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Chairman United Kashmir People’s National

Party Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri has awarded prizes to Nawaz Abbasi and Manzar Aqeel
Haider for their appointments at online news paper Jazba International.
In the Reception President of United Kashmir People’s National Party M.Ishaq
Khan, Seno-or leader M.Zubair Khan, Yasir Younas, General Secretary Belgium branch Jamil
Maqsood, Khan Jabbar Khan of Jammu Kashmir People’s Party and Nawaz Abbasi Chaiman of
Jazba online news paper are sitting with Charman United Kashmir People’s National Party

Chairman United Kashmir People’s National Party Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri arrived
in Brussels and he was honored to be chief guest in many Party programs and
community meetings. In his public speeches sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri reiterated
his determination for non-violent struggle for the restoration of democratic,
constitutional, socio-economic, cultural and humanr ights of marginalised people of so
called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Replying to question raised by journalists
and community he said that its unfortunate that civil governments don’t formulate
pro-people policies but they also pursue military directions regarding our region. They
use to strengthen their governments on the expense of Kashmiri people. He reminded
the gathering that we have had rejected extremism and communalism in the best
interest of our people and in the interest of our region at time when no body had dare
to stood against those forces which were spreading hatred among the masses. It is
our history and courage that we not only oppose those forces and expose them
before our people but we also heralded the world community that these so called
warriors would tunred into a monster one day. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri strongly
rejected recent elections held in Gigitl Baltistan and said that rulng parties in
Islamabad have raided and tried to conquer local people, they have announced
charming slogans and blackmail them due to their poverty and backwardness. He
said it is irony of the situation that local and indeginous political parties have been
ousted from the democratic electrol process.These are fake elections therefore due to
irrelevance of local parties the credability of these elections is not according to adult
franchsie standards in the world today. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri elaborated
further that in a region which is full of natural and mineral resources and have
strategic depth and importance in the region is marginalised and people living there
are forced to be slaves of Pakistani state institutions and their proxies in political
parties. Replying to a question Mr. Kashmiri told the audiences that if PPP led
government was so confident the she has served local people, then why all the
candidates of GBDA ( Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance ), an amalgam of nationalist
political parties were isolated? And most known leaders of the region were arrested.
He told the audience that Gilgit Baltistan are taken by Islamabad under a treaty and
Pakistan has lo locus standi to merge these areas into its terrotory nor she can
declare these areas as her constitutional part. That is why article 370 of constitution
of India recoganises Jammu & Kashmir as state and article 57, of constitution of
Pakitan articulated that “ The future of Jammu & Kashmir shall be determined
according to the freely expressd wishes of Kashmiri people” He emphasised on
Government of Pakistan not to pursue military and security agencies while
archestrating development policies in the region but to consider local population as
human beings and their right to education, health, clean drinking water, access to
state institutions, access to daily needs and commoditiesas well as freedom of
thoughts, freedom of assembly and freedom of region must be protected and
guarranteed and all discriminatory clauses which were introduced by military
governments in differents eras including blasphemy laws must be repalled
immediatley so that every one can enjoy fundamental human rights in the country
without any fear and harassment.

Meanwhile addressing Party workers at International secretariat Chairman United

Kashmir People’s National Party asked people’s Republic of China not to take the
advantage of the situation in the region and she should refrain of intervention in
these areas in the name of development contracts. These areas are disputed and
presence of foreign elements would further detriorate the whole situation. Sardar
Shaukat Ali Kashmiri emphasised on wolrd powers, global civil society and regional
human rights defenders to come forward to pressurise these elements who wanted to
divide our motherland just to safe guard their own interests. He reminded both
chineese and Pakistani officials that with safeguarding national interest of the people
of former princely state their national interest can’t be saved. The only way forward
is to recoganise Jammu & Kashmir as country and safety of our natural resources and
sovereignty of those resouces to the people of that region. M.Ishaq khan presided
over the meeting while Jamil Maqsood was the moderator.

Issued by

Jamil Maqsood

General Secretary
United Kashmir People’s National Party ( Belgium)