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He who is conditioned by the modes of material nature is subjected to threefold

material miseries due to forgetfulness of his relationship with Krsna.
Bhagvad Gita
After the fulfilment of the bai! need of food helter and !lothing" there i one #uet
that ma$e men ta$e the variou !oure in life that the% do& 'a% and night one a!he
for fe( and fleeting moment of ha))ine and !ontentment" that (ill bra!e them for
going about the routine of life" (hi!h ma% not give them an% *o%& Su!h i the #uet for
ha))ine+ And thi big )redi!ament ha been )ondered u)on b% the t(o et of
healerthe )iritual guru and the !ientit&
,he )ath of )iritualit% )rea!he the )ath of loo$ing in(ard" and merging (ith the
Almight% in thought" (ord and a!tion" to a!hieve that u)reme bli& Religion tend
to be methodi!al intitution of )ea!e and ha))ine" b% em)lo%ing faith" meditation"
mantra" )ra%er" %oga" et!&" aimed at the )reent life" a (ell a the life be%ond death&
,he !ientit relate to )h%iologi!al !ondition" u!h a the releae of erotonin" (hi!h
i the feel good fa!tor for the brain& ,here i alo the effort in thi (a% to redu!e
orro( b% finding !ure to all $ind of maladiethat of the bod% and the mind&
Sage li$e Samarth Ramda have aid that the more human being %earn for
ha))ine" the fater the% are dra(n into the (eb of orro(& Some (ould argue that it
!ould be done other(ie b% involving oneelf in the !haritable (or$ and dedi!ating
oneelf to the (elfare of man$ind& -)on loo$ing !loel% one (ould find that even the
mot !haritable (or$ have a ubtle elfihne underl%ing in them&
,he individual $ee) giving in to the deviou mind" that i ever on a loo$out for (a%
to fend off even the lightet !han!e of )ain& And it i be!aue of the mind that the
individual ta$e re!oure to memorie from the )at" that ha given him immene
)leaure" and )ine to live it u) again& It ra!e from one thing to the other" one ho)e
to the other" and one )oibilit% to the otheral(a% in )er)etual agitation" al(a%
,he ear!h (ould onl% go on" but the )iritualit and !ientit omeho( almot agree
to one method of arriving at a trul% ha))% tate" devoid of an% illuion of ha))ine&
,hi the% !on!ur !an be found in a tate of thoughtlene and Pragnyaa San$rit
(ord" meaning .abilit% of the brain to naturall% e/)erien!e the life0& Pragnya, or Gre%
1atter" i the highet tate of the brain& It i even be%ond the bai! brain& One ha to
be a(are that a)art from the brain that (e $no(" there i the )%!hi! mind" our
ever%da% .me0 or elf that (e live (ith&
It i not ver% diffi!ult to undertand that the memor% of ha))ine i *ut a /ero/ !o)%
of it" and that )arti!ular feeling !annot be relived the (a% it (a" the intenit% (ith
(hi!h it (a& For intan!e" one !an )hotogra)h a beautiful o!!aion" but !annot feel or
e/)erien!e the beaut% of it *ut b% eeing the )hotogra)h& ,hin$ing about it (ill onl%
trigger the )ro!e of memor% ear!hing and on!e again the individual onl% !an %earn
to relive that e/)erien!e& Sin!e thi ha))ine d(ell in the memorie" one onl% )iral
do(n in ho)elene (hen the% !annot be en*o%ed (hen (ihed&
2ife !hange ever% moment 3the human bod% age (ith it4 and o do the thing
atta!hed (ith it& ,he definition of ha))ine" and for all other !on!e)t and !ontru!t
for individual" at variou tage of life" i different& Ha))ine i not the onl% !on!e)t
here& Some !hange a))ear a loe" !reating a feeling of adne& ,here have been
everal method devied for !omforting thi )erturbed mind" but the effe!tivene of
thee (a% i u)e!t& ,he mind or .I0 ha been luting for ha))ine for man% age&
In ever% ne( bod%" it !arrie for(ard the ame deire and the illuion !ontinue in
ea!h life&
,he inner ha))ine" on the other hand" i be%ond the (ord& ,hought !annot tou!h
it& ,he firt te) to(ard thi eternal ha))ine i through Pragnya. ,he mind !an do
onl% (hat it ha learned& Ho(ever #ui!$ the mind ma% be" it !annot )ea$ the
language it ha not learned& ,herefore" it limitation are bound (ith (hat it ha been
fed (ith&
1ind ha never a!tuall% een the true ha))ine& It ha onl% learned the (ord
.ha))ine0& ,herefore" the being !annot be !riti!i5ed for running after the ha))ine
that it ha $no(n& But for all the effort" if it (ant" it !an arrive at thoughtlene
and e/)erien!e a better tate of ha))ine than !an be dihed out b% material (orld&