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Campus Ambassador 2014-2015

Deadline to apply is July 20, 2014

The Flip Flop Shops Campus Ambassador team is an on-campus marketing program
held each year designed to boost your marketing skill set and to provide you with highly
valuable resum experience on a flexible schedule that fits with your busy college
lifestyle, all while assisting local and national Flip Flop Shops marketing initiatives
specific to Texas A&M and Blinn.
What will I be doing?
As a campus Ambassador team member, you will work to raise awareness of Flip Flop
Shops Aggieland as well as to promote the shop on campus. You will be asked to do
this through face to face student interaction, social media and by wearing our brands, t-
shirts, and other promotional material. Projects could include but are not limited to:
sharing our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your friends and followers, passing
out coupons or fliers to students, student groups or faculty, handing out promotional
materials at events both on and off campus, visiting with campus clubs and
organizations about Flip Flop Shops, hosting contests or events both on and off
campus, and helping with any in-shop promotions as needed.

What are the qualifications?
Must be enrolled and in good standing at either Texas A&M or Blinn
Must love and wear flip flops
Must love the flip flop lifestyle
Must be 18 or older
Must be available at least 5 hours per week

Who are you looking for?
The ideal team member will be:
Have a strong presence on social media
Pride themselves on their school spirit and campus knowledge.
Active on campus
Involved in sports such as intramurals and lead an active and healthy lifestyle

Key activities include:
Planning, promoting, and executing campus events.
Sharing shop and brand information content through social media and other
student channels.
Distributing promotional material and advertisements
Collaborating with your local shop owner on a regular basis

What youll need to know:
Each campus team will consist of up to 4 ambassadors.(2 for A&M, 2 for Blinn)
Participation begins upon confirmation and continues through to the end of the
Academic calendar
Ambassadors should spend approximately 5 hours per week on average, with
flexible time allocation beyond any event execution activities.

What youll get:
Highly valuable resume experience with one of the fastest growing franchises in
the US
A chance to deepen your personal networks by developing relationships with
students across campus.
Free Flip Flop Shops swag
Free flip flops
Free brand swag
15% off any footwear purchase for your college career
Opportunity to earn more products, prizes or cash based on performance

Flip Flop Shops Aggieland * Post Oak Mall * 979-764-9100
Campus Ambassador Application
Application Deadline July 20, 2014
Applicant Information

First Name ________________________________ Last Name ________________________________
Cell Phone ______________________________ Shoe and shirt size: ___________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _________________
Academic Information
Enrolled at ____________________________________ Circle one: Freshman/Sophmore/Junior/Senior
Major _______________________________________ Minor _________________________________
Current GPA ___________ Current semester hours ________ Total Hours accumulated___________
Extra-Curricular Information
Use additional page if necessary
Organization/Program Title/Current Role How Long


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

About You

1. Why are you interested in becoming a Free Your Toes Ambassador?

2. What is your favorite brand of flip flops or sandals and why?

3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

4. What social media outlets do you use frequently?

5. In what ways do you lead an active and healthy lifestyle?

6. In what ways are you active on campus?

Signature and Date
By signing this form, I verify that all information provided is correct and factual to the best of my

Name Date

Please return application via fax, email, or snail mail to:

Jennifer Minckler
Flip Flop Shops
1500 Harvey Road #6014
College Station, TX 77845
979-764-9444 (fax)