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Mindful Monday: Jack Canfield- Activate The Law

of Attraction
Posted on September 30, 2013
Happy Monday Cupcakes!
First off this week, I am happy to announce that the Introduction to Immensely Social video is up on the about
page. Yay! Please share and introduce everyone you know to this delightful little blog
Alright, now that I got that out, I want to share another video with you today. I realize its Monday and you may not have
time to watch it today, as its a bit long. I highly encourage you to return and watch it when you can.
I took lots of notes and gleaned a ton from my time spent over the weekend listening to Jack! You can catch some of
the highlights below, but again I encourage you to see for yourself! It really wasnt much about the title either if you are
leery of that sort of thing
Jack Canfield Activate The Law of Attraction
Immensely Social
Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers
of Life, Art, & Fun
Some Key Points for Activate The Law of Attraction
When you have lower self-esteem, you dont take as many risks. You have less to lose.
The acronym Jack used was developed by Dr. Sydney B. Simon to help children learn to value themselves. If you are
an educator, check out this article on using IALAC to help students develop and maintain self-worth IALAC
To make positive changes in your life and make them stick, you must be able to say, I am Lovable and Capable!

Step away from the Tube
Clement Stone called the TV the income reduction box. Jack Canfield calls it the self-esteem reduction box. Either
way, cutting down on tv time, gives you more time to work on yourself, often leading to greater happiness and self-
The average person watches 4-6 hours a day. Try eliminating at least an hour.
Work on your subconscious before bed. Visualize the way you want the next day to go.
Include a Daily Hour of Power
20 Minutes a day of meditation
20 Minutes a day of exercise
20 minutes a day of reading
Expand Yourself as a Person!
Only YOU can work on yourself!
You cant hire someone else to do your push ups for you. ~Jim Rohn
E+R=O Event+response + outcome
We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control our response, which in turn affects the outcome.
Exercise your power of Choice and Will- choose to be deliberate thinkers, choose your emotions by choosing your
thoughts. This doesnt mean you ignore negative feelings, just choose to deal with them when and where its
Be Careful About Your Relationships
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. ~Jim Rohn
Who do you want to meet and spend time with. (Personally~People who are loving, successful, and expanding!)
Do not let other peoples opinion of you run you!
As much as possible, avoid negative people. But, when they do come into your life, theyre the event and youre the
response. You can respond the way you choose!
Remembering this is a must
We all want love in our lives, someone to love us unconditionally. That is what you deserve and that is what you
need to find.
Your comfort zone is like a thermostat.
You must work to raise that thermostat/comfort zone higher and higher!
You have a comfort zone for how much intimacy you allow. You have a comfort zone on how much attention you can
receive without being uncomfortable. You have a comfort zone on how much money you will allow, how much health,
abundance, etc.
The things that determine your comfort zone:
1. Your Beliefs
2. Your Self-Talk
3. Your Self-Image
Any change by its nature is uncomfortable. To make changes in our lives, there are some principles we need to accept
and follow.
Principle #1
Take 100% responsibility for your life and your results.
Blaming is putting the power outside of you, which makes you a victim. Own your life the way it is and accept the
responsibility for it.
Part of owning responsibility means keeping agreements with yourself and others. Remember you have the NO option.
If you say yes to everything, you over extend yourself.
If you cant make your commitments, own it, and let anyone you need to, know as soon as possible.
It is a matter of making a choice of who you are going to be in the world!
If you keep on doing what you have always done, youll keep on getting what youve always got!
It is not what people say to you. It is your response, your self-talk that determines the way you feel.
No one can upset you, unless you have the ability to be upset. Unless there is an area in your life where you are unsure
of yourself.
Getting Caught in the Gap ~ happens when you compare yourself to how far you still have to go, rather than looking
at how far you have come.
Focus on your successes, rather than your failures!
Nature abhors a vacuum, so if we are to make positive changes, we must practice The Law of Replacement!
Negative patterns must be replaced with positive practices, otherwise there will be that vacuum space and old patterns
will just flow back in.
Spend 40 Days on Positive Changes to Make them Really Stick!
Mirror Exercise:
Stand in front of a mirror before bed and do the following
1. Say your name
2. Appreciate yourself, acknowledge your accomplishments for the day
Disciplines Kept
Temptations resisted
3. Say I Love You
You cannot allow more love into your life than you love yourself. It will just feel weird and out of your comfort zone, if you
dont practice self-love.
Shift the inner critic to the inner coach.
Practice writing down your daily victories.
The Positive Focus Process:
1) What did you accomplish today?
2) Why is that important
3) What is further progress you could make in that arena of your life?
4) What specific action can you take to further your progress?
Daily Gratitude:
Focus on what blessings you already have in your life.
Principle #2
Use Only Positive Self-Talk!
Stop the negative loop
Change your self-talk
Change your self-image
Change your behavior
Work to eliminate the wordscant and try
Add Up until now when you here yourself saying something that you no longer want as your reality.
Principle #3
Acknowledge your Strengths!
Make a list of 25 core strengths
And 3-4 abilities that come naturally to you
Base your work around those, as much as you can
Have focus days to get yourself on track. Enjoy more free days, and less buffer days.
Delegate buffer days, tasks that someone else can do, freeing yourself to do more of what you love and are good at.
Make a list of 20 things you love to do and do at least one a day!
Clarify Your Vision: 7 Categories
Ask Two years from now, what would have to be happening in this area of my life for me to feel satisfied?
1. Financial
2. Business & Career
3. Fun Time
4. Health and Fitness
5. Relationships
6. Personal
7. Contribution (Legacy)
Make it specific!
High achievers set measurable goals and objectives. Write it down and review regularly!
Make a list of 101 goals you want to achieve before you die
Pick 3-4 of them to focus on each year
Note: Things will come up that make you feel you cant achieve them, but set high goals anyway, because it will make
you grow into a bigger person!
2 x a day, when you wake up and before bed, when you are in that alpha brain wave state, take your list of goals and
see yourself having all ready achieved them. Feel proud, make it feel real, hear people congratulating you, etc.
Your mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined event and a real event.
When your vision doesnt match your realty, you get structural tension.
Structural tension is the desire, shift in perception, expanded creativity from holding that focus, increased motivation!
This causes you to take action, which leads to > results!
Rejection is a myth, If the world says no, you say next! Practice asking for what you want!
Principle #4
Respond to Feedback
Ask, On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the quality of ___? and What would it take for me to make it a 10?
Dont be afraid what youll hear. Otherwise youre the only one that doesnt know.
If you dont find out, you cant fix it.
Celebrate your successes and enjoy them!
Take the time to implement these principles and watch as your world changes! Come back and review this post when
needed and dont forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts, progress, and successes!
Make your dreams come true for the child within you! The best is yet to come!!!
Have a fun-filled, fabulously fantastic week my friends!
Dont forget to like & share this post!
XOXO, Hil <3
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