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Reflective Questions for Week Three

1. List two employee development techniques that would work for you.
Training (in-house or public courses)
elf-!evelopment (personal development plan and training needs analysis)
". #rovide a clear but brief description of one thing you learned in the class.
$ne important thing that % have learned is how employee engagement &The ' (odel
of )mployee )ngagement* can bring high performance and high satisfaction while employee
development techniques aids in career development opportunities. % have learned that with
motivation theories+ it is possible to engage staff members in the work process. %t is
essential that department and team level goals+ ob,ectives and strategy should be
formulated from organi-ational goals+ ob,ectives and strategy for success where employee
development takes place at personal+ relational and professional level through techniques
due to support from leader (same as learned in Landscape .ase).
/. 0ive one e1ample of how you will apply what you learned.
% will apply it in my personal+ educational and professional life. % will mentor my child
to guide+ encourage and support with educational and game activities to ma1imi-e her
potential by building confidence+ strengthening academic knowledge+ and have fun.
There are interesting development techniques that % will make use of it in )mployee
!evelopment #rogram (part of assignment one) at 234 )mirates 0roup of .ompanies. ome
of them are self-development training (train5organi-e trainings based on #!# and T63)+
self-initiated learning (provide )nglish grammar books for non-natives)+ training (in-house
and public) and independent learning (read books or attend online course and write
&The ' (odel of )mployee )ngagement* will be used to evaluate and categori-e
staff members and their levels of engagement. The mistakes took place in Landscape .ase
tudy will be considered by proposing best practice to recruitment team. %nterviewees
should undergo actual assessment of their skills and knowledge with some online test or live
work sample to ensure the candidate is not lying and encourage self-assessment during
performance appraisal evaluation so people like 2yan will get what they deserve. 3ll the
above application is with the focus on &)1pectancy (otivation Theory*.
Zubaidah MBA (Managing People and Organizations)