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December 25, 2007

To all parties concerned

Company Name Fujitec Co., Ltd.
Representative Takakazu Uchiyama
President & Chief Executive Officer
Code No. 6406
Listed on TSE 1, OSE 1
I nquiry Yoshio Kitagawa
Executive Operating Officer,
General Manager, Finance HQ
(TEL 0749-30-7111)
Purchase of Fujitec Shares by Riverbank Holdings Corporation
and UT Park View, I nc.
Riverbank Holdings Corporation (RHC) and UT Park View, I nc. (UTP), both of which
are US corporations, jointly submitted a report on large shareholdings to the Kanto Local
Finance Bureau on December 21, 2007. According to this report, RHC purchases 11.17%
of Fujitec shares, and they will jointly hold 15.97% of Fujitec shares, including the 4.8%
investment that UTP already had.
We understand that there has been no official public announcement concerning these
purchases other than the above report on large shareholdings. We would however like to
inform you of the facts that we know at this moment about the above share purchases as
We received a notice from Nippon Otis Elevator Co. (Nippon Otis) on December 20, 2007
and a notice on December 21, 2007 from RHC respectively that we believe are associated
with the above purchases of our shares.
The notice from Nippon Otis Elevator states that United Technologies Corporation
(UTC) agreed on December 14, 2007 to purchase a substantial portion of Daltons common
shares of Fujitec (no details about Dalton are available). By this purchase agreement,
UTC is to acquire about 15.97% of Fujitec shares. Nippon Otis is the J apanese subsidiary
of U.S.-based Otis Elevator Company, which in turn is a subsidiary of UTC.
Whereas, The notice from RHC states that RHC, which is an affiliate of UTC, entered
into a stock purchase agreement on December 14, 2007 with certain holders of shares of
Fujitec represented and managed by Dalton I nvestments LLC to acquire 10,477,000
shares of Fujitec. No further comment was made concerning the relationship between
RHC and UTC other than that RHC is an affiliate of UTC.
As has already been announced, Fujitec has received a friendly management and
employee buyout proposal from Dalton I nvestments LLC via the J MBO Fund Limited,
which is managed by Dalton I nvestments LLC. We are still at the stage of examining this
proposal, and Dalton I nvestments has given us no notification about its sale of our shares.
We will promptly make further announcements whenever a new finding is confirmed
about the above share purchases.
Sincerely yours,