the flames of desire and keeps
that fire burning higher and higher, blazing out of control until both of
you are consumed by the passion, only to rise again, after mutually
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gratifying, explosive orgasms, like the Phoenix from the ash of its
previous incarnation.

The beauty of the system lies in the creation of definite anticipation in the
womans subconscious mind. First you are pursuing her, and she is turned
on by the intensity and focus of your desire for her. When you want her
so badly, that you can feel it in your groin, she senses the energy of the
moment and it fans her passions and she starts to feel really good about
herself as a woman, because she knows that she is attractive and

Then when she has already been subconsciously as well as physically
aroused, but starting to get a bit concerned that maybe things are moving
just a little too fast, or that you are going to use and abuse her, and then
kick her to the curb like an old pair of dirty shorts, you pull the PAUSE
maneuver on her.

Now she is entering into a state of confusion and second-guessing herself
and her ability to perceive what is actually going on around her. This
leaves her in a very specific state of emotional and psychological
unsettlement, which only deepens the effects and her desires.

At this point you do the most amazing thing that any guy could ever do
when she is in this heightened state of arousal yet perplexity. You
suddenly back off a half step. Now she is mentally spinning out of
control. She was sure that you were hot for her. You were definitely
going for the glory. Now you are backing away. Is it something she said?
Her breath? Are her tits too small, her hips too wide, is her ass too
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Her competitive spirit is now activated. She is going to fight to defend her
reputation as a hot piece of ass, and prove to herself, as well as you, that
she is worth spending the night with. So she attempts to fill in the vacuum
that you created, by moving in towards you, and filling that gap. She is
now aggressively pursuing you!!!

In her mind she is thinking, No guy is going to wind me up like a top
and then walk away disinterested, as if Im some loser chick, hes going
to f**k me whether he wants to or not. Get that. Remember the old days
of getting slapped in the face by a girl whos a 6 on a scale of 10, just
trying to get your hand into her panties?

Well now you have a 10 on a scale of 10, swearing on her Mothers eyes
that youre going to screw her tonight, one way or another, no ifs, ands or
buts! My how things in your life have dramatically gotten better! All you
did was create a void, a simple empty space, a vacuum. This made her
feel a deep-seated psychological need to attempt to fill the void by
moving closer into your space, thereby resuming the sexual progress of
the seduction, only now who is seducing who?


Seduction =anticipation! When the satisfaction of what is anticipated is
withheld momentarily or intentionally delayed, the tension rises and with
that so does the passion level.
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When the object of anticipation is finally delivered, it is absolutely
beyond mere satisfaction. It is mind blowing, wild out of control animal
erotic eruption and then some!

You must always set the stage and take the time to create that needed,
built- up state of anticipation in your woman. Then in a well-controlled
and deliberate manner, resolve the anticipation with a well-presented pay-
off. She will love you for it. This knowledge always keeps them cumming
back for more.

So offer to give your lady a massage, or just walk up behind her and start
massaging her shoulders. Really seriously give her a great, therapeutic
massage. Dont act horny, or even interested in sex. J ust offer up some
muscle relaxing, tension soothing, therapeutic relief to her busy and
hectic day and watch her start to melt. As she relaxes INTO you (you
know what I mean by that, right?) you simply start to work your way
across her body. Kneading and massaging the muscles, in only the places
you would massage your grandma. This is not supposed to start off
looking like a seduction!

All right, she is loosening up a bit. You havent grabbed her ass or tits, so
she is starting to feel safe and secure allowing you a bit freer access to
her. Thats the moment to shift the playing venue, ask her to lie down on
the bed, sofa, rug, whatever, and keep rubbing her down, avoiding all the
naughty bits completely.

Now you tell her, firmly, with total confidence and sincerity, in your
voice, that in order to really loosen up those muscles, you need to get rid
off any tight fitting or binding clothing. If her reaction to your statement
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seems like shes not interested, simply continue to massage the aches and
strains out of her shoulders and tense back muscles. Move on and
massage another day.
But surprise, surprise, in almost every case, at this point she will either
unfasten or even remove her bra completely. That is usually the green
light my friend, still, take it easy. Dont miss it, or you will be sleeping
alone tonight in Loser-Ville!.

Tell her to take some deep breaths to relax, and start matching her
breathing to make a subconscious connection to her inner emotional
center. Rub her body, massaging it all over with your hands, but now start
getting more sensuous with your touches. Not Sexual, but Sensuous! But
remember, always just avoid touching the sexual centers of her body

As you are matching her breath, begin looking deeply into her eyes if she
is facing you. Keep matching the breathing, and get your hands as close
to touching her sexual centers, without actually making contact with

This will begin to drive her absolutely crazy and make her want you to
touch her there all the more insistently, as you are using your breath
matching, as well as the massage, to bring her continually building state
of passion and lust!

She could then do one of two things. If she is normally a Good Girl,
she will tell you to go for it. If she is normally a slut, she will grab your
hands, and put them right on her tits and ass. She will writhe like a sexual
serpent and practically devour you whole. She will open those legs and
suck you in like there is no tomorrow.
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At this point in time, you are free to follow the sexual course you and her
are comfortable with, but do not forget to continue using the 4 step
methodology to take her all the way to an exquisite orgasm or three! Go
for it, dude, youve earned it this time!

(What it is / How it works)

The mind is a very funny and wacky playground. The minds of women
are even wilder and more out of control. Thats because girls are so much
more in tune with their emotions and how they feel about things, and less
inclined to take rational, logical thought and reason into account before
making decisions about what they will and will not do, who they will and
will not do.

All right, introducing the facts (based on my opinion;) concerning women
and whom they are attracted to. The sooner you listen, learn and live
them, the sooner you are going to get laid on a regular basis. Period!

Fact #1: Women have absolutely no control, whatsoever, over whom they
are attracted to.

Fact #2: Women have absolutely no control, whatsoever, over whom they
are NOT attracted to.

Thats it, the end; lets break for lunch!
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I hear ya moaning to yourself, Oh, Come On!!! That cant be true!!!
It is! Deal with it. You already know this in your heart, youve seen it a
thousand times.

How many times have you heard of this scenario?

Some chick is totally head over heels in love with some bastard that treats
her like absolute DIRT. He insults her, he beats her up, he cheats on her,
steals from her, threatens to kill her if she does this or that. She should get
the hell away from this guy as soon as she possibly can, right? The police
come after he knocks another tooth out of her mouth, but do you think
she will place charges or have the guy carried off to the pokey in the
squad car. No way in hell, 'cause (say it with me now!) She Loves
No More Mr. Nice-Guy

Meanwhile Mr. Nice-Guy has been in love with this babe for years.
Hes always been there when she needs him: to bail her out of a jam, or
bail him out of jail. Mr. Nice-Guy really truly cares. He picks her up at
the corner coffee shop. He takes her home and dresses her wounds, cleans
her up, fixes her a good healthy meal, and then sits up all night with her,
listening to the stories about what a dog he is and how bad he treats her.
About how shes been thinking of killing herself cause she just cant take
the pain any longer, etc., and lets her cry herself to sleep on his shoulder.
Yeah, hell be tired as hell tomorrow morning but hell get through it all,
because he really cares about her.

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Shell sleep in the bed and hell try to find a comfy place on the sofa till
the alarm clock rings. Of course once he runs off to work, Mr. Asshole
will be banging on the door, and shell let him in, to f**k her brains out in
Mr. Nice-guys bed. Then hell go in the bathroom, piss all over Mr.
Nice-Guys floor, to mark-out his territory. Then grab the last 3 beers in
the fridge, any money on the counter or kitchen table and then ride off on
his Harley with baby-cakes strapped around his waist in the back, as shes
just happy and relieved that hell have her!

Youve seen it a thousand times. So now answer me this smart guy. Have
her friends and family ever told her that she needs to keep away from that
creep? Yes! Do you think she will? Do you think she can?

If youre not sure how to answer that question, just refer to Fact #1
Women have absolutely no control, whatsoever, over whom they are
attracted to, And Fact #2 Women have absolutely no control, whatsoever,
over whom they are NOT attracted to, for reference.


(Please note: I am NOT saying you should treat women like dirt because
theyll take it. Quite the opposite, I say ALWAYS treat a woman properly
and NEVER hit a woman. Im purely stating that often women
themselves dont know why they like a guy so much, they just do. Its a
strange part of human nature)

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What Women Want!

Women are attracted to (A) what they cant have, (B) what someone else
wants or already has, and (C) what is generally perceived by others as
valuable or desirable. Thats it in a nut-sack. Thats what women want, so
that is exactly what you need to be sure that you are always perceived as.
Its as simple as that.

So how can we use what we are learning here about hypnotic style
techniques to take all these facts into serious consideration and turn them
around to work in our benefit?

(A) Dont be available and dont be achievable. Women like the Bad
Boy because no one can control him. No one can rein him in and make
him submit to their will. The Bad Boy plays by his own rules and
breaks them at his own leisure. He doesnt take crap off anybody and he
does what ever he damned well pleases.

This makes the Bad Boy very attractive to women. He is forbidden and
unattainable, so the challenge mode is activated, and the woman is
dedicated to get the Bad Boy or die trying. She cant help it; she knows
hes no good for her. All her friends tell her to settle down with Mr.
Nice-Guy, she knows theyre probably right, Mr. N really seems to
truly love her, care about her well being, and is always there for her, to
talk and share feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, concerns, plans for the
future. But she cant help herself, she just gets wet between the thighs
whenever she thinks about the Bad Boy and Mr. N, well, he just
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doesnt really turn her on, theres nothing there to get lustful about. J ust a
big zero!

Solution: In your mind think about authoritative confidence and power.

Think things to yourself such as

Hes definitely an Alpha Male!
This guy is Hot!
WOW, he really has his act together!
Now heres a guy who gets what he wants out of life

(B) Always make sure she is aware that you are seeing other women, and
that you always will. Shell only want you as long as you are
unattainable. Tell her you love her one-day or that shes the only one for
you and you will lose her before sundown, guaranteed. Let her always
worry about where she ranks in the tight competition that it is to be one of
your women. Some guys try to avoid having the girl see the other women
in his life for fear of a blow up or hurt feelings, but that is dead wrong!
Its actually far better for you to let her see you with other chicks, just to
keep her in line, with that competitive spirit fanned, her jealousy raging
and those fires of desires burning strong as ever.

Create Allies And Some Jealousy

Talk to her friends often. Let her see other women in your circle get just a
little too close for her comfort. Make sure she knows that she has no hold
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on you and that you could bolt any day now, any hour now, any minute
now! If she ever got the thought in her head that she had some reigns on
you, she would immediately use them to snap off your balls and then
strangle you to death with them. Its not her fault; she cant help herself.
Never blame the scorpion for behaving like a scorpion, it is in its very
nature, it simply has no choice.

Solution: Be seen flirting and teasing other women, especially her friends.
This creates the necessary jealousy to kick in her emotional filters, which
will drive the point deep into her subconscious mind for all time.

Sending Signals

As long as she is feeling that she is receiving a strong social boon and
benefit from being your girl, she will be happy to do what ever it takes to
keep you taking her out for some social acknowledgement and public
promenading. J ust remember to invest a little attention every day in
making sure that she runs into some clue or telling sign that you are in
high demand, and a person of great esteem and value!

Hypnotic Pep Talk!

(Limitations are in the Mind!)

Most limitations are in the mind. Your whole ability to make women eat
out of your hands and throw themselves at you is up to you! You can
project the image of a Winner or you can stumble around anonymously as
a pathetic weasel or uninteresting nerd who hasnt got a shot in hell to get
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a girl to pay the slightest bit of attention to him. Its all in your own mind;
it is a process of determining your attitude, your belief, and your goals in
life. Dont let past failures or thoughtless others determine what you think
and believe is true about yourself and your abilities!

Decide what you are going to program into your thought processes. Then
make up your mind once and for all, that this, and only this, is what you
will broadcast to others like a radio wave, for all people, especially the
women, to Pick Up on their internal receivers and respond to.

Limiters And Amplifiers:

Limiters are your inner held beliefs, fears and attitudes about yourself,
which you display in public that cause women to lose interest, and be
turned-off, made suspicious, annoyed or simply not attracted to you.

Amplifiers are the inner-most, deeply held attitudes that you truly believe
about yourself, which you display in such a fashion as to increase
womens interest in you and see you as more exciting, mysterious,
honest, trustworthy, sexy, confident, desirable, and attractive guy.

Its all up to you. Whatever they perceive about you is based solely on
what information, attitude and confidence level you choose to broadcast
to your waiting audience.

Learn to be an optimist. There are certain things in life that are just going
to happen, whether you approve of them or not. Life doesnt always give
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us a vote in how things turn out. What we can control is our attitudes
towards what happens to us and around us!

All your life, you are going to have to do certain things, whether you
want to or not. Go to school, get a job, pay your taxes, go to court, see a
Doctor, deal with other people, wait in line, take a crap, etc. These are
just some of the unavoidable realities to living life here on Planet Earth.

So if you are going to have to do all these things throughout your entire
lifetime, its up to you to choose whether you have a bad attitude and
totally hate every moment of doing these things. Or you can decide to
have a great attitude, and since you have to do all this stuff anyway, you
might as well try to enjoy it and Go with the Flow, while performing
the necessary duties, tasks and activities.

Thats how I got through school. A lot of my friends decided to just be all
pissed off and angry that they had to go to school. They showed their
dissatisfaction with their situation, disdain for all the teachers and
administrators, and disrespect for the assignments and the system as a
whole. I figured, Well, I gotta be here anyway, I may as well try to enjoy
it for what its worth. And it worked, I actually had a pretty enjoyable
time and did a lot better than I ever thought possible.

Also watch very carefully, as you advance along this path, for certain self
inflicted limitations, such as, I only like petite Latinos, or I only like large
breasted Asians. There is a whole smorgasbord of wonderful women out
there, each with a unique and very distinct personality, style, smell, taste
and passion.

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To already decide before youve even seen the menu what you will eat
for the next 30 to 50 years is just plain retarded. So stop that nonsense,
open your mind, and allow the vast possibilities of the universe to glide
over your being. Then start sampling the variety of exquisite cuisine
created by that Cosmic Chef up in the sky. If you could see the bodies
and faces of the last five women I did, there is no way in Hell you could
doubt the existence of heaven! ;)

So dont limit yourself, dont hold yourself back from success and
exciting adventures by second-guessing yourself and your abilities. And
certainly dont give others the ability to put you down or make judgments
about your abilities or potential for success and victory in life. Most of
those people are small minded, frightened, damaged and hurting little
individuals, playing out the fears of their childhood from adult bodies,
and trying to make themselves feel and look better, by tearing others
down and making them feel like crap.

Dont hate these people, they are just frightened little children, and dont
seek revenge, because its not your place to do so. J ust wish them well,
forgive their short-comings, and move on to the highest levels of
satisfaction and accomplishments you can set for yourself. Rise above the
crowd and never let them hold you back

If you can See it, you can Be it. If you can Name it, you can
Claim it.

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Hypno-Date Summation

So there you have it! That wasnt so hard was it? Now all you need to do
is Practice, practice, practice, till it becomes second nature to you.
Truthfully, this isnt exactly like sitting up in your room and practicing
times tables till your MOM says you can go back out and play. Hell, this
is PLAY!

And what a pay off as well. I remember how good my teacher told me it
would feel if I learned in my algebra lessons. Of course I wasnt paying
much attention as she was about 25 years old, a literal 12 on a scale of 10,
and dressed in short skirts and plummeting neck-line blouses all the time.
Now imagine how truly great this is going to feel when you have these
methods down Pat (And Shirley, Cathy, Barbara Karen and Tina as well!)

Like I said before, youve only just begun to realize what absolute bliss
you are about to experience once you Master these techniques and then
are qualified and prepared to move on to some of the Hypno-Date
advanced course updates.

But for now, lets focus in on the Amazing Gift that is staring you in
the face, and is about to bring you experiences in life that even your
subconscious mind and dreams will have trouble believing are actually
truly taking place in your life.

Do not hesitate. You deserve to achieve your goals and acquire your
dreams in life. We at Hypno-Date are proud, thankful and appreciative
to be in this honored position to be able to pass this vital information on
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to you. So that you may one day walk this Earth as a true Master of the
methods and honorary member of The Brotherhood who cared enough
about mankind, getting a nice juicy piece of woman-kind, and then
passing the truth on to others as they prove worthy to gain the knowledge
that so much blood, sweat and tears were shed to bring to you this day.

Grace, Honesty And Good Intentions

Remember to use these powers wisely and with grace, honesty and good
intentions. Never force on someone who is not interested, for whatever
reason, whether you understand it or not, whether she seemed interested
and then suddenly changed her mind, No means NO!

It is your responsibility to now carry this information out into the world
and enjoy it to its fullest potential. While, of course, always abiding by
the law and always making sure that any contact with another human
being is purely mutual and consensual, and never approaching any one
that is below the legal age of consent. Ignorance of the law is no excuse,
and it will be your responsibility to ensure that your actions are always
within the limits of the law, and the natural knowing of what is truly right
and truly wrong. No one else can ever be responsible for your actions, so
get on out there, practice attraction and seduction, have fun, get laid, keep
your nose clean, and always use protection!

Congratulations on graduating to the level of Self-Hypnotic Sexual
Mastery! Well done!

Copyright HypnoDate.com - 154 - http://www.hypnodate.com/bonus

All right guy, Class is officially dismissed! Now get the f**k out of here
and save a piece of the pie for me!

Your Humble and Friendly,

Woody O. Wilcox

Learn Love Now!

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