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Ms Sullivan teaches us grammar.

The teacher praise him.

The firemen take the injured to the hospital.

An earthquake destroy the town.

The boys work pleased the teacher.

The fire damage the building.

The wind blew down the trees.

The police caught the thieves.

Alice posted the letter.

The hostess receive us.

They kill the snake with a stick.

The people welcome the minister.

They found him guilty of murder.

John Mathews built this house in 1991.

He teaches us Grammar.

2. Ivon said, "You are not listening to me."

5. The children said, "We will build a sand-castle ourselves."

6. He said, "I am looking at the diagram."

7. Steven said, "I don't have any money to pay for this ticket."

I worked all night.

2. He gave the book to the teacher.

3. They laughed at the joke.

4. She slept for eight hours.

5. We lived in Mexico for two years.

6. I like her.

7. We clean our room every day.

8. My brother moved to another city.


Carl said, "You may meet them next month."


9. My brother moved his car.

10. Those people painted their house blue.

Reported speech
1. They said, "We are busy."
They said that
2. He said, "I know a better restaurant."
He said that
3. She said, "I woke up early."
She said that
4. He said, "I will ring her."
He said that
5. They said, "We have just arrived."
They said that
6. He said, "I will clean the car."
He said that
7. She said, "I did not say that."
She said that
8. She said, "I don't know where my shoes are."
She said that
9. He said: "I won't tell anyone."
He said that
Past tense
Task 1 - Put the verbs in the brackets into Simple Past Tense.
1) He (knock) at the door.
2) Tom (lie) to his mum.
3) Mum (lift) her bags.
4) They (like) this programme.
5) You (listen) to the radio in June.
6) We (live) in Cambridge.
7) He (lock) the gate.
8) I (look) at the photos.
9) Mike (love) dancing.
10) I (believe) her.

Past perfect

She (live) in China before she went to Thailand. .

3) After they (eat) the shellfish, they began to
feel sick. .

4) If you (listen) to me, you would have got the
job. .

5) Julie didnt arrive until after I (leave). .

6) When we (finish) dinner, we went out. .

7) The garden was dead because it (be) dry all
summer. .

8) He (meet) her somewhere before. .

9) We were late for the plane because we (forget)
our passports. .

10) She told me she (study) a lot before the