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What is DDay ?

It's a custom map, created for Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne. It's a multiplayer map,
although it can be played for testing purposes in single player. DDay: Judgement
is a team vs team game. The game balance is improved on every version, new item,
heroes and spells are added.

DDay: Judgement Authors: MonkY
3Corridors Authors: ilPal and Zigzager
3Corridors D-DAY Author: Toosalty & Armafire
Additional Programming: Q
Modelling, skinning and beta testing: Sanz, Yoda_24, C)n-ShadowHawk, PencilGod,
Cookie, Peppar, SheepOfWar, Wong Lai, Korogui, Razorclaw X, Darky26, Kain
Nobleman, Vexxorian, sc_freek, stefan007, [DRK]Lekritze, [DRK]Q, Jensiou, Egg,
loner86, Belmont, Trinity, DrK-Lekritze, escpy

This map has a long history (arround 2 years), improved every time, everyone
adding their experience within this map. For now, the biggest map modder on this
map is the community. DDay: Judgement is created by peoples requests, it's been
balanced every version, every version new features are added, new spells, new
items, more strategy involved, and so on. Here is full changelog.

Words like DDay: Siege, DDay: Extremme, DDay: Evolution, DDay: Arena will get
DDay: Judgement to a new level. More experiences, more strategies to be involved,
all featuring a very good balance feature (as soon as the compare module for
heroes/forces/spells will be put online). A voting sistem will allow players to
choose the future upgrades, choose what hero deserves to stay in DDay or simply be
erased. Online tournaments will also be centralised on www.ddayworld.com and clans
will fight for a big prise. Here are the editors list (for now) as i am going to
create a super team to bring DDay: Judgement to highest levels possible.

If you can play Warcraft 3 online, then add 10% more power needed for processing
so many news skins, heroes, effects, and you'll be able to play without lagging. I
would recommend though at least Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with GeForce 3 Ti200, 256MBytes
RAM and at least 128kbits cable connection for better game experience. Also,
usually you would need the latest patches for Warcraft Frozen Throne released by

-84 custom selectable heroes for now(Rapha The Healer, Jaina Proudmoore, Muradin
Bronzebeard, Malfurion, Tyrande Whisperwind, Illidan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Medivh,
Jim Raynor, Lord Garithos, Mayev, Tanin Hawking, Sinjo Honeybrew, Yogi
Yellowstone, Medic, Cyrax, Magtheridon, Admiral Proudmoore, Duke Nukem, Captain
America, Angel, Dendroid King, Angeline, Kabal, Garan, Stoner, St. Anger, Hulk,
Lulu, Wolverine, Mercury, Caine Bloodhoof , Gul'dan, Grom Hellscream, Thrall,
Arthas, Kel'Thuzad, Mal'Ganis, Archimonde, Mur Slimemouth, Zuhx The Explorer,
Sammy Smittereens, Lady Vashj, Sylvanas, Shaka-Zahn, Arak-arahm, Hell Fire
Infernal, Mannoroth, Zolt The General, Kil'Jaeden, Prince Of Legion, Terminator,
Diabolist, Takada, Kryton, Inferno, Zagg, Dendrodeath, Buzzdook, Hell'nar, Orcki,
BioDread, Arraka, Blake, Sobe, Raptor, Commando, Moonblade, Kimahri, Mooouren,
Warmaster, Tinker, Dragnov, Smith, Seppiroth, Heretic, Betty, Zeratola, Krak,
Velo, Red, Akama, Demonica, Nadja)

-300 custom spells and more (Fire Blast, Critical Strike, Elemental Fury, Rage,
Terror, Anger, Meteorite, Mimics, Fire, Brilliance Aura, Aeon, Claws Attack,
RegenX, Evasion, Savage, CyberWave, Mana Feedback, Healing Wave, Cyberquake,
Shockwave, War Stomp, Endurance Aura, Reincarnation, Death Coil, Fire Elemental,
Brilliance Aura, Tranquility, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Critical Strike,
Bladestorm, Chain Lightning, Feral Spirit , Command Aura, Earthquake, Death Coil ,
Manaburn, Unholy Aura, Animate Dead, Frost Nova, Frost Armour , Mirror Image,
Death & Decay, Carrion Swarm , Demonic Sleep, Vampiric Aura, Mimic, Firebolt,
Raise Dead, Bash, Inferno, Hurl Boulder, Cannibalize, Disease Aura, Murloc Mutant,
Ensnare, Thunderclap, Critical Strike, Finger Of Death, Wind Walk , Goblin Mine ,
Evasion, Kaboom! , Forked Lightning, Frost Arrow, Manashield, Tornado, Silence,
Black Arrow, Life Drain, Doom, Healing Wave, Hex, Serpent Ward, Stampede, Impale,
Spiked Carapace, Carrion Beetle, Locust Swarm, Rain Of Fire, Firebolt, Sum. Fire
Elemental, Inferno, ManaBurn, Divine Shield, Spirit Beast, Animate Dead,Holy
Light, Storm Bolt, Endurance Aura, Earthquake, Blizzard, Ice Ele., Brilliance
Aura, Duplicate, Storm Bolt, Thunder Clap, Bash, Avatar, Entangle, Force Of Nature
, Thorns Aura, Tranquility, Firebolt, Searing Arrow, Trueshot Aura, Earthquake,
Demonic Ensnare, Manaburn, Critical Strike, Metamorphosis, Shockwave, Cold Arrow,
Devotion Aura , Reincarnation, Carrion Swarm, Rejuvenation, Feral Spirit, Raven
Morph, Guardian, Wind Walk, Critical Strike, Stars Call, ManaBurn, Call To Arms,
Evasion, Charge, Fan of Knives, Blink, Shadow Strike, Vengeance, Flamestrike,
Banish, Siphon Mana, Phoenix, Breath of Fire, Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler,
Storm,Wind & Fire, Bear Metamorph, Roar, Scout, Voodoo Spirits, Healing Wave, Holy
Light, Devotion Aura, Tranquility, Chain Lightning, Silence, Evasion, Fury, Forked
Lightning, Monsoon, Entangling Roots, Death & Decay, Summon Bear, Holy Light,
Critical Strike, Sword Master, Shockwave, Mirror Image, Endurance Aura, Kaboom,
Shield Of Justice, Armor Of Justice, Fist Of Justice, Strength Of Justice,
Lightwave, Divine Shield, Fire Nova, Sacrifice, Bird Of Pray, Shields Of Ancients,
Roots Bash, Nature Wraith, Ghost Eye, Healing Wave, Ghost Walk, Atomic Shadow,
Bloody Hit, Berserker, Endurance Aura, Avatar, Holy Light, Scout, Manaburn,
Tornado, Stone Boulder, Summon Stonners, Devotion Aura, Rain Healing, Summon
Tuskarrs, Ensnare, Immolation, Cleaving Atack, Avatar, FireBolt, Thunder Clap,
Vertigo, Meteor Fall, Legion Attack, Raise Dead, Command Aura, Doom Call,
Detonation, Blink, Evasion, Finger Of Death, Impale, Banish, Manashield, Massive
ManaBurn, Wind Walk , Fan Of Knives, Evasion, Ninja Strike, Doom Lightning,
Disease Aura, Revenger, Locust Infection, Hell Fire, Death Lance, Endurance Aura,
Death Call, Ballistic Attack, Cleaving Attack, Banish, Zagg Element, Corruption,
Raise Dead, Critical Strike, Ancient Sasquatch, Killer Ball, Fast Time, Frost
Nova, Copycat, Firekill, Rest In Hell, Vampiric Aura, Damnation, Trapper, Mammoth
Guard, Speed Aura, Steal Soul, CyberHand, Biodefense, Tech Attack, Starsphere,
Stealth Towers, Evade, Cloacking, Moon Wave, Teleport, Moon Revenge, Moon Charge,
Lavara, Slow, Fireline, Cow Stomp, White Aura, Minimoo, Fingers, Healing Shard,
Nemesis, Pain Under, Critical X, Critical Strike X, Black Storm, Blaster, Phase
Shift, Larva Charge, Blood Missile, Corrupt Nature, Slow, Deadly Roots, Pocket
Factory, Cluster Rockets, Engineering Upgrade, Robo-Goblin, Magnataur Call, Big
Slam, Force Field, Uppercut, Big Jump, Call To Arms, Child Power, Charm,
Telekinesis, Knives Attack, Stone Crusher, Vampiric Wave, Divinity, Dimensional
Accolyte, Hell Machine, Crazy Attack, Shadow Skin, Succubus, Bad Ward, Siren
Summons, Naga Scout)

-more than 100 items

-mercenary camps
-alchemy workshop
-summoning altars
-gods blacksmith
-naval shops
-defensive events like atomic bomb, airstrike, tower defense, guns deployment,
spike traps
-special events (DDay, Winged Invasion, The Judge, Massive Attacks, Sky Chaos,
Creep Waves, Aliens attack, etc)
-special abilities and creeps
-special structures and advanced towers
-innovative selection system
-innovative leaderboard
-item combinations
-hundreds of custom icons/effects/sounds
-advanced tactics and terrain
-balanced every new version

Help !
Q: What do i need to download DDay: Judgement maps ?
A: Only need to be registered member of the site. That's all !

Q: What are hardware requirements for DDay: Judgement ?

A: Usually about 10% more cpu/graphic power than needed for Blizzard Wacraft
Frozen Throne !

Q: What upgrades/patches are required for me to play DDay: Judgement ?

A: Usually the latest maps are based on latest Blizzard patches.

Q: Where can i play DDay: Judgements maps ?

A: Anywhere you have installed the patches required by the map you've downloaded.
I am still keeping on server older versions, just for compatibility with older
Blizzard patches. You can play it alone just for testing and learning, but you
will need to play it online, either on PvPgn servers, either on B.Net servers. Or
you can in LAN with your friends, just like any other custom map. Just check that
everybody in LAN is using the same Warcraft patch.

Q: Where from can i get Blizzard patches?

A: Here is the direct link to the webpage. If the server seems slow, use
www.google.com to search for file alternates (use War3TFT_115_English.exe as
keyword for search - as an example).

Q: Why i can't join PvPgn servers ?

A: Usually you need a special patch for connecting to different PvPgn servers.

Q: Where can i get more informations about how to connect to Pvpgn or B.Net
servers ?
A: Just go to this area of our forums. It's the HowTo section where you can find a
lot of experts answers.

Q: What servers i can play DDay ?

A: All Wacraft Frozen Throne servers that accept custom games. The one i usually
go are:
1. XPAM / Address: server.eurobattle.net / Timezone: 1 (good for Europe players)
2. PIGC / Address: (good for Asian players)
3. KARAMBA.RU / Address

Q: How can i add new servers in Warcraft ?

A: Use this tool from our download area: BnetGateWayEditor .

Q: My computer lags very much although i have much higher specs than the
requirements. Why ?
A: It's a multiplayer game, therefore there could be a lot of causes. Check your
internet connection, clean you computer of spyware programs, also check for
viruses. Plus, if the ping to hoster is bad, everybody will lagg. User ENTER key
ingame and write this command /p and it will show the ping of all players. Usually
a very good ping is arround 30-200ms. Good pings are usually 200-400. Still
playable arround 400-500. Over that, the whole game will lagg. Although sometimes
the server connection is bad, and the pings will not be shown accuratelly. I've
seen players going very good although the server gave over 1000ms ping. Strange.

Q: I have registered on DDayWorld site but i can't download. How to solve this ?
A: The file maps are not in .zip format. Some browsers (specially the old version
ones) treat .w3x files like .html pages, or unkown type and try to open them as
text. So, you just need to go into Download Area, use right click on the map file,
and choose Save Target As in your drive:installation path:Warcraft
3:Maps:Download. This will prevent the browser to try to show the page instead of
downloading it.

Q: I downloaded a replay file for DDay and i don't know how to watch it !
A: Copy the file into your Warcraft directory, into the replay folder. Then start
W3 and press the replay button, select the file and watch it. Take care, you will
need the map and the patch required for that replay (for example, a DDay:
Judgement 17.6 replay it's required the DDay: Judgement 17.6 map and Blizzard
patch 1.15). Unfortunatelly Blizzard doesn't make compatibility between patches
versions, so, you can never watch a replay made with Blizzard patch 1.13 in patch

Contact us:

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Map editor



Map testing and story


Map Aditional data & testing



-New: Gods Blacksmith Shop
-New: Item Fire Lance (combine)
-New: Item Mystical Lance (combine)
-New: Item Wizzard Scepter (combine)
-New: Item Mystical Shield (combine)
-New: Item Mystical Claws (combine)
-New: Item Mystical Claws (combine)
-New: Item Leviathan Orb (combine)
-New: Item Wind Boots (combine)
-New: Item Angel Heart (combine)
-New: Item Ring Of Ancients (combine)
-New: Item Gods Amulet (combine)
-New: Hero Smith - Agent - melee STR
-New: Hero Seppiroth - Ex-Elite Corp - melee AGL
-New: Hero Dragnov - Magnataur Chief - melee STR
-New: Hero Betty - Pixie - range INT
-New: Hero Heretic - Shadow Dancer - melee STR
-New: Hero Zeratola - Dark Templar - range AGL
-New: Hero Krak - Master Grunt - melee Str
-New: Hero Velo - Storm Rider - range AGL
-New: Hero Red - Hell Spawn - melee AGL
-New: Hero Demonica - Mistress of Pain - range INT
-New: Hero Akama - Headhunter - melee STR
-New: Hero Nadja - Naga Summoner - melee STR
-Modify: Armour/AGL point increased from 0.12 to 0.17
-Modify: Reef Elemental speed increase
-Modify: Blood Stone increased price from 2000/20 to 2500/25
-Modify: Reduced Ghost Eye stun time from 5 to 4
-Modify: Increased Orb Of Corruption price from 600 to 800
-Modify: Orb of Fire area of effect increased
-Modify: Sobe skin changed
-Fixed: Chain Lightning
-Fixed: Some terrain problems (shadows)
-Modify: Reduced revive time from 180Max to 120Max
-Fixed: Copycat got 2 levels
-Fixed: Copycat shortcut
-Fixed: BioDefense learn shortcut
-Fixed: TechAttack shortcut
-Fixed: Spirit Beast shortcut
-Fixed: Divine Shield shortcut. Now on key V
-Fixed: Sword Master shortcut
-Fixed: Duplicate shortcut
-Fixed: Alien Acid shortcut and descriptions
-Fixed: Charge shortcut
-Fixed: Doom shortcut
-Fixed: Disease Aura learn shortcut
-Fixed: Flamer shortcut
-Fixed: Ninja Strike shortcut
-Fixed: Nature Wraith shortcut
-Fixed: Hurl Boulder and Cannibalise learn shortcut
-Fixed: Blaster shortcut
-Fixed: Money Steal shortcut
-Fixed: Command Aura learn shortcut
-Fixed: Nightmare clone shortcut
-Fixed: Rest in Hell shortcut
-Fixed: Rain healing shortcut
-Fixed: Fist of Justice shortcut
-Fixed: Cyberstomp shortcut
-Fixed: Sea Giant Behemoth mana from start was 0
-Modify: Curse time increased to 10
-Fixed: Dark Lieutenant had no level
-Modify: Reduced stock for Lieutenants from 200 to 150
-Modify: Reduced Hell Fire cooldown
-Modify: Ultimate creeps have now levels
-Modify: Decreased collision size for Pitlord and Dragnov
-New: Creep Master Ice Elemental for Jaina level 4
-New: Wave Wyrm Mega Ultimate
-New: Wave Forgotten One
-New: Spell Hell Machine
-New: Spell Charm
-Modify: Force of Nature increased cooldown
-Modify: Reduced the number of Treants summoned to 4
-New: Event MonkY comes and kill the Judge
-Fixed: Orb Of Corruption for Jaina Proudmoore, Angel, Garan
-Fixed: Orb Of Corruption for Betty, Archimonde, Hell Fire
-Fixed: Orb Of Corruption for Prince Of Legion, Terminator
-Fixed: Orb Of Corruption for Diabolist, Inferno, Velo
-New: Defender - Creep Orc Kodo Beast
-New: Defender - Makrura Tidal Lord
-New: Wave - Tanks
-Modify: Removed daodads at selection area for speed
-Fixed: Tons of optimisations to triggers
-Fixed: Memory leaks with some functions
-Fixed: Waves spawning to reduce lag
-Fixed: 2 Orbs can't buy Mystical Lance anymore
-Modify: Increased Commanders armour
-Modify: RegenX so it would not do trigger loops if not used
-Modify: Murlock skin changed
-New: Spell - Sonic Chain
-New: Spell - Knives Attack
-New: Spell - Dimensional Accolyte
-New: Spell - Bad Ward
-New: Spell - Shadow Skin
-Modify: Removed Judge skin
-Modify: Removed Arraka skin
-Modify: Not allowed to carry 2 special items at the same time
-Fixed: Tentacle towers no more considered as wards
-Modify: Increased Nuke cooldown from 220 to 250
-Fixed: Fireline
-Fixed: FireNova
-Fixed: Lots of bugs for 1.17 patch
-Fixed: Zagg HP in Zagg Element
-Fixed: Steal Soul
-Fixed: Hulk's Rage
-Modify: Increased DH armour into metamorphosis
-Modify: Increased Tinkerer armour in metamorphosis
-Modify: Slow reduced
-Fixed: Command Aura bug
-Fixed: Creeps Aura bug
-Fixed: Trueshot Aura bug
-Modify: Now Trueshot Aura also affects melee units
-Modify: Defenders Replenish Interval from 500 to 700
-Modify: Defenders Start Stock Delay from 900 to 1200
-Modify: Armour/AGL point increased from 0.12 to 0.19
-Fixed: Combine using same item bugs
-Modify: Enabled Morphing Flyers Land at Closest Position
-Fixed: Windwalk Backstab Damage
-Modify: Devotion Aura max armour is reduced to 10 from 12
-Modify: Chance to Miss (moving on high ground) from 25% to 35%
-Modify: Move Speed Bonuses now can stack
-Fixed: Ring Of Ancients description
-Modify: Impale also affects air units
-Modify: Increased defenders price from 1000/10 to 2000/20
-Modify: Terrain to allow ships and naval strategies
-New: Shop - Night Elf Shipyard
-New: Shop - Human Shipyard
-New: Shop - Undead Shipyard
-New: Shop - Orc Shipyard
-Modify: Increased Guardian mana cost from 100 to 120
-Modify: Increased Backstab damage from 125 to 200 maximum
-Modify: Increased Backstab mana cost from 75 to 90
-Fixed: Raven Metamorphosis casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Gargoyle Metamorphosis casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Doom Call casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Zagg Element casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Acid Alien casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Sword Master casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Minimoo casting time for lev 2
-Fixed: Hulk's Rage casting time for all levels
-New: Item - Rune of Shadows
-New: Jass Programming from Vexxorian (thanks a lot)
-New: Item - Grenade
-New: Spell - Big Slam
-New: Spell - Uppercut
-New: Unit - Battlecruiser
-New: Unit - Destroyer
-New: Unit - Qraser
-New: Unit - Frigate
-New: Unit - Battleship
-New: Unit - Juggernaught
-New: Unit - Katarsis
-New: Unit - Kil'tach
-New: Warning - 30 seconds before winged invasion
-Fixed: DragonHawk flying type
-Fixed: Gargoyle flying type
-Modify: Legion Attack max damage from 300 to 350
-New: Spell - Magnataur Call
-Modify: Added some towers
-New: Spell - Telekinesis
-Modify: Sky Chaos is back
-New: Item - Divinity
-New: Spell - Divinity
-New: Spell - Jump Attack
-Modify: Ghoul HP increased from 400 to 420
-Modify: Hulk's Anger max damage reduced from 400 to 300
-New: Spell - Siren Summons
-New: Spell - Naga Scout
-New: Spell - Hell Machine
-New: Item - Airstrike
-New: Item - Bomber
-New: Item - Gunship
-Modify: Increased Cannon HP from 500 to 800
-Modify: Reduced Arraka Regeneration Shard
-New: Spell - Succubus
-Modify: Fireline reduced a little
-New: Spell - Lights Wave
-New: Spell - Stone Crusher
-New: Spell - Vampiric Wave
-New: Unit/Defensive - Spike Bike/Spike Trap
-New: Defensive - Sentry Guns
-Modify: Murlock Mutant increased regeneration
-New: Spell - Crazy Attack
-New: Spell - Child Power
-New: Spell - Succubus Daemon
-Modify: Bounty now gives 1000/10 2000/20

-Fixed: 1.16a Blizzard patch compatibility
-Modify: Sharp Claws increased price from 1000/10 to 1200/12
-Modify: Improved Sharp Claws increased price from 1500/15 to 2000/20
-Modify: Advanced Sharp Claws increased price from 2500/25 to 3000/30
-Modify: Flamers increased HP from 120 to 150, damage from 30 to 35
-Modify: Lulu Fire increased from 300 to 400 damage
-Modify: Lulu Aeons increased damage from 60 to 70. Level 1 increased time
-Modify: Pandareen Storm, Earth & Fire get 2 levels
-Modify: Pandareen Storm, Earth & Fire increased damage & hp
-Modify: Increased Jaina Ice Elementals
-Modify: Spiked Carapace gets now 5,9,12,16 armour
-Fixed: Shockwave Shooter
-Fixed: Zalmoxes hammer
-Modify: Scroll of Speed priced reduced to 250 from 500
-Fixed: Lulu's Aoens couldn't be targeted
-Modify: Disease Aura reduced
-Modify: Raven Metamorphosis reduced time from 60 to 50
-Modify: Blake Critical Strike X reduced to max 3 times
-Modify: Blake AGL/level reduced from 1.8 to 1.7
-Fixed: Reward for Couatl Holy
-Modify: Castle armour reduced from 50 to 40
-Fixed: Kaboom for Sammy
-Modify: Reduced armour/AGL point from 0.15 to 0.12
-Modify: CryptLord increased movement from 310 to 320
-Modify: Commando skin/model replaced by Captain
-Modify: Fireline increased cooldown from 100 to 130
-Modify: Healing wave now heals upto 8 targets
-Modify: Murlock increased AGL/level from 1.6 to 1.7
-Modify: Meteor fall increased damage area
-Modify: Kil'jaeden increased AGL/level from 1.5 to 1.6
-Modify: Nature Wraith gets level 2
-Modify: Attila Firepower increased price from 5000 to 6000
-Modify: Darktouch increased damage from 300 to 350
-Modify: All heroes got corrected type names
-Modify: Some optimisations made, reducing map size with 100KBytes

-Fixed: Flamer select
-Fixed: Flamer shortcut
-Fixed: Healing Shard cannot heal buildings anymore
-Modify: Proudmoore Sword master decreased cooldown from 1.1 to 1.0
-Fixed: Dark Ranger Black Arrow added damage
-Modify: Owls reduced HP
-Modify: Force Field can be casted on air units
-Modify: Removed Scepter of Mastery
-Modify: Battle Roar reduced damage
-Modify: Crypt Lord increased defense from 4 to 6
-Modify: Banshee removed
-Modify: Shockblaster reduced more
-Modify: Scout reduced summon time from 60 to 50
-Modify: Increased Cryptlord Tentacles
-Modify: Jaina Proudmoore increased movement from 290 to 310
-Modify: Jaina Blizzard increased damage
-Modify: Ice Elemental increased damage/hp
-Modify: Ancient of Wind skin removed
-Modify: Black Arrow spell now gives 3 Dark Minnions at level 4
-Modify: Chain Lightning now on shortcut C
-Modify: Nightmare defense base increased from 3 to 5
-Modify: Last 2 events only add 1 creep for each corridor instead of 2 17.5F
-Modify: Reduced Hero revive time from 180 to 120
-Modify: Tome of Agility increased from 400/400 to 450/550
-Modify: Atribute Bonus increased from level 6 to Level 8
-Modify: Attribute Bonus reduced AGL level up
-Modify: Attribute Bonus starts from hero level 4 instead of 6
-Modify: Defense Bonus per Agility Point from 0.30 la 0.15
-Modify: PotM AGL/level changed from 1.6 to 1.7
-Modify: Frost Movement Speed Reduction changed from 0.50 to 0.40
-Modify: PotM Movement Speed modified from 320 to 300
-Modify: Bird Of Pray final area damage increased from 150 to 200
-Modify: Bird Of Pray maximum distance reduced from 850 to 800
-Modify: Cyberwave final area damage reduced from 300 to 220
-Modify: Drunken Brawler Chance to Evade reduced from 0.35 to 0.30
-Modify: Increased Siphon Mana ammount
-Modify: Added level 2 to Murlock Mutant
-Modify: Reduced Critical Strike X
-Modify: Banish time reduced from 5 to 4
-Modify: Aeon time increased
-Fixed: Healing shard no longer heals buildings
-Added: New holy wave - Hyppogryph Rider Ultimate
-Added: New holy wave - Couatl Ultimate
-Added: New damned wave - Sky Barge Ultimate
-Added: New damned wave - Sapphiron Ultimate
-Fixed: Dragon Heart only affects creeps
-Fixed: Ghost missile animation
-Fixed: Goblin Airstrike button removed
-Modify: Shockblaster stun duration reduced
-Fixed: Rune of the Shadow
-Modify: Berserker animation
-Modify: Bloody Hit animation
-Modify: Monsoon cast range increased from 500 to 600
-Fixed: Tinker got STR based
-Modify: Cluster rockets price increased from 75 to 120
-Modify: Cluster rockets cooldown increased from 7 to 15
-Modify: Cluster rockets damage reduced
-Modify: CryptLord increased armour from 4 to 5
-Modify: Increased Orb Of Corruption price to 600
-Modify: Increased Castle armour to 50
-Fixed: Some unbalanced tower position
-Modify: Enlarged corridors
-Modify: Reselector area
-Modify: Aliens level 4&5 timings
-Modify: Reduced DND from 40% to 20%
-Modify: PoL Command Aura reduced from 40% to 30%
-Modify: Guardian increased mana cost from 75 to 100
-Modify: Death Lance from 300/500/600/800 to 200/400/600/800
-Modify: Alien Acid increased attack cooldown from 1.3 to 1.4
-Modify: Goblin Blaster increased range attack from 450 to 500
-Added: Sound announcement when Atomic Nuke is casted
-Modify: Advanced Sharp Claws increased price
-Added: Script to not allow more than one Creep Claw at a time
-Modify: Reduced Disease aura damage
-Modify: Lavara damage reduced
-Modify: Cyberstomp reduced stun time
-Fixed: Chain Lightning animation
-Modify: Chain Lightning increased damage from 300 to 350
-Fixed: Random Selector completelly redone
-Modify: Monsoon increased max damage from 40 to 60
-Added: New spell - Force Field
-Modify: Changed Cyrax Thunderclap with Force Field
-Added: New spell - Money Steal
-Modify: Changed Sobe Phase Shift with Money Steal
-Modify: Changed Commando Stealth Towers with Money Steal
-Modify: Nuke cooldown availability increased
-Modify: PotM attack cooldown reduced from 2.2 to 2.0
-Modify: Warden STR/level increased from 2.4 to 2.8
-Fixed: Warmaster sound set
-Modify: Bear Metamorphosis now gets 4 level
-Modify: Bear Metamorphosis attack cooldown reduced
-Modify: Increased Blake attack cooldown from 1.77 to 1.85
-Modify: Commando name changed to Stealth
-Modify: Stealth movement speed increased from 320 to 330
-Fixed: Some descriptions
-Modify: Force Field increased cooldown
-Modify: Force Field decreased time
-Modify: Zolt the General increased STR/level from 2.8 to 3
-Modify: Nightmare Bash attack reduced chances, increased damage
-Modify: Replaced Thral Earthquake with Elemental Fury
-Modify: Bottom heroes position to be choosed better
-Modify: Shockwave Blaster reduced damage by 50%
-Added: New spell - Nightmare Clone
-Modify: Replaced Warstomp with Nightmare Clone
-Added: New spell - Flamer
-Modify: Replaced Zuhx Warstomp with Flamer
-Modify: Silvanas Dark Ranger increased atk range from 600 to 700

-Lite version
-Fixed: Walking Protectors
-Fixed: Nuke Cooldown
-Modify: Tower Defense cooldown reduced from 3000 to 1000
-Modify: Guardian Defense cooldown reduced from 3000 to 1000
-Modify: Death And Decay reduced damage to buildings
-Fixed: Some descriptions
-Fixed: Warden melee
-Modify: Increased cost for Tome Of Elders after winged
-Modify: Cannon damage increased from 60 to 80
-Fixed: Chimaera attack
-Modify: Aliens reward is bigger now
-Fixed: Lavara stun forever
-Fixed: Firekill stun forever
-Fixed: Snipe stun forever
-Fixed: Cyberhand stun forever
-Fixed: Doom Call level 2
-Aded: New Protector Skin
-Added: New Icon Alien
-Added: New Icon Blake
-Added: New Icon Cow
-Added: New Icon Cyrax
-Added: New Icon Nightmare
-Added: New Icon Ninja
-Added: New Hero Nightmare
-Added: New Hero Alien
-Added: New Hero Tinker
-Added: New Hero Warmaster
-Added: New defense spell Airstrike
-Added: New Spell Sneak Attack
-Added: New Spell Hardskin
-Added: New Spell Zergs
-Added: New Spell Acid Alien
-Added: New Spell Shock Blaster
-Added: New Spell Pocket Factory
-Added: New Spell Cluster Rockets
-Added: New Spell Engineering Upgrade
-Added: New Spell Robo-Goblin
-Added: New Item Sharp Claws
-Added: New Item Improved Sharp Claws
-Added: New Item Advanced Sharp Claws
-Added: New Item Rune Of The Shadows
-Added: New Item Scepter Of Mastery
-Added: New Item Blood Stone
-Added: New Item Dragon Heart
-Added: New Item Iron Skull
-Added: New Item Mask Of Fury
-Added: New Item Evil SpellBook
-Added: New Item Holy SpellBook
-Added: New Icon Agility Ring
-Added: New Icon Strength Ring
-Added: New Icon Inteligence Ring
-Fixed: Some Stone Ramps could be destroyed
-Modify: Guardians increased damage from 200 to 300
-Modify: Random for new heroes
-Added: Descriptions for new heroes
-Modify: Fountains now only heal friend units/heroes
-Fixed: Fountains super fast healing
-Modify: Cluster Rockets number and damage increased
-Modify: Gargoyle food reduced from 8 to 7
-Modify: Judge in hope of reducing disconnect
-Modify: Nightmare got from AGL to STR
-Modify: Alien got from AGL to STR
-Modify: Increased damage for Cluster Rockets, reduced number
-Modify: Removed Ancient Protector skin
-Modify: Cannons increased armour from 2 to 4
-Modify: Improved Clockwerk Goblins
-Modify: Improved Engineering Upgrade
-Modify: The Judge reduced speed from 400 to 290
-Modify: The Judge increased HP from 25000 to 40000
-Modify: Fireline reduced cooldown
-Fixed: Command Aura redone
-Fixed: Some Descriptions
-Modify: Increased Ring prices
-Modify: Reduced Critical Strike X
-Modify: Replaced Acid Disease with -20% Damage to enemy
-Modify: Critical Strike X reduced time
-Modify: Disease Aura reduced damage
-Modify: Removed Airstrike
-Fixed: Monsoon Level 4 back to 50 damage from 20
-Fixed: Chimaera now can attack units
-Modify: Wirt's leg reduced cost from 150 to 125 wood
-Modify: Steelskin reduced cost from 100 to 90 wood
-Modify: Sharp Claws from 1000/20 to 1000/10
-Modify: Improved Sharp Claws from 2000/30 to 1500/15
-Modify: Advanced Sharp Claws from 3000/40 to 2000/20
-Modify: Blood Stone from 4000/20 to 2000/20
-Modify: Dragon Heart from 2000/20 to 1000/10
-Modify: Iron Skull from 2000/40 to 2000/20
-Modify: Mask Of Fury from 3000/30 to 2000/20
-Modify: Nuke Start Stock Delay increased
-Modify: Removed Holy/Damned Spell Book
-Modify: Fountains double mana/heal regeneration rate
-Fixed: Pendant of mana description
-Modify: Alien Acid form reduced attack cooldown from 1.1 to 1.3
-Fixed: Alien icon in Acid form
-Modify: AGL/STR ring reduced price from 80 to 75 wood
-Modify: Tinker transformed from INT to STR base
-Modify: Pocket Factory got level 4
-Modify: Cluster Rockets got level 4
-Modify: Engineering Upgrade got level 4
-Modify: Alien Acid aura reduced from 20% to 10%
-Modify: Bash Attack for Nightmare reduced change to stun
-Modify: Phase Shift modifed duration and cooldown
-Modify: Pandareen STR/level reduced from 3 to 2.8
-Modify: PoL AGL/level reduced from 2.0 to 1.8
-Modify: Admiral Proudmoore Attack cooldown from 2.0 to 1.9
-Modify: Arraka Attack cooldown from 2.28 to 2.1
-Modify: Sobe Attack cooldown from 2.2 to 2.1
-Modify: Raptor Attack cooldown from 2.2 to 2.15
-Modify: Alien Attack cooldown from 1.72 to 1.9
-Modify: Sylvana Darkranger Attack cooldown from 2.42 to 2.15
-Modify: Judge now stays in game only for only 5 minutes
-Modify: Judge improved damage
-Beta test version for Blizzard 1.15 patch

-Beta test version for Blizzard 1.15 patch

-Modify: Increased movement on Wings Of Revenge
-Modify: Increased movement on Wings Of Fury
-Modify: Reduced price for Wings Of Revenge by 10 wood
-Modify: Reduced price for Wings Of Fury by 10 wood
-Fixed: Bug with Wings animation attached to targets
-Modify: DragonHawk Rider attack range from 300 to 650
-Modify: Faerie Dragon attack range from 300 to 600
-Modify: Couatl attack range from 300 to 550
-Modify: Chimaera attack range from 850 to 550
-Modify: Gargoyle attack range from 400 to 600
-Modify: Troll Batrider attack range from 300 to 650
-Fixed: Giant Polar Bear reward bug
-Added: New shop - Defense Line
-Added: New tower - Power Guardian
-Added: New tower - Black Guardian
-Added: New tower - Tidal Guardian
-Added: New tower - Protector
-Added: New creep - Cannons
-Added: New item - Atomic Bomb
-Fixed: Naga food cost
-Fixed: Some triggers optimisations to improve memory usage
-Fixed: Cloaking forever invisibility bug
-Modify: Overlord Arachnatid cannot be raised or decayed
-Modify: Giant Behemoth cannot be raised or decayed
-Modify: Enraged Jungle Stalker cannot be raised or decayed
-Modify: Brood Mother cannot be raised or decayed
-Modify: Wirt's Leg price reduced to 150 wood
-Modify: Ring of INT/AGL increased from 50 to 60
-Modify: Ring of INT/STR decreased from 60 to 50
-Fixed: Snipe is now on key "E"
-Fixed: Snipe doesn't stun anymore
-Fixed: DL Sleep description
-Modify: Raptor Roots has now metal armour
-Fixed: Deadly Roots now on key "O"
-Modify: Wand of Wind maximum stock equal to 15
-Modify: Healing shard increased time
-Modify: Healing shard key is now "D"
-Fixed: Gul'dan can heal now his summoned units
-Modify: Slow
-Modify: Lavara
-Modify: Charge on key "C"
-Fixed: Converted Big Warrior damage
-Modify: Changed Blake Critical Strike to X version
-Modify: Critical X increased damage from 400 to 450
-Modify: Blake STR/level increased form 2.0 to 2.2
-Modify: Cyberwave reduced range
-Modify: Town Portal increased cooldown
-Modify: Death Lance reduced from 400/200 to 300/150
-Modify: Jumpers HP increased from 900 to 1200
-Modify: Increased Zalmoxes price from 90 to 100 wood
-Modify: Increased Armour of Gods price from 75 to 85 wood
-Modify: Added Tome of Elders after winged
-Modify: Removed Scepter of Healing from Judge
-Modify: Judge now gives 10000 gold for his death
-Modify: Medivh Metamorphosis reduced from 70 to 60
-Fixed: Some wave timings

-New: Hulk Icon
-New: Blake Icon
-New: Kimahri Icon
-New: Event - Alien attack
-Modify: Wings of Fury for Holy transformed in Wings of Revenge
-New: New graphics for Wings of Revenge
-Fixed: Firekill doesn't stun anymore
-Fixed: Cyberhand doesn't stun anymore
-Fixed: Critical X doesn't stun anymore
-Fixed: Arraka got proper name
-Fixed: Blake got proper name
-Fixed: Sobe got proper name
-Fixed: Raptor got proper name
-Fixed: Commando got proper name
-Fixed: Kabal description fixed
-Fixed: Dreadrlord Gargoyle Form firing with dragons
-Fixed: Dreadrlord Gargoyle Form stuck while casting
-Fixed: Raven Metamorphosis stuck while casting
-Modify: Critical X changed from T to X hotkey
-Fixed: Couatl target now as ground
-Modify: Critical X can now be casted on buildings
-Fixed: Faerie Dragon target now as ground
-Fixed: Troll Batrider target now as ground
-Modify: Chimaera doesn't have 2 attacks now
-Modify: Slow Aura now increases area over levels
-Fixed: Pain Under damage reduced
-Modify: Fireline increased damage from 450 to 550
-Modify: Fireline increased range and decreased cooldown
-Fixed: Lavara description
-Fixed: Demonic Shock icon
-Modify: Zagg Element reduced time
-Modify: Demonic Impale increased stun time
-Modify: Orb Of Fire reduced price to 1000
-Modify: Kimahri and Blake got increased attack range from 175 to 200
-Fixed: Added descriptions for all 8 new heroes
-Fixed: Added the new 8 heroes in random selector
-Modify: Teleport increased range
-Fixed: Ancient Hydra now can be hit by Holy Light
-Modify: Stealth Towers reduced damage from 40 to 30
-Modify: Stealth Towers reduced HP from 900 to 500
-Fixed: Possible fix for Judge disconnect
-Fixed: Kil'jaeden book of dead summon forever
-Fixed: Chimaera second attack
-Fixed: DH spell descriptions

-Modify: Scepter of healing no more available in shop
-Modify: Scepter of healing is now given when Judge dies
-Modify: Scepter of healing gives half healing now
-Fixed: Sniper cost fixed from 8 gold to 800 gold
-Modify: Wand of illusion removed
-Modify: Cooldown of lesser rune ressurection increased from 30 to 50
-Modify: Price of lesser rune ressurection increased
-Fixed: Cold Arrows description
-Fixed: Hulk Terror level 4 fixed
-Modify: Tranquility healing points increased
-Modify: Tornado has decreased cooldown from 120 to 100
-Modify: Tornado has decreased manacost from 200 to 160
-Fixed: Devotion aura level 2,3,4 was not persistent forever
-Modify: Devotion aura increased armour bonus from 10 to 12 points
-Modify: Pandareen Drunken haze reduced from 70% to 55%
-Modify: Altars, Pig Farm, HighElven Farm can now be used by units
-Fixed: Advanced Megadeth Towers combat aquisition range from 1000 to 1300
-Modify: Earthquake area increased from 300 to 450
-Fixed: Earthquake level 2
-Fixed: Force of Nature has now 4 levels
-Modify: Blizzard damage building incresed from .50 to .75
-Aded: New Spell Life Call
-Modify: Paladin Earthquake replaced with Life Call
-Modify: Kabal exchanged Endurance Aura with Demonic Impale
-Modify: Bloody Hit increased total maximum damage
-Modify: Terminator Detonation cast time increase from 1.33 to 1.8
-Modify: Clarity potion cost increased with 50
-Modify: Mirror Image cooldown decreased from 35 to 27
-Modify: Berserker damage taken reduced
-Aded: New Spell Darktouch
-Modify: Exchanged Evil Arthas Mana Burn with Darktouch
-Modify: Banish duration decreased
-Modify: Only one Flag is bought automatically for both sides
-Modify: Removed Draenei Stalker
-Modify: Jim Raynor HP Regen rage decreased from 2 to 1.5
-Modify: Cyrax AGL/lev increased from 1.5 to 2
-Modify: Warden AGL/lev increased from 1.5 to 1.8
-Modify: Thunder Clap increased damage from 200 to 220 and slow time
-Modify: some heroes size and daodads rearranged, optimised terrain
-Fixed: Inferno Sound set
-Fixed: Doom Call level 2 fixed
-Fixed: When commanders come out, the creeps summoned same time don't die
-Modify: The Judge got HP decrease from 50000 to 25000
-Modify: Avatar of Vengeance type of attack changed to Chaos
-Modify: Mimic time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
-Fixed: Naga Sea Witch circle selector fixed
-Fixed: Now Damned healing works on Naga Sea Witch
-Modify: Inferno STR start reduced from 21 to 18
-Fixed: Metamorphosis for Illidan has now 2 levels
-Fixed: Monsoon spell level 2-4 range fixed
-Added: Toranaga Firepower has now frost attack
-Added: Attila Firepower has now fire attack
-Added: New Item Wings Of Fury
-Added: New Hero Commando
-Added: New Hero Moonblade
-Added: New Hero Kimahri
-Added: New Hero Mooouren
-Added: New Hero Arraka
-Added: New Hero Blake
-Added: New Hero Sobe
-Added: New Hero Raptor
-Added: New Spell Fingers
-Added: New Spell Critical X
-Added: New Spell Blaster
-Added: New Spell Blood Missile
-Added: New Spell Critical Strike
-Added: New Spell Phase Shift
-Added: New Spell Corrupt Nature
-Added: New Spell Nemesis
-Added: New Spell Slow Aura
-Added: New Spell Pain Under
-Added: New Spell Black Storm
-Added: New Spell Larva Charge
-Added: New Spell Deadly Roots
-Added: New Spell Moon Charge
-Added: New Spell Fireline
-Added: New Spell Minimoo
-Added: New Spell Cloacking
-Added: New Spell Moon Revenge
-Added: New Spell Mirror Image
-Added: New Spell Evade
-Added: New Spell Teleport
-Added: New Spell Tower Builder
-Added: New Spell Moon Wave
-Added: New Spell Lavara
-Added: New Spell Cow Stomp
-Added: New Spell White Aura
-Fixed: Some button textures missing
-Fixed: Some heroes textures missing
-Fixed: Goblin Sappers on holy side
-Added: New creep to hire on holy side: Coautl
-Added: New creep to hire on holy side: Faerie Dragon
-Added: New creep to hire on holy side: Dragonhawk Rider
-Added: New creep to hire on damned side: Chimaera
-Added: New creep to hire on damned side: Troll Batrider
-Added: New creep to hire on damnend side: Gargoyle
-Fixed: Lavara stun fixed
-Fixed: Fireline stun fixed
-Modify: Lavara added casting time
-Modify: Lavara damage area reduced
-Modify: Lavara damage/boulder reduced from 50 to 30
-Modify: Slow aura reduced from max 25% to 15%
-Modify: Minimoo attack cooldown increased
-Fixed: Minimoo spells same as Moouren
-Modify: Moon Revenge from max 50% to 35%
-Modify: Teleport mana cost increased, cast range decreased
-Fixed: Commando Towers not building bug fixed
-Fixed: Deadly Roots casting time for level 2 fixed
-Modify: Deadly Roots increased duration
-Modify: Healing Ward Aura reduced amount of HP regen
-Modify: Bladestorm time increased
-Modify: Black Storm time increased
-Modify: Commando Towers now different levels, but only 1 tower
-Fixed: Teleport hotkey bug
-Fixed: Cow Stomp hotkey bug
-Modify: Transformed Slow Aura into Slow spell
-Fixed: Darktouch hotkey bug
-Modify: Critical X improved damage
-Modify: Treant and Corrupted Treant armour set to 2
-Modify: Mega Treant and Corrupted Mega Treant armour set to 3
-Fixed: Sky Tears don't take forever now
-Fixed: Raven Metamorphosis spell
-Modify: Exchanged Mimic with Gargoyle Metamorphosis
-Modify: Moonblade starting STR increased from 16 to 19
-Fixed: Bloodmage chaos attack
-Fixed: Healing Shard
-Modify: Replaced Tower Builder with Stealth Towers
-Fixed: Cloaking forever bug
-Modify: Blake INT/lev reduced from 2.25 to 1.8
-Fixed: New creeps balanced 16.2b-16.8b
-Beta test versions 16.1F
-Modify: Naga Seawitch HP increased from 475 to 525 from start
-Bugfix: Shops can't be destroyed by special spells (like Sacrifice)
-Bugfix: Modified damned reselect area so Pit Lord should fit :)
-Modify: Dire Mammoth for level 3 and 4 increased attack damage
-Modify: Sammy Smittereens increased attack range from 350 to 450
-Modify: Duke Nukem increased attack range from 350 to 450
-Modify: Phoenix increased damage from 60 to 80
-Modify: Phoenix increased HP from 1250 to 1500
-Modify: Guardian number of balls increased with 1 for each level
-Bugfix: Dark Ranger Life Drain damage/mana cost fixed
-Modify: Naga Seawitch regeneration increased from 0.5 to 1
-Modify: Sylvanas Windrunner changed from INT to AGL based
-Modify: Kryton Revenger defense bonus increased
-Modify: Finger Of Death range reduced from 600 to 400
-Modify: Blink cooldown increased
-Modify: Terminator attack range decreased from 500 to 450
-Modify: Ghost Eye increased stun time
-Modify: PotM AGL start increased from 19 to 21
-Modify: PotM AGL/level increased from 1.5 to 1.6
-Modify: Proudmoore Sword master cooldown decreased from 1.2 to 1.1
-Modify: Drunken Haze change to miss maximum from 50% to 70%
-Modify: Lulu Ultimate Aeon summoned time increased from 20 to 30
-Modify: Stoners attack/area improved
-Modify: Dendroid King AGL/lev increased from 1.5 to 1.7
-Modify: Town Portal spell cooldown and mana cost increased
-Modify: Flame Strike damage increased
-Modify: Added start stock delay for Lieutenants
-Modify: Proudmoore Summon bear mana cost reduced from 125 to 100
-Modify: Proudmoore Bears damage increased
-Modify: Vampiric Aura lvl4 attack damage stolen reduced from 50% to 25%
-Modify: Bird Of Pray lvl4 damage increased from 350 to 380
-Modify: Snipers price reduced from 1000/10 to 800/8
-Bugfix: Snipe shortcut moved on E key
-Modify: Spell of Revival increased replenish interval from 300 to 400
-Modify: Succubuss armour increased from 2 to 4
-Modify: Starfall has now 2 levels
-Modify: Starfall area increased from 900 to 1300, mana cost reduced
-Modify: Frost Arrow damage increased
-Bugfix: Some description fixes
-Corrected: Vampiric Aura from 25% to 35%
-Modify: Mannoroth Spirit Beasts mana cost reduced from 125 to 100
-Bugfix: Medivh Raven Form fixed spells
-Modify: Devotion Aura from 6 to 10 bonus
-Added: Item Warsong Battle Drums
-Added: Item Wand of Illusion
-Added: Item Scroll of Speed
-Added: Item Dagger of Escape
-Added: Item Amulet of Spell Shield
-Added: Item Ancient Janggo of Endurance
-Added: Item Doom-Doom
-Added: Item Sceptre of Healing
-Added: Item Crystal Ball
-Added: Item Rune Of Lesser Ressurection
-Added: Item Inferno Stone

-Proudmoore Sword Master increased attack cooldown from 0.9 to 1.2
-Damned Hell'nar increased attack cooldown from 1.0 to 1.3
-Dendroid King attack cooldown reduced from 2.46 to 2.3
-PotM attack cooldown reduced from 2.46 to 2.2
-Death Lance range reduced from 800 to 600
-Death Lance range increased mana cost from 75 to 90
-Lieutenants damage reduced from 150 to 100
-Lieutenants price increased from 1500 gold to 2000 gold
-Lieutenants increased food cost
-Sacrifice increased damage area
-Sacrifice cooldown fixed
-Rings stock cooldown reduced from 800 to 500
-Sappers can attack buildings now
-Cyberstomp description fixed
-Steal Soul became normal spell
-Trapper bacame level 6 spell - ultimate
-Forked Lightning damage and number of targets increased
-Frost Arrows mana cost reduced from 10 to 7
-Tornado has now 2 levels
-Tornado mana cost reduced
-Chain Lightning mana cost reduced from 120 to 110
-Chain Lightning level 4 damage increased from 250 to 300
-FuryStrike damage increased
-Strength Of Justice level 2 damage bonus increased from 130 to 150
-Crypt Lord Tentacles have now 20 armour bonus
-Carrion Beetle increased attack base
-Cpt. America Fist Of Justice improved
-Owl Scout Level 3 attack cooldown reduced from 1.8 to 1.4
-Medic range attack increased from 350 to 500
-Terminator range attack increased from 350 to 500
-Random selector modified

-Kryton Doom Lightning increased damage and area
-PotM speed base increased from 290 to 310
-Claws of Attack +25 damage fixed
-Demonic Shock damage fixed
-Modified towers position so that creeps do not stuck between
-Town Portal mana cost fixed
-Cyberwave now affects structures and mechanical units
-Only 2 flags are now automatically bought
-Sky Chaos removed
-Healing Wave animation fixed
-Last 2 waves can't be possesed anymore
-All buying creeps can now be healed by their owner
-Naga Royal Guard selection fixed
-Ring of AGL/INT now costs 50 wood
-Ring of STR/INT now costs 60 wood
-Ring of STR/AGL now costs 70 wood
-Kryton starting AGL increased from 14 to 19
-Ghost Eye stun duration reduced
-Chain Lightning increased damage
-Chain Lightning now on key L
-Atomic Shadow increased damage
-Some arts modified
-Cyberquake replaced by CyberStomp
-New item: Book of the Spirit (like Book of the Dead)
-New spell: Defensive Burrow for Crypt Lord
-Some terrain modifications

-Recompressed the textures and saved about 100KBytes
-Random selection array fixed
-Life Regeneration Aura increased range from 500 to 600
-Mana Regeneration Aura increased range from 500 to 600
-Some daodads removed to reduce memory usage and lag for slow computers
-Now the buildings are symetrical on each sides
-Sky Chaos reduced to 1 minute
-Reincarnation cooldown increased from 240 to 300
-Cloak Of Flame increased damage from 10 to 20
-Cloak Of Flame area damage from 160 to 250
-Cloak Of Flame price increased from 450 to 1000 gold
-Claws Of Attack damage increased from +15 to +25
-Skeletons from Raise Dead damage and hp increased
-RegenX description fixed
-Tome Of The Elders price reduced to 1200 gold and 1 wood
-Some optimizations made to reduce chance for disconnect bug
-In time creeps from barracks and towers increase power
-Proudmoore Sword Master cooldown reduced with 10%
-Death Lance now has same damage/heal as Holy Light
-Demonic Shock increased range from 600 to 700
-Demonic Shock increased damage from max 200 to 300
-New Hero Spell: Town Portal
-Mana Feedback replaced by Town Portal
-Jim Raynor and Chaos Space Work attack range increased from 500 to 600
-Ghost Eye level 4 damage increased from 400 to 450
-Drunken Haze change to miss maximum from 80% to 50%
-Wolverine starting stats fixed
-Peasant, Bloodfiend, Harpy Windwitch, Demolisher
-Rock Golem, Banshee, Forest Troll Berserker are now damned/holy sided
-Xigfrid's Ogre Magi, Forest Troll Priest are now damned/holy sided
-Ogre Mauler, Hydralisk are now damned/holy sided
-Peasants Chieftain, Snap Dragon are now damned/holy sided
-Naga Royal Guard, Red Dragon Whelp are now damned/holy sided
-Succubus, Draenei Stalker are now damned/holy sided
-Goblin Sapper, Sniper are now damned/holy sided
-Cyberwave spell completelly modified

-New Event: Sky Chaos
-New Item: Tome Of The Elders
-Hulk range attack fixed
-Blademaster range attack set to 150
-Ninja range attack set to 150
-The new waves introduced in 15.4F should give correct lumber ammount
-Zagg Element level 2 fixed
-Zagg Element duration reduced
-Finger Of Death damage increased
-Fury fixed
-Weather effects fixed
-Meteor Fall modified to use another structure
-Pendant of Mana increased from 300 to 500 mana bonus
-Wand of Neutralization fixed
-Lieutenants replenish interval reduced
-Mountain Giants increased damage
-The Judge got modified (more AI added)

-New Holy Wave: Sea Giant Behemoth
-New Holy Wave: Overlord Arachnathid
-New Damned Wave: Enraged Jungle Stalker
-New Damned Wave: Brood Mother
-New Event: Sky Tear
-New Item: Talisman Of Evasion (upto 20% chance attack missed)
-Spell Of Revival maximum on stock: 1
-Spell Of Revival replenish time increased
-Charge increased damage to *8
-Divine Shield time reduced
-Shield Of The Ancients reduced
-Death Coil damage levels now same as Holy Light
-Gul'dan description fixed
-Towers Frost attack fixed
-Blue Dragonspawn Overseer position of spawn fixed
-Death Lance increased damage/healing
-Mimic cooldown increased
-Carrion Swarm level 4 increased
-Fan of Knives damage and cooldown increased
-Cyberwave modified to deal damage faster
-Permanent Fire Immolation area reduced from 220 to 150
-Summon Fire Elements cooldown increased
-Banish cooldown increased, duration on hero decreased
-DND Building reduction halfed, range for level 2 decreased
-All wave timings modified (they come earlier)
-Death Lance description fixed

-Attack chances to miss over MK fixed
-Attack chances to miss over Dendroid King fixed
-Attack chances to miss over Archimonde fixed
-Dark Lieutenant can now use Slow Attack
-Maximum Spell Of Revival on stock is now 2
-Only one TP can be carried now
-Trapper increased damage per second, reduced time
-Evil Arthas attack cooldown reduced from 2.33 to 2.1
-Evil Arthas attack range from 100 to 170
-Hell'nar should be able to use orbs while in Damnation form
-Skeleton Warrior reward fixed
-First attempt to fix Meteorite and Steal Soul Ultimates
-Illidan AGL/level increased from 1.5 to 2
-Demonic Shock mana cost reduced from 100 to 80
-Advanced Megacold Towers HP increased from 2500 to 3000
-Advanced Megacold Towers now has Frost Nova effect
-Advanced Megacold Towers defense from 10 to 30
-Banzai Abdominals costs from 500/5 to 300/5
-Banzai Infernals costs from 500/5 to 300/5
-Dead Sapphirons costs from 1000/15 to 800/5
-Infernal Juggernauts costs from 700/10 to 500/5
-Nether Dragons costs from 1000/15 to 800/5
-Void Walkers costs from 700/10 to 500/5
-Fountains now regenerate life and mana 25% faster
-Royal Guardian defense from 20 to 40
-Legion Guardian defense from 20 to 40
-Immolation area of effect increased
-Cyberwave lv4 damage increased from 350 to 400
-RegenX now also regenerates mana (20MP/sec)
-Entangling roots now also increased damage with level
-Bloody Hit max damage increased from 300 to 350
-Flame Strike and Detonation increased area with level

-Divine Shield fixed
-Summon Bear now have 4 levels
-Disease Aura fixed
-Terror fixed
-Goblin Mine fixed
-Book Of The Dead improved
-Raven Metamorphosis reduced
-Ancient Hydra is back...
-New messages show to players
-More timings added to sold items
-Holy side wood lost bug fixed
-Kaboom fixed
-Draenei Seer number fixed
-Hydra and Dragon Turtle can't be possessed anymore
-Added Magic Sentry to some towers
-Advanced MegaCold Towers HP increased
-Sludge Monstruozity direction of attack solved
-Advanced MegaDeath Towers range and damage increased
-Diabolist STR/level set to 1.3
-Lich INT/level set to 3
-Diabolist INT/level set to 2.8
-Massive Mana Burn costs now 220 Mana
-Black Arrow level 4 now summons 2 Dark Minion's
-ANK now restores 3000 HP and 1500 MP
-Gem Of Health now costs 1500 gold and 3 wood
-Hell Fire area of effect made smaller and cooldown reduced
-Mana Burn maximum drained for level 4 is 400MP
-Fire Arrow stun duration reduced
-New: Spell Of Revival - Power Of The Ank
-Curse reduced even more
-Shield Of The Ancients reduced time and mana cost
-Mannoroth Spirit Beast improved

-Bugtest version

-Trapper TP bug solved
-Biodread icon bug fixed
-Starscall level 2 fixed
-Impale should now work ok
-ANK now restores 4000HP
-Curse drastically reduced
-Blood Elf Lieutenant should be ok now
-Carrion Swarm affecting friendly units fixed
-Ancient Hydra replaced by Makrura Deepseer
-2 Enhanced Boots of Speed in stock at start
-Commanders on both sides should have the same stats
-Serpent Wards improved
-Cold Arrows improved
-Some terrain adjustments
-Some triggers causing memory leaks solved
-Jumpers made more simple now. No more disconnect
-Alchemy now gives you 6 wood for 800 gold
-Stone Boulder Level 4 fixed
-Snipe cooldown reduced
-Jump cooldown reduced
-Rest In Hell now also restores mana
-Impale damage increased a little, reduced stun for heroes
-Savage improved
-Iproved 1.14b compatibility
-Stoner improved a little
-Some towers in base defense increased damage

-Sword Master attack cooldown increased
-Possesion level creeps set from 5 to level 4
-Terror added target: not self
-Impale added target: not self
-Trueshot aura fixed (hopefully)
-Vampiric aura fixed (hopes again)
-Ensnare Level 4 fixed
-Banish Level 3 and 4 fixed
-Hurl Boulder Level 4 fixed
-Prince Of Legion Command Aura fixed
-Dendroid King Shield of the Ancients fixed
-Goblin Mine fixed
-Hex cooldown increased
-Hex Duration for normal units reduced
-Dark Forces Commander Damage set same as Light
-Carrion Swarm target modified
-The Judge changing sides time increased
-Cannibalize fixed
-Curse time reduced
-Ancient Hydra point value reduced
-Summon Fire Elements cooldown reduced
-Siphon Mana now also drains life
-Frost Nova damage increased, mana cost decreased
-Flag bug on the good side fixed
-Cannibalize HP/sec recover increased
-Rest In Hell increased HP recovery
-Diabolist AGL/lev decreased (see the stats)
-Ninja AGL/lev increased (see the stats)
-Archimonde AGL/lev decreased (see the stats)
-Taureen AGL/lev decreased (see the stats)
-Zolt The General AGL/lev decreased (see the stats)
-Dendrodeath set HP Regen to 0.5
-Diabolist set HP Regen to 1
-Hell Fire Infernal set HP Regen to 1
-Crypt Lord set HP Regen to 1
-Dreadlord set HP Regen to 1
-Archimonde set HP Regen to 1
-Hulk set HP Regen to 1.5
-Mercury set HP Regen to 1
-Wolverine set HP Regen to 1
-Stoner set HP Regen to 2
-Yogi set HP Regen to 1
-Angel set HP Regen to 1.25
-Jim Raynor set HP Regen to 2
-Orcki set HP Regen to 0.5
-Lich set HP Regen to 1.5
-Duke Nukem set HP Regen to 1
-The Judge stats modifed
-Mana feedback fixed (hopefully)
-Fire Arrow stun duration/damage reduced
-Fan Of Knives damage increased
-Buzdook set INT/level to 1.5

-Improved compatibility with 1.14b Blizzard's patch
-CyberHand corrected: doesn't stun anymore
-FireKill corrected: doesn't stun anymore
-Ank of Reincarnation now restores upto 2000 HP
-Tome of Strength cost increased by 50 gold
-Tome of Agility cost increased by 100 gold
-Town Portal fixed
-The Judge modified a little
-Summon Fire Elemental fixed
-Raise Dead and Raise Deads fixed
-Stone Boulder fixed
-Tech Attack fixed
-Bash and Roots Bash fixed
-Bird of Pray maximum damage is 350
-Light and Dark Forces Commander can't be possesed anymore.
-Hydra and Dragon Turtle shouldn't be able to be possesed anymore.
-The Judge shouldn't be able to attack castles anymore
-Solved shadow problems
-Faceless creep is now undead
-Jumper mana initial ammount changed to 500
-Sniper mana initial ammount changed to 500
-Skeleton Warriors have now 500HP
-Trapper TP bug fixed
-Disease Aura fixed
-Command Aura fixed
-Ensnare fixed
-Killer Ball fixed
-Shockwave fixed
-Summon Fire Elements cooldown increased
-Gul'dan attack distance reduced to 500
-Feral Spirit improved summoned units
-Raven Metamorphosis now has 2 levels and adds Chaos damage.
-Spell Of Alchemy - Lumber gives you now 5 lumber for 800 gold.
-Spell Of Alchemy - Gold gives you now 800 gold for 10 wood.
-Mirror Image cooldown increased.
-Sleep cooldown increased.
I need your help/report on this version. 1.14b changed all the spell variables.
Please post your bug reports.

-Improved compatibility with 1.14 Blizzard's patch:
:Set new game constants values
:Attack Speed Bonus per Agility Point = 0.02
:Enemy Inventory Display = True
:Food Limit = 25
:Hero Maximum Level = 100
:Movement Unit Speed - Maximum = 460
:Unit Maximum Level = 30
:Implanted .slk modified
-Savage doesn't go berserk anymore
-Claws Attack modified
-Biodread set as Undead
-Trapper added range modifiers by levels
-Using trapper disables TP
-Steal Soul now on "T" key

-Replaced random selection fire/light with daodads
-Trapper shorcut fixed
-Mammoth Guard shorcut is now on R key
-Steal Soul now on E key
-Meteorite is now on E key
-Giant Polar Bear reward reduced
-Hulk abilities rearanged
-Rage description added
-Mimics cooldwn increased
-Cyberwave fixed damage
-Demonic Shock fixed description
-Wolverine set on Agility base
-Orcki set on Strength base
-Demonic Sleep replaced by Sleep
-Dreadlord STR/level increased to 2.7
-Flags cost reduced
-Flags now give 30% to baracks creeps
-Mimics shorcut fixed
-Stoner has now Command Aura
-Garan manaburn replaced with Hex
-Added more chance for Bash to miss the effect
-Firebolt reduced a little
-Feedback reduced
-Lulu's Fire reduced to 300 damage
-Cyberhand cast range increased a little
-Starsphere mana cost reduced to 250
-Savage time reduced
-Claws Attack deals now random between 100-400
-Claws Attack do not stun the target anymore
-Storm Bolt stun time reduced over heroes
-Thunder Clap stun time reduced over heroes
-Ghost Eye stun time reduced over heroes, cooldown increased
-Stone Boulder stun time reduced over heroes
-War Stomp stun time reduced over heroes
-Hurl Boulder stun time reduced over heroes
-Aeon power and number reduced

-Using ZLIB-Deflate helps reducing the map size with about 85KB
-Re-organised all textures and models, reduced from 1.8MB to 1.4MB
-Added New Holy Hero - Mercury
-Added New Holy Hero - Wolverine
-Added New Holy Hero - Hulk
-Added New Holy Hero - Lulu
-Added New Damned Hero - Biodread
-Added New Damned Hero - Orcki
-Removed Arthas and Shandris
-Tauren Chieftain Str per level reduced to 3
-Melee heroes movement speed increased
-Ranged heroes movement speed decreased
-Illidan range attack fixed
-Tauren Chieftain range attack fixed
-Kryton attack speed set to 1.8
-Hell'nar attack speed set to 1.9
-Angeline attack speed set to 1.95
-Kabal attack speed set to 2
-Mountain King attack speed set to 2.1
-Proudmoore King attack speed set to 2
-Archimonde attack speed set to 2.3
-Hell Fire Infernal attack speed set to 2.1
-Buzzdook attack speed set to 2
-Blood Mage attack speed set to 2
-Warden attack speed set to 1.8
-Pandaren attack speed set to 2
-Yogi attack speed set to 1.9
-Jaina attack speed set to 1.9
-Malfurion attack speed set to 1.9
-Sylvanas attack speed set to 2
-Terminator attack speed set to 1.9
-Dendrodeath attack speed set to 2.1
-Dark Ranger, Archimonde, Dreadlord, HP regen type set to always
-Cryptlord, Diabolist, Lich, Death Knight, HP regen type set to always
-Cyrax, Illidan, PotM, Malfurion HP regen type set to always
-Modified selections effects to improve memory usage
-FireKill level 4 reduced damage
-Zalmoxes price is now 6000 gold and 90 wood
-Attila price is increased with 10 wood
-New Item: Enhanced Boots Of Speed
-New spells: Rage, Terror, Anger, Meteorite
-New spells: CyberHand, Biodefense, Tech Attack
-New Spells: CyberWave, Mimics, Fire, Aeon, Savage
-New Spells: Claws Attack, Steal Soul, Speed Aura, Mammoth Guard
-New Spells: Trapper, Cyberquake
-Earthquake improved
-Fire Arrow and Firebolt corrected
-Fire Elements reduced HP and damage
-Garithos Knigts HP and armour reduced
-Number of summoned tuskarrs reduced to 2
-Stoners HP reduced
-Summoning Stoners cooldown increased
-Bird Of Pray mana cost increased to 110
-The Judge now gets on every side to help/attack
-Sacrifice gives reward now
-Sacrifice got two levels

-Some descriptions fixed
-Removed Heavenguard - saved 240KBytes
-Optimisations made to terrain/triggers to improve memory usage
-Soul Release Wisp cannot build anymore (if tome of retraining used)
-Brute replaced by Inferno model
-Firekill animation fixed
-Removed SpellBreakers
-The Judge added
-Gul'dan attack is now Hero type
-"Triple Bounty" becomes "Double Bounty"
-Movement Bonus Per Agility Point Modified to be 0.01
-Mannoroth attack changed from normal type to hero type
-Green Dragon can now be attacked by melee heroes
-6 Harpy Windwitch on stock from the beginning
-Harpy Windwitch food incresed to 5
-6 Snap Dragon on stock from the beginning
-Snap Dragons food incresed to 5
-Snap Dragons reward increased
-Orb Of Lightning attack damage fixed
-Fire Elements modified
-Call To Arms modified
-Summon Tuskars modified
-Fury now has 2 levels (decreased cooldown and added damage)
-Hell'nar Damnation range and speed reduced a little
-Evasion for Inferno replaced with Endurance Aura

-Hell'nar name fixed
-Dendrodeath name fixed
-Snap Dragon selection bug fixed
-Snipe cooldown reduced, shortcut key on "N"
-Sniper HP increased to 900
-Jumper HP increased to 900
-More descriptions fixed
-The bug of getting 2 heroes from start removed
-Hydra Hatchling selection bug fixed
-Cyrax bug using Fury "hopefully" fixed
-Ring of Intelligence/Agility not giving strength fixed
-Some items stock delay reduced
-Alchemy Gold: create 700 gold for 10 wood
-Alchemy Wood: create 5 lumber for 700 gold
-Goblin Mine cooldown/mana cost reduced
-Kaboom Ultimate now has 2 levels
-Kryton movement/attack speed increased a little
-Storm, Earth & Fire improved
-Sylvanas Windrunner movement/attack speed increased a little
-Fury Strike now has 2 levels
-Drunken Brawler improved
-Carrion Swarm improved a little
-Latest heroes added in random selection

-Skeleton Warrior reward increased
-Guardian hotkey fixed - now on "G" key
-Grom gets his Mirror Image back :)
-Wave: fel stalker is now undead race
-Wave: fel stalker fury is now undead race
-Wave: vile tormentor is now undead race
-Wave: vile tormentor queen is now undead race
-Wave: Troll Headhunter is now undead race
-Wave: Troll Headhunter Chief is now undead race
-Wave: Ice Revenant is now undead race
-Wave: Faceless One Terror is now undead race
-Wave: Faceless One Deathbringer is now undead race
-Naga Frost Arrow increased damage
-Strength Of Justice increased damage
-Armor Of Justice increased armour
-Captain America speed/attack speed improved
-Spirit Shade replaced with Brute
-New Ultimate: Elemental Fury
-New Spell: Rest In Hell
-New Spell: FireBlast
-New Spell: Firekill
-New Spell: Summon Tuskarrs
-New Hero: St. Anger (Summon Tuskarrs, Fire Blast, Critical Strike, Elemental
-New Hero: Hell'nar (Firekill, Rest In Hell, Vampiric Aura, Damnation)
-Re-organised hero selection area
-Book Of The Dead now costs 600 gold (no wood :) )
-Summon Tuskarrs fixed
-Alchemy exchange reduced

-Alchemy: give 10 wood for 2000 gold
-Alchemy: give 2000 gold for 20 wood
-Book of the Dead cost 1 wood and 500 gold
-Skeleton Warrior reward increased
-Guardian hotkey fixed - now on "G" key
-Grom gets his Mirror Image back :)
-Wave: fel stalker is now undead race
-Wave: fel stalker fury is now undead race
-Wave: vile tormentor is now undead race
-Wave: vile tormentor queen is now undead race
-Wave: Troll Headhunter is now undead race
-Wave: Troll Headhunter Chief is now undead race
-Wave: Ice Revenant is now undead race
-Wave: Faceless One Terror is now undead race
-Wave: Faceless One Deathbringer is now undead race
-Naga Frost Arrow increased damage
-Strength Of Justice increased damage
-Armor Of Justice increased armour
-Captain America speed/attack speed improved
-Spirit Shade replaced with Brute
-New Ultimate: Elemental Fury
-New Spell: Rest In Hell
-New Spell: FireBlast
-New Spell: Firekill
-New Spell: Summon Tuskarrs
-New Hero: St. Anger (Summon Tuskarrs, Fire Blast, Critical Strike, Elemental
-New Hero: Hell'nar (Firekill, Rest In Hell, Vampiric Aura, Damnation)
-Re-organised hero selection area

-Selection Area improved
-Legion Guardian HP is now 5000
-Black Citadel HP is now 15000. Improved autorepair
-Royal Guardian HP is now 5000
-Castle HP is now 1500. Improved autorepair
-Finger Of Death level 2 does now 700 damage
-Garithos Knights damage reduced 35
-Mega Fire Elements damage reduced to 60
-Created Proudmoore Ultimate spell: Sword Master
-Created Zagg Ultimate spell: Zagg Element
-Cleaving Atack area increased
-Description fixed
-Doom Call mana cost increased
-Summon Fire Elements shortcut bug fixed
-Random Selection completelly redone

14.0 Final
-Reduced number of Draenei Seer (reduce lag)
-Improved Draenei Seer and set as undead forces
-Inferno General set as undead
-Blue Dragonspawn Overseer set as undead
-Sludge monstruosity set as undead
-Ancient hydra set as undead
-Nerubian spider lord set as undead
-Nerubian spider lord reward increased
-Arachnathid Earth-borer set as undead
-Revenant of the Tides set as undead
-Reef Elemental set as human
-Tuskarr Sorcerer set as human
-Giant Polar Bear set as human and increased reward
-Dragon Turtle set as human
-Enraged Wildkin set as human
-Magnataur Destroyer set as human
-Mega Fire Element improved
-Lord Garithos Summon Fire replaced with Call To Arms
-Heavenguard and Inferno improved
-Weather effects removed for reducing lag
-Sacrifice improved

-Creeps giving too much wood as reward fixed
-Summon Fire Elements cooldown increased
-Fire Elements damage increased
-Copycat description fixed
-Mirror Image description fixed
-Vertigo fixed
-Hydra selection fixed
-Doom Call fixed
-Improved Force Of Nature

-Demonic Sleep improved
-Buzzdook spells bug solved
-Dragon Turtle selection bug solved
-Starsphere cooldon decreased
-Added some new waves
-Dreadlord Mimic bug solved
-Grom Improved Mirror Image fixed
-Gul'dan movement speed increased
-Exchanged Gul'dan Fire Elements with Garithos Fire Elements :)
-Fire Elements cooldown increased a little
-Grom Hellscream get undead type (for heal, dead coil to work on orc heroes)
-Command Aura now gets 4 levels
-Force Of Nature: Trents improved
-Lich Movement speed increased
-Garan Flamewave exchanged with Scout
-Guldan Earthquake exchanged with Thrall Tranquility
-Prince Of Legion gets Doom Call
-All damned heroes are now undead race (for heal, coil, etc)
-Murlock gets back his Hurl Boulder
-Added new unit for hire: Sniper
-Added new unit for hire: Jumper
-Random and Reselect Hero fixed
-Descriptions fixed

-Generals attack changed from hero type to chaos type
-All heroes description should now be ok
-Minor building adjustments
-Watch Tower HP increased from 500 to 600
-Earth-Fury Tower HP increased from 1000 to 1200
-Dalaran Guard Tower HP increased from 1000 to 1200
-Guard Tower HP increased from 5000 to 600
-Demon Hunter exchanged (back) from Summon Fire to Demonic Impale
-Demonic Impale damage increased, distance and stun time decreased
-Lord Garithos Demonic Impale exchanged with Summon Fire Elements
-Lord Garithos Shockwave replaced by ManaBurn
-Charge over Shockwave bug fixed
-Charge icon position fixed
-Death Lance fixed
-Archimonde got back his Inferno Ultimate
-Stampede spell improved
-Dreadlord ultimate is now Mimic
-Jumping Murlock desynch fixed (i hope)
-Blademaster has now Improved Mirror image (3 mirrors at level 4)
-Orb Of Lightning damage bonus increased to 20
-Orb of Corruption fixed
-Heroes killing give u now 500gold/5wood before and 1000/10 after dday
-Added Spell Immunity to generals
-Removed Arena due to lag and too many bugs
-Removed some daodads, improved memory leaks
-Guardian mana cost increased
-Reward description fixed

-Added new spell: Murlock Jump - damned
-Added new spell: Demonic Sleep - damned
-Added new spell: FlameWave - damned
-Added new spell: Starsphere - holy
-Added new spell: Guardian - holy
-Added new spell: Sacrifice - holy
-Added new spell: Fire element - holy
-Added new spell: Charge - holy
-Added new spell: Mimic - damned
-Goblin Mines at level 4 fixed
-Summon stoners solved
-Added 4 Sky Tower Defense for Holy Forces
-Added 4 Tentacle Tower Defense for Damned Forces
-Paladin new range: 150
-Mountain King new range: 150
-Demon Hunter new range: 150
-Lord Garithos new range: 150
-Warden new range: 150
-Pandaren Brewmaster new range: 150
-Druid of the claw new range: 150
-Cyrax new range: 150
-Admiral Proudmoore new range: 150
-Captain America new range: 150
-Beastmaster new range: 150
-Death Knight new range: 150
-DreadLord new range: 150
-Mur Slimemouth new range: 150
-Crypt Lord new range: 150
-Blademaster new range: 150
-Pit Lord new range: 150
-Zolt The General new range: 150
-Kil'Jaeden new range: 150
-Zuhx The Explorer new range: 500
-Jim Raynor new range: 500
-Dendrodeath attack speed increased
-Medic and Kryton exchanged from INT based to AGL based
-Revenger armour reduced max from +20 to +15
-Selection over the head bug solved
-Added new item: Biogenerator
-Storm Bold level 4 damage is now 400
-Nr of tomes on stock increased and cooldown decreased
-Dark Lieutenant improved a little
-Added general: Heavenguard
-Inferno is now general
-Sleep spell exchanged with Demonic Sleep
-Added spell: Vertigo (Cyclone based)
-Tornado modified
-Bloody Hit improved
-Berserker time increased
-Orb Of Corruption improved
-Orb of Fire improved
-Orb of Frost price increased to 1000
-Ancient Hydra selection bug solved
-Dendrodeath Corruption area reduced
-Demon Hunter Demonic Impale replaced by Summon Fire Elements
-Lord Garithos Raise Dead replaced by Demonic Impale
-Lord Garithos Avatar replaced with Charge
-Dreadlord Sleep replaced by Demonic Sleep
-Murlock Boulder replaced by Murlock Jump
-Garan Scout replaced by Flamewave
-Jim Raynor Ensnare replaced by Guardian
-Arthas Ressurection replaced by Starsphere
-Angel Duplicate replaced by Sacrifice
-Archimonde Inferno replaced by Mimic
-Kil'Jaeden Aura replaced by Vertigo
-Armour Of Light Attack price reduced
-Summon Stoners cooldonw increased a little

-Ancient Sasquatch removed Ressurection
-By request, Blademaster has now back his Mirror Image spell
-Added 2 MegaCold Towers in defense of both forces
-Modified & Added some waves
-Terrain improvements
-Added Hero Garan (Holy Light, Scout, Manaburn, Tornado)
-Added Hero Stoner (Stone Boulder, Summon Stonners, Devotion Aura, Rain Healing)
-Added Hero Dendrodeath (Corruption, Raise Dead, Critical Strike, Ancient
-Added Hero Buzzdook (Killer Ball, Fast Time, Frost Nova, Copycat)
-Goblin Mine improved
-Raise Dead bug fixed
-Stars Call description fixed
-Berserker description fixed
-Balistic Attack description fixed
-Berserker and Bloody hit shortcut fixed
-Cenarius & Maghteridon Spell Immunity removed

-The heroes now can carry only one sword and one armour at a time
-Jaina description fixed
-Jim Raynor range increased
-Stars Call Ultimate improved
-Selectors changed, give players the same chance to get his hero
-Terrain modifications
-Avatar Ultimate improved
-Added new hero: Kabal (Bloody Hit, Berserker, Endurance Aura, Avatar)
-Added new hero: Zagg (Ballistic Attack, Cleaving Attack, Banish, Reincarnation)
-Breath Of Fire improved
-Revenger Armour bonus reduced
-Castle and Black Citadel upgraded from 8000 to 10000HP
-Steelskin corrected
-some spells description corrected
-Succubus attack increased
-Added options to leaderboard. Just type "board on/off"
-Added some small waves of creeps
-Naga Royal Gurd cost now 1200

-Legion Attack range reduced. Damage from 400 to 300 level 4
-Re-selection bug fixed
-The shops cannot be seen bugs solved
-The rings bug solved
-The armour not giving you correct stats bug solved
-Increased the cost of some armour and swords
-Runed Bracers added
-The Hero description fixed
-Dark Forces Commander improved stats
-Light Forces Commander improved stats
-Adv. Death Towers replaced with Adv. Megadeth Towers
-Inferno changed with Spirit Shade
-Dark Lieutenant ability changed to Frost Attack
-Damned Side Megadeth Towers bug solved
-Temoved Spell Imunity from Commanders
-The heroes now can carry only one sword and one armour of a type

-Bugtest version

-Bird Of Pray maximum damage from 500 to 400
-added 2 Death Towers in defence for the Holy/Damned Forces
-terrain improvements
-Spell of Invulnerability removed from the altar
-Lieutenants belong now to the players that summoned
-Lieutenants have now only Frost Bolt ability
-added weather effects
-Added Spell Of Alchemy - Gold
-Added Spell Of Alchemy - Lumber
-Cenarius improved
-reduced lietenants HP to 2500
-Bird of Pray cooldown and mana cost increased.
-Hex range increased
-Gul'dan has now Death Coil ability
-Prince of Legion Deatch Coil exchanged with Legion Attack
-summoned skeleton warriors/archers bounty increased
-Fire Nova shortcut moved from "N" to "E" key
-Avatar Ultimate increased
-Vengeange Ultimate summoned units increased to 2
-Raven Morhp increased from 500 to 800 HP bonus
-Jim Raynor Ultimate is now "Stars Call"
-Red Dragon Whelp HP increased to 550
-Harpy Windwitch decreased HP to 550
-Light Forces Commander HP increased to 3000
-Dark Forces Commander HP increased to 3000
-Jaina Blizzard spell improved
-Entangling roots damage increased, duration decreased
-Added Mystical Blacksmith
-Added Magical Blacksmith
-Added Ghoaul Sword
-Added Santex Sword
-Added Nemesis Sword
-Added Toranaga Sword
-Added Attila Sword
-Added Zalmoxes Sword
-Added Armour of Light Attack
-Added Armour of Strength
-Added Armour of The Mages
-Added Armour of Rock
-Added Armour of The Gods

-the summonings are now cheaper
-invulnerability duration shortened
-lieutenants improved
-Death Coil is now back on 800 damage :)
-the altars are now visible only for their designated forces
-Terrain improvements
-Sylvannas black arrow level 4 spell fixed :)
-fixed bug when random could choose 3 heroes at a time
-Royal Guardian Tower improved
-Legion Guardian Tower improved
-Entangling Roots now affects flying units also
-Harpy Windwitch increased HP to 600
-Ghost Eye moved on a more accesible key: "T"
-Meteor Fall fixed

-Healing Wave shortcut back on "E" key
-Ghost Eye shortcut on key "G" key
-Demon Hunter Immolation replaced with Demonic Impale
-Demon Hunter Manaburn improved
-Kryton new abbility: Doom Lightning
-Towers now cost less money
-Added Summoning Altar
-Added Banzai Infernal to Summoning Altar
-Added Infernal Juggernaut to Summoning Altar
-Added Nether Dragon to Summoning Altar
-Added Blood Elf Lieutenant to Summoning Altar
-Added Banzai Abdominals to Summoning Altar 500
-Added VoidWalkers to Summoning Altar
-Added Dead Sapphirons to Summoning Altar
-Added Dark Lieutenant to Summoning Altar
-Added Spell Of Healing Holy Light/Damned Souls
-Added Spell of Invulnerability Holy Stone/Dead Power
-Vampiric Power Item now costs 115 Wood
-Added loading bars, changed minimap

-Roots Bash made more efective
-Bird of Pray damage from 300 to 500
-Solved Dendroid King shortcut problems
-Massive Mana Burn shortcut corrected
-Rain of fire shortcut corrected
-Shield of Justice, Strength Of Justice shortcut added
-Healing Wave shortcut back on "H" key
-Ghost Walk on "W" key
-Hell Fire spell reduced damage
-PoTM gets Fire Arrow (Firebolt with increase damage/stun)
-Hex reduced range/time
-Kryton disease aura increased power
-Increased Bounty Hunter reward for heroes creeps
-Angel Lightwave increase from 350 to 400
-Revenger spell increased Armour bonus
-Massive Mana Burn increased
-Medivh Raven Metamorphosis improved
-Death Coil reduced from 800 to 700
-small terrain adjustments
-Inferno primary attribute changed from Agility to Intelligence

-corrected bugs in Angeline shortcuts
-New Hero: Inferno (Hell Fire, Death Lance, Evasion, Death Call)
-added spell imunity to Magtheridon, Cenarius, Light Force Commander, Dark Force
-second attempt to remove Kaboom bugs so goblin sappers back to 300 gold :)
-Kryton speed and Disease Aura increased
-Increased Bounty Hunter reward for heroe creeps
-exchanged Kryton Steal Life with Revenger Armour
-Shandris Combat range reduced from 650 to 550
-PoL Coil from 500 to 800 damage as holy light is 800 :)
-Atomic Shadow spell for Angeline corrected, increased damage/time
-Dendroid King Shield corrected (i hope)

-changed P hotkey for Bird Of Pray
-New Undead Hero: Agh'N'Jar (Dead Walkers, Death Lance, Bone Shield, Death Frenzy)
-New Holy Hero: Angeline (Ghost Eye, Healing Wave, Ghost Walk, Atomic Eye)
-Pol reduced Death Coil damage/heal from 800 to 500
-corrected random choices
-made Shandris a little weaker (decreased range and str upgrade)
-Vampiric Power item now costs 100 wood
-goblin sappers now cost 500 gold
-first attempt to remove Kaboom and meteor fall bugs

-New Holy Hero: Dendroid King (Bird Of Pray - Shields Of The Ancients - Roots Bash
- Nature Wraith)
-New Undead Hero: Kryton (Carion Beetle - Disease Aura - Thorns Aura - Locust
-Mirror image reduced from 3 duplicates to 2 and increased duration
-Captain America Shield of justice increased maximum Defense from 12 to 18
-Royal Guardian Tower reduced HP from 4000 to 3500
-Legion Guardian Tower reduced HP from 4000 to 3500
-Vampiric Power item has now abillity to regenerate 10HP/seccond
-Druid Of The Claw Bear Form duration made a little longer

-changed Jaina Proudmoore Ultimate spell from Frozen Charge to Duplicate
-reduced the cost of Book of dead from 600 to 500
-some cosmetic changes
-Angel's Lightwave from 400 maxim damage to 350 and Fire Nova from 250 to 200
-New Holy Hero: Shandris (Hex, Shadow Strike, Critical Strike, Mass Teleport)
-New Undead Hero: Takada (Wind Walk, Fan of Knives, Evasion, Ninja Strike)

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