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Rav Dhaliwal

Email:ravinder70@hotmail.com Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd

A highly skilled professional services manager, with over 10 years eperience creating and leading teams
providing !nterprise software consulting, implementation, support and training.
"ith particular epertise in helping customers deploy and drive #usiness value from $ocial software in the
cloud, % am etremely customer focused and have #een the recipient of the &'ammer (ost )alued *erson+
and &%,( $oftware $ervices professional of the year+ awards for outstanding customer satisfaction.
Skills and experience
-eading and growing high performing consulting and services teams in a fast paced, hyper growth
freemium/cloud environment.
.ighly skilled in pro/ect managing glo#al cloud software deployments, driving issues and critical
situations to a successful resolution, often in high pressure situations re0uiring delicate negotiation
and people management skills.
!cellent customer focus, with an average !(!A customer satisfaction rating of 1.23 out of 10 and
maintaining a 145 account renewal rate in 6012.
*roven a#ility at #uilding strong relationships with decision makers and 7 level eecutives, #ecoming
a trusted advisor with the a#ility to influence strategic decisions.
$uccessful in colla#orating internally with product management, engineering and sales to ensure
customer feed#ack positively influences product development.
)ery strong ver#al, written and presentation skills. !perienced trainer, pu#lished author, regular
pu#lic speaker and analyst interviewee 89artner, :vum etc;.
$trong commercial focus, eperienced in pre<sales, account planning, resourcing and strategy
development in a rapidly growing environment.
7ross industry eperience, managing customers 8=10 to =1>0 million range; in ?igital
7ommunications, Advertising, ,anking, *harma, @etail, (anufacturing, Aelecoms, $oftware and
Director of Customer
Success (EMEA)
April 6011 B *resent
!e" duties and responsibilities
@esponsi#le for the overall success of 'ammerCs customers in the DE, France G
9ermany. (anage a team of consultants, trainers, implementation and support
engineers to ensure customers launch successfully, adopt widely and are
continually driving #usiness value #y aligning 'ammer use to their strategic
#usiness o#/ectives.
Accounta#le for customer satisfaction, retention, growth, services pre<sales, and
ensuring our position as industry thought leaders in $ocial software with press
and analyst interviews, #logging and regular pu#lic speaking.
Ac#ie$ements % Awards
employee in !(!A. .elped accelerate growth to appro 100 people G
epand #usiness to more than half of glo#al revenues.
$uccessfully delivered H6.6 million D$? services in the last 1> months.
145 customer renewal rate in 6012
!(!A customer satisfaction rating of 1.23 out of 10 in 6012
I customer references in 6012 8including the !uropean ?ata *rotection
$ecured H1.1 million D$? in services as part of (icrosoftCs #iggest ever
8H100J million D$?; competitive win
7o<created methodology for driving #usiness value with $ocial $oftware
'ammerCs &(ost )alued *erson+ award 6016.
Mobile: J33 80;7141 >00032 Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd
Rav Dhaliwal
Email:ravinder70@hotmail.com Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd
&rincipal Support
:ct 6010 B Apr 6011
!e" duties and responsibilities
@esponsi#le for #uilding and maintaining a strong trusted advisor relationship with
the largest $alesforce.com DE accounts 8in the H7>0E to H> (illion D$? range;.
Accounta#le for epanding customer adoption of $alesforceCs 7@( and
!nterprise $ocial Ketworking 8&7hatter+; software through proactive #est practice
advice and aligning use to customerCs #usiness needs.
1005 account renewal rate.
7ustomer satisfaction rating average of 3.41 out of >.
$uccessfully managed a &7hatter+ !nterprise $ocial Ketworking pilot
8resulting in a new >000 user !nterprise deployment;.
!panded 7@( use to 3 new customers 8resulting in 700J new licenses;.
:rganise and lead monthly &Enowledge $haring ?ays+, regularly #ringing
together over a doLen !nterprise customers to share #est practices.
Senior Tec#nical
Account Mana'er
Man 600> B :ct 6010
!e" duties and responsibilities
(anaged a team of 3 associate account managers G 6 field engineers working
with large !nterprises to deploy and maintain their software and to reactively
manage their support issues to a speedy resolution.
Ac#ie$ements % awards
"inner of the &%,( $oftware $ervices professional of the year N award.
N-a# $ervices AwardN winner for outstanding customer satisfaction.
9enerated =660E software and services sales upsell in 6001
$uccessfully led the competitive defence of a =6.1 million account.
$elected for the N%,( !merging -eadersN management programme.
7o<authored the N"e#$phere *ortal !nterprise ?eployment ,est
*racticesN #ook 8over 60E downloads;.
Senior Consultant
8-otus $oftware;
Man 6001 B Man 600>
!e" duties and responsibilities
*ro/ect managed deployments, upgrades G migrations of %,(Cs !nterprise
7olla#oration and $ocial Ketworking software 87onnections and "e#$phere
*ortal;. 7onducted design workshops, delivered proof of concepts G produced
detailed $tatements of "ork for services.
$elected for the N%,( Aop AalentN program.
-ead su#/ect matter epert for a successful =2 million tender.
7o<authored the N-otus ?omino G !tended *roducts %ntegrationN #ook.
Mana'in' Consultant
Aris Consultin'
(ar 1111 B Man 6001
Senior Arc#itect
$ep 1117 B (ar 1111
Support Anal"st
:ct 111> B $ep 1117
!e" duties+ responsibilities % ac#ie$ements
@ecruited and managed a team of three consultants, specialising in messaging
and we# infrastructure deployment upgrades and migrations. $uccessfully
delivered =610k of net new #usiness.
-ead the glo#al deployment team for an entirely new email and colla#oration
service for 6>E employees at M.*. (organ #ank. 7ompleted 3 months ahead of
schedule, saving /ust under =1 (illion of the pro/ectCs #udget.
?esktop, network and email / colla#oration administrator and technical lead for all
server upgrade pro/ects. *romoted to team leader, managing 2 deployment and 6
support engineers.
Mobile: J33 80;7141 >00032 Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd
Rav Dhaliwal
Email:ravinder70@hotmail.com Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd
)nter$iews+ blo's
and articles
,ecent public speakin'
&,e responsive with $ocial+, Eeynote %F$ "orld 6012 http://#it.ly/1#Ik0OK
&?ealing with ?isruption+, %A,7 ,russels 6012 http://ow.ly/pEM'a
&,eing successful with $ocial+, *erspectives 9eneva http://ow.ly/pEE6l
N$ocial: ?riving G (easuring ,usiness )alue+ https://vimeo.com/41447373
,ecent inter$iews
7ommunications "orld on $ocial 7olla#oration http://ow.ly/pEMA/
$implyA) on the #usiness value of $ocial $oftware http://ow.ly/pEM!o
$ocial (edia "eek panel, on #eing a @esponsive :rg http://ow.ly/pEMv'
,ecent blo's+ articles and webinars
&Aechnology with a purpose+ http://ow.ly/pEEI>
$ocial tools in 9overnment 8ghost written #y me; http://ow.ly/pEEpD
-t#er publis#ed works
!nterprise *ortal ?eployment ,est *ractices http://ow.ly/pE%e(
%,( 7olla#oration *roducts %ntegration 9uide http://ow.ly/pE%i,
(icrosoft :utlook integration http://ow.ly/pE%l1
Education ,sc 8!ng;. 7omputer $cience, %mperial 7ollege, Dniversity :f -ondon
Trainin' %
(edia trained 8:gilvy G (ather;
Meffery .offmanCs &'our $ales (,A+ 8http://ow.ly/pE-#r;
$torytelling for leaders 8http://ow.ly/pE(7I;
%A%- )ersion 2 Foundation
*ro/ect (anagement Fundamentals
'ammer 7ertified 7ommunity (anager
$alesforce 7ertified Administrator
&ersonal information Kationality: ,ritish
-ocation: -ondon
,eferences Availa#le on re0uest.
Mobile: J33 80;7141 >00032 Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ravinderdhaliwal Twitter: @ravsterd