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A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and special Conditions and
Division-1 (General requirements), apply to wor of t!is section.
". General #rovisions for $lectrical %or &ection 1'(1(.
C. %ires and ca)les section 1'1*(.
D. Distri)ution transformer section 1'+*(.
$. ,esting and commissioning, section 1'-.(.
/. &pecification &ection 1..012 3ounting and 4solation of 3ec!anical and $lectrical &ystems and
related contract drawings, apply to t!is section of t!e wor.
A. %or includes providing all materials, equipment, accessories, services and tests necessary to
complete and mae all switc!gears ready for operation in accordance wit! drawings and
A. 3anufacturers2 /irms regularly engaged in t!e manufacture of switc!gears of t!e types, and
capacities required, w!ose products !ave )een in satisfactory use in similar service for not less t!an
. years and s!all )e of one manufacturer, approved )y t!e 5a!ramaa, and conform to )e
requirements set fort! in t!ese specifications.
". &witc!gear s!all )e manufactured in accordance wit! t!e following2-
1. "& .06', 4$C 0+- 7 4$C -01 w!ic! outline t!e requirements for electrical power switc!gear
and associated apparatus.
*. 5a!ramaa 89egulations for t!e installation of electrical wiring, electrical equipment and air
conditioning equipment, latest edition.
+. :atar Construction &pecifications.
,!e switc!gear;s manufacturer s!all )e on t!e prequalified list of t!e 5a!ramaa. ,!e
contractor s!all secure t!e particular approval of 5a!ramaa to manufacturer;s drawings and
diagrams prior to fa)rication of t!e switc!gear. /ailure in securing 5a!ramaa;s approval
)efore and after t!e fa)rication would mean re<ection of t!e su)mittal and t!e wors, t!us t!e
installation. Any part of installation t!us re<ected s!all )e replaced or rectified )y t!e
Contractor at !is own e=pense, to t!e satisfaction of 5a!ramaa and t!e $ngineer. 5a!ramaa
#age 1 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
approval in no case s!all mean approval of t!e $ngineer, as t!ese specifications mig!t call for
!ig!er t!an specification and performance required )y regulations.
&pecifications of components of switc!gear s!all apply to all components, used in any type of
distri)ution )oard, suc! as instruments, C,;s, relays, "3& control etc.
C. 4n case of conflict among t!e referenced standards and codes, t!e more stringent provision will
D. ,!e following terms used on t!e Drawings and in t!e &pecifications are equivalent and may )e used
interc!angea)ly 8switc!gear> and 83ain Distri)ution "oard>.
A. #roduct Data2 &u)mit manufacturer?s data for switc!gears, including si@e, enclosures, and electrical
ratings and c!aracteristics.
". &!op Drawings 2 su)mit dimensional layout on arc!itectural )acground drawings.
C. 9elay Coordination
a. &u)mit to t!e $ngineer a relay and C.". coordination study.
). ,!e Current-time c!aracteristics must )e plotted on a log-log papers s!owing t!at t!e c!oice of
t!e C.". and relay settings are correct for coordination, curves plot on computer software are
D. 4f selectivity coordination study is failed, contractor is responsi)le to c!ange any num)er of
)reaers, relays, suc! t!at t!e selectivity coordination is fully ac!ieved wit! no e=tra cost to t!e
$. &!ort circuit and Aoltage Drop Calculation
&u)mit a compre!ensive s!ort circuit study as well as voltage drop calculations )ased on t!e actual
impedance values of t!e electrical components suc! as supply s!ort circuit level at t!e 11 5A (s!all
not )e less t!an .(( 3AA), transformer, )us )ars and ca)les...etc. Calculations may )e performed
)y manual met!od or )y computer software programs.
A. 3ain Distri)ution )oard(s) s!all )e complete factory assem)led, )uilt-in accordance wit! "& .06',
tested and s!ipped ready for installation, complete including )ut not limited to t!e following main
- "us-)ar system for t!ree p!ase and neutral, fully s!rouded, insulated and electro-tinned.
- %it!drawa)le motori@ed main air circuit )reaers.
- ,ie )reaers.
- Butgoing moulded case circuit )reaers.
- Cu)icle compartments for a)ove, free standing type.
#age * of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
- 9estricted eart! fault (9$/) relay.
- Ammeter wit! ma=imum demand indication.
- Aoltmeter (-.((A wit! selector switc! for ?B//?, p!ase to p!ase and p!ase to neutral
- Current transformer of class C and class 4 category of suita)le ratings.
- 9ed, Dellow and green p!ase indication lamps.
- E9C type control fuse.
- 9emova)le copper lin )etween F 7 $ )us)ars.
- 1.( mm* window-in-meter compartment.
- Fonmagnetic aluminum gland plates for 5a!ramaa single core ca)les.
- All t!e la)els for incoming and outgoing feeders, circuit )reaers, etc.
". A power supply unit complete wit! )attery c!arger and long life lead acid )atteries s!all )e supplied
wit! 3D" for tripping of AC"?s t!roug! dc s!unt trip. ,!e unit s!all )e designed to operate on input
voltage of *0(Aac, single p!ase, .(E@ and )e on continuous duty at an am)ient and recommended
)y 5a!ramaa.
C. 3D"?s s!all )e rated for electricity supply of 01. volts, +-p!ase and neutral, .-wire, .( E@., wit!
neutral solidly eart!ed via remova)le lin. ,!e equipment s!all )e suita)le for operation on a system
!aving a fault level of 00,((( A 93& symmetrical for + seconds (A,&A certified) or equivalent.
D. 3D"?s s!all )e of t!e si@e and num)er of sections indicated, and s!all not e=ceed t!e dimensions
s!own on t!e drawings or specification !erein.
$. ,!e entire 3D"?s s!all )e s!ipped in one section unless approval is given )y t!e $ngineer.
/. 3D"?s manufacturer s!all )e independently certified to 4&B -(((G"& .1.( :uality specification. ,!e
Contractor s!all su)mit a copy of t!e certification to t!e $ngineer for approval. ,!e panel assem)ler
s!all )e 4&B -((* certified.
G. 9efer to single line diagrams for rating and type of feeders required.
E. #rovide 5a!ramaa meters and C.,.?s for eac! incoming and landlord?s section. 3eters s!all )e
mounted in separate components in eac! section. All meters s!all )e approved and cali)rated )y
4. #rior to starting manufacturing of 3D"?s t!e $ngineer?s and 5a!ramaa?s approval s!all )e secured.
A. ,!e 3D" s!all )e designed and manufactured to form +) type * construction as defined in 4$C 0+--
1. t!e enclosures s!all )e constructed and !aving additional gaseted and cover plates to ac!ieve a
degree of ingress protection 4#.0. ,!e 3D" offered s!all !old a current type-tested (A&,A certified)
or equivalent covering t!e principle elements of construction. ,!e certificate must )e o)tained )y t!e
manufacturer and t!ird party compliance will not accepta)le.
". ,!e enclosure s!all )e made up of steel frames )olted and welded toget!er to form a rigid free-
standing dead front structure, wit! flus! flange type s!eet steel doors and covers plates as required.
All sections s!all )e uniform dimension and appearance.
C. All sections s!all )e fa)ricated of at least *mm t!ic galvani@ed s!eet steel, treated for corrosion
resistance after manufacturer, i.e. after forming, welding and !oles punc!ing !ave )een completed.
,!e finis!ing coat s!all )e electrically deposited epo=y powder paint inside and outside lig!t
#age + of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
)lueGgray colour 9AH 1(+*.
D. All incoming and outgoing feeders, ca)les and )us)ar trunings entries s!all )e from t!e top wit!
front and near access unless ot!erwise stated or required due to lac of space or s!own on
drawingsI if t!e space is inadequate it s!all )e accessi)le only from front, giving full and uno)structed
access to all components, )us )ars, ca)les, glands, and terminations.
#age 0 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
$. 3D" !eig!ts s!all not e=ceed **((mm from t!e finis!ed floor. Compartment for future )reaers s!all
)e complete wit! )us connections, disconnecting contacts and supporting rails, ready for t!e
insertion of a )reaer, and wit! insulating covers for t!e disconnecting contacts.
/. All components s!all )e of a single manufacturer.
G. Control contacts, au=iliary contacts, relays and small or lig!t mec!anism s!all )e enclosed and
protected, and s!all )e accessi)le for repair or ad<ustment.
E. #rovide a mimic )us configured to reflect t!e single line distri)ution of t!e system. ,!e mimic )us
s!all )e )lac and attac!ed on t!e face of eac! 3D" )y a !eat process. #ainted lines and JDymoJ
tape will not accepted.
4. Anti-condensation !eaters s!all )e provided wit!in t!e assem)ly and s!all )e controlled )y a panel
mounted !ygrostat (!umidity detector) wit! a .(K to 1((K relative !umidity setting.
A. "us)ars s!all )e rectangular section, !ard drawn !ig! conductivity copper and s!ould )e electro-
tinned t!roug!out lengt!2 #rovision s!all )e made e=tending t!e )uses to future cu)icle at eac! end
of t!e 3D".
". All )us)ar s!all )e certified for fault rating of 00A for + seconds.
C. "us-)ars s!all )e totally enclosed wit!in s!eet steel compartment to provide optimum safety against
accidental contact.
D. ,!e main (life) and neutral )uses s!all )e of t!e same rating as depicted on t!e drawings, rated for
continuous duty at .( LC am)ient temperature.
$. A copper ground )us not smaller t!an 1(=.(mm s!all )e run t!e full lengt! of t!e panel. ,!e metal
frames of all components s!all )e connected to t!e ground )us. #rovide a lug for connecting to t!e
e=ternal ground conductors at eac! end of t!e )us.
/. All )us)ars vertical and !ori@ontal s!all )e fully insulated using eit!er !ig! dielectric strengt! purpose
manufactured rigid #AC sections or coating applied )y t!e fluidi@ed )ed principal.
G. "us)ar <oints s!all remain accessi)le for routine maintenance )y t!e removal of purpose
manufactured rigid or fle=i)le s!rouds !eld in position )y plastic fasteners. ,!e use of self-
amalgamating tapes or !eat-s!rin sleevings is not specially precluded.
A. Air circuit )reaers s!all )e t!ree or four pole as detailed on t!e drawings wit! microprocessor )ased
protection and s!all respond to true 93& value of waveform including !armonic distortion wit!in t!e
neutral pole. Air circuit )reaers s!all !ave a control voltage of *0A-*.(A ac from one unit. All air
circuit )reaers s!all comply wit! $F '(-01 part * utili@ation category " and to 4$C -01 part *. ,!e
)us coupler air circuit )reaers if s!own on drawings s!all )e four pole, electrically operated, spring
assisted wit!drawa)le pattern. ,!is latter s!all )e provided wit! electrical and mec!anical interlocs
to prevent incorrect operation and to provide safety for personnel in ?,est?, ?&ervice? and ?%it!drawn?
#age . of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
". 4nterrupting capacity s!all )e minimum .(5A 93& symmetrical.
C. "reaers s!all )e drawout type, wit! interlocs to prevent moving a closed )reaer into or out of t!e
connected position. Eaving +-position2 connected, test and wit!drawn.
D. "reaers s!all )e equipped wit! eart!ing device to solidly eart! t!e framewor )efore t!e main
disconnecting contacts are engaged and to maintain t!e eart! until after t!e contact !ave separated.
$. 3ain and tie )reaers s!all )e electrically operated, wit! ey switc! mounted on t!e faceplate.
/. "reaers s!all )e completely self-powered wit! no e=ternal control power source required. 4f e=ternal
control power is required, 11(A dc )atteries and c!arger s!all )e provided. "atteries to )e Fi-Cad
G. "reaers s!all )e provided for protection against, s!ort circuits wit! time delay and eart! faults and
!ave t!e following functions2
- Ad<usta)le long current time delay trip.
- Ad<usta)le s!ort circuit time delay trip.
- Ad<usta)le instantaneous trip.
- Ad<usta)le ground fault current time delay trip.
E. All circuit )reaers s!all also )e provided wit! trip circuit supervision relays.
4. All )reaer of t!e same type and interruption rating s!all )e interc!angea)le.
M. 4f t!e design drawing s!ow interlocing or if requested )y a!ramaa, t!en provide ey interlocs
)etween t!e transformers secondary and t!e )reaers so t!at only two of t!e t!ree )reaers can )e
BF any one time to avoid parallel operation.
5. Air circuit )reaers s!all )e provided wit! electrical tripping and electrical closing, and s!all )e
capa)le of wit!drawal to t!e test and disconnected position wit! t!e cu)icle door closed. 3otor
c!arged spring operated mec!anism s!all )e provided w!ic! s!all )e automatically re-c!arged
immediately following t!eir closing duty. &pring mec!anism if fully c!arged. ,!e facility to c!arge
circuit )reaers s!all also )e provided wit! !and operated mec!anical trip device to trip t!e circuit
H. "reaers s!all )e complete wit! microprocessor )ased control unit.
3. "reaers s!all )e designed for operating in a .(oC am)ient temperature and t!e contractor s!all
provide copies of all test certificates for t!e engineer;s approval.
F. &afety s!utters s!all )e provided to cover t!e main plug-in contacts on t!e enclosure and s!all !ave
a padloc facility for t!e closed position. ,!e s!utters s!all open automatically )y means of a positive
drive initiated )y t!e movement of t!e circuit )reaers carriage. Closing s!all also )e automatic
initiated )y t!e circuit )reaer carriage. All s!utters s!all !ave warning notices attac!ed, and s!all )e
effectively eart!ed.
B. ,!e drawout mec!anism s!all )e provided wit! a safety interloc to ensure t!at t!e )reaer is open
and t!e closing spring is disc!arged )efore t!e )reaer is eit!er wit!drawn from t!e cell or connected
into t!e cell.
#age ' of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
#. &econdary control contacts s!all )e provided on drawout units to automatically connect or disconnect
control circuits, as t!e circuit )reaer moves t!roug! its positions in t!e cradle.
:. Nnder-voltage trip units s!all )e installed on all )reaers to provide protection on loss of system
voltage or low system voltage. ,!e unit s!all incorporate a time delay attac!ment wit! an ad<usta)le
delay up to . seconds.
9. An overload locout device s!all )e installed to prevent reclosing of t!e )reaer eit!er manually or
electrically after t!e )reaer !as )een tripped )y t!e overload relay. ,!is device s!all )e manually
reset )y a spring return reset )utton. Alarm contacts s!all )e provided.
&. A draw out level s!all )e provided for all )reaers to permit safe removal of t!e )reaer from t!e
,. "reaers s!all )e complete wit! a digital led monitor to ena)le t!e following measurements to )e
- #!ase current and !ig!est current.
- $art! fault current.
- Hong time delay trip current G line.
- &!ort time delay trip current G line.
- 4nstantaneous trip current.
- Aoltage monitoring.
- /requency monitoring.
- #/ monitoring.
- #ower consumption active and reactive.
- 3aintenance due signal.
- 9emote data transfer.
- Control supply for spring c!arge motor s!all )e taen from 01.G*0(A control voltage
transformers, connected to eac! section.
A. All outgoing feeder circuits s!all )e protected )y mcc)?s as specified.
". All circuit )reaers s!all comply wit! "& 01.*,4$C -01 #A9, * wit! utili@ation category " and !ave a
factory set ad<usta)le instantaneous magnetic trip release and ad<usta)le t!ermal trip.
C. All circuit )reaer s!all )e )olted type, wit! rotary cover O interloced !andle.
D. All )reaers s!all )e provided wit! ad<usta)le eart! fault protection (1(K - 0(K of t!e rated current).
$. 4nterrupting capacity s!all )e a minimum .( 5A 93& symmetrical.
/. Circuits indicated as JspaceJ s!all include a )reaer of t!e rating indicated.
G. All )reaers s!all )e individually designed to .(o C am)ient temperature. A formal certificate will )e
required from t!e manufacturer confirming t!at t!e )reaers !ave )een suita)ly temperature
E. ,o eep uniformity of components and maintain discrimination, all moulded case circuit )reaers
s!ould )e of t!e same manufacturer complete study s!all )e provided as mentioned under item 1.0
C,D,$ for final evaluation.
#age 1 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
A. #rovide all necessary current and potential transformers to operate metering and alarms, and ot!er
interfere units required for full operation of )uilding management system.
". #rovide digital totali@ing total of 3%E9 AFD %.
C. #rovide line drives for remote sensing.
D. #rovide digital meters on all main incomer )reaers.
$. #rovide indicating lig!ts and relays for signaling eart! faults to t!e miscellaneous alarms
A. #rovide )us e=tensions and )us)ar truning flanges as required completely coordinated wit! t!e
outgoing )us)ar truning feeders. #rovide )us transition section w!ere required wit! )olted access
". #rovide )arrier type terminal )locs for all interconnecting and outgoing small wiring. 4dentity terminal
and conductors ends )y means of suita)le approved marers, to agree wit! t!e wiring diagrams.
,erminal )locs s!all )e accessi)le for inspection and testing.
A. ,!e module !ig!-energy transient voltage surge suppressor (,A&&) s!all )e provided. ,A&& s!all
provide effective !ig!-energy surge current diversion and )e suita)le as applica)le in AF&4G4$$$
C'*.01 Category A, " and C+ environments, as tested )y AF&4G4$$$ C'*.11, C'*.0..
". ,!e equipment s!all )e designed, manufactured, tested and installed in compliance wit! t!e following
codes and standards2
1. 4nternational $lectrotec!nical commission (4$C 6(1) $3C directive 6-G++'G$$C-C$ compliant.
*. Canadian &tandard Association (C&A).
+. American Fational &tandards 4nstitute and 4nstitute of $lectrical and $lectrical $ngineer
(AF&4G4$$$ C'*.11, C'*.01, C'*.0.).
0. /ederal 4nformation #rocessing &tandards #u)lication -0 (/4#& #N" -0).
.. Fational $lectrical 3anufacturer Association (F$3A H&-1 1--*).
'. Fational /ire #rotection Association (F/#A *(, 1(, 1. and 16().
1. Fational $lectric Code (F$C).
6. Nnderwriters Ha)oratories (NH 100- and NH 1*6+) (&econd $dition).
C. ,!e system s!all )e constructed using multiple surge current diversion modules utili@ing metal o=ide
varistors (3BA) computer matc!ed to a variance of P 1 volts and tested for manufacturing defects.
,!e modules s!all )e designed and constructed in a manner t!at ensures current s!aring. Nse of gas
#age 6 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
tu)es, silicon avalanc!e diodes or selenium cells are unaccepta)le.
D. 1((( A + p!ases and eart! ,A&& unit s!all )e provided.
$. ,A&& and all components in t!e suppression pat! ma=imum continuous operating voltage s!all )e
greater t!at 11.K of t!e nominal system operating voltage to ensure t!e a)ility of t!e system to
wit!stand temporary 93& over-voltage.
#age - of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
/. ,A&& system s!all )e duty life cycle-tested to wit!stand *( A, 1(A, 4$$ C'*.01 category C+ surge
current wit! less t!an .K degradation of clamping voltage. ,!e minimum num)ers of surge t!e unit
s!all )e a)le to protect against of 1*.((( life cycle surge per mode and *0,((( life cycle surge per
G. All components, individually fused and rated to allow ma=imum specified surge current capacity.
E. ,A&& system s!all )e completed wit! unit status indicators, dry contacts for remote monitoring,
under voltage detection, p!ase loss monitoring and power loss monitoring.
A. 3ain Data 2
,ype 2 $po=y resin encapsulated.
&tandards 2 "& +-+6
,emperature 9ating 2 Class " ,emperature 9ise
&!ort ,ime 2 00 A for + &econds
#rimary Aoltage 2 '(( Aolts
Butput 2 3atc!ed wit! t!e load of protective devices, interfacing and measuring
instruments and transducers.
9ated secondary current 2 .A for measuring instruments.

". Accuracies 2
a. Class 1, /or protective circuits of class .#*( 5a!ramaa requirements.
C. /eatures 2
a. &econdary circuits of eac! C, eart!ed t!roug! remova)le )olted copper lin at one point only.
). 9outine test reports for reports for individual C,;s.
c. ,ype test reports for magneti@ing current and related accuracy factor for eac! type and ratio.
d. All outputs connected to test terminal )locs equipped wit! remova)le lins.
e. $asy connection of testing instruments BF HBAD wit!out B#$F circuiting t!e C,;&.
f. Au=iliary Contacts.
g. Fo plastic casing.
!. Fo split core type C,;s.
A. 3ain Data 2
,ype 2 $po=y resin encapsulated.
&tandards 2 "& +-01
,emperature 9ating 2 Class " ,emperature 9ise
#age 1( of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
&!ort ,ime 2 00 A for + &econds
#rimary Aoltage 2 '(( Aolts
Butput 2 3atc!ed wit! t!e load of protective devices, interfacing and measuring
instruments and transducers.
". Accuracies 2
a. &uita)le to t!e functions, loads and duties, wit! following as t!e minimum.
C. /eatures 2
a. #rotection application 2 Class '#.
). 4ndication and metering 2 Class (...
c. #rimary and secondary circuits fuse protected
- Au=iliary Contacts.
A. $=cept w!ere com)ined pus! )utton indication lamps are )eing offered, all indicated lamps
s!all )e individual flus! mounted units. H$D lamps s!all !ave c!romium plated and polis!ed
solid )rass )ody and ring, wit! metallic t!readed section and s!all )e circular in s!ape of
appro=imately *(mm diameter. ,!e H$D lamps s!all )e wit! translucent cap !aving illuminant
of red, yellow, )lue, green and w!ite.
". H$D indicating lamps s!all rated to wit!stand not less t!an *(K continuous over-voltage.
Alternatively, lamps wit! series dropping resistors or capacitors s!all )e provided to reduce t!e
lamp voltage )y *.K.
C. H$D lamps s!all )e well ventilated and t!e design s!all permit removal of lamp glasses and
)ul)s from t!e front of t!e unit wit!out t!e need of any special tool. &ample of t!e H$D
indication lamps s!all )e su)mitted for approval
A. /urnis! t!e following accessories2
- &et of e=tension rails, as required.
- Eoisting device for removing )reaers.
- &et of test plugs.
- Hevering out device, as required.
- 3anual maintenance closing level, for electrically operated )reaers.
- &et of special tools and !ardware.
A. 3ain circuit wiring s!all )e #AC insulated to 4$C, D4FGAD$ standards and, w!ere appropriate, si@ed
for ,ype * protection coordination to 4$C -01. Connections to and from functional units s!all )e
segregated from control and adequately supported to wit!stand t!e forces due to s!ort-circuit faults.
,!e si@es of wires s!all )e calculated in accordance wit! t!e 4$$ %iring 9egulations.
#age 11 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
". All ca)le connections s!all )e made at fi=ed terminals wit! no intermediate <oints.
C. 4nsulated conductors s!all not rest against )are live parts or e=posed s!arp edges.
A. All non-screened au=iliary wiring, e=cept t!at w!ic! is required to )e screened, s!all )e carried out on
'((G1(((A grade insulated, multi-stranded fle=i)le conductors complying wit! 4$C, D4FGAD$
". ,!e minimum conductor si@e s!all )e 1..mmQ.
C. All au=iliary wiring s!all )e identified at )ot! ends wit! num)ered and resistor color coded ferrules.
,!ese num)ers s!all )e s!own on t!e control sc!ematic wiring diagram.
D. All au=iliary wiring s!all )e contained wit!in ca)ling truning and totally segregated from power wiring
as far as practica)le. %iring of circuits at different voltage categories s!all )e segregated. Moints will
not )e permitted on wiring )etween devices.
$. Ca)le truning s!all )e of t!e ventilated type wit! clip-on covers and purpose made <unctions and
accessories. Ca)les s!all not occupy more t!an *.K of t!e truning cross-sectional area.
/. %iring not contained wit!in truning s!all )e strapped in looms wit! remova)le straps and !eld in
place )y suita)le cleats. Hooms s!all not e=ceed more t!an *. wires. &elf-ad!esive straps s!all not
)e accepta)le.
G. All wiring connections from truning and looms to devices s!all )e run in straig!t lines, !ori@ontally
and vertically, and )e neatly dressed.
E. %iring to door mounted devices s!all )e fle=i)le and provided wit! a large enoug! loop to clear t!e
edge of t!e opening. #rotection against a)rasion s!all )e provided )y means of fle=i)le conduit or
spiral wrapping securely fi=ed at eac! end.
4. %!ere wiring passes t!roug! partitions it s!all )e protected against a)rasion )y t!ermoplastic
grommets and spiral wrapping.
M. 4nterconnections )etween functional units s!all )e contained wit!in a separate ca)ling c!am)er or
truning. All ca)les s!all terminate on t!e functional unit terminals wit!in t!e cu)icle.
A. All enclosures containing functional units s!all )e clearly la)eled wit! a circuit, unit reference and
current rating.
". All la)els s!all )e of t!e engraved type made from suita)le multi-layer laminate and s!all )e fi=ed
wit! @inc plated c!eese !ead instrument screws. Fo ot!er type of la)el will )e accepta)le.
C. $very functional unit s!all )e la)eled separately from all ot!ers. $=ternal la)els s!all !ave letters not
less t!an .mm in !eig!t and internal la)els not less t!an +mm. ,!e letters s!all )e )lac in color on a
w!ite )acground.
D. All coversGdoors not fitted wit! interloced switc!ed disconnections enclosing uns!rouded live
#age 1* of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
equipment s!all )e fitted wit! warning la)els inscri)ed JDAFG$9 01.A 4&BHA,$ "$/B9$
$. %arning la)els s!all !ave )lac letters on a )rig!t yellow )acground. %!erever possi)le, letters
s!all )e not less t!an +(mm in !eig!t. Bn small covers and doors letters of *(mm or 1(mm in !eig!t
s!all )e used.
#age 1+ of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
/. Ca)le )o=ed s!all )e clearly la)eled )ot! e=ternally and internally wit! t!e circuit and functional
device num)er.
G. All terminal )locs s!all )e la)eled relative to t!e respective functional unit.
E. $very control and metering device, selector switc!, pus!)utton and indicator lig!t s!all )e clearly
la)eled to indicate its purpose.
4. 3ain identification la)els s!all )e provided on t!e assem)ly toget!er wit! a rating plate.
M. /i=ed and wit! drawa)le portions of equipment including fi=ed and plug-in devices s!all )e la)eled
wit! drawa)le portions cross-referenced to t!eir fi=ed part.
5. #roposed engraving details s!all )e su)mitted for comment prior to engraving.
A. All components s!all )e installed in accordance wit! t!e instructions of t!eir manufacturers. ,!is
requirement does not negate t!e requirement for type and routine testing as specified elsew!ere in
t!is &pecification.
". Ad<usting and resetting devices s!all )e easily accessi)le.
C. All actuators for emergency switc!ing devices s!all )e mounted )etween (.6m and 1.'m a)ove t!e
)ase of t!e assem)ly.
D. All components s!all )e installed and wired suc! t!at t!eir function is not impaired )y interaction suc!
as !eat, arcs, vi)ration, and fields of energy present in normal operation.
$. "arriers for manual switc!ing devices s!all )e designed suc! t!at arcs caused )y switc!ing under
normal operation or t!e interruption or maing of a fault current s!all not present a danger to t!e
/. All remova)le and wit! drawa)le components s!all )e installed and designed suc! t!at t!ey can )e
safely disconnected or connected to supply circuits w!ile t!e associated conductors are live.
G. All spare contacts on relays, contactors, and t!e lie s!all )e wired to easily accessi)le terminal
)locs, suita)ly positioned for future e=ternal wiring.
A.&elector switc!es s!all )e of t!e rotary type, wit! lever or ey operated actuators as specified in t!e
sc!edules or s!own on t!e drawings.
".#us!)uttons s!all )e of t!e flus! type. Colors s!all )e as specified in t!e sc!edules and to 4$C,
D4FGAD$ standards.
C.#us!)uttons used for emergency stop purposes s!all )e of t!e mus!room !ead type, wit! a twist to
release action or ey reset as specified in t!e sc!edule.
D.Contact )locs s!all !ave dou)le )rea silver plated contacts, in ?FB? or JFC? configuration rated at not
less t!an .A resistive at *0(A .(ER.
#age 10 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
A.Ca)le terminations and space for terminations s!all )e suita)le for t!e si@es of ca)le called for in t!e
design, refer to Ca)le &c!edules.
".,erminal )locs s!all )e made of t!ermosetting melamine or polyamide material wit! a low tracing
inde= and good flame resistance, tested to wit!stand a temperature rise of -( C a)ove am)ient
C.#rovision s!all )e made for permanent la)els to )e applied to eac! terminal for identification purposes.
D.All terminals s!all )e mared in accordance wit! D4FGAD$ standards.
$.All terminals for control wiring s!all !ave provision for plug-in test spills and in addition )e fitted wit!
isolating lins. Current carrying parts s!all )e made of tinned )rass or copper.
/.Completely s!rouded terminals of t!e tunnel type s!all )e used for cup to 1(mmQ. ,!e screw clamp
connection s!all )e vi)ration proof, self-locing and suita)le for clamping two condo.
G.&tranded ca)les up to 1(mmQ s!all )e terminated in copper or copper alloy ferrule s!all retain all
strands of t!e ca)le.
E.,erminals for ca)les in e=cess of 1(mmQ s!all )e of t!e dou)le connection type wit! )olted studs for
t!e connection of ca)le lugs. ,!e terminal and stud si@e s!all )e adequate for t!e current carried
and t!e si@e of ca)le. &uita)le insulating partitions and protective covers s!all )e provided.
4. All au=iliary wiring e=cept screened ca)les s!all )e connected to incomingGoutgoing ca)les Aia
insulated terminal )locs, screwGscrew type, clipped onto D4F rails. ,!ere s!all )e sufficient space
on t!e D4F rail for future terminal )locs of not less t!an 1(K or . Fo. w!ic!ever is t!e greater.
M.%ires s!all enter terminals singly.
5.#lugs and fi=ed socets for t!e application s!all )e provided for t!e termination of screened ca)les.
H.All terminations s!all )e mounted at least (.*m a)ove t!e )ase of floor mounted assem)lies .
3.All load terminals s!all )e suita)le for t!e types and si@es of ca)les as specified in t!e sc!edules and
A. All assem)lies s!all )e tested in accordance wit! t!e requirements of D4FGAD$ standards #art 1,
plus requirements of associated standards.
". ,D#$ ,$&,$D A&&$3"H4$&
C. %!ere ,,As are specified, certification s!all )e provided for all type and routine tests to D4FGAD$
#age 1. of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
%!ere #,,As are specified, compliance wit! t!e test requirements of "& .06', s!all )e eit!er )y
type testing or )y e=trapolation from type tested assem)lies or individual parts of similar,
representative construction. Aerification of t!e ,ype ,esting Certification or t!e appropriate
e=trapolation calculations s!all )e provided. Certificates s!all also )e provided for routine tests in
compliance wit! D4FGAD$ standards.
$. Calculation from first principles for temperature rise and s!ort-circuit strengt! will not )e accepta)le.
/. Aerification of t!e s!ort-circuit wit!stand strengt! is not required for assem)lies !aving a rated #&&C
not e=ceeding 1(5A or t!ose protected )y current limiting devices wit! a cut-off current not
e=ceeding 1.5A.
G. Aerification of t!e s!ort-circuit wit!stand strengt! is not required for au=iliary circuits connected to
transformers w!ose2
(i) rated power dose not e=ceed 1(5AA for a rated secondary voltage of not less t!an 11(A.
(ii) rated power does not e=ceed 1.'5AA wit! a rated secondary voltage of less t!an 11(A, and
w!ose relative s!ort-circuit voltage is not less t!an 0K.
E. %ors tests s!all include inspection of all wiring and a complete electrical functioning test.
4. #rotection relays s!all )e tested )y primary current in<ection wit! currents equal to overload, s!ort-
circuit and eart! fault conditions.
M. %ors tests s!all )e done in t!e presence of Bwner consultant.
,!e tests to )e carried out s!all include )ut not necessarily )e limited to2-
A. Aisual and 3ec!anical 4nspection
1. 4nspect p!ysical, electrical, and mec!anical condition including evidence of moisture or
*. 4nspect anc!orage, alignment, grounding, and required area clearances.
+. #rior to cleaning t!e unit, perform as-found tests, if required.
0. Clean t!e unit.
.. Aerify t!at fuse andGor circuit )reaer si@es and types correspond to drawings and
coordination study as well as to t!e circuit )reaer?s address for microprocessor-
communication pacages.
'. Aerify t!at current and voltage transformer ratios correspond to drawings.
1. 4nspect )olted electrical connections for !ig! resistance using one of t!e following met!ods2
a. Nse of low-resistance o!mmeter.
#age 1' of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
). Aerify tig!tness of accessi)le )olted electrical connections )y cali)rated torque-wrenc!
c. #erform t!ermograp!ic survey.
6. Confirm correct operation and sequencing of electrical and mec!anical interloc systems.
a. Attempt closure on loced-open devices. Attempt to open loced-closed devices.
). 3ae ey e=c!ange wit! devices operated in off-normal positions.
-. Hu)rication requirements
a. Nse appropriate lu)rication on moving current-carrying parts.
). Nse appropriate lu)rication on moving and sliding surfaces.
1(. #erform as-left tests.
11. 4nspect insulators for evidence of p!ysical damage or contaminated surfaces.
1*. Aerify correct )arrier and s!utter installation and operation.
1+. $=ercise all active components.
10. 4nspect mec!anical indicating devices for correct operation.
1.. Aerify t!at filters are in place andGor vents are clear.
1'. #erform visual and mec!anical inspection of instrument transformers.
11. 4nspect control power transformers.
a. 4nspect for p!ysical damage, craced insulation, )roen leads, tig!tness of connections,
defective wiring, and overall general condition.
). Aerify t!at primary and secondary fuse ratings or circuit )reaers matc! drawings.
c. Aerify correct functioning of drawout disconnecting and grounding contacts and
". $lectrical ,ests
1. #erform electrical tests on instrument transformers.
*. #erform ground-resistance tests.
+. #erform resistance measurements t!roug! )olted electrical connections wit! a low-resistance
0. #erform insulation-resistance tests on eac! )us section, p!ase-to-p!ase and
p!ase-to-ground, for one minute .
#age 11 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
.. #erform an overpotential test on eac! )us section, eac! p!ase to ground wit! p!ases not
under test grounded, in accordance wit! manufacturer?s pu)lis!ed data. 4f manufacturer !as
no recommendation for t!is test. ,!e test voltage s!all )e applied for one minute.
#age 16 of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
'. #erform insulation-resistance tests on control wiring wit! respect to ground. Applied potential
s!all )e .(( volts dc for +(( volt rated ca)le and 1((( volts dc for '(( volt rated ca)le. ,est
duration s!all )e one minute. /or units wit! solid-state components or control devices t!at can
not tolerate t!e applied voltage, follow manufacturer;s recommendation.
1. Control #ower ,ransformers
a. #erform insulation-resistance tests. #erform measurements from winding -to-winding
and eac! winding-to-ground.
). Aerify correct function of control transfer relays located in switc!gear wit! multiple
power sources.
6. Aoltage ,ransformers
a- #erform insulation-resistance tests. #erform measurements from winding -to-winding
and eac! winding-to-ground.
). Aerify secondary voltages.
-. Aerify operation of switc!gearGswitc!)oard !eaters.
C. ,est Aalues
1. Compare )us connection resistances to
values of similar connections.
*. "olt-torque levels s!ould )e in accordance
wit! ,a)le 1(.1* unless ot!erwise specified )y manufacturer.
+. 3icro!m or millivolt drop values s!all not
e=ceed t!e !ig! levels of t!e normal range as indicated in t!e manufacturer?s pu)lis!ed data. 4f
manufacturer?s data is not availa)le, investigate any values w!ic! deviate from similar )us )y
more t!an .( percent of t!e lowest value.
0. 4nsulation-resistance values for )us and
control power transformers s!all )e in accordance wit! manufacturer?s pu)lis!ed data. 4n t!e
a)sence of manufacturer?s pu)lis!ed data. Aalues of insulation resistance less t!an t!is ta)le or
manufacturer?s minimum s!ould )e investigated. Bverpotential tests s!ould not proceed until
insulation-resistance levels are raised a)ove minimum values.
.. "us insulation s!all wit!stand t!e
overpotential test voltage applied.
'. Control wiring minimum insulation-resistance
values s!ould )e compara)le to previously o)tained results )ut not less t!an two mego!ms.
R&:&( T/ "$& ;S#$&0.,& /: P(&:&((&0 E,&#"(!#', M'-.:'#".(&() < S.==,!&();.
#age 1- of *1
S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
A. $=amine conditions under w!ic! switc!gears are to )e installed, and notify in writing of
conditions detrimental to proper completion of wor. Do not proceed wit! wor until
unsatisfactory conditions !ave )een corrected.
A. 4nstall switc!gears as indicated, in accordance wit! manufacturer?s written instructions,
requirements of a!ramaa regulations and in accordance wit! recogni@ed industry practices to
ensure t!at installation complies wit! requirements and serves intended function.
". Coordinate as necessary to interface installation of switc!gears wit! ot!er wor.
C. ,ig!ten connectors and terminals, including screws and )olts and equipment grounding
connections, in accordance wit! equipment manufacturer?s pu)lis!ed torque tig!tening values
for equipment connectors.
D. #rovide properly wired electrical connections for switc!gears wit!in enclosures.
$. Dou)le lugging is not permitted.
/. /ill out switc!gears circuit directory card upon completion of installation wor.
G. #rovide equipment eart!ing connections sufficiently tig!t to assure a permanent and effective
ground for switc!gears.
A. Npon completion of installation of switc!gear and after circuiting !as )een energi@ed,
demonstrate capa)ility and compliance of switc!gear wit! requirements. %!ere possi)le,
correct malfunctioning units at site, t!en retest to demonstrate complianceI ot!erwise, remove
and replace wit! new units and retest.
". #rior to energi@ation of switc!gears circuitry, c!ec all accessi)le connections to
manufacturer?s tig!tening torque specifications.
C. #rior to energi@ation of switc!gears, c!ec wit! eart!ing resistance tester p!ase-to-p!ase and
p!ase-to-ground insulation resistance levels to ensure requirements are fulfilled.
D. #rior to energi@ation, c!ec switc!gears for electrical continuity of circuits, and for s!ort circuits.
$. Ad<ust operating mec!anisms for free mec!anical movement.
/. After energi@ation, c!ec p!ase )alancing and ad<ust accordingly.
G. ,ouc!-up scratc!ed or marred surfaces to matc! original finis!es.
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S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.
,!e system supplier is responsi)le to provide all required switc!es, au=iliary contacts, relays, wiring,
terminal )locs transducers to provide signaling and metering information for t!e central control system
and to accept &,A9,G&,B#, openGclose, set point from it.
9elevant signals are listed under controls, "3& and motor control panels drawings and data sc!edules.
All signals to t!e "3& system s!ould )e potential free to actuate devices of less t!an *( AA. S *0(
4n any device will need more t!an *( AA. at any operating condition t!e supplier s!ould add interposing
All analog measures coming or going to t!e "3& s!ould )e coordinated wit! t!e "3& supplier (eit!er
0-*( 3A or 1-. volt or -1( volt).
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S!"#$%&'( A))&*+,!&) M'!-
D!)"(!+."!/- B/'(0

&ection 1'0*.