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Micro Fiction
Make a list of the types of communication that usually use have words or less.
While you read, note the questions you ask yourself about the narratives.
Label your questions: directly stated, inference, or connection.
What Inspired This Selection
Legend has it that famous American novelist Ernest
Hemingway once bet his friends $10 that he could
write a short story in fewer than ten words. Hemingway
supposedly wrote For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn, on
a napkin and won the bet. We liked this concept so much
that we decided to challenge some of the iLit Series
contributing authors to the same feat.
protagonist: the
main character in a
inference: the
meaning or conclusion
reached by the reader
based on what the
author states or implies
as well as the readers
prior knowledge or
11 Ten-Word Stories MHR
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Laserwords IPF_Ryerson_Facebook_Go-By_Version 1
12 MHR Ten-Word Stories
NF_10-WORD_SHORT_STORIES.indd 12 7/9/11 3:50 PM
Laserwords IPF_Ryerson_Facebook_Go-By_Version 1
1. Reading for Meaning A genre is a group of stories having the same topic or style. Categorize each of
these stories according to the genres you see at the DVD rental store or bookstore.
2. Understanding Form and Style According to Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and writer, a story by
denition must have a plot with a beginning, middle, and end. Create a T-chart and list the selections that
you think qualify as stories and those that dont. Justify your decisions with evidence.
Qualify as Short Stories Evidence Dont Qualify as Short Stories
3. Reading for Meaning Choose three selections and write inferences you can make about the protagonist
and conict.
4. Student Voice Some of the authors in the ilit Series were given the ten-word short story challenge.
Challenge yourself to write a ten-word short story that has a beginning, middle, and end.
5. Critical Literacy What purpose does a ten-word story serve an author and a reader? Could you see
yourself buying a collection of ten-word stories? Why or why not?
6. Metacognition How did asking yourself questions about the selections aect your engagement with
the piece?
Reading for Meaning These ten-word stories hint at a longer, more complex, story. Choose one
selection and create a story that includes details about setting, characters, conict, and resolution. Your story
can be in the form of a written narrative, a graphic story, or a script.
13 Ten-Word Stories MHR
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