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Tata BlueScope Steel

Site Safety Rules

Welcome to Tata BlueScope Steel, Construction Safety Program. Tata BlueScope Steels construction project
management will acquaint you with safety rules & requirements for this project.
We will require your signature attesting that you have briefed/read these general safety rules & will abide by
these rules & safety requirements for this project.
General Safety Rules;
1. Hard hat must be worn at all times.
2. Suitable clothing for construction will be worn on this project. No shorts, No sport shoes, No dhoti.
Proper Safety Shoes, Safety helmet, Reflective jacket &Safety Goggles must be worn at all times.
3. Only authorized vehicles will be allowed in construction areas. All others must park their vehicle at
designated parking on the construction site.
4. Permission must be obtained from construction management personnel to take or drive any vehicle into
the building under erection.
5. First right of way is to be given to all heavy equipment, trailers, tippers, tractors & cars.
6. When entering different project work areas, find out what safety precautions are required. Stay Alert !
7. Wear seat belts at all times in vehicles. Buckle up !!
8. No one shall ride in a vehicle or mobile equipment unless you are on a seat (if authorized).Riding in the
back of pick up/equipment cabin is not allowed.
9. All vehicle (i.e. cranes, Hydras, trailers) are required to have operating reverse alarms.
10. Face the ladder when climbing & use both hands. Do not utilize the ladder to carry building supplies.
11. Ladder must reach at least 1m above landing for easy Safe access. The ladder must be tied off &
resting on a stable surface. Ladders shall not be used as working platform, shall be used for access
12. Do not look at welding or cutting operation without wearing proper eye protection.
13. Gas cylinders shall be stored always in Up Right position & shall be secured properly to avoid fall.
14. Report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor.
15. There will be NO HORSEPLAY or ROUGH HOUSING on this project.
16. Obey all posted safety signs. Stay Alert!
17. Obey the posted speed limit of 10 KM/Hours outside building & 5KM/Hour inside building at all times.
18. Persons working in lifts must be tied off (full body harness restraint devices only) at all times to a safety
cable or other device securely attached to structure or the lift. A Fire extinguisher must be installed on
all lifts.
19. After working height is obtained, shut off all man lift motors until ready to relocate. All lifts must be
moved, in a lowered position, when working on unlevel or questionable surface. A spotter may be
necessary in some work areas for safely moving lifts.
20. All material stores/staged must be properly stacked & on dunnages to avoid fall of material.
21. All equipment will be stored in down position with ignition keys removed from switch.
22. Only trained & authorized persons will operate the equipment.
23. Do not use scaffold unless it is equipped with top,mid rail & toe board. YOU MUST BE TIED OFF !!!
25. Do not Work Under Suspended Load
26. Maintain Safe distance while lifting/shifting of material. Use tag line while shifting of material.
27. Do not keep any loose material at height. FLYING OBJ ECTS CAN BE BRUTAL!!!!
28. Do not use electrical power tools or equipment unless they are equipped with ground fault protection.
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) is required for ALL power use. Any frayed electrical cords to be
replaced and all prongs must be intact.
30. All chemical materials used must have Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) & precautions mentioned in
MSDS shall be followed.
31. Do not attempt use a faulty piece of equipment. Replace or repair it.
32. No worker shall be required or knowingly be permitted to work in an unsafe place, unless for the
purpose of correcting the hazard and then only after all safety precautions have been satisfied.
33. Do not remove or bypass any barriers or other protective devices from tools, equipment or hazardous
locations. Report all deficiencies immediately to your supervisor.
34. Clean up and housekeeping is part of your job. This project will be kept clean and orderly at all times.
The work area must be cleaned at the end of each shifts.
35. If you do not know how to use a tool, get immediate training on the use of it.
36. Flag off/barricade areas to keep other agencies from exposure to dangerous conditions.
37. Report all injuries to your supervisor immediately, no matter how slight.
38. Do not go on the roof system of this project unless you have been instructed in proper procedure to do
39. Procession or use of intoxicating beverages or drugs before or during working hours will mean
INSTANT DISMISSAL! Possession of such beverages or drugs are not permitted anywhere on the
job site at any times.
40. When you are in doubt about a condition that seems unsafe, STOP ! Then check with your supervisor
or Tata BlueScope Construction Person prior to proceeding.

I hereby attest my signature that I have been briefed/read and that I understand these basic safety rules and
that I will abide by them.

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