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For Filipino Household Service Workers

This employment contract is executed and entered in by and between:
A. Employer:
!ivil Status !ontact "os:
#assport "o$%! "o:. &ate ' #lace o( %ssue:
and the
). Household Service Worker:
#hilippine Address:
!ivil Status:!ontact "os:
#assport "o.: &ate ' #lace o( %ssue:
*oluntarily bindin+ themselves to the (ollowin+ terms and conditions:
,. Site o( Employment: S%"-A#./E
0. !ontract &uration: TWO (2) years commencin+ (rom the household service worker1s departure (rom the point o( ori+in
to the site o( employment.
2. )asic monthly salary: S%3 H4"&/E& &.55A/S 6 S-&7899.99: or e;uivalent to 4S7 <99.99.
<. Work Hours: The household service worker shall be provided with continuous rest o( at least = hours per day.
>. /est day: At least one 6,: rest day per week.
8. Free transportation to the site o( employment and back to the point o( ori+in upon expiration o( contract or when contract
o( employment is terminated throu+h no (ault o( the household service worker and$or due to (orce ma?eure. %n case o(
contract renewal@ (ree round trip economy class air ticket shall be provided by the employer.
A. The Employer shall (urnish the household service worker@ (ree o( char+e@ separate@ suitable and sanitary livin+ ;uarters as
well as ade;uate (ood or (ood allowance.
=. Free emer+ency medical and dental services (or the household service worker includin+ (acilities and medicine.
B. *acation leave with (ull pay o( not less than ,> calendar days (or every year o( service to be availed o( upon completion
o( the contract.
,9. The employer shall provide the household service worker with personal li(e accident@ medical and repatriation insurance
with a reputable insurance company in the host country.
,,. %n the event o( death o( the household service worker durin+ the term o( this contract@ his$her remains and personal
belon+in+s shall be repatriated to the #hilippines at the expense o( the Employer. %n case the repatriation o( remains is
not possible@ the same may be disposed o( upon prior approval o( the household service worker1s next o( kin or by the
#hilippine Embassy.

Employer Household Service Worker
,0. The employer shall assist the household service worker in remittin+ a percenta+e o( his$her salary throu+h proper bankin+
,2. Termination:
a. Termination by Employer: The employer may terminate the household service worker1s contract o(
employment (or any o( the (ollowin+ ?ust causes: serious misconduct or will(ul disobedience by the household
service worker o( the law(ul orders o( the employer or immediate household members in connection with
his$her workC +ross habitual ne+lect by the household service worker o( her dutiesC violation o( the laws o( the
host country. The household worker shall shoulder the repatriation expenses.
b. Termination by household service worker: ,: Termination without ?ust cause: the household service worker
may terminate the contract without ?ust cause by servin+ a written notice on the employer at least one month in
advance. Without such notice@ the worker shall shoulder her$his return transportation. 0: Termination (or a ?ust
cause: the worker may also terminate the contract without servin+ any notice on the employer (or any o( the
(ollowin+ ?ust causes: when the worker is maltreated by the Employer or any member o( his household: when
the employer violates the terms and conditions o( this contractC when the employer commits any o( the
(ollowin+ acts D deliberate non payment o( salary@ physical molestation and physical assault. The Employer
shall pay (or the repatriation expenses.
c. Termination due to illness. Either party may terminate the contract on the +rounds o( illness@ disease or in?ury
su((ered by the worker@ where the latter1s continued employment is prohibited by law or is pre?udicial to his$her
health as well as to the health o( the employer and his household. The repatriation expenses shall be shouldered
by the employer.
,<. Settlement o( &isputes. %n case o( dispute between the household service worker and the employer@ the matter must be
re(erred by either party to the #hilippine Embassy who shall endeavor to settle the issue amicably to the best interest o(
both parties@ as appropriate. %( the dispute remains unresolved@ the Embassy o((icial shall re(er the matter to the
appropriate 5abour authorities o( the host country (or ad?udication without pre?udice to whatever le+al action the
a++rieved party may take a+ainst the other.
,>. Special #rovisions:
a. The employer shall treat the household service worker in a ?ust and humane manner. %n no case shall physical
violence be used upon the household service worker.
b. The household service worker shall work solely (or the Employer and his immediate household. The employer
shall in no case re;uire the worker to work in another residence or be assi+ned in any commercial@ industrial or
a+ricultural enterprise.
c. The employer shall not deduct any amount (rom the re+ular salary or the household service worker other than
compulsory contributions prescribed by law. Such le+al deductions must be issued a correspondin+ receipt.
d. The employer shall pay (or the household service worker1s work$residence permit and exit$reEentry visa.
e. It shall be unlawful f! the E"#l$e! t hl% ! w&thhl% the 'el#e!(s #ass#!t w&th ! w&thut h&s)he!
(. The work$residence permit o( the household service worker shall remain in her possession.
,8. "o provisions o( this contract shall be altered@ amended or substituted without the written approval o( the #hilippine
Embassy or #.EA.
,A. %n the event o( war@ civil disturbance or ma?or natural calamity@ the employer shall repatriate the worker at no cost to the
,=. .ther terms and conditions o( employment shall be +overned by the pertinent laws o( the #hilippines or the host country.
Any applicable provisions on labor and employment o( the host country are hereby incorporated as part o( this contract.
%n witness thereo(@ we hereby si+n this contract this day o( 09 at Sin+apore.

Employer Household Service Worker
I, _____________________________________________, with residence at _________________
(name of employer)
____________________________________________, do hereby undertake the following
(address of employer)
in connection with the employment of Filipino household service worker (HS) ___________________
_____________________________________ in my household!
(name of household service worker)
"! #hat upon the arrival of the HS, I will make her contact the $hilippine %mbassy by
phone to confirm her arrival&
'! #hat the HS shall have custody of her passport(travel documents at all times&
)! #hat the HS shall be treated humanely by me and by the other persons staying at
my house&
*! #hat I shall provide the HS with a separate sleeping room&
+! #hat the HS shall be given a rest period of at least eight (,) continuous hours daily&
-! #hat the HS shall be made to work only in my residence as indicated in my
information sheet&
.! #hat upon re/uest the $hilippine %mbassy shall be allowed to communicate with the
HS by phone&
,! #hat the HS shall be allowed to freely communicate with her family in the
$hilippines or with the $hilippine %mbassy&
0! #hat I shall present the person of the HS to the $hilippine %mbassy when so
"1! #hat I shall not make the HS e2tend her contract or transfer to another employer
without the verification and approval of the $hilippine %mbassy&
""! #hat I shall appear in person before the $hilippine %mbassy, when so re/uired&
"'! #hat I shall notify the $343 concerned of any significant developments about the
conditions and employment of the HS including her repatriations&
")! #hat I shall e2plain to the members of my household the foregoing undertaking and
ensure that the undertakings are observed by them& and
,<. #hat I shall assist the HS in availing of benefits provided under the laws of my
country SINGAPORE!
It is my understanding that if any or all of the above undertaking are violated or not complied with, I will be
sub5ect to sanctions that are provided by the rules and regulations governing the employment of household
service workers from the $hilippines!
Signature of %mployer