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Ryan Alexander Valdesuso

1255 Crocker Avenue

Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
18 November 2009

Ms. Laure Reynolds

Advertising Director
The World Link
350 Commercial Street
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Dear Ms. Reynolds:

Before I get started selling myself, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for the Inside Advertising
Sales and Service Representative position at The World. Also, as we discussed on Tuesday morning, enclosed is
my résumé.

The position description states that you are seeking a candidate with a drive to succeed. I believe that I harbor a
unique aspiration and hunger for sales excellence that distinguishes me from your other candidates.

In sales, adaptability is paramount to one’s success. The experiences I have accrued, not only in my education,
but also throughout my life, have allowed me to develop into a dynamic and open-minded individual. I believe
that these very experiences will allow me to connect with customers and contribute successfully to Lee’s 2009
top priority of growing revenue creatively and rapidly.

I feel so strongly of my ability to perform in this position, that I have chosen to apply at Lee Enterprises because
I am enticed by a compensation plan that is tied to performance. Being a results oriented individual, I enjoy the
pressure and challenge of sales, especially the sweet satisfaction that occurs at the crossroads of closing a deal
and satisfying a customer.

I have often described my life aspirations as being drenched with intolerance for mediocrity. In my professional
and personal life, I live by this mantra. I firmly believe that every action I take in life, whether trivial or
grandiose, should be approached with positive energy and enthusiasm. Should I have the opportunity to become
part of your team, I will bring this contagious desire to perform and apply it to my daily tasks and duties.

I am aware that you are a busy individual, and as such, I am not going to restate my entire résumé for you as I
know you have it and are aware of my accomplishments. In closing, I feel that should we have the opportunity to
meet in person you will recognize that I would make an excellent fit for your sales team, and for Lee Enterprises.
Though I consider myself to have a humble amount of professional experience, there is so much more that I am
eager to expose myself to and learn.

I appreciate your time and evaluation of my skills. I sincerely hope that my skill set, education, and experience is
a good fit for your organization’s needs. I look forward to addressing any comments or concerns you may have
in an in-person meeting, at your earliest convenience.



Ryan Alexander Valdesuso