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My name is Debora Carmen Espinoza Zamorano, I live in Rancagua which is located at 33

51' y 35 01' of latitude South
I am 20 years old and I was born on September 17, 1993 in Rancagua.

My hobbies are listening to music, watching TV, being with my friends, walking and
enjoying with my family.

I am a sophomore at pedagogy in English at Universidad Autonoma de Chile, but I have a
great interest in the field of economics so I plan to get a second professional title
graduating from my current program or apply for a master on my field.

I like interacting with people and help them with what they need, since I have experience
in customer service.

I am an independent and productive person.

Work and travel program will help me in my career in various fields, not only in
professional life but also in my work experience as I will to improve my English and learn
about American culture. My dream is to visit U.S. and this is an excellent opportunity
make this dream come true.

Thank you for reading this letter


Debora C. Espinoza

Don Alberto 1329 , Rancagua , Chile
Passport or Identification number (RUT): 18.377.165-5
Languages: Native Spanish speaker and Advanced English
Phone: +56 9 54378302
E- mail: deby.espinoza.z@gmail.com
I want to work in the U.S. to improve my English apart is a great opportunity to learn American
culture and learn more about them. My higher education revolves around the English and the
program will help me not only culturally but also to improve my professional life.
March 2013 Present. English Pedagogy Student: Universidad Autnoma de Chile, Santiago,
2008 2011, Liceo Claudio Arrau Len , Doihue,Chile.
2001 2007, Colegio Santa Mara , Rancagua ,Chile.
1999 2000, Colegio Repblica de Chile Lo Miranda - Doihue, Chile

Casino Monticello - kitchen helper, San francisco de Mostazal, Chile
December 2011- March 2012

Supermarket Cugat - Cashier selling, Rancagua, Chile.
March 2012 June 2013

Supermarket Cugat - Supervisor of cashiers, Rancagua, Chile.
June 2013 December 2013

Mcdonalds - kitchen helper , Rancagua ,Chile.
January 2014 February 2014

Supermarket Cugat - Baler, Rancagua, Chile.
March 2014 June 2014

I have a cooking course and experience it.

I can use a computer (word, excel, power point) .

I have attended courses teamwork, marketing, customer care and customer acquisition.

My likes are
- Playing Basketball, Volleyball and Ping pong
- I like listening to music, especially electronic and romantic
- I like going to movies and reading novels about drama.