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Preparacion de la entrevista:

1-Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is M Carmen Gragera. Im from Spain, from the south of Spain.
I have a degree in Biology, but when I finished my degree I did a master, because I like to study
and learn very much.
The master was in Health and Safety and when I finished I had the opportunity to start to
work in shipbuilding.
This was the beginning of a real passion, I started to work and I fall in love with shipbuilding
and safety.
I started with a company that it had to do all the hold from three boats for the Army of
Venezuela. I learned so much. My responsibilities were:
- Inform and train all employees on HSE.
- Delivering all HSE procedures necessary to perform each job
- Create, monitor, audit and review risk assessments and safe systems of work.
- Participate and/or leading in coordination meetings of the various disciplines.
- Making all necessary HSE reports, accident reports, charts, risk analysis for different needs
Then I continued to work in another companies and the last one was in Dragados Offshore
where I had the opportunity to work in several projects for Norwegian companies.
My experience its about 6 years in both of sectors shipbuilding and offshore.

2- What are your strengths?
I always implicate a lot in my job and I'm used to working hard and always.
I can be very strong and I will not fear the challenges that may arise in my work.
3- What are your weaknesses?
I need to improve my English, I will be soon, and if I start working I'll get it sooner.

4- What are your short term goals?
The first one is find a job here, in Norway, my husband is working in Stavanger and we want to
do our live here, in this country. I think that I can contribute with my experience to the
company I work for.

5-"What are your long term goals?"
Continue learning and working hard in Norway, to be a safety advisor with so many years of
experience. I want to learn a lot from the place which is the paradise of the onshore and

6- What do you want to be doing five years from now?
In five years, I see myself as a valued employee of a company. I want to be an expert at my
position. And of course I want to be accept in Norwegian society, speaking a fluent Norwegian
and living like them.

7- If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be and why?
Well I have to respect the times of the people, because perhaps I want that everybody works
like me, and it isnt possible. I have to be more quiet and have more patience.

8- What does success mean to you?
Success for me is when you can see that all your hard work, day by day, it transforms into a
well for the company and all employees.
For me safety is something important, you can do works with lots of risks, but if you make
them, using all of safety resources, these works will not be dangerous for anybody.
All nights, when I was coming home I was thinking, one day more without accidents, problems
or near miss, I have done well my work!!

9- What does failure mean to you?
When I make a mistake, I have to learn from it, if I dont learn anything, this is a failure for me.

10- Are you an organized person?
Yes, since I was a child, in my studies, in my home, in my life in general, I think that this is one
of the more important things to do all the things well in all aspects of your live (family, work,

11- Do you manage your time well?
Yes, when you have a family, an outside work, a house and you like study and have time for
leisure, you must manage your time as well as possible. I think that I can do it very well. I can
tell here a feminist joke.

12- How do you handle change?
Here I can say that I dont like changes, in general but all my vital experience had made me
strong and with the adaptive capacities necessaries.

13- How do you make important decisions?
I make important decisions by examining all the details, taking my time and then weighing the
pros and cons for each decision.

14- Do you work well under pressure?
Yes of course, and I can tell that I love working under pressure, its so exciting.
Why? Because the first time I started to work in a shipyard, we had a lot of work and we
worked the entire project with lot of pressure.
I'm used to work in that way.

15- Why should I hire you?
1. - I am a hard worker.
2. - I am a team player.
3. - I have really wanted to learn and improve.
4. - I will be an added value for the company.
5. - I think Norway is a wonderful country to live.
16-What are your salary expectations?

I think that I need a salary that permits me live in a country like Norway, where the level of live
is so expensive. And after this, the company can see my work and decide.

Safety Advisor:
Well, in my last position, I have worked with a subcontracts company for Dragados Offshore
When they had all the work packages, my responsibilities were:
- Risk identification, evaluation and control for each work package.
- Hazip: Checking and evaluation of all Hazards involves in each work package...
(Mechanical, Electrical.etc.).
- Hazop: Organize HAZOP Outlining safe operational procedures which identify and take
account of all relevant hazards.
- Make barrier plans.
- Leading in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety
issues and risks.
- Coordination of business activities with all the other subcontractor companies and
with Dragados Offshore S.L.
- Do health and safety and environmental inspections, to detect unsafe acts/ conditions
- Make Accident/Incident/Near Mist investigation and notification.
- Make the health and safety statistical control.
- Keep up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and any developments that affect the employer's
- Control and monitoring of tools and equipment, and safety rules for the use of
electrical tools and equipment.
- Registration of PPE Issue.
- Register of permit of work.
- Control of health and safety rules inside confined spaces.
- Manage coordination meetings of the various disciplines that conduct work on the
- Training and awareness.
- I can say that I can manage all the