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200 Richey Road
Leesburg, Florida 34748
Phone: 352-787-5696 Email: leesburglodge58@centurylink.net
Meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month at 7:00pm
Chartered January 15th, 1868
July 2014
Vol. VIII Issue VII

Officers for 2013
Worshipful Master WMJohn Haas (Tina) 360-9114
Senior Warden Bro. Ron Glover..874-9504
Junior Warden WJim Campbell (Becky) ......552-7996
Treasurer WLarry Duff (Brenda)..874-2164
Secretary W Hank DeBerry (Paula)..... 430-0238
Lodge ............................... . 787-5696
Senior Deacon Br. Jeff Lamb (Sherri).... .753-0277
Junior Deacon Br. Wayne Reynolds........407-484-0096
Senior Steward Br. Ed Spencer.324-2134
Junior Steward Vacant
Tyler Br. Richard Follett...406-8831
Chaplain Vacant
Marshal WJim Angelos 255-1724
Organist Vacant
Lodge Instructor WHank DeBerry (Paula)...330-7311
Lodge Historian R W Joseph T. Price ... 787-0652
Librarian W Larry Duff (Brenda).874-2164

Trestle Board WHank DeBerry (Paula).. 330-7311
Trestle Board Printing Leesburg Printing .. 787-3348
Lodge Web Mail leesburglodge58@centurylink.net

Committees for 2014

Board of Relief
Chairman WMJohn Haas, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Lodge Property
Chairman Ron Glover, WDon McIntyre, WJim Angelos,

Finance - Investments & Budget
Chairman Ron Glover, RW Ken Graves,
WTom Russell, WLarry Duff, WMJohn Haas

Chairman WJim Campbell, WBob Browning, Jeff Lamb,

Charity & Scholarships
Chairman Wayne Reynolds, Sec. WHank DeBerry, Ed Spencer

Chairman WHank DeBerry, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Lodge Mentors
Chairman WLarry Duff, WHank DeBerry, all Past Masters

Chairman WDon McIntyre, Sr., WBob Browning, Jeff Lamb

Petitions Investigation
Chairman WMHaas, WLarry Duff, W Hank DeBerry

Investigations Interviews
WM John Haas will appoint as needed

Chairman WJim Angelos, WBob Browning, Ed Spencer

Activities & Awards

Chairman WM John Haas, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Officers meet at 6:00pm, first stated meeting, Committee Chairman
meet the second meeting of each month for business and planning.
Past Masters

Charles Porter 1959
G. Kiser Hardaway 1964
Jack Holloway 1968
RWRay Richardson 1969*
William Ed Davison 1974
Robert H. Smith 1977
RWColin Crews 1980^*
H. C. Connell 1985
RWTheodore Jansen 1986*
RWJoseph T. Price 1987*
Michael Dozier 1988
John H. Meier V 1989
Jay A. Frizzell, Jr. 1992
Raleigh Sorenson 1993/1994
Don Barfield 1996
Tom Russell 1997/1998/2002
Mervyn Harris 1999
RWKenneth Graves 2000*
RH Thomas E. Beach 2001
Robert H. Browning 2003/2004
RWDennis Ricker
Roland P. Gibson 2006
Bill Green 2008
Richard Ecott 2009
Donald McIntyre, Sr. 2010
Randall Jesmok 2011
Larry Duff 2012
Jim Angelos 2013
Past Masters

Carl Anzelmo
Henry DeBerry
MWJoseph Brearley
Jack Delauter
Robert C. Gleckler
Robert Kennedy
Clifford Moore
Frank Peregrin
Glenn A. Reynolds*^
Edwin Robbins
Robert L. Welch
Forest Case*
Wayne Parks
Fred Lint
Raymond D Trudeau
John R. Haas
Gary Towne
Jim Campbell
Joseph Brearley#

^ Past District Instructor
* Past DDGM
# Past Grand Master
18th Masonic District
DDGM RW Ed Mayfield 352-669-8909
Cell: 352-348-9730
District Instructor RH Alan Heist 407-718-5841
Chaplins Corner
. Brothers, it is with great sadness that we must say good bye to our oldest Lodge member,
Past Master Carl Anzelmo. Brother Anzelmo passed unexpectedly, on June 20th at his home in Win-
ter Haven, FL Our Brother was 102 years old and he has been a Mason for more than 68 years! His
Masonic service was performed at the grave side by Leesburg Lodge No 58 Officers and Brothers.
He joined his wife of over 50 years, Dorothy, at Hillcrest Cemetery in Leesburg.
Brothers, I would also like to remind you at this time to please keep your family and loved ones in-
formed of your wishes at your passing. Let them know where your Masonic apron is located. Keep your
membership cards updated and available for them because, they will be asked to provide them at some point.
If you are not a member in good standing with the Lodge then you will not be able to receive Masonic rites.
Please dont put the Lodge in the position of refusing this service to your family. Thank you Brothers and may
the Great Architect of the Universe shine his light on you all until we meet again.

How many times do newly raised brethren ask the question, and how few of the brethren
interrogated can give a satisfactory answer? Usually the reply Oh, thats an old symbol, or:
Thats one of the Landmarks. But, as a matter of fact, wearing a hat in Lodge is symbolic
only as all custom with regard to headgear are symbolic, and certainly no custom which has
suffered so many changes and reversals as this, can, by any stretch of a point, be considered a
Landmark. Ceremonies connected with clothing are very ancient, dating at least from the era
in which the first captives in tribal wars were stripped of all their clothing, partly that their cap-
tors might possess it, partly as a symbol of the complete subjugation of the slave state. Among
some peoples today, stripping part of the clothing is still a sign of respect; the Tahitians un-
cover to the waist as a sign of reverence to a king; Asiatics bare the feet; Japanese take off a
slipper for ceremonious salute. Worshipers in ancient Greece and Rome remove their sandals
in a house of worship, as do East Indians today.
During the days of chivalry, knights often wore full armor in public, and usually when
going upon private journeys. To open a visor was a form of greeting which said in effect: I do
not expect a sword thrust in the mouth from you. A knight removed his helmet before a friend

WM John Haas
(Continued from page 3)
as a token that he feared no blow, and always in the presence of a King, as a symbol that his
life was the Kings. Today we remove the hat as a sign of respect in greeting a friend, always
when speaking to or meeting a lady, a survival of the ancient custom of uncovering as a sym-
bol of trust, or subjectivity to a higher authority.
The King of Scotland never uncovered. He wore his crown where he would, even in the
House of God. All had to uncover before the King, as all had to retreat from his presence by
moving backward - a custom which obtains even today in ceremonial audiences in England -
that none might turn his back on the sovereign.
Among the Romans the hat was a sign of freedom. Formerly Masons wore them as a symbol
of freedom and brotherly equality. In English and American Lodges it is now exclusively an
attribute of the Masters costume. Oliver as a historian is open to question; certainly hats are
not generally worn by Masters in England now. But this quotation indicates that English Mas-
ters formerly did, which is borne out by some notable exceptions of today.
Bristol, for instance and Lodge Newstead, 47, in the Province of Nottingham, where the Mas-
ter wears a silk hat at Lodge ceremonies. In the Royal Sussex Lodge of Hospitality (Bristol)
the Master carries (not wears) a hat into the Lodge room. In Lodge Moria the transfer of the
hat from outgoing to incoming Master has for many years been a part of Installation.
There are some rituals of French Masonry of 1787, apparently authentic, which seem to give a
true picture of the ritual and practices of French Brethren of the time. Masonic students are
agreed that while doubtless French Masons did dramatize some of the English ritual and made
certain changes in the Old English ceremonies which better fitted the Latin temperament, on
the whole these rituals contain much that was originally English Masonic practice. In the old
French Ritual of 1787, in the third degree, each Master is required to wear a hat. The word
Master here has the double significance; Master of the Lodge and Master Mason. This has
led to some confusion in translating the real meaning of the rituals. But in this particular in-
stance the context is made clear by some old prints, showing French brethren in a Lodge in
which all present wear hats except the candidate.
Writing in 1896, Wor. Brother Gotthelf Greiner states, of German Masons . . . it is the invari-
able custom for brethren in Lodge to wear silk hats (which are raised during prayer and when
the name of the G.A.O.T.U. is invoked). In that country, it (the wearing of the hat) is not a dis-
tinction confined to those of any particular standing.
It is to be noted that the Ahiman Rezon (Book of Constitution) of Pennsylvania specifies that
at Masonic funerals all the brethren should wear black hats. Contrast these instances of all
brethren wearing hats (except the candidate) with one of the articles of the statutes of the
Chapter of Clermont (1755) which reads: Only the Master of a Lodge and the Scots Masters
are permitted to remain covered.
Some fanciful theories have been advanced to account for the Masters hat. Among these may
be mentioned this curious idea; because of a supposed unpopularity of the Masons Craft in the
middle ages, the brethren on a cathedral building project were occasionally permitted to hold
their meetings in the cathedral they built, or, if it was not sufficiently advanced, in a nearby
(Continued from page 4)
monastery. The monks, being learned men, were often made Masters of the various builders
Lodges, and continued to wear their miters, as was their custom. From this is supposed to have
arisen the custom of a Master wearing a hat.
It was typical, during the Middle Ages, of superiority, and was so interpreted in the ceremonies
of initiation by the Masons of France at the termination of the eighteenth century, all of whom
sat in open Lodge with covered heads. (At the conclusion of the rites in French Lodges, the
Master handed the candidate his hat, and said: For the future, you shall be covered in a Mas-
ters Lodge. This very ancient usage is a sign of liberty and superiority.) Among the Ger-
mans, this article was used as a symbol of transfer of chattels, and landed property. The judge
held a hat in his hands; the purchaser must receive it from him, and with it the title passed. Fre-
quently the ceremony perfecting a sale was performed by the contract parties thrusting their
hands into a hat, and upon withdrawing them the estate changed owners.
Gothic justices wore a cap or suitable headdress when presiding over court, as emblematic of
authority, and manifestly the people wore their hats while attending the tribunal as symbols of
personal liberty. But in the light of history and the etiquette of various ages, the most probable
theory seems to be that a Master wears a hat today in imitation of the rulers of olden times who
wore hat or crown while those who gave allegiance were uncovered.
Turning from history to practice, a question often asked is: When should the Worshipful Mas-
ter remove his hat? The answer must come from taste rather than law. Some Masters are veri-
table hat snatchers, pulling off their headgear whenever they speak from the East. There
seems little more reason for a Master to divest himself of his badge of office when addressing
a brother, than to remove his apron or jewel. The Masters hat is not used as a head covering
designed for warmth and protection from the weather, but as a badge of authority. Good taste
would dictate its lifted when the Master speaks of or to Deity, of death, during the reading of
passages of Scripture, and in the presence of the Grand Master. In other words, the Masters
hat is doffed in the presence of superior authority. What kind of a hat should a Master wear?
Here also is neither law nor rule except for those of good taste. Fashion and custom rule all our
clothing, including our hats. The gentleman in dark cutaway coat, gray stripped trousers, a
black and white tie, gray gloves and spats, who appeared at the White House wearing a golf
cap, might easily be mistaken for a lunatic.
Lodges in which the officers appear in evening clothes, either swallow tails or dinner coats,
naturally expect Masters to use black silk hats. Lodges where less formality is practiced we
frequently see Masters in silk hats, but the results are sometimes unusual. The spectacle of a
brother in white trousers, black and white shoes and a silk hat, is inconsistent, at the least. At a
Lodge meeting in hot weather in informal clothes the Master is better dressed with a straw hat
than the more formal silk. Lodges in which officers wear ordinary business clothes should look
with approbation on the felt or derby.
The Grand Master in Massachusetts wears a three cornered cockade hat at the solemn ceremo-
nies of St. Johns Day in winter, survival of the custom begun in the days when Paul Revere
was Grand Master in that Jurisdiction, inclusive of a large, heavily gold-encrusted apron, col-
lar, gauntlets and jewels, removes any feeling of incongruity from the appearance of this old
(Continued from page 5)
custom; the Massachusetts Grand Master does not wear his cockade when visiting other Grand
Lodges. That the Grand Master should wear his hat, and not let the old custom go by default,
merely for personal convenience, goes without saying. But it has been said!
On closing the one hundred fiftieth Communication of the Grand Lodge of New York, Grand
Master Charles S. Johnson said:
I want to call your attention to the fact that I have been wearing a hat during this communica-
tion. I have done it on purpose - not because I have any desire to wear a hat like this, but I want
you men in the Lodge to see that the ancient custom of a Master wearing a hat shall not be dis-
pensed with. I have found as I have gone around the State, again and again, that in many
Lodges there is no attempt on the part of the Master to fulfill this ancient tradition of our Fra-
ternity. It is a very interesting tradition in our organization, and I think it is one that we ought
not to lose; and, therefore, I have set you the example, and I ask you in your respective Lodges
throughout the State and the City of New York, to see that this old tradition, which has been so
honored in the past, shall continue even in these modern days.
Hello Brothers! I am very pleased to tell
you that the Masters BBQ was a rousing success
and there were some very happy (and full) people
who got to attend. This is an annual event for our
Lodge and I look forward to it every year. The
Kitchen Krew did a fine job of getting everything
ready and making it tasty and fun to eat. Congratula-
tions guys!
We are still short about 16 people paying
their 2014 dues and I will be sending late notices out
on July 1st. This is the first notice sent and all
Brothers in arrears should heed this notice carefully.
If no results are forthcoming a second and final no-
tice will be sent and then a Summons to appear be-
fore the Lodge. Brothers, this is all written down in
the Florida Digest of Masonic Law which everyone
has access to. If you dont have access, then by all
means contact me and I will be happy to make you a
copy of the pages for your own perusal. Brothers,
your Lodge needs your dues to continue to operate.
Please take a moment to send in your dues or call the
Lodge and you can put it on your credit card.
As some of you might already know, I was
asked by R.W. Ed Mayfield to be the district chair-
man for Masonic Leadership Training. I am looking
forward to seeing all of you in the classes we will be
setting up and I urge all of you to take advantage of
these classes if you have a desire to advance in the
Officer line in the Lodge. None of the classes are
hard to attend and all of the materials are very easy
to understand and learn. After completion you will
receive your Certificate (suitable for framing) and
you will also receive the knowledge that you will be
able to run a Lodge of Masons more effectively.
Dont forget to check out the new items in
the display case. I think you will find them to be an
excellent mix and we have several made to order
items that you can purchase as gifts for another
Brother. All are moderately priced so they are all
affordable. I was very fortunate to be able to make a
couple of good deals with the vendors at our Grand
Lodge this year.
Lastly I wish to thank all the Brothers who
have made the effort to make my job easier this year.
You know who you are and I want you to know that
I appreciate all that you do. Please continue to assist
me and I will continue to provide the best ser-
vice to the Lodge that I know how.
From the West
Bro. Ron Glover
Hello Brothers,
If you haven't been able to tell from all the thunder-
storms we've been having in the afternoons, it's now storm sea-
son. I just wanted to take a moment and make everybody aware
that it is that time of the year and you should be prepared for
storms and power outages. As we found out from the storms in
2004, getting power back on could take a while. I just want to
go over a few necessities you should have prepared.
The first thing you should have is clean water. A good
recommendation is that you have at least one gallon of water
per person in your household to last you for five days.
The next thing you should have is enough non-
perishable food for five days. Canned foods are the best for
times like this. Just make sure you have a manual can opener.
Make sure you have some toiletries on hand. Tooth-
paste, soap, deodorant, etc., as well as some bandages, antisep-
tic, and make sure you have your medications. Make sure you
have a working flashlight, with extra bulbs and batteries.
If you don't already have one, invest in a NOAA
(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather
Radio. This tone alert radio will inform you of thunderstorms,
tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, bomb scares, chemical spills,
brush fires, etc. A weather radio broadcasts National Weather
Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other non-weather
related hazards 24 hours a day. The Lake County Emergency
Management Division offers free weather radios to homes that
meet certain criteria. You can call them at (352) 343-9420 to
If you don't have a weather radio these local stations
can keep you informed with up to date information in times of
an emergency. WLBE 790 AM, WVLG 640 AM, WKIQ 1240
AM & Z88.3 FM
You should also be aware of Hurricane Shelters in the
county. Here is the current list:
Astatula Elementary School 13925 Florida Avenue,
Leesburg Elementary School 2229 South Street,
Leesburg (Special Needs & Pet Friendly)
Lost Lake Elementary 1901 Johns Lake Road, Cler-
mont (Special Needs & Pet Friendly)
Mascotte Elementary School 460 Midway Ave.,
Round Lake Elementary 31333 Round Lake Road,
Mount Dora
Treadway Elementary 10619 Treadway School
Road, Leesburg
Umatilla Elementary 401 Lake Street, Umatilla
(Special Needs & Pet Friendly)
Villages Elementary 695 Rolling Acres Road, Lady
Lake (Pet Friendly)
This is just some basic information and items that you
will need. I encourage everybody to check with your local gov-
ernment agencies as to what else they recommend.
Have a safe and happy Summer Brothers.
From the Secretary
WHank DeBerry
Greetings from the South. This month we
would like to outline the position of the Junior
From the early history of the Lodge the
term Warden is an adaptation of a middle English
word wardein then a combination of Anglo-
French word wardein, gardein to guard around
the 13
In todays wording, Warden, has a number
of different meanings. Basically the meaning is
one who having care or in charge of something
with supervisory duties. It also implies the en-
forcement of specified laws or regulations. This
means assisting the Worshipful Master in per-
formance of his duties and discharge those duties
whose ancient usage has assigned to the station
of Junior Warden. Among these duties is the re-
sponsibility of preferring charges against a Ma-
son guilty of un-Masonic conduct presenting
those to the Worshipful Master. Thus his badge
of office is the Plumb symbolizing upright behav-
ior among Masons.
Sitting in the South (symbolic of the suns
position at mid-day he is responsible for the
Brethren while the Lodge is at ease or refresh-
ment. A hold over from earlier days ( even
though alcohol is barred in most U.S. jurisdic-
tions) is the responsibility to see that the Brethren
do not convert refreshments to intemperance or
The Junior Warden is also charged with
keeping records of attendance where refresh-
ments are served and planning for future events
to insure there is plenty of food and supplies or-
Like all other officers of the Masonic
Lodge, the Junior Wardens understanding and
performance of his duties creates harmony within
the Lodge and promotes the brotherhood of its

1 July - Stated Communication w/snacks 6:00PM
1 July - DDGM Visitation (Officers in white Tux)
5 July - First Saturday Breakfast 8:00-10:00 AM
7 July - Boy Scout Troop 1 Mtg. 7:00 PM
7 July - DeMolay Eustis @ 7:30 PM
9 July - Open Books Tavares @ 6:00 PM
9 July - School of Instruction Tavares @ 7:30 PM
13 July- Second Sunday Dinner 11:30-1:00PM
14 July- DDGM Visit @ Eustis No. 85 - 7:30 PM
14 July - Rainbow Assembly 79 Mt Dora - 7:30 PM
15 July- Stated Communication w/dinner 6:00PM
16 July- Masters & Wardens Wildwood @ 7:30PM
21 July - DeMolay Eustis @ 7:30 PM
22 July- Fellowcraft Degree - 6:00 PM
28 July - Rainbow Assembly 79 Mt Dora - 7:30 PM

July 2014
From the South
W Jim Campbell
Once again Brothers and Sis-
ters we ask that you please
DO NOT drive on the grass
next to the Lodge parking lot.
It is leaving ruts in the
ground and they are hard to
mow over. Thank You!
-Yard Maintenance Guy-

Name(s) of Those Who Attended:
Date(s) Attended: _____________________________________________________________________
Function/Activity/Training/Etc. Attended:
Number of Hours Involved:______________________________________________________________
Location of Activity: ___________________________________________________________________
Please leave completed slips on the Secretarys desk at the Stated Communications, or email W. Hank DeBerry
with this information at hdeberry@embarqmail.com
Name(s) of Those Who Attended:
Date(s) Attended: _____________________________________________________________________
Function/Activity/Training/Etc. Attended:
Number of Hours Involved:______________________________________________________________
Location of Activity: ___________________________________________________________________
Please leave completed slips on the Secretarys desk at the Stated Communications, or email W. Hank DeBerry
with this information at hdeberry@embarqmail.com, or place them in the slot in the Secretarys door
Name(s) of Those Who Attended:
Date(s) Attended: _____________________________________________________________________
Function/Activity/Training/Etc. Attended:
Number of Hours Involved:______________________________________________________________
Location of Activity: ___________________________________________________________________
Please leave completed slips on the Secretarys desk at the Stated Communications, or email W. Hank DeBerry
with this information at hdeberry@embarqmail.com, or place them in the slot on the Secretarys door.
Name(s) of Those Who Attended:
Date(s) Attended: _____________________________________________________________________
Function/Activity/Training/Etc. Attended:
Number of Hours Involved:______________________________________________________________
Location of Activity: ___________________________________________________________________
Please leave completed slips on the Secretarys desk at the Stated Communications, or email W. Hank DeBerry
with this information at hdeberry@embarqmail.com, or place them in the slot in the Secretarys door
Masonic Education Worksheet
Leesburg Announcement Forms
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Leesburg Announcement Forms


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John Dean Hank & Paula DeBerry Larry & Brenda Duff
Jim Angelos William & Sharen Aston Joe Schlegal
Suzanne Mina John & Tina Haas Jim & Becky Campbell
Richard Follett Ed Spencer George A. Brown
Bob & Carolyn Browning Ken Graves George Shoemaker
Betsey Jordan

If you would like to be a sponsor in 2014, please see the secretary with your donation. Your donations are applied to the
monthly mailing costs of the Trestle Board, we need 60 sponsors to cover the yearly mailing costs. Sponsorship is $20.00 for the
year or any part thereof. Our Goal for this year is 60 sponsors. Please consider a sponsorship.
"You get out of Masonry only what you put in it."

No. 79 at Mt. Dora

Lets not forget the young Ladies of our local
Rainbow Chapter. They need our support.
We should also remember they are the future
of our Ladies organizations and future leaders in our
communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm on the 2nd
and 4th Mondays of each month at Mt. Dora Lodge.
Know a young Lady who might want to join,
you can contact Chapter Mom Debbie Dyer at 407-
908-6973 or Chapter Dad Warren Shippee at 321-
Attend a meeting and be impressed.

At Eustis

Lets also not forget the young Men of our
local DeMolay Chapter.
They also need our support. We should also
remember they are the future of Masonry and future
leaders in our communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm
on the 1 and 3rd Mondays of each month at Eustis
Lodge. Know a Man who might want to join, you
can contact Granddaddy Philip Paul at 407-832-
8771. Attend a meeting and be impressed.

Stated Communication Meetings

Leesburg No. 58 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Umatilla No. 65 1st and 3rd Monday
Clermont No. 226 1st and 3rd Monday
Eustis No. 85 2nd and 4th Monday
Villages No. 394 2nd Monday
Tavares No. 234 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Wildwood No. 92 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Groveland No. 190 2nd and 4th Thursday
Mt. Dora No. 238 1st and 3rd Thursday

Have YOU Traveled Lately?
Meeting Times & Locations
Hawthorne Masonic High Twelve No. 547 -
Meets at 11:00 a.m. on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday
of each month at Golden Corral, 1720 Citrus
Blvd. (Hwy 27/441) Leesburg, FL. Tel: 352-

Tri-County Masonic High Twelve meets
10:30 a.m. 1st Wednesday of each month at La
Hacienda Recreation Center, The Villages.
Reservations for lunch due by the Thursday be-
fore the meeting, call Rita at 750-5561.

Try not to become a man of
success but rather to become
a man of value.

-Albert Einstein-

Adversity is the first path to
-Lord Byron-


Scottish Rite
www.OcalaSR.com or www.SROrlando.com
Ocala Scottish Rite meets the first Monday of each month,
at 7:30pm.at Ocala Scottish Rite Center, 3632 NE 7th Street, Ocala,

Orlando Scottish Rite meets at 1485 Grand Road, Winter
Park, Fla. on the 4th Friday of each month, except, November,
which is on the third Friday and dark in December, meetings at

York Rite Bodies
A Continuation of the Blue Lodge

Ocala York Rite Bodies Meetings at Belleview Lodge No. 95
Ocala Chapter No. 13 - Meets Second Wednesday of January,
March, May, September and November beginning at 7:30 PM.
Ocala Council No. 22 - R&S Masters - Meets Second Wednes-
day of February, April, June, October and December beginning at
7:30 PM.
Ocala Commandry No. 19 - Knights Templar - Meets on the
fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM.
Lake/Sumter York Rite Bodies - Meetings at Leesburg Lodge 58
Eustis Chapter No. 33, Meets on the first Wednesday at 7:30
Golden Triangle Council No. 28Royal & Select Masters -
Meets first Wednesday at 7:30 PM.
Chapter and Council will alternate on who begins first.

Triangle Commandery No. 38 Knights TemplarMeets on the
second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM, except in July and
Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter No. 84
Lady Theresa Fox PM Worthy Matron
W Hank DeBerry PPWorthy Patron
Lady Paula DeBerry PMSecretary
W Robert Welch PGP Treasurer

Meetings 1
Thursday of the Month at 7:30 p.m. with the excep-
tion of July, August and September. Meets at Leesburg Lodge No.
58. Brothers and Sisters! Remember that we are dark in the
months of July, August and September. Our first meeting
back will be in October and it will be our Official Visit with
the Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Floye Hyslop!
1 July Quinto Brady
2 July Fred Caruso
2 July William Stephens
3 July William Kilgore
3 July David Nash
8 July Donald DeWitt
9 July James Judge II
10 July Albert Reese
10 July David Richardson
11 July Larry Duff
12 July Jefferson Bush
12 July Bill Green
14 July Frederick Long
14 July Charles Porter
14 July Randy Jesmok
16 July Gregory Clark
18 July Jack Penturff
20 July Robert Hart Jr
20 July Ralph Rogers Sr
21 July Hank DeBerry
24 July Bill Farmer
26 July Thomas Weekley
27 July Fred Neilson
31 July Donald Baisden
Editors Note: All articles and informa-
tion must be received by the editor
prior to the 23rd of the publishing
month for inclusion in the next issue.
Articles can be e-mailed to:
July Birthdays
by MW Robert D. Trump

The ballot box is placed
on our Sacred Altar along with the
Holy Bible because, next to the
Holy Bible, it is the second most sacred and powerful item in
the Lodge room. We salute the ballot box each time prior to
balloting to remind us of the solemn obligation we all took
while kneeling at the Altar, plus the seriousness of the action
we are about to take. How it is used and how we use it when
balloting should be very important to every one of us.
When balloting upon the petition of a candidate for
membership in our Fraternity, each Brother who votes wields
tremendous power. Like all power, it can be used well or not
well. It can work for good or for harm, not only upon him for
whom it is used, but also upon him who uses it. However,
unlike many powers put into the hands of men, this power is
not subject to review or control. According to our Masonic
Law, no one, from the youngest Entered Apprentice to the
Most Worshipful Grand Master, may inquire how we vote or
why we voted as we did.
The casting of a single black cube will prevent a can-
didate who desires to join our Fraternity from becoming a
member, The rejection of a candidate does more than prevent
him from being given our degrees and becoming a Mason. It
also creates a Lodge jurisdiction over the petitioner. He may
not apply for membership in another Lodge without first se-
curing a waiver of jurisdiction. He may not apply again to the
Lodge he was rejected in until after a certain statutory period.
If his petition is again received and brought up for ballot, the
fact that he previously applied for and was rejected must be
stated to the Craft. The casting of a black cube when ballot-
ing for a candidate not only rejects him from our degrees and
membership, it puts a disability on him that he is powerless to
The ballot box gives to every Brother the right to say
who shall and shall not become members of our Masonic fam-
ily. At the same time, it puts to the test our Masonic hearts
and the personal honesty of every Brother who deliberates on
its use. The white balls and black cubes are thorough tests of
our Masonic teachings and understanding of the cardinal vir-
tue Justice, which teaches and enables us to render to every
man his just due without distinction.
Justice to the candidate requires that we render Jus-
tice to every man, not merely to other Masons; that no black
cube is cast for small, personal, mean or vicious reasons.
Justice to ourselves requires that we cast a black cube
only on the candidate whom we believe would destroy the
peace and harmony of our Lodge.
Only God and the Brother casting it know who casts
the black cube. The purpose of the black cube when used
correctly is to protect our Fraternity. When used carelessly,
thoughtlessly, and without Masonic reason, it not only crushes
him for whom it is aimed, but it also crushes him who casts it.
Remember, white balls elect black cubes reject. Be careful
with your ballot!
A group of Masons were playing golf one day at their
local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto
the green when he sees a long funeral procession. He
stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his
eyes and bows his head in prayer.
His friend says Wow that is the most thoughtful and
touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind
The man then replies Well we were married thiry-five
Jeffs Comedy Corner
Pictures from around the Lodge
Boy Scout Troop 1 from Leesburg Lodge 58 recently attended a week long
Scout Camp at Camp LaNoChe, located on the North shore of Lake Norris in
Paisley, Florida. Our boys go there every year and have been continuous
since 1994. Here are some of the pictures from their week.
Pictures from around the Lodge
Pictures from around the Lodge
Pictures from around the Lodge
Pictures from around the Lodge
At the recent Masters BBQ, we were pleased to greet Brothers and guests into
the Lodge and provide tours of our Lodge room along with some awesome BBQ!
Pictures from around the Lodge
Pictures from around the Lodge
Looks like Jeff
found a playmate!
She is a cutie!
Pictures from around the Lodge
Leesburg Lodge No. 58
May 11, 2014


Hot Dogs or Hamburgers
Cole Slaw, Potato Chips
Drinks, Desserts (sugared or no sugar added)
$8.37 + .63 tax - Adults, under 14 - $3.72 + .28 tax
11:30 AM until 1:00 PM

Please call the Lodge at 787-5696 or sign the guest list in the lobby
and provide the number attending with you,. This ensures enough food is purchased
and prepared for all.
ALL MASONS, their families and friends are invited to our Monthly
Second Sunday Dinners and First Saturday Breakfasts
Help support your Blue Lodge, IT IS where all other Masonic Bodies Begin.
Future menu suggestions are always welcome!
Introducing 2014 Chef Crew

W Jim Campbell - Graduate of New Orleans School of Cooking
Bro. Wayne Reynolds - Former Chef at Country Club
Bro. Ed Spencer - formerly at Benihana Restaurant
US Postage
Leesburg,, FL
Leesburg Masonic Lodge No. 58 F&AM
PO Box 985
Fruitland Park, Florida 34731
11:30 a.m. TO 1:00 p.m.
Menu items: May 11, 2014
Hot Dogs or Hamburgers
Potato Chips, Cole Slaw
Drinks, Desserts (sugared or no sugar added)
$8.37 + .63 tax per person, Children under 14 years of age $3.72 + .28 tax

PLEASE call the Lodge at 787-5696, or sign the guest list in the foyer, provide the
number of guests attending with you, this ensures enough food is prepared for all. ALL MASONS,
their families and friends are invited . Menu suggestions welcomed, just fill out a comment card.
Dont forget to call or sign -up!!!

Celebrating 146 years (1868 2014)
in Leesburg, Fla. The Lakefront City
1st Saturday Monthly Coffee Klatch & Breakfast
8:00am to 10:00am
Eggs (cooked to order), Pancakes, Waffles, Bacon, Sausages
(Pattys or Links), Breakfast Potatoes, Grits, Sausage Gravy,
Biscuits, Toast
Coffee, Orange Juice
$5.58 +.42 sales tax per person