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Noemi Great. I look forward to receiving it. Have you scheduled your next visit
to Hungary?
Michio Yes, Im !lanning to "e there in three weeks. I arrive on the #$th of March.
Noemi %he #$th of March. Good. How long can you stay?
Michio I can stay for three days.
Noemi %hats enough time for a team meeting.
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Mr &ecker Good morning. My name is Henry &ecker and, as you all know, Im the '() of
Hendix 'or!oration.
*o first, congratulations. +s recent graduates, you have all chosen to "egin your
careers with one of the worlds most res!ected manufacturing com!anies. %he
,o" market is tough these days and there is a lot of com!etition for every ,o". *o
youve already achieved a lot, ,ust "eing here today.
Honesty. +s a com!any, we "elieve in "eing fair and honest in "usiness. %his
means we ex!ect our em!loyees to deal honestly and fairly in every !art of
their work.
-uality. .e make some of the "est !roducts on the market in our sector. .hy?
&ecause we ex!ect our em!loyees to think a"out /uality in everything they do.
Innovation. %his means always changing and im!roving. .e im!rove as a
com!any "ecause we ex!ect our em!loyees to always make small im!rovements
in the way we work.
0ight. *o what makes Hendix 'or!oration a good com!any to work for?
1irst, were committed to teamwork and to fair treatment of all em!loyees.
*econd, we give our em!loyees a /uality work!lace. .e !rovide the "est
training and tools for our em!loyees. %his means you can do your ,o" well and it
also means you can develo! and follow a career !ath that we decide together.
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
%hird, we listen. *ome of our "est ideas come from our em!loyees. +t Hendix,
you and your ideas are one of the com!anys most im!ortant assets.
)nce again, welcome to Hendix 'or!oration.
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
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*andra Im *andra He""ert and this is Great Ideas, the show. Im talking today with
2hili!!e &oisseau, an award7winning furniture designer from 1rance.
Hello, 2hili!!e.
2hili!!e Hi, *andra. %hanks for having me on your show.
*andra %hanks for coming. Now, on Great Ideas, I always start the interview with this
/uestion8 .here do your ideas come from?
2hili!!e %hats a good /uestion, *andra. I think a lot of furniture designers are like artists.
1or those designers, designing a !iece of furniture is like !ainting. 1or them, its
a !iece of art. &ut for me, its a "usiness. I make things that !eo!le use every
day. *o I want them to "e useful and comforta"le and afforda"le.
*andra I see. .hat do you mean exactly when you say its a "usiness for you?
2hili!!e .ell, good "usiness starts with the market. I dont have an idea for a !iece of
furniture and then try to sell it. I want to meet a need in the market so I start "y
talking to !eo!le. I find out a"out the furniture they like and why they like it. I
ask them for ideas a"out furniture they would like to "uy 9 things that they cant
find in any furniture store.
*andra *o you look for a ga! in the market and then try to fill it?
2hili!!e (xactly.
*andra 'an you give us an exam!le?
2hili!!e Yes, I can. %wo years ago, I was doing research on living room furniture. My
chairs and sofas were selling well "ut I wanted to extend the !roduct range.
.hen I talked to !eo!le, I discovered that a lot of !eo!le wanted more storage
s!ace in the living room. :rawers, es!ecially.
*andra :rawers?
2hili!!e 0ight. &ut they didnt want to add a new !iece of furniture 9 a desk or a dresser
with drawers.
*andra );, so theres a need. More drawers in the living room. *o what did you do?
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
2hili!!e .ith my team, I looked closely at our !roducts that were already selling well 9
chairs and sofas. .e very /uickly saw that the "ottom !art of the sofa had em!ty
s!ace. If you need storage, em!ty s!ace is wasteful. *o we redesigned our sofa
and added drawers.
*andra + sofa with drawers? :idnt that look strange?
2hili!!e Yes, it did= .e really made a "reakthrough with that= %he market loved the new
design "ecause it was different 9 you could say a "it strange 9 "ut also very !ractical.
*andra +nd thats the design you won an award for, right?
2hili!!e Yes, thats right. %he (uro!ean 1urniture :esign +ward.
*andra %hats great, 2hili!!e. Now, I wonder if you could tell us a"out >
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
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+dnan +dnan Yilma@ s!eaking.
+gnes Hello, Mr Yilma@. %his is +gnes Yim calling from Hong ;ong.
+dnan )h, hello +gnes.
+gnes Id like to go over the arrangements for your visit, if you have a few
minutes now?
+dnan *ure, no !ro"lem.
+gnes );. .ell, the main event that youd like to attend is the Glo"al %rade *how at
the 'onvention 'entre, right?
+dnan Yes, thats right. %he show runs from *e!tem"er third through the sixth 9 thats
%hursday through *unday. Im giving a !resentation on the fourth.
+gnes I thought your !resentation was on the fifth?
+dnan No, its the fourth. Im going to listen to some other !resentations on the fifth.
+gnes );, fine. +nd when do you !lan to arrive in Hong ;ong?
+dnan Im !lanning to arrive on +ugust thirty7first. %hats > lets see > thats
a Monday.
+gnes 0ight, );. +nd you wanted me to schedule the meetings that week, right? )n
the days "efore the trade show?
+dnan Yes, thats right.
+gnes );. .ell, the new sales manager in the Hong ;ong office wants to s!end a"out
half a day with you. Hes ho!ing you can talk him through the new !roduct line.
+dnan +"solutely.
+gnes );. *o why dont we make that .ednesday >
+dnan %he second?
+gnes Yes, .ednesday the second of *e!tem"er, in the morning. +nd well
arrange lunch.
+dnan %hat sounds good.
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
+gnes Ill have to get "ack to you a"out the other meetings on the first and second.
+dnan );. Now, after the show, on the seventh, Im !lanning to go u! to the
*hanghai office.
+gnes *o you arrive there on the seventh?
+dnan Yes, thats right. %heyre also arranging some meetings for me.
+gnes );. +ctually, we thought you were going to *hanghai on the eighth, and weve
already set u! a half day for you on the seventh with the regional sales manager.
+dnan )h, right. );. 3ets see. .ell, Im sure I can change my *hanghai !lans. Ill go
u! there on the eighth. %hat wont "e a !ro"lem.
+gnes .ould you like me to get in touch with *hanghai and let them know a"out
the change?
+dnan .ould you? %hat would "e great. +nd could you let them know Im going to
need a day to recover? Id like to !lan a day off in *hanghai for .ednesday
the ninth.
+gnes );, no !ro"lem. 0ight. I think thats all we can do right now. Ill !ut together an
e7mail with the schedule weve agreed so far and you can check it. %hen after
weve made the arrangements for the other meetings, we can !ut together a
final schedule.
+dnan %hat sounds good, +gnes. %hanks a lot for sorting all of this out.
+gnes Its my !leasure, Mr Yilma@.
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
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Ingrid Good morning, everyone. Im Ingrid .atson and Im here to show you our latest
!roduct, the %I;7BB. Its high7tech and its attractive.
+s you can see, the %I;7BB looks like a high7/uality wristwatch with a
fashiona"le "lack7and7silver case and "and. &ut it does so much more than
a wristwatch.
3et me tell you a"out its s!ecial features. It has a wireless &luetooth headset and
its com!letely voice activated. You can use it to make !hone calls, send and
receive e7mails, "rowse the Internet and !lay music and videos. )h, and it also
tells the time= Its !erfect for wearing everywhere you go.
+ huge advantage of the %I;7BB is its small si@e. Its <$ millimetres long, ?6
millimetres wide and only A millimetres thick. It weighs ,ust ?6 grams. &ut this
com!act device can give you high7/uality sound, full7colour video and excellent
text reada"ility. +nd the long7lasting "attery gives you more than 56 hours of
talk time or <6 hours of music !lay"ack.
%he %I;7BB is !owered "y a fast micro!rocessor and it comes with A? giga"ytes
of memory. %his means its fast and relia"le. It comes with a full range of a!!s8
e7mail, calendar, address "ook and we" "rowser. .hats more, this ama@ing
device is com!etitively !riced at ,ust C<BB.
Im sure youll all want to try it for yourselves and, in a moment, Im going to
give you a chance to do that. &ut first, are there any /uestions?
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
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'laudia Max, 2aul, hello. 'an we start, !lease? );, the main aim of this meeting is to
talk a"out training. .e dont have a "ig training "udget 9 its a"out E##,666 for
the whole year. .e want to make good use of it. Max, what do you think?
Max Im in favour of sales training. %he sales team is doing well "ut Im sure we
could im!rove our !erformance. %here are some very good courses availa"le.
2aul I dont know a"out that, Max. I feel management training would "enefit the
whole com!any.
Max .ell, 2aul, youre a manager >
2aul +nd I want to "e the "est manager I can "e. Im sure we all have something
to learn.
Max 2erha!s we should consider sales training and management training.
'laudia Im not sure thats a good idea. E##,666 will cover one good course for one team
"ut its !ro"a"ly not enough for two full courses.
2aul I think I agree with you. Im in favour of running one course and doing it
really well.
'laudia 0ight. *o we need to choose one or the other, at least for this year.
Max (xactly. .e could have one course this year and one course next year.
2aul Id like to make a suggestion. .hy dont we do management training this year
and sales training next year?
Max )f course another !ossi"ility is doing sales training this year and management
training next year.
'laudia );, lets summarise. .ere going to !lan "oth sales training and management
training. .e need to decide which we do first. .hy dont we come "ack to
that later?
Max );.
2aul 1ine.
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td
'laudia %he next thing to discuss is timing. In the !ast weve had one7week intensive
training courses "ut last year it was suggested that we could do one7day sessions
over several weeks.
Max *orry, I dont /uite understand.
'laudia 3ast year, we had a course that ran every day, Monday to 1riday, for one week.
*o !eo!le had to miss work for a week. Next time, we could have a course on
Mondays only. 1ive Mondays in a row.
Max )h, );. Im in favour of that.
2aul Yes, I think I agree with you. Its easier to !lan.
'laudia I com!letely agree. *o thats it, then. .ell have one training day every week for
five weeks. Now, lets move on to >
2H)%)')2I+&3( 4 56#5 2earson (ducation 3td