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Black Lodges and Theurgy of GOD

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From: Frater Luxaour <nordin326_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 22:58:37 -0000
Good evening with All,
I made a point of once again denouncing the 99 black Lodges
distributed of share the World, because as Frabato (Franz BARDON)
said it, these black Magicians are Frightening, and Itself with
Fighting against them to Survive.
On this subject you can read again the book of Frabato of F. BARDON.
Below an article in English language on the FOGC places, this article
says that surviving members of this lodge have remakes a new FOGC
places in Germany.
Thus it is advisable for all the students who are in the Light, To be
protected from all the black Lodges, like had made Franz BARDON in
its time. Thus I can say that Today Ritual Theurgics of Protection
more Powerful which exists (to my knowledge), are those of the 36
Arches of Divine Light, like those of the 72 Anges+Instructors of
Mercury HOD.
(For the Powerful Rituals Theurgic sees the files : ARCHE2.doc
J OB 72.doc
Fraternally in the Light of GOD: TETRAGRAMMATON YOD HE VAU HE
The F O G C Lodge - The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium
The F O G C Lodge
The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium
By Dr. Adolf Hemberger
A purely magical-mystical loge was founded in 1840 in Munich by some
German rich industrialists and well situated citizens. This lodge
existed until 1933. At all times only 99 persons of the male gender
could belong to this esoteric working-group or secret lodge. This
lodge basically never appeared in the open.
This lodge had nothing to do with regular Freemasonry. They didn't
have any actual degrees, ranks and levels of realisation. The
advancement to apprentice, journeyman and master was only of symbolic
character. All secrets were given during the initiation. The
other "grades" were not ranks, but only temple-stones which were
provided with a number and name. Their intention was demonological
oriented i.e. they tried, in alliance with allegedly existing
negative spiritual forces to obtain personal advantages, influence,
power and money for their members. For this reason they placed
themselves under mars-daimon "Barzabel", the old bull-god Astaroth,
Belial and Asmodi as lodge-daimon who took place number 100 in the
Similar to the Russian Roulette (also practised by the order of
assassins which also existed at the turn of the century (19th to the
20th century) in Central Europe), every five years (if at that point
of time no other lodge member had died) a balloting for "death
candidate" took place on the evening (J une 23rd) before J ohn's day.
This death candidate served as "lodge-sacrifice" for the services of
the transcendental powers in which the lodge believed. The dead-
candidate was determined by the draw of a lot or a ballot. In the
later case there were 98 white balls and 1 black ball in the ballot
box. Whoever drew the dead-lot became, according to the constitution
of the order, property of the supposed lodge daimon, i.e. he had to
consume deadly poison during the lodge meeting.
The Grandmaster of this organisation that was part of a
truly "macabre" and supersaturated society had the authority to order
the balloting three times if "fate" demanded him draw the black ball.
The fortune and capital of the "sacrificed" member came into the
treasury of the lodge. The lodge-seat, lodge-number and the serving
imagospurius were assigned to the new member who was to be initiated
on the same day. Allegedly the lodge mastered in theory and practice
almost all black-magical techniques. Every member was bound to the
lodge-daimon by oaths, blood-rituals and mental-pacts. The most
important rituals were taken from the works of ceremonial magic
(see "Heptameron", Waite: Ceremonial Magic, Stroessner-
Bachhausen: "Freimaurerei und Magie" etc.). Also combat-telepathy and
the ray-apparatus Tepaphone were used. (See Fraternitas Saturni and
the Order of the Mentalic Builders).
Sources: Quintscher: "Denu val gumas"
Bardon: "Frabato"
Information about this lodge were given by Gregor A. Gregorius from
mouth to ear to Master Ptahhotep of the Fraternitas Saturni, Wolther,
Guido (Master Daniel), 33rd degree of the Fraternitas Saturni and it
Grandmaster for a while, was also member do the Droit-Humain order;
descriptions of the rituals, techniques and procedures of the FOGC
Minutes of lodge-meetings (not available to the public)
Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurium
Transcribed from a secret cipher by Master Daniel (Guido Wolther) of
the Fraternitas Saturni
Did this lodge exist? Did it not exist? How many people have tried to
figure this out, when a conversation turns to the almost legendary
organisation of men - which is accused of doing all kinds of devilish
deeds and practising devilish arts? Not lastly this lodge became
known because Bardon's autobiographical novel "Frabato". Bardon was
the student of Quintscher. In this novel Bardon branded the members
of the FOGC as truly black-magical monsters. In Dr. Klingsor
book: "Experimentalmagie" this organisation is only shortly mentioned
with references to Bardon's "Frabato".
(In this book "Experimentalmagie" Dr. Klingsor puts himself a halo on
his head).
Now - the members of this "magical association" were almost certainly
not pious Catholics or Protestants. I am actually sure that they were
not. I can say with certainty: Yes there was a FOGC lodge, and there
still might be one today. But for special reason I don't want to say
anything about this here. Not because I am trembling from fear - but
simply because of reasons of fraternal loyalty toward the members,
who don't want to be named for reasons which are obvious. After all,
they are 99 men from politics and high finance. Many of us might ask:
how come, politicians and "money-bags" belong to an
obviously "magical" lodge? They don't fit into this modern society
of "electro-people" and mini-skirted girls... They must be considered
as belonging to an "unserious" lodge. Why? Didn't the churches,
masonic-lodges and other organisations throw away all that "mystical
So what is the motivating force of those people to break out of the
maelstrom and to enter into fields which alone by there existence
represent a living paradox. I don't think it is snobbism. Snobs and
playboys don't enter such a dangerous territory consciously, und into
such jungles in which thicket the madness lurks for its booty.
Whatever their motivation was - this is not important at the present
not even the question of black and white (magic).
What I am allowed to say about this lodge I will do now. The roots of
the "FOGC" don't go back to far into the past and this lodge actually
lacks any ritual or historic tradition. It has some "therionian"-
traits. It also leans a little on the rituals of the "Golden Dawn"
without taking on that orders racial teachings.
Their membership number was 3 x 33, therefore 99. i.e. there were 99
grades of which each grade was only given to one member. The 100th
place belonged to the so called lodge-egregor, or the demon with
which each member had to enter a blood-pact. The neophyte had to sign
over in his will and testament the largest part of his fortune to the
There were no special ranks or titles, every member had a number. The
grandmaster had the number 99 not number 1.
The number 1 - 33 represented the apprentice degrees, 34 - 66 the
fellow-craft degrees and 67 - 99 the high- and master degrees.
The ornate for the apprentice degrees was: At a festive- and regular
lodge meeting: tail-coat and apron with a blue band, also the lodge-
ring. At high- and magical rituals in addition there was a blue
frock. As well with the coat-tail and the frock they wore a blue half-
The degree 34 - 66 wore tail-coats and apron with a red band and two
rosettas, sash and jewellery around the neck. At high- and magical
workings they also wore a red frock with a golden cord plus lodge-
The grades 67 - 99 wore coat-tails and apron bordered with a black-
and red band and 3 golden rosettas, sash, neck-jewellery and ring.
Additionally there was also a sword. During high- and magical rituals
they also wore a black frock wit a golden cord. The grandmaster had
the right to wear a golden frock and a golden mask. The mask of the
other masters was black. The handgrip is the same in all 99 degrees -
grasp both wrists.
All rituals had the as their goal to attain high and highest levels
of initiation but it was always their intention to obtain on that
level the most possible influence, power and wealth. Strict
observance was the rule. The hierarchical structure required the
enviable acknowledgment of the word of the master. It was demanded
that every neophyte who was to be admitted was a member of a red
masonic lodges as well he was required to hold a high-degree in a
purely magical knowledge lodge. I.e. he has to have a high
development of magical knowledge and ability. It was also demanded
that the neophyte was an influential person in public life, that he
was economical independent or at least had some influential close
friends. One can see it was not easy to get entry into this circle.
The neophyte was provided, after his actual admission, with a so
called "demon"-helper. In realty of course, this was nothing else
than a mutually created and enlivened imagospurinus (see the
book "Initiation into Hermetics" by Franz Bardon for the technique to
do this) by 99 magical experts. In deed this was a real gratifying
enrichment and help for the neophyte.
Something completely different however, was the blood-pact with the
lodge-daimon. Here the total bonding to the transcendence is clearly
expressed. The opinions, which daimon it actually was or is, are very
divergent. However I can state with certainty that there were 2
daimon's which were ritually worshipped in the FOGC lodge. Firstly it
was the demon Belphegor and the other was Asmodi, which is identical
with Aschmunadai , mentioned by Rah Omir Quintscher. Every evocation-
magician know that it is not easy "to eat cherries together" with
these two fellows when you evoke them, that they are extremely
clever, brutal and yes nothing less than bloodthirsty in the true
sense of the word.
The first thing the neophyte had to learn were the adoration-rituals
of those two beings and as well the practice how to call and evoke
Every 5 years a new member was admitted. This, naturally means, that
one of the remaining members had to go because the number 99 had to
be maintained.
You are right - this is something which we can not sanction. One
could of course argue if there are really persons that act "beyond
good and evil" and whose actions we can not measure with our
measuring-rod. From the karmic point of view they must be
declared "guilty". In any case - one had to "go" every five years,
and if no one died in the last five years then something had to
be "engineered". Every member, including the grandmaster had to
attend the balloting-ritual. 99 balls were put into a black bag. 99
were white, one was black. If the grandmaster drew the black ball he
had the right to refuse the ballot and to order an other ballot,
times altogether. However this probably almost never happened that a
grandmaster pulled the black ball 3 times in a row. But Bardon claims
that this actually a few years before the "Machtergreifung'
(takeover) by Hitler in Germany. But Bardon said a lot in his life..
De mortibus nil nisi bene!
Incidentally that grandmaster who took over the lodge in 1934 marched
1940 into the dead gas-cell of camp Buchenwald. But - here something
happened that borders the mysterious: in spite of a diligent search
his body could not be found as if he dissolved into the thin air.
This course of events was documented by the responsible SS-office and
passed on the "Reich"-security headquarters. It is claimed by a
member that he attended a meeting where the previous grandmaster - a
member of the Prussian high nobility- drew the black ball 3 times. It
is claimed that the lodge-daimon itself intervened and Bardon thinks
that the elimination happened because the lodge was not able to
defeat him (Bardon), by means of half magical and half with a
technical apparatus (tepaphone). I myself think this is pure utopia;
because if the FOGC lodge took some one into their "visor", that
person might as well utter his last prayer even if his name is
Against a power machine like the Third Reich even this lodge was
relatively powerless. The ritual of the "Ordenjunker" of the SS
corresponded somewhat with those of the FOGC but had a different
orientation. The FOGC went totally underground. Many members fell in
the war as members of the German Wehrmacht; others became solders of
the allies. Many died in the hail of bombs of the Anglo-American air
strikes. Eight survived the end of the war. They met in 1947 in
Munich, Germany at the former seat of the Lodge of the Golden
Centurium. Later on I will give the symbols of the 99 degrees, their
signs, words and the seals of their imagospurins. (These signs,
rituals etc. were entrusted to the young soldier of
the "Kriegsmarine" (war-navy) and Rosicrucian Guido Wolther who saved
them faithfully through all the confusion of internment and the time
after the war up to the present time. The oath of 25 years of silence
has expired. My tongue is not bound any more.
(This article was written in the early 1960's by Guido Wolther)
The signs words, and seals and rituals will have to be published in
the future, separately, on a separate web-site. - Richard Laufenburg.
Resource: alt.magick.serious,alt.freemasonry,alt.magick