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Centrifugal Magnetic Finishers

147.645 147.650 147.653 147.656

What Is A Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher

Centrifugal magnetic finishers, or magnetic tumblers, are designed to polish the tiniest details of your jewelry, and are
especially good for polishing the inside of rings, small settings, filigree and especially jewelry with hard to reach places
like grooves and fine lines. Magnetic tumbling is not a final polish on flat surfaces—but does produce a very good pre
polish, requiring very little hand finishing.
Magnetic tumbling is fast and easy typical cycle times are 30 minutes for sterling, 30 to 45 minutes for yellow gold and 45
minutes to one hour for platinum.
Magnetic tumblers do not remove scratches. The action produced by the tiny 0.5 x 5 mm stainless pins causes the jewelry
to be burnished, resulting in a polish. There is no metal loss when magnetic tumbling as it is not an abrasive process. Like
all tumblers a small amount of soap is used to help suspend the “dirt” in the water while tumbling.
Our magnetic tumblers are extremely well made quality product with a one year warranty. We have four sizes of magnetic
polishers for any jewelers needs. Tumblers include instructions and special magnetic tumbler soap.

1. Always make sure that the unit is plugged into a properly grounded outlet.
2. Do not remove bowl from its base unless unit is turned off.
3. At no time should you place your hands inside the working chamber while the machine is running.
Always make sure that the machine is turned off before performing this operation.
4. When machine is not in use, remove bowl from machine base.
5. Do not fill the chamber past the recommended maximum fill line to avoid spillage.

About Your Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher

Your new centrifugal magnetic finisher features a ruggedized acrylic bowl, air-cooled magnetic drive, and a full one year
warranty. The proprietary drive design allows maximum centrifugal force for pin movement and the bowl is designed to
allow parts to rumble with this moving mass. this technology allows an extremely fast cycle time.
Upon unpacking your centrifugal magnetic finisher, you will find in the box the magnetic tumbler base, the bowl and
pins. After removing all the components from the packaging, fill the bowl provided with the correct amount of pins.
Before you insert your pieces you are going to tumble be sure to fill the chamber with water to the “fill line”. Never exceed
filling the bowl past the maximum line. After adding the correct amount of water, add a small amount of soap (see
chart). We recommend a slightly alkaline shot cleaner compound #750, (Part No. 147.777), it helps keep the shot clean
and in turn your jewelry clean. If you do not have this compound you can substitute just about any kind of soap. The
soap is required to suspend the dirt in the solution and keep it away from the pins and the jewelry. Feel free to experi-
ment with other soap compounds, however we have found the shot cleaner compound #750 to work quite well. As a side
note, if your pins should turn black in the beginning, there is nothing wrong with the pins but that they have to be
purged as these pins contain iron and the iron is what is coming out of the pins thus turning them black. If this should
happen, fill your bowl with water to the “maximum” line. Run for approximately five (5) minutes, rinse, and then repeat
this cycle one more time. Note that this cycle may have to be done the first few uses until the pins are cleared and free of
iron. It is good practice to properly clean and rinse your pins on a daily basis prior to operation.
Now you are ready to put your pieces to be finished in the magnetic finisher. You will note that each model holds a dif-
ferent quantity of pieces. Please revert to chart on the last page for proper quantities for each model. After the bowl with
the correct number of pieces for the model you purchased, then proceed to turn the machines main power switch “on”
which is located on the front of the machine. After machine is turned on then the next step is to set the timer on how
many minutes you want to finish your pieces. on the model 147.645, simply turn the timer to the desired time frame,
which is in minutes. This model has a timer that goes from 0—120 minutes. On the models 147.650, 147.653 & 147.656
first set the digital timer to the desired time frame, which are minutes. This timer which runs from 0—999 minutes is the
main timer that dictates the length of which your parts will finish. Then proceed to set the forward/reverse dial timer,
which comes in increments of 1—10 minutes. The last thing to set on the two (2) larger models is the speed control
knob, which is simply done by rotating the knob to desired speed.
Caution: on very soft, non-ferrous metals, the speed control knob should be set for 1/2 to 3/4 rotation.

Most metals will achieve the desired effect in 30 to 40 minutes. It is good practice to check the parts progress after the
first 20 minutes. If your cycle time ends and you feel you have not reached the desired result, then go through the above
steps to set the timer for increments of 10 minutes. Always remember that machine should be turned off when reaching
into the chamber to check the parts. As you check your parts for progress, you will notice that the water solution is quite
“warm”. This is normal as the heat aids in finishing your parts. The increase in heat is not cause by the machine but by
the friction between the metal and the stainless steel media pins while processing is occurring.
It is also important to keep the machine clean during the working cycle. Therefore, we recommend that after cycle, the
bowl should be removed to clean out thoroughly. Remember that the solution will pour quite easily and the pins will stay
at the bottom of the bowl once the bowl is tipped. Do not tip to quickly as you do not want to loose the pins, as they are
difficult to pick up once spilled. It is recommended that you use your lid as a sort of stopper, as if you were pouring water
out of a cooking pan. Once cleaned, simply repeat the above steps and continue on with the next cycle. If you are going to
be doing several cycle or batches, it is recommended that you purchase a separate extra bowl so that no time is lost and
your work course will continue. The last page shows the spare bowls that are available.

Storage of Magnetic Finisher...

After you finish using your magnetic finisher, always remove the bowl from its base and store with the base on a work-
bench or table. It is also good practice to unplug your machine daily after each use or if the machine will not be used
during a period of time. This practice will not allow small children to play with the control and accidentally turn the
machine on.

Please note that all our machines are covered under a one (1) year warranty from date of purchase in case of a problem
should occur.
Part No. Model No. Pins Supplied Ring Capacity Recommend Pin Recommended #750
Usage Compound Usage*
147.645 K140-100 250 gram 8—12 125 gram 1/2 teaspoon
147.650 K149-160 250 gram 30 250 gram 1 teaspoon
147.653 K149-230 500 gram 100 500 gram 2 teaspoon
147.656 K149-300 1000 gram 225 1000 gram 3 teaspoon
* If sudsing/foaming occurs, reduces the amount of compound used, until sudsing is reduced.

Magnetic Tumblers Extra Bowl, Pin & Compounds

Magnetic Tumblers
Part No. Description Ring Capacity Shipping Weight HP Wats
147.645 K140-100 mini tumbler 8—12 17 lbs. 1/32 30
147.650 K149-160 medium tumbler 30 20 lbs. 1/16 75
147.653 K149-230 large tumbler 100 55 1/8 120
147.656 K149-300 x-large tumbler 225 85 1/4 200

Extra Bowls
Part No. Description Price
147.646 Extra bowl for K140-100 43.50
147.651 Extra bowl for K149-160 54.50
147.654 Extra bowl for K149-230 95.50
147.657 Extra bowl for K149-300 120.50

147.660 0.5x5mm pins 250 gram 32.50
147.662 0.3x5mm pins 250 gram 37.50
147.667* 1.2mm balls 200 gram 115.00

147.777 Magnetic tumbling shot cleaning compound #750 1 lb. 6.70

* 1.2mm balls are only used in conjunction with the pins. When used by themselves they do not move, but when used with the pins, they allow the jewelry
being polished to move more freely, decreasing the time required for polishing.

Otto Frei
P.O. Box 796—126 Second Street— Oakland, CA 94607
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