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In ancient times of China, women were the leaders of the whole society. We can only see woman
and her children in grave but we never see man and his children in the grave, so children only
know their mother but dont their father. Because women have higher right of the society, they
think they make children and they should have this thing. I n ancient legend of China, Nu Wa
(Goddness) made human, uncovered women importance of human reprodution. In ancient
times, people think only women can make children, women can make children without men.
They think women are very important to them, so women have higher right. But because men
advantage in the physical, dominant position in the war and work, led to the formation of
patriarchal society.In the Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty of China, status of men
rise very fast, conversely, status of women decline very fast, too. Man is heir to family, women
become men accessories. Male can study in school, but women cant study in the school,
because they think women is weak, the women just can do housework and make children.
These are rules about how to be a women in ancient times of China:

1.Women must obey her fathers orders when she is not married, women must obey her
husbands orders when she merried that man, if her husband died earlier than she, she must take
care her children by herself and respect children idea.
2.As a woman, the first is morality, the second is appearance, simply sedate and dignified, the
third is to know how to speak with elders, the fourth is to know how to thrift, teach children,
serve her husband.

3.Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust are used to adjust and standardize
conduct monarch, son, brother, husband and wife, friends and other human relationships.
These guidelines can seriously affect a womans play.
In ancient times of China, woman became her husbands accessories when she married. This
realationship makes a womans status is very low in her family. A man can merry eight
concubines, the concubines status are lower than wife, so her husband and wife can abues she.In
ancient times of China, womans fate in the mans hand, woman doesnt have power to change
their fate. Ancient woman did not have the right to participate in politics, pointed out that there
are intelligent, good words of women are dangerous, only man can bulid a country, if woman
join the politics will damage the country. Dong Hans queen has governance of the world's
talent, but peoples trust Confucianism, woman can not join the polieics, let a Incompetent people
be their king and this Dynasty is end. Confucian on women's constraints ideology is
unfriendly.Womens social rights is largest in the Tang Dynasty, particularly when Wu Zhe Tian
became king. Since Wu Zhe Tian attention feminist, was also well-known female officer
appeared Shangguan Waner. After the Song dynasty, on the implementation of a strong women's
chastity. Meanwhile legalization of prostitution industry. North Song Dynasty when severe harm
to a woman's personality and life, on what social rights of the question.Women dont have
independent economic status, must be attached to a man to survive. Women is mainly engaged in
mulberry weaving, collecting and wine. Bound the women in the family, placed under her
husbands domination, cant change their enslaved status. The Qin dynastys women after
marriage, they have own independent property rights, they are only in the case of a crime, all of
their property to their husbands. This a a big step forward and marked rise in women's status.
The evidence for the status of women are low.
This is a torture female behavior. We call it footbinding, this is an aesthetic deformity. In Nan
Tang Dynasty, there are some dancer use cloth to tied to their feet, I think this is start of `
footbinding. As to Song Dynasty, the footbinding spread to people from palace and they
see this as honor. The girl's parents snapping girl's feet to make girl's feet smaller. It is very hurt,
it is a tragedy in Chinese histroy. The most frustrating is it just to satisfy a man's sexual desire,
this is enough to see the status of women are very low.

The evidence for the status of women are high.

Besides her career as a political leader, Wu Zetian also had an active family life. Although
family relationships sometimes became problematic, Wu Zetian was the mother of three sons
who served stints as emperors, and one of her grandsons became the famous emperor Xuanzong
of the restored Tang dynasty, ruling during its "Golden Age".