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Galactic Astrology

The Pisces / Spiritual Currency Moon

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The “HoneyMoon”
A Walk
A U–MAN Voice
(A Master Plan/ Mark Time
Childrens Production)


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The Red Original artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

In the embrace of love and free form expression, I follow the footsteps
From the of Sananda into the wider and wilder expanse of the UNIVERSAL dance
Science floor. Call it "Dancin' on the Ceiling". Or call it a spiritual presentation.
This is not a channel, per say. I AM speaking. Call it a human being,
About the finding his U- MAN voice.

Links The Excelsius - Sagittarius gateway opens this 2001 Terra new moon with a new note in the
human song. An opportunity to "exercise our option" to find one's own unique
Contact Us UNIVERSAL VOICE within inside this Chorus of THE LIVING GOD. Excelsius, expressing
through the Pegasus frequency - & the Parathyroid/Universal and Rotundrum/Mid-Galactic
Back to apertures of the throat center - now becomes our voice teacher. For those Earth Masters with the
Homepage will to experience the difference between just hitting the notes every now and then, and
EMBODYING the voice; rejoice, your personal Hogwart's Academy is now called into session . . .

In this newly consummated Marriage between the Universal, Galactic, and Human communities,
this "HoneyMoon" shall sponsor vital personal INTEGRATIONS. The sweet marry-nating, mixing,
and merging of these 3 expressions of spirit within the one thing all humans share - our BIOLOGY.
Excelsius hosts this anchoring and grounding. Our human biology is Ground Zero for this
victorious campaign of spirit. It is the foundation and capstone of the 7th Golden age.

Excelsius rules multidimensional SYNTHESIS on the physical plane. It also rules the throat
center, the Grand Central Station of the central (or chakra) system, as expressed in the updated
Tree of Life central system alignments. Our Throat Center is unique in that it alone hosts
Universal, Galactic, and Solar frequencies in the physical body, and operates them under
conscious control and will. The function the throat performs for the Physical individual is
commensurate to the one Earth performs for the local galaxy. This is why the enlightened vision
of Terra/Earth through the Collective Messiah has been recently been given the mission or

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Excelsius / Sagittarius 2001 - Connect 2 Source http://www.connect2source.com/sagitarius.htm

codename, "Excelsius". As we individually gain our voice and PERSONAL POWER in all this, stand
up and be counted (and counted on!) the will of Mother/Father God gains US, a new empowered
conscious out-let of expression. Which in the Galactic/Universal sense, the Terra/Earth shall
become in the near future.

As the emerging and awaking U (for Universal) - man/woman, we must become comfortable
with these greater dimensions of ourselves, and navigate therein. Towards that end, an
understanding of THE SIGN of SPIRIT (previously known as the Rising Sign) and 2 specific &
practical Trance-End-dental exercises follow. All are intended to facilitate physical body
integration through the throat center, into expanded states of galactic and/or universal
awareness. Consider them HONEY to soothe the coming integration, as we clear our Collective
and individual throats. And reclaim our powerful voices. Rejoining the Galactic and Universal

THE SIGN OF SPIRIT - Technically, the ascendant or rising sign is the constellation that is
"rising" on the horizon at the exact moment of birth. That is, if we took a picture of the Sun (as
the world turns) from our place of birth, THAT constellation would be in the background of our
picture of the sun. As such, it would color or provide a context for the sun sign (imagine a picture
of yourself in a variety of different style cars and how that would alter your "look"). This in
essence is the SOLAR version of the rising sign.

The Ascendant/rising sign is considered an indicator of physical body type and propensity: what
one looks like. The sun sign (or mental body) is considered the indication of the real self or soul
of the individual - not just their body. A sound theory within itself, perhaps. However, from the
Galactic perspective, it is similar to the old theory that the Sun orbited around the Earth.
Interesting - but wrong! And quite self limiting.

Once the higher dimensions of self are invited in, and the Higher Self and I Am Presence are
Electra-magnetically reseated within the physical body, the organic miracle ALL humans occupy -
this U - Man body - begins its own process of becoming. And its natural evolution back to the
Original Design of Source. Freed from identification with the soul level as the OPERATING system,
our Greater Being organizes itself in a larger, more comprehensive fashion. It is through this
reorganization that the solar lens of perspective transfers NOW into the EEnergetically enlivened
GALACTIC LENS (the 6th dimensional crystalline perspective currently EMBODIED by the
Collective Messiah)

What is the mechanics of this? This can best be understood through the 4 body system . The
human is seen as an amalgam of 4 bodies, each operating in a distinct realm:

The physical body operating on the 3rd dimension of Physical Earth (Rising Sign).
The emotional body accessing the 4th dimensional arch-types of duality (Moon sign).
The mental body accessing the 5th dimension of solar synthesis (Sun sign).
The spiritual body (Sign of Spirit) accessing Source through the 6th dimensional co-creative
levels of thought, & Terra anchored in the Bethlehem Grid…
(To describe our awakening process within the context of the model described above)

As WE relinquish identification with the solar levels of self, the Mental (Sun sign) and Emotional
(Moon sign) bodies balance and "chill" out. At that point, a unique phenomenon takes place. The
cork of the Physical body begins to float. Freed from Solar sta-tic and Luna tics, the physical body
begins to magnetize the Spiritual body. As they align, an eclipse of sorts takes place. With it
comes a download of Universal vibration into the spiritual body. That Spiritual body now begins
broadcasting pure Source energy - clothed in the Galactic frequency associated with the Sign of
Spirit - into and through the physical body. The medium of our body, Marshall McLuhan would
be happy to hear me say, IS the message. God walks the Earth!

This provides the conscious Earth Master with an actual tangible experience of the galactic
vibration. Take a moment and call on your Galactic Sign of Spirit! Simultaneously lock onto
the vibration of the specific Galactic constellation that corresponds in your personal
chart, through your 3rd eye center.) This will only deepen and intensify the state of fusion
between your Physical and Spiritual bodies. As you hold, you should experience being briefly
lifted energetically out of the Adam Kadmon dimensions into The Mid Galactic plane. (We
will learn to stabilize this Mid Galactic experience, through the throat, in the following exercises.
Also, you will definitely notice the frequency difference between calling on Sagittarius vs.
Pegasus, or Aries vs. Cassiopeia, e.g.. Galactic constellations can be found in previous Warriors of
Light classes)

As we integrate into this level of awareness, the specific energetic quality expressed in the

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Excelsius / Sagittarius 2001 - Connect 2 Source http://www.connect2source.com/sagitarius.htm

Ascendant/Sign of Spirit radiates through our bodies. It's Quite the FEELING! We become part of
the Galactic infrastructure, as that particular galactic ray grounds into the Terra/Excelsius
biosphere. How does this happen ? Now that we are resonating at a Sixth dimensional
frequency, and intend it, the GALACTIC aspect of the Rising Sign, the SIGN OF SPIRIT,
activates. At this point the body organically enters the energetic service of the greater whole. A
fused Spiritual/Physical body "channels" the higher dimensions. What you see is what you get:
God in a Bod. Function EQUALS Form. The Sun sign skill sets and the nourishing Moon
energies operate (we still enjoy our solar existence, and always will), but these sun-moon
energies now function as intermittent bursts within the more embracing Galactic tableau. An
exact reverse of the solar model.

And that's how it would appear to others. For through the lens of the Galactic Life, our "Sign of
Spirit" is indeed that, a sign or indication of Spirit TO OTHERS. Direct from Universal source,
through our biologies, onto the stage of earth life. Despite the diversity in these bodies, these
external expressions of the Sign of Spirit, our internal experiences are all equal and uniform; the
bliss, freedom, and unmistakable warm homecoming of the galactic frequencies. Though each of
us is adorned in these different biological masks, we are equal lineage God-Sparks celebrating our
Halloween /All Saints COSMIC Day.

Honey-Moon Hot-Spots; "Finding the G-Spot" and "X Marks the spot"

Prospective grooms seeking to ride the Unicorn of Magic into the Universal Core these eXcelsius
moons are urged to avail themselves of the following HoneyMoon tips. Hot from the presses of the
Pegasus Daily News. And remember now, lovers of Source, pick your spots wisely!

Finding the G Spot - as below, so above. Just as locating the G-spot can be of paramount (and
paramour!) importance in the solar "honeymoon" bedroom, doubly so beyond Astral/Astro-Logic
in the G-alactic realms . . . so here's how.

Engage the merged Christ- Buddha level within our personal energetic fields NOW, riding the
White Christ Ray to its upper floors within. (or from the exercise above, invoke The Sign of Spirit)
The body will rapidly shift into the more subtle realms of the Adam/Eve Kadmon body. At a
certain point of integration the Templar encapsulates one's Merkivah like a "caterpillar" chrysalis
of light. At this stage, we are being readied to consciously transition into the Mid Galactic.
However, the Mid Galactic body cannot be integrated within the confines of the Chrysalis/Crystal
Merkivah. A transition into the frequencies of the Electrolytic "soup" requires us to don our lighter
"butterfly" body, given the name Rotundrum by Elijah et al.

The experience of the Personal Rotundrum is quite the paradox. In it one feels weightless, yet
strangely very grounded. One feels the thrilling freedom of movement by thought, & the
exuberance of limitless expanse; while simultaneously being very focused and aware of being in
the body. Access to the Personal Rotundrum,- and from that, out one's own galactic homepage
into the larger Rotundrum - is quite the RUSH (a little like the crew scenes in the movie comedy
Galaxy Quest). Here is Connection to the Personal Rotundrum/Mid Galactic level, by
finding the magnetic KEY to the G-lactic level within our personal (etheric) biology - our

Focusing now through the Templar in the Christ light, concentrate on a spot a few inches in front
of the neck. This is your G, or Galactic spot. As you hold focus, there will be an increase of
energy at that point. It can be experienced as a ball of energy or light, or discomfort and/or a
desire to swallow. Just stay in focus, and ride that first surge out. Right after the first experience
passes, there will be a slow buildup or energetic walkway developing in your neck center. That's a
good sign The experience should be accompanied by quite the feeling of well being. A higher level
of the biology is engaging. Your throat center is getting "Galactic Cable" installed. Suddenly,
there will come from this a pinprick feeling of lightness entering the throat center. This is the
"Birthing" stage of the Electrolytic /Rotundrum level. At this point, I feel the desire to "pull myself
up" through the aperture. Others have described it as pushing a baby out, or travelling out one's
own birth canal. Birthing into the Rotundrum is an unmistakable experience. After the
process, the neck center will feel quite expanded, as will the depth and scope of feeling. This is
the PERMANENT SYNTHESIS. A gift of the Excelsius gateway.

Enjoy the G- Spot often!

X Marks the Spot - practice of the G Spot exercise, and consciously invoking the Sign of Spirit,
will fortify your comfort with EMBODYING these advanced currents. Our bodies were designed to
be part of the INFRASTRUCTURE of the greater whole. As we come to embrace "holding"
ourselves in the Mid Galactic frequency, other opportunities for BONDING and growth EE-merge.

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Excelsius / Sagittarius 2001 - Connect 2 Source http://www.connect2source.com/sagitarius.htm

From the Rotundrum or mid Galactic level, it becomes possible to access the Bethlehem energies,
as well as the Knights of the First Order (and the gifts Master El Moyra, Universal Ambassa-door,
brings to our Bethlehem /Terra feast). From within the Electrolytic energies, we have the unique
ability to access both the Solar and Universal realms. Our human potential to commerce,
communicate, and blend within these 3 streams of Source expression qualifies us as
U-Man beings.

The 2nd HoneyMoon Xercise, sponsored by this eXcelsius new moon gateway, facilitates
the integration of the Universal vibration into the throat center.

The visual cue involved centers around X's in a few symbolic variations (ergo, "X marks the spot")
The Mechezedek and Maltese Cross (+) symbols both work on the 4 points of a square being
accessed through a center connector. This "+ symbol family" carries the Universal frequency into
human perception, and is a great inter-dimensional focusing tool. At the rear of the throat center
lay the 4 Parathyroid glands. Connected energetically to the Pegasus constellation, the
parathyroids are set like the 4 corners of a rectangle or square.

Bring in the lavender and white rays, especially around the neck and head centers. Imagine a Red
Knights of the First Order +, as a living symbol. Envision a "live" wire ALLOW the symbol to
morph into prongs at the end of that wire. Visualize and feel this wire carrying EElectricity and
pure consciousness from Source down through the Universal Core. Pass that "wire" through the
Galactic gateway of Pegasus. Now bring this current down into the Solar realm and to your own
body. Now mentally hold the prongs an inch or two above the parathyroids at the back of the
neck..The X patterns, (X and +,"plugs and sockets") will mate and match on their own in quite
the magical display of magnetic interface. The body is now "Plugged In" to Universal Source. (A
similar image for the process is in The Matrix when Neo and others aboard the ship are plugged
into the Matrix teaching modules) The Parathyroid centers will undergo quite the upgrade. The
energy will flow quite powerfully, and dramatically open the back of neck and head centers. This
will also trigger a sympathetic reaction from the G spot back in the front of the neck.

With both portals now open, it's the debutante ball for the U Man Being. This exercise and the
one's above should be repeated as often as needed or desired. They will certainly allow one to
STRENGTHEN One's VOICE. Not to mention the ongoing projects of The Collective Messiah. In
other words - for GODS sake - NECKING is allowed!

During any HoneyMoon worth it's salt, the magnificence of the human body is revealed. So enjoy
your HoneyMoon. Become X - Rated. Follow all information that rushes in as these Universal
portals are opened back to source. Take a turn on the Mid galactic dance floor of free expression.
Ride the magic steed of the Physical body into your starring role in the Bethlehem/Terra
Repertoire Company, as a Sign of Spirit. We ALL get top billing in this production.

Finally, remember what one Giraffe said to the other. "We can't get anywhere without

And of course, Don't Forget to Sing!

I Man, U El
I AM, U El
I am U, El
A U Man Being

Romulus / Mark Time

11 / 21 / 2001

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