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Narayan N.Dhage.
Objective To work in an environment where I can use my knowledge and my skills, to be a
supporting factor for the organization as well bring about an overall growth in
myself professionally, personally and spiritually and to add more stars to the
organization where I work.
Master of Engineering Pursuing M.E in (E&TC) VLSI and Embedded system from NBN inhgad
school of !ngineering "mbegaon, Pune affiliated to #niversity of Pune.
Course Details $iploma in %ava Technology at NIIT in &'((.
C!"Tembhe#ar Vi$ay
%&& 'a()atar* +!(!ny,
-!*se N!...
/ar$e Na#a,
State" Maharashtra
0h!ne N!" 56%667&842274
B.! in !lectronics ) Telecommunication *&''+,&'((- from P.../..
"nuradha !ngineering 0ollege, 0hikhli affiliated to ant 1adge Baba "mravati
#niversity, "mravati.
B.! "ggregate " 73.6&:
Technical Efficiency :
2nowledge of 0, 033, %"4", 5racle ('g.
5perating ystems6 7indows 8P, #NI8.
9,months of !:perience in "llied $igital ervices ;td. "s an Ass!+iate

Participant certificate of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp.
Participant certificate in Hobby Project.
Participant certificate in poster presentation.
Participant certificate in paper presentation.
Participant certificate in robo race
M E Project
/ire(ess +!nne+ti;ity bet<een M!bi(e and 0rinter
The common data printing procedure has to use notebook or desktop computer as
a relay medium, first receiving the data from mobile and then sending it to printer
using an appropriate printer. This is rather cumbersome. This paper proposes a
design of a device which directly prints the data stored inside the /obile without
!:amination Board<#niversity Percentage
/.! 9
!/ #niversity 5f Pune =.+> 1P"
/.! &
!/ +.> 1P"
/.! (
ant 1adge Baba
"mravati #niversity,
?.@ 1P"
B.! +>.++
T.! ?=.A=
.! ?=.?&
B.! /aharashtra tate
C..0 +A.?+
..0 A9.&'
the assistance of a notebook or desktop computer.
!E Project
Virt*a( M!*se And 'eyb!ard
This proDect aims at developing an 5pen ource platform independent
package to interface virtual touch screen with any 5 using real time video
Processing .The finger tip would be directly interfaced with mouse and would be
capable of performing all the operation of /ouse and 2eyboard.
Personal "rofile Name 6 Narayan N.$hage
BatherEs Name 6 Namdeo .$hage
BatherEs 5ccupation 6 Barmer
e: 6 /ale
/arital tatus 6 ingle
Nationality 6 Indian
Cobbies 6 Travelling,7atching ) Playing 0ricket, 5rganizing
!vents, urfing Net.
;anguages 2nown 6 !nglish, Cindi and /arathi.
$ate of Birth 6 &=,'?,(=A=
Permanent "ddress 6 "t Post BharaD Bk,
TF,%afrabad, $ist6 %alna, tate6 /aharashtra.
Phone No 6 ==+>A&@@+&, A=A9(=='@9.

Personnel #$ills
Team 7ork and 5rganizational skills.
"ttitude towards e:cellence and putting every part of myself in achieving it.
7illingness to learn new things.
0an interact with people easily.
I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my
0(a+e" Narayan Dhage