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Guitar 10-5

Sudan is located in northeastern Africa. Sudan is lie on 1500N 3000E. Sudan separate in
term of two parts. Two part of Sudan are North and South. Sudan is next to Red Sea and adjoins with
6 countries (South Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea). The ethnic groups of Sudan are
Arabs 70%. Sudan is a large country so they have different material in one area. The President of
Sudan is Head of State, Head of Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed
Forces in a multi-party system. Sudan has Petroleum for major natural resource. The country also
has huge deposits of Chromium ore, Copper, Iron ore, Mica, Silver, Gold, Tungsten, and Zinc. Sudan
top five exports are Refined Petroleum, Crude Petroleum, Gold, Sheep and Goats, Other Oily Seeds.
Top five Imports are Wheat, Refined Petroleum, Telephones, Raw Sugar, Asphalt. In Sudan only 2%
of people consume treated water and 74% use open water sources for drinking, washing and
household needs. Water quality is the leading causes of disease in South Sudan. The Sudan principal
seaport on the Red Sea.
Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Sudans total area is 1,156,673 square mi or 1,861,484
square km. Their government is Military government. Transportation in Sudan during the early
1990s has railroad system Sudan has 4,725 kilometers of narrow-gauge, single-track railroads that
serve the northern and central portions of the country, inland waterway for example by boat on the
Nile River, and a national airline that provided both international and domestic service.
The port Sudan a major deep-water port on the Red Sea, and a small modern national
merchant marine. A pipeline transporting petroleum products extended from the port to Khartoum.
And they have the highway for transportation too but their road is not good enough. Their highway
is around 11,900 kilometer.
Diseases in Sudan are Nodding disease, Malaria. These diseases are make people die a lot
because of their medical are not good enough. They should develop their country like another
country. Something that they dont develop is the geography. They have a lot of material to export
but, some of the material they used to import. Sudans geography has desert so it not good because
desert cant agriculture
Sudan should find new government to support and help their problem that the government
can support money or something that make benefit for Sudan. Maybe they should expand the port
that can support a lot of ship to trade with other countries. Sudan is the top large country in Africa
so Sudan has the transport problem. We should build railway or something that Sudanese in Sudan
can connect each other easily. Sudan should build airport to support tourist or investor who want to
come to Sudan. Sudan should make something unique that are show Sudan to another countries to
know how large they are, what they can do. Sudan can trade with countries in North America,
Middle America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Some country has a problem about port some
country has a government problem or they have not enough money to order the resources from the
Sudan that has natural resources such as Petroleum, in some part of Asia, America, Europe, and so
on, they have no Petroleum so they have to order from country that have Petroleum.