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Criticism of the Poem

I want to start this criticism by stating first the guidelines that was set before the
construction of this poem which became the basis of the criteria for judging. The
standards that were set are: the poem should have a meter, rhyming scheme, a rhyme
and should observe poetic diction. It means to say that there is really a standard that is
being followed. However, based on my observation and thorough scrutiny, Ive found
out that the poem I have right now has no rhyme, rhyming pattern and poetic diction. 1
it has no proper rhyming. There are lines that are rhymed but there are also some which
are not rhymed. For example, the word beat and deep these words are being used in
the poem and they are also paired with each other. 2
, there is no rhyming pattern. This
poem has no rhyming pattern in the very sense that in the first stanza, the rhyme
pattern is a-a-a-a; however when it comes to second stanza the rhyme pattern is
already a-a-b-b. Wherein it shows that there is no definite rhyme pattern. And some of
the stanzas as well have no exact rhyme pattern where some of it has the rhyme
pattern of a-a-b-c, a-b-c-c in the succeeding stanzas of the poem.
Furthermore, it does not have a definite meter as well. The first stanza is an
iambic pentameter but when it comes to the second stanza it is not anymore an iambic
pentameter. It only clearly shows that this poem is free verse one. There is no system of
rules that is being followed. The author is free enough to express how she/he felt about
his/her poem. But it is much away on the instruction given; the instruction is it shouldnt
be free verse. On the contrary, on its poetic diction this poem uses conjunctions such as
even though and because which makes it somehow an essay type one. Most often
than not, when we are going to read a poem the first thing that we have to look at is the
title. When we find that the title is not that nice, we may not read at all. This poems title
does not have appropriateness to its poem. As a suggestion, the poems title should
somehow be revised.

Criticism on Short Story
As I was reading this short story, at first I just thought that she included an
introduction in her short story that serves an overview what it contains. However, on the
succeeding paragraphs, Ive found out that the contents are just the same. It came to
me that what the short story all about are all mere explanations and elaboration of the
title Last Heartache. And as to the elements of short story, let me begin by stating
what this poem lacks. It has no proper setting, character, dialogue, and lastly, the plot.
First, it has no proper setting. A story may or may not state the setting as long as it is
clear where the story took place. However, in this short story I could not identify where
the story really took place. It is not clear in the story about the atmosphere, weather
condition, time when story has taken place.
Second, there is no definite character. There are people mentioned in the story,
but they dont have any actions and portrayal in the story. They are just being
mentioned but after that they are all gone. It is not clear as well their role and what they
represent in story. Since there are no characters, then of course there is no dialogue.
Sometimes, the dialogue that somehow gives vivid understanding what is the story all
about. It censures also on the readers the feeling of each character through their
respective statements.
And lastly, there is no proper sequencing of events in the story. It begins with a
conflict until the end which states the same thing. It also begins with an explanation and
elaboration of the feelings of the author and it ends as well stating the same old thing. I
just wondered if how a short story can be called a short story if it doesnt have any plot.
Then I came to realization that this is not a short story maybe, but an essay on Last
Heartache, where the author included a lot of her experiences with a guy but it is not
stated in a story but in an essay.
In addition, Ive found out that there some grammatical errors and errors in
sentence construction. The story contains a lot of fragments and run-on sentences.
Each paragraph contains fragments. And some of the paragraphs contain run-on
sentences. This poem as well contains incorrect usage of punctuation marks. For
example, an ellipsis contains only three points but in the story, it uses seven or four
points to represent an ellipsis which is not the right. Another thing is, some of the verbs
do not agree with the subject. There are also redundancies of stating ideas. Some
points are being repeated in the succeeding paragraphs which make it redundant. And
last thing is, there is no parallelism in expressing ones idea.