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Soul of Selection Process

Academic excellence and excellence in the practical world i.e. on the job, have not been found
to be directly correlated to each other. There are enough instances where people with
excellent academic record fare poorly on the job while many with poor academic record excel
on the job. Across the world more & more people at the decision making stages are preferring
to rely on specially designed selection processes to recruit people rather than on the academic
qualification & previous experience.

We at FIITJEE sincerely believe in rewarding the deserving ones. If you are academically very
bright, or feel that your research work will help you in teaching at FIITJEE in some way or have
previous relevant experience in teaching, we expect it should translate in a better performance
in our selection process. The selection process will be the guiding factor not only to select
you but also the level where we should induct you and also for fixing the salary during
training, probation & on confirmation. People who perform exceptionally during training
and/or probation may be offered higher than promised salary during probation and/or after

If you take the selection process extremely seriously and prepare accordingly for it, it will be
good for your future at FIITJEE. For the convenience of those aspiring for faculty position for
IIT-JEE in Category A, we are suggesting few books for preparation / recap.

For Paper I:
Physics 1. Resnik & Halliday.
2. H.C. Verma.
Chemistry 1. IIT Chemistry - O.P. Aggarwal,
2. Numerical Chemistry - Dr. P. Bahadur
3. Organic Chemistry Solomon
4. Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee
5. Physical Chemistry Atkin
Mathematics 1. M.L. Khanna.
2. A. Majeed
3. Dinesh Attri
4. Problem Plus - IIT Mathematics A. Das Gupta
Paper II:

Sample papers for your benefit have been enclosed herewith. For IIT-JEE question papers of
last three years & their solutions you can download from www.fiitjee.com/jeesolutions.htm. This
will help you immensely in your preparation for the written test as well as model lecture. While
you have to cover almost the entire IIT-JEE course, it is wise to do the topics deeply. Quality
rather than quantity will be your key to success. Although we have given list of books for all in
the three subjects you are required to prepare only for the subject of your specialization/choice.
In case of model lecture you are expected to touch level of excellence on particular topics.
Hence, you need to concentrate even more on the two topics chosen for model lecture.

Group discussion is held to see your confidence, communication, spontaneity & inclination to
participate in group activities. Even if you do not have previous experience of group discussion
you need not worry. You have plenty of time left to engage yourself in mock group discussions
with your friends, relatives & guides.

A candidate who does extremely well in model lecture, average in written test but not so well
in group discussion may also be selected. A candidate is expected to do very well in section
B of the written test, in this case an average score in section A may be acceptable.

We do not change our selection process even if the candidate is a Professor of acclaim from
the prestigious IITs, has great academic record & has published papers in national &
international journals. It is our experience that people who are confident of meeting the
challenge of training students for IIT-J EE, have been ready for any selection process.

All the selected candidates are required to enter into a legal bond / contract to serve the
organization for a minimum period, generally of 3 years. We take the legal contract very

Syllabi and model test papers are attached for your reference. So make a choice and prepare
extremely well for the selection process.