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Disaster Preparedness Month

June 2014
Meeting your needs
At home...and
At sea


In This Issue:
Disaster Preparedness Month

New Parent Support Home
Visitation Program

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Are you ready?
If a disaster were to occur today, would you know what to do? Would you be ready?
Disaster preparedness is a key element in helping ensure the safety and well-being of
you and your family in the event of a disaster. During the month of June, take the
time to assess whether you and your family are prepared.
Be informed. Find out what disasters are most likely to happen in your area and the
history of their occurrence. Check to see if your city/county has an emergency prepar-
edness website. Local emergency management offices can help you identify the po-
tential hazards and make recommendations for you and your family. Become familiar
with different ways to reach evacuation routes and know where emergency facilities
are located. Incorporate what you learn into your familys emergency plan.
Have a plan. Talk with your family about different disasters and what action to take
for each of them. Establish a family communication plan and designate a meeting
place. You should also select one or two out-of-state contacts with whom you can
check in and make contact cards with important phone numbers for everyone.
Build a kit. Having a disaster supply kit for your home and vehicle will permit you to
evacuate more quickly and help ensure that you and your family can meet your basic
needs. Review both www.Ready.Navy.mil and www.Ready.gov, to find out what
supplies you should have in your kit. You will be able to find emergency kit shopping
lists, as well as other useful information. Everyone should know what to do, where to
go and what to take in the event of an emergency. Preparedness is your duty and re-
sponsibility. The time and effort you and your family invest in planning will make a
difference in your ability to handle any potential emergency situation and will help all
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SARC Corpus Christi

Babies don't come with manuals or guarantees. The New Parent Support Program is in place to help service members and
their spouses adjust to the rigorous demands of parenthood. Services we provide:
Home Visitation
Parent Education
Prenatal and Postnatal Care
Information and Referral

New Parent Support Home Visitation Program is a no-cost, voluntary program for military families who are expecting or
have young children under age three.

We offer home visits that focus on the needs of the infant and young children, prenatal and postnatal care, parent education
and social supports for the family, utilizing The Nurturing Parenting Curriculum.
Our purpose is to:
Provide information on infant and child development, including potty training, safe sleeping and nutritional feeding.
Increase awareness of effective parenting through the Nurturing Parenting Philosophy while dealing with the demands
of military life.
Enhance the quality of life for military families and their children. Providing referral information about child care, single
parenting, stress management, breast-feeding consultation and deployment issues.
Talk with military parents about the pleasures, as well as the challenges of raising children. Provide parents with effec-
tive parenting skills and techniques that result in positive child behavior and/or how to manage a new baby in the home.
New Parent Support Home Visitation Program

Fair Winds and Following Seas

The month of June is a time of reflection here at the Fleet and Family Support Center. A time to
reflect on good times, crowning achievements, and constant changes.
One thing that has remained a constant is our Site Director, Mr. William Baker (Bill) He has
been our cheerleader, motivator, shoulder to cry on, and quite often a sounding board for various
and interesting situations.
Through it all he has shown us a firm, fair and consistent approach to situations, and reminded
us that at the end of the day you only have to look in the mirror and say you did the best job you
He has been a very good friend to all of us here at the Center, and it is us, that will miss him the
After 40 years of faithful Federal service Mr. Baker will retire 30JUN14

02-06JUN14 Command Financial Specialist 0800-1600 For more info 817-782-5537
03JUN14 FAP Reporting 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5441
04JUN14 Protective Orders 0900-1000 For more info 817-782-5287
05JUN14 Preventing Spouse Abuse 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
05JUN14 Tarrant County Vet Rep 1000-1500 For more info 817-782-5287
06JUN14 Stalking 0900-1000 For more info 817-782-5287
09-13JUN14 Victim Advocate Training 0800-1600 For more info 817-782-5619
09JUN14 Its getting hot in here-Car Safety 1100-1230 For more info 817-782-5287
12JUN14 Tarrant County Vet Rep 1000-1500 For more info 817-782-5287
14JUN14 Ombudsmen Assembly 1000-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
16JUN14 Crime Victim Comp 0900-1000 For more info 817-782-5287
18JUN14 Preventing Child Abuse 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
19JUN14 Anger Management 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
19JUN14 Monthly VA Training 1000-1100 For more info 817-782-5619
19JUN14 Tarrant County Vet Rep 1000-1500 For more info 817-782-5287
20JUN14 Stress Management 0900-1000 For more info 817-782-5287
23-27JUN14 TAP/GPS 0800-1600 For more info 817-782-5287
25JUN14 To Protect and Serve 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
26JUN14 Breaking Cycle of Abuse 0900-1100 For more info 817-782-5287
26JUN14 Tarrant County Vet Rep 1000-1500 For more info 817-782-5287