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THESE Wonderful

Let food be your medicine
and let medicine be your food.
I gratefully dedicate this book
to Dr. George Malkmus.
His book The Hallelujah Diet

has revolutionized the physical aspect
of my life. Not only has it changed my thinking
about nutrition, but most importantly,
it has encouraged me to change
my personal eating habits.
As a result, my health greatly improved
in a matter of a few months, which is still
unfathomable to many doctors.
The book The Hallelujah Diet mentioned by the author inhis
dedication, was published in English by Destiny Image.
Piotr Haraszewski
Learn about their
incredible power!
THESE Wonderful
Translated by Andrzej Czopek
Text and Artwork Copyright 2014 by VARSOVIA
All rights reserved.
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ISBN: 978-83-61463-10-8
The summer break was over
and the students were back in school.
But Kate was missing.
The principal came to the frst class
to inform everyone that Kate
got ser i ousl y i l l
during the summer break and she will
miss a few months of school.
Right after school, a few of Kates
friends decided to visit her
in her home. There, they met Kates
aunt, who had come to visit her niece.
Together, they sat next to Kates bed.
My dearsthe aunt began.
Kate has a serious case of intestinal
ulcer. You might not know this,
but her illness, just like many other
chronic illnesses and diseases that
people sufer from all around the world,
st ar t ed wi t h bad habi t s:
mainly physical inactivity
and bad nutrition.
Even grownups dont always realize
the serious consequences of feeding
our bodies with bad foods. Too often
they take their children to fast food
restaurants, where
t he f ood has no nut r i t i onal val ue
that our body cells need
to live and develop.
Just like you cant make a solid brick
out of mud and water, our organisms
cannot build healthy cells
out of junk food.
In fast food restaurants,
we eat bread made from grain
which lacks fber, protein and minerals.
We also buy drinks that taste syrupy,
and contain sugar and other
harmful supplements.
As scientists from Harvard University
have proved, consuming cola-type
drinks and any soda type beverages,
causes just as many deaths
as all of the cancer types combined.
In fast food restaurants,
we also consume meat , that
cont ai n not onl y r emnant s
of ant i bi ot i cs and hor mones
used i n r ai si ng ani mal s
for mass production, but also many toxins
used to preserve, beautify
and extend the expiration date
of these very meats.
Many of these additional ingredients
are very unhealthy and
har mf ul t o our heal t h.
You should know that the human
digestive system is similar to that
of herbivorous, the animals that eat
grass and plants, and is
not wel l pr epar ed
t o di gest meat .
Our intestines are too long
and too tangled to quickly dispose
of digested meat products. The meat
left over in the intestines is chock
full of decomposed bacteria.
The undigested pieces of meat stay
in the large intestine of a human
for a long time, even a few days.
There, they decay because
of the decomposed bacteria.
This causes various infammations
which, with time, lead to serious
chronic diseases.
Those decaying pieces of meat
can cause diarrhea, constipation,
gas, and heartburn and will eventually
contribute to cancer. The toxins
that are produced by the decomposed
bacteria can cause a disease
called leaky gut syndrome
which causes
t hese t oxi ns t o t r avel f r om
t he i nt est i ne t o t he bl ood
and i nf ect t he whol e body.
When that happens, the human
immune system goes haywire.
This can give start
to allergies and even
autoimmune aggression.
Even ever popular
mi l k can wr eat h havoc
i n t he body of adul t humans.
As children grow older, their bodies
cease to secrete a special enzyme
called lactase, which digests sugar,
or lactose contained in milk.
In addition to that, milk contains
casein protein, which is also found
in wood glue.
When were no longer able to digest
casein, it stays in our intestines
and becomes food for the bacteria.
Their toxins continue to destroy
the walls of the intestines
in such a way, that the intestinal
villi are not able to receive
necessary nutrients.
As a r esul t , our bodi es
ar e not pr oper l y f ed.
Our cells begin to lack vitamins,
microelements, amino acids
and other very important nutrients.
This causes our
bodi es t o f unct i on poor l y
and sufer from various diseases.
Interestingly enough, curd,
natural yogurts or buttermilk,
when prepared naturally at home
and used occasionally are healthy
and can be use medicinally thanks
to the bacteria contained in lactic acid.
This friendly bacteria
does a wonderful job solving
our digestive problems.
Pickles and sauerkraut without vinegar
are even better choice and more
benefcial, for it has no animal properties
and no cholesterol.
Sugar, especially processed white sugar
is equally or more harmful to our body
and so is all white four and rice,
which acts just like sugar.
processed sugar is found in
j ust about ever y
gr ocer y pr oduct
from drinks (even fruit juices)
to all kinds of sweets
and even canned vegetables.
The efects of excess sugar
in our body can be deadly.
Once sugar gets into our
digestive system, it stimulates
the pancreas, which begins
to release a hormone
called insulin.
I nsul i n s j ob i s t o qui ckl y
assi mi l at e al l t he sugar
that enters the blood fow.
The sugar level in the blood cannot
become too high, because if it does,
our brain will not be able to work
properly. One could even fall into
a coma! It is extremely important
to eat natural foods that do not
contain much sugar. However,
when there is too much of it in the body,
our pancreas has to work that
much harder and it produces abundance
of insulin. This causes the sugar levels
to drop, however, there is now excess
of insulin in the blood. Then, the sugar
level continues to go down until it
becomes too low. At that point our
brain says Enough! and we must eat
something sweetand it makes a full
circle which becomes a vicious cycle!
When the pancreas works this hard
over the course of many years,
it eventually gives up because
of exhaustion and goes on strike.
Then a person becomes diabetic.
Di abet es i s a ser i ous di sease
whi ch causes a l ot of damage
t o t he human body.
It often leads to blindness,
chronic wounds, amputation
and premature death.
The excess of sugar
i n t he body equal s an excess
of empt y cal or i es.
When we consume more calories
than what we are capable of burning,
our body stores the unused,
empty calories in the form of fat.
The increasing number of fat cells
burdens our bodies in such a way
that, after some time,
we are not able to move around well,
and that makes us burn
even less energy.

Our i nt er nal organs
become f at t er,
which impairs their performance
and leads to more diseases. In order
to convert these empty calories
into energy and use them in some way,
the body has to provide a lot of minerals
and vitamins. If our diet consists mainly
of fast food, sweets, chips, etc.
in other words empty calories
our body is forced to draw all
the necessary minerals from its internal
resources, which will eventually
make it very weak.
The bones become weaker,
because t he di gest i on
and ut i l i zat i on of sugar t akes
a l ot of cal ci um.
Our immune system
also becomes weaker,
and it opens the gate
to all kinds of diseases.
Our body needs,
all of the essential
mi ner al s and vi t ami ns
which are readily available
in fruits, vegetables, seeds,
grains and nutsnot in juices
that are sold in cartons, but in
pl ent y of l i vi ng pl ant s.
Remember then,
that the amount
of sugar that is contained
in natural fruits and vegetables
is sufficient for the healthy
functioning of your body.
Sweets seem delicious,
but we should eat them very sparingly
and only on special occasions,
or better yet, not at all.
Each candy bar, cookie
or carbonated drink, though delicious,
can contribute to serious
health problems, especially
when we
do not exer ci se enough or eat
enough r aw f r ui t s and veget abl es.