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The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Ideally located right in the heart of Bucharest and just a few minutes
walk from the Old City, the 4-star Novotel Bucarest City Centre offers
not only an exceptional positioning but also a uni que blend of classical
architecture and modern, functional design.

Novotel offers true living space. Its 242 Novation rooms, 27 executive
rooms, 15 suites and 1 presidential suite provide you all the comfort you
need, 24 hours a day: modern, sunny and functional, equipped with
LCD TV, free Wi-Fi Internet, safe boxes, mini-bar with coffee and tea
making machine.

Other facilities include a fully-equipped business center, offering free
Internet connection, private secured parking for up to 140 cars, a
Wellness Centre with fitness area, Power Plate, massage, indoor
swimming pool and hammam.

Whether you are here for business or leisure, you will most certainly
enjoy our fine cuisine in the relaxing atmosphere of the Teatro
restaurant or savor a cocktail in bar 37.

For any events you may organize with us, the success is guaranteed by
a team of dedicated professionals and state-of-the-art technical
equipment present in all 8 function rooms.''

Presentation of our hotel facilities, benefits for accommodation and
meeting rooms, special promo for events, Embassies national days
offer & baptism offer;

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UIC: 18452211 Inc. No.: J/40/3758/2006

Calea Victoriei 37B
010061 Bucuresti, SECTOR 1

Tel: +40.21.3088528; +40.21.3088512
Fax: +40.21.3088577
e-Mail: h5558-sl@accor.com; h5558-sb@accor.com
Website: www.accor.com; www.mercibynovotel.ro;
www.novotel.com; www.accorhotels.com

Turnover (EUR): 7,547,241.77
No. of employees: 148
Main Line of Business by NACE

5510 Hotel & other facilities for accommodation

Contact Person(s):

Oana GHEORGHE, Director of Sales
Radu RAILEANU, Groups & Events Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Almaterm is a Romanian company located in Constanta, the largest
port on the western coast of Black Sea.
The company object is to produce windows and doors, taking into
consideration and anticipating the requests and the expectations
regarding the supply and maintaining of the quality.
The company motto:Make your home a work of art! is the best
definition for Almaterm product: a window that has all the following
characteristics fulfiled: the best thermal and acoustic insulation, the best
security against burglary and also the most pleasant design.
The quality of Almaterm windows and doors is certified by the
Autonomous Non-profit Company for Innovations and Quali ty Control in
Building-EMI Hungary, through the grant certifications CE to our
We are interested to export our products worldwide.


UIC: 13932278 Inc. No.: J/13/1228/2001

Bd.I.C.Bratianu nr.45, Corp 4, Magazie 1
900263 Constanta, CONSTANTA

Tel: +40.241.584083
Fax: +40.241.613201
e-Mail: office@almaterm.ro
Website: www.almaterm.ro

Turnover (EUR): 1,227,383.00
No. of employees: 38
Main Line of Business by NACE

2223 Manufacture of builders ware of plastic

Contact Person(s):

Mari us FAINAREA, Managing Director
Raluca FAINAREA, Marketing Director

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

BICO INDUSTRIES are a Romanian company with private capital, who
took over and relaunched a company with tradition in the production of
thermo-insulated materials, HITROM factory, located on the industrial
area of Vaslui City.
After the first three years, starting with 2009, in the expanded
polystyrene production, where we have been placed in the top ten
national competitors from the existing 60, weve opened a new
production line of fiberglass mes, designed for the plasters
reinforcement. Thus, we are the pioneer in Romania, concerning the
production of fiberglass mesh for thermo-system and plastering works .
Currently, we produce 18 million sqm / year of fibreglass mesh and until
mid-2014 we will have a total capacity of 28 million sqm / year. 15% of
the fiberglass mesh production we are exporting to West Europe and
we intend to reach to 30%. We can also to produce other fiberglass
technical fabrics.
The fiberglass mesh which we produce has technical approval and
corresponds to the established performance by SR EN 13496/2003,
using raw materials from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.
In addition to the product range of the expanded polystyrene, we have
developed a product line of plastic dowels, used for mechanical fixing of
thermo-system elements, with a capacity of 12 million pieces / year.
Only four years after the start of the production of thermal insulation for
homes, Bico Industries Company has over 100 employees and a
turnover of over 8 mil lion euro, with a growth rate of 20 % in 2013
towards the same period last year .
We have the Integrated System Management according to ISO
Standards, we function on profit centers and we believe in the principles
of participatory and flexibility management to external and
organizational changes .
We have the material resources and a modular and wide logistics,
which is able to cope with the need to extend or to adapt to the market
The companys mission and values that we share can be found on our
website www.bicoindustries.ro


UIC: 19241603 Inc. No.: J/27/1388/2006

Str. Petru Movila nr. 31
610094 Piatra Neamt, NEAMT

Tel: +40.233.211400
Fax: +40.233.211500
e-Mail: office@bicoindustries.ro
Website: www.bicoindustries.ro

Turnover (EUR): 7,500,000.00
No. of employees: 176
Main Line of Business by NACE

2223 Manufacture of builders ware of plastic

Contact Person(s):

Cameli a FELDY, Assistant Manager
Catalin TIRLEA, Executive Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Loving eye foray into the realm of art furniture furniture Romanian
emblem reveals respect and passion for furniture House Furniture
Simex genuine, thoughtful design and exquisite lush precious hardwood
beech and lime.
Massive and imposing appearance of our pieces of furniture
permanently anchored in customer memory, emotion warm, natural
tones and weathered, wood, meeting the most ingenious solutions
fitting the harmonious fusion of functionality, comfort and aesthetic
Furniture made of solid wood furniture house stands Simex leitmotifs
inspired by classic, easily recognizable by the roots intarsia exceptional
walnut sculpture handmade by famous masters, and the walnut veneer,
which are harmoniously combined in a mix warm colors and natural
surfaces, finished with patience you bite wood chisel with such creative
Product sustainability is one of our values statutory collections Simex
mobile home with a high quality factor: the production process to the
best standards, raw material, wood furniture turns into art objects,
whose invaluable imposed the market. One of the most important
criteria for CTC analysis is made of the furniture is resistant materials
that have excellent quality, for example, water based varnishes used,
which brought us over the years flow clients.


UIC: 21328516 Inc. No.: J/31/213/2007

Str. Tudor Vladimirescu nr.24
455300 Simleu Silvaniei, SALAJ

Tel: +40.754.055444
Fax: +40.260.677777
e-Mail: office@mobilasimex.ro
Website: www.mobilasimex.ro

Turnover (EUR): 1,415,403.00
No. of employees: 49
Main Line of Business by NACE

4759 Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment
and other household articles in specialised

Contact Person(s):

Adrian SABAU, General Manager
Alexandru ERDEI, Commercial Director
Stefani a RUSU, Economic Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

INTERMEDICA Medical Center offers ambulatory medical care in
various specialties, to both individuals and legal entities, for over 13
Our new headquarters in Sibiu, allowed the extension and
diversification of our medical services. Currently we provide curative
medical assistance in over 20 medical specialties plus modern
investigations such as color Eco Doppler for the heart and blood
vessels and electromyography(EMG).
Occupational medicine plays an important role in our business since its
founding in 2000. Intermedica Medical Center performs medical
examinations and psychological tests for both employed persons and
those who are to be employed in all fields of activity.
Traffic safety also occupies an important place in our daily work.
Intermedica Medical Center is authorized by the Romanian Ministry of
Transport to release both medical opinions and the opinions of the
psychological aptitude test for professional drivers and other categories
of persons who, by their profession, compete at road, rail and naval
traffic safety.
The laboratory equipped with last generation equipment completes our
medical services with blood analysis, stool analysis, urine analysis,
secretions analysis etc.
In our center patients receive outpatient treatments such as
acupuncture, injections and infiltrations , physiotherapy and reflexology,
treatments of small surgery and orthopedics .
Overweight people can contact us for investigation or customized
weight loss diet composition.
More details about the medical services and the doctors who are
working at Intermedica Medical Center, can be found on


UIC: 3748805 Inc. No.: J/32/588/1993

Str.Gimnasticii, nr.11
550172 Sibiu, SIBIU

Tel: +40.269.0234136
Fax: +40.269. 245479
e-Mail: office@intermedica.ro
Website: www.intermedica.ro

Turnover (EUR): 180,000.00
No. of employees: 10
Main Line of Business by NACE

8622 Specialist medical practice activities

Contact Person(s):

Marina MARIES, Administrator
Dorin MARIES, Associate
Lorena MARIES, Associate

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

S.C. CORAL IMPEX S.R.L. is a family-owned business that is
celebrating this year (2013) 20 years of activity in the field of pest
control. Since 1993, when the company was founded by Alexandru
Badea, Coral Impex has grown to be the largest Romanian-owned pest
management company with branch offices in many principal centers
across Romania such as: Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca, Bucuresti, Pitesti,
Brasov, Targu-Mures, Tulcea, Slatina, Alba-Iulia and Zalau.
The performance of our services within optimal conditions and following
the European quality standards determined our company to make
massive investments in the acquisition of modern technical resources
and in the thorough training of its employees, succeeding to satisfy
even the most delicate clients, such as: Philip Morris Romania, Coca-
Cola Romania, Inbev Romania, Procter&Gamble, Terapia Ranbaxy,
Ursus Breweries, Kaufland Romania SCS, Friesland Campina, Swiss
Caps, Avicola Crevedia, Johnson Controls, KFC and many others. Our
service is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
right from the survey stage to implementation and execution by trained
pest management professionals (PMPs). Considering the quality
standards, environmental protection, labour health and security, CORAL
IMPEX succeeded in obtaining and maintaining the authorization
certificate for ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and
also in obtaining and maintaining the First Class License awarded by
A.N.R.S.C. Since 2007, Coral Impex became an observer member
within British Pest Control Association, association that gathers the
major companies across Europe in the pest-control field.
This celebrating year, 2013, brought to Coral Impex a recognition award
from the Europe Business Assembly, which nominated the company
and its manager for the prestigious international awards in the quality
and management spheres. This is in recognition of an excellent
business reputation, effective management and constant growth and
qualified us t o be part of the International award Best Enterprise and
The head of enterprise was pr esented with the title Best Manager of
the Year and a personal certificate. Our companys vision of the future
is optimistic since it is always open to new challenges.
The greatest challenge foreseen by our company is to extend its
business abroad, and in fulfilling this vision, the international
acknowledgments and awards become a strong stimulant.

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UIC: 4986244 Inc. No.: J/29/2811/1993

Str. Penes Curcanul nr. 8, Bl. 151 C, Sc. A, Ap. 10
100511 Ploiesti, PRAHOVA

Head quarters: Str. Podul Inalt, Nr. 6, Bl. 4C, Parter,
Ploiesti, Prahova
Tel: +40.244.517610
Fax: +40.244.517610
e-Mail: coralimpex@coralimpex.ro
Website: www.coralimpex.ro

Turnover (EUR): 4,422,049.00
No. of employees: 169
Main Line of Business by NACE

8129 Other cleaning activities

Contact Person(s):

Alexandru BADEA, Managing Director
Ciprian BOGACIU, Commercial Director

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

EFD Induction Romania offers a complete range of turn-key systems in
induction heating applications. Combining the experience of the former
company Inductro SRL emerged from the Reserch and Development
Institute for Hot Proces in Bucharest together with the know-how of the
EFD Group, the no. 1 company in Europe in delivering induction heating
solutions and the second world-wide, EFD Induction Romania can
deliver complete solutions based on dedicated customer requirements
for applications as hardening, tempering, forging or melting.

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UIC: 6643820 Inc. No.: J/23/1602/2011

Calea Bucuresti nr 20
077185 Vidra, ILFOV

Tel: +40.21.3321948
Fax: +40.21.3323140
e-Mail: sales@ro.efdgroup.net; mis@ro.efdgroup.net
Website: www.efd-induction.net

Turnover (EUR): 1,996,379.00
No. of employees: 59
Main Line of Business by NACE

2899 Manufacture of other special-purpose
machinery n.e.c.

Contact Person(s):

Stefan MISKOVITS, Managing Director
Gabriel LUPU, Sales Manager
Ana-Maria PADURARU, Sales Asistant

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

ICCO Energ is a supplier of electric power, owner of high, medium and
low voltage networks and trafo stations and dev elops its activity in the
field of design and execution of low, medium and high voltage
ICCO Energ's competences are:
General contractor-ship for electrical installations;
Lighting systems and airfield lighting;
Industrial automations;
Electrical panels manufacturing;
Building Managements Systems;
Electrical energy distribution and supply;
Maintenance and service for high, medium and low voltage networks
and transformer stations
Design, execution and maintenance of photovoltaic installations,
windmills, Smart Grid Concept implementing.
Design, execution and maintenance of cogeneration stations;
Design and execution of gas installations;
feasibility studies; energetic audits.

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UIC: 22500279 Inc. No.: J/08/2664/2007

Str. Spicului nr. 3
500460 Brasov, BRASOV

Tel: +40.268.401267
Fax: +40.268.401266
e-Mail: energ@icco.ro
Website: www.icco.ro

Turnover (EUR): 30,583,840.22
No. of employees: 173
Main Line of Business by NACE

3514 Trade of electricity
321 Electrical installations works
4322 Sanitary, heating and air conditioning

Contact Person(s):

Doru ACSINTE, Administrator
Raluca DUMITRU, Office Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

ICMET Craiova is a state owned Research Development and Testing
National Institute for Electrical Engineering.
At present, ICMET activity takes place in many directions: testing and
certification of low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment,
electromagnetic compatibility test and calibrations, electrical safety,
research-development in the field of renewable energy and electric
power quality, monitoring and diagnosis of electric power equipment,
calibration of electric and non-electric quantities, on-site measurements
and diagnoses of power transformers, unconventional equipment and
technologies, for environment protection inclusively, special
electromechanical, pneumatic and hy draulic equipment, research-
development in the field of weighing and load limiting installations,
authorizations and conformity certifications in electrical engineering
field, execution of models, prototypes and small series equipment
resulted from research, studies and standardization activities in the
competence field, technological transfer of its own research results,
delivery of consulting and t echnical assistance services, electric power
audits and analyses, international scientific cooperation.
It is the founder of two non-governmental organizations with the
registered office at ICMET: ACER Romanian EMC Association; RTS
Romanian Thermoelectricity Society.
ICMET Craiova has testing/certification laboratories accredited by
RENAR for: High Voltage Tests; High Power Tests; Electromagnetic
Compatibility; Low Voltage; Fire Safety and Environmental Tests; High
Currents and Voltages Devices Calibration.
ICMET Craiova has a team of experienced specialists, able to settle
promptly and professionally the customers' requirements.



UIC: 3871599 Inc. No.: J/16/312/1999

Bd. Decebal, no. 118A
200746 Craiova, DOLJ

Tel: +40.351.404888
Fax: +40.351.404890
e-Mail: market@icmet.ro; icmet@icmet.ro;
Website: www.icmet.ro

No. of employees: 252
Main Line of Business by NACE

7219 Other research and experimental
development on natural sciences and

Contact Person(s):

Mari an DUTA, General Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Manufacturing of dairy products.
The company is looking to export products in Italy, Spain and other
European Union member states.


UIC: 912465 Inc. No.: J/15/376/1991

Bd. Independentei nr. 23
130104 Targoviste, DAMBOVITA

Tel: +40.245.216445; +40.245.615651
Fax: +40.245.631788; +40.372.870351
e-Mail: office@lactatenatura.ro; scildta@yahoo.com
Website: www.lactatenatura.ro

Main Line of Business by NACE

1051 Operation of dairies and cheese making

Contact Person(s):

Ion UNGUREANU, General Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

S.C. MOPEKA IMPEX S.R.L was founded in 1993, with the field of
activity in researching and development of manufacturing and
commercialization of emulsifiers, industrial detergents, housekeeping
products and auxiliary chemical products for different industries, all of
them based on ecological active surface agents.

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UIC: 4885215 Inc. No.: J/35/3718/1993

Str. Milos Cirneaski Nr. 43
300370 Timisoara, TIMIS

Tel: +40.256.293200
Fax: +40.256.293201
e-Mail: office@mopeka.ro
Website: www.mopeka.ro

Main Line of Business by NACE

2041 Manufacture of soap and detergents,
cleaning and polishing preparations

Contact Person(s):

Florin Doru MOZA, CEO
Mari ana VUSCAN, Sales Director

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Renovatio IT Solutions is a Romanian-based software development
studio with two current perspectives of the business: customized mobile
development projects and product-based innovation.
Our external offering for possible customers focuses in two directions
where we own extensive experience:
-Mobile: applications, games and services intended for different
platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Smart TV, LG
Smart TV.
-Smart/Intelligent Living (incl. Home/Facility Automation and Ambient
Assisted Living): software solutions for intelligent house or facility
For customers wanting to develop a mobile project we support the
entire product life cycle, starting with the simple idea and all the way to
the commercialization of the product. Concretely, we offer the following
services that can be also selected individually, according to the state of
the project: Idea and Business Concept, Market survey and Strategies,
Product Concept and Business Case, Software Requirements and
Analysis, Project Management, Software Implementation, Solution
Release, Monetization and Follow-up Activities.
Our mobile applications meet a diverse range of use-cases and
purposes, for ex. Location-Based Services, Mobile Social-Networking
and Games, Context-sensitive Applications, Mobile Instant Messaging,
Mobile Multimedia or Augmented Reality. We have also expanded our
know-how and expertise in a very new and rising sector: Smart TV
In conclusion, we develop apps with a higher degree of sophistication
and are able to deliver also complex solutions and pr ofessional digital
consultancy besides the usual mobile platforms development.
Renovatio IT Solutions owns a r eally powerful track record of projects
delivered successfully to partners and customers from Western Europe.
We strongly believe that our competencies, experience and portfolio
recommend us for any type of project from the two sectors
aforementioned. In depth projects references may be presented upon

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UIC: 30545549 Inc. No.: J/08/1254/2012

Bd. Grivitei nr. A96
500198 Brasov, BRASOV

Tel: +40.723.545740
e-Mail: management@renovatio-solutions.ro
Website: www.renovatio-solutions.ro

Turnover (EUR): 65,000.00
No. of employees: 12
Main Line of Business by NACE

6201 Computer programming activities

Contact Person(s):

Dan NICA, Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Romcarbon is a prestigious brand, recognized on both Romanian
and European plastic processing market. We have a tradition of over 50
years in polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene processing, but
also in producing filters and breathing protective materials.
In the mid-2012, we have inaugurated a new profit center, called
"Plastic compounds and regenerated raw materials"- we are now able
to produce Engineered Plastics based on virgin polymers, such as: PP,
PA, ABS, PA6, PA6-6 and also regranulated materials,such as r-PP, r-
PS, r-ABS.
We currently develop our activity on seven profit centres, our
products portfolio containing over 2,000 items of all sizes and types.
We can provide:
- polypropylene bags, fabric and strap
- polystyrene trays- catering, absorbent, standard
- XPS pannels
- polyetylene film, covers, bags
- plastic compounds and regenerated raw material
- air, oil, fuel filters for cars and trucks
- breathing protective materials
- PVC road indicators
Right now, all our efforts are heading towards sustainable
development in the green industry. We are confident in 2 developments
directions; on one hand, we will focus our activity on producing items for
the food industry and, in this way, we will keep improving our products;
on the other hand, we are heading to another field, namely green
industry right now the domain with the biggest impact over the words
The Quality Management System implemented in Romcarbon is
certified by the major national and international bodies. Our Quality
Management System meets the high standards of ISO 9001:2008. In
addition, we are certified ISO 14001:2005 for environmental system. We
also have implemented the standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 for
occupational health and safety system.
ROMCARBON has all necessary certifications in order to attest the
compliance of our packaging with alimentary products, the test analysis
revealing the fact that our PE, PS and PP processed items are heavy-
metal free. Moreover, for PP bags we are certified by LABORDATA
Germany regarding the hazardous substances carriage.

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UIC: 1158050 Inc. No.: J/10/83/1991

Str. Transilvaniei nr. 132
120012 Buzau, BUZAU

Tel: +40.238.711155
Fax: +40.238.710697
e-Mail: office@romcarbon.com
Website: www.romcarbon.com

Main Line of Business by NACE

2221 Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets,
tubes and profiles

Contact Person(s):

Ana Maria MANAILA, PR Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

- dried fruit (walnut in shell, walnut kernel, dried plums)
- dried mushrooms
- pumpkin seed

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UIC: 19009655 Inc. No.: J/38/737/2006

Strada Lespezi, nr.99
240292 Ramnicu Valcea, VALCEA

Tel: +40.250.732889
Fax: +40.250.732889
e-Mail: office@walnut.ro
Website: www.walnut.ro

Turnover (EUR): 477,516.00
No. of employees: 25
Main Line of Business by NACE

1039 Other processing and preserving of fruit
and vegetables

Contact Person(s):

Georgiana SANCIU, CEO - Administrator

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

We manufacture welded steel structures and assemblies for various
We have a certified quality management system according to ISO
We have welding certifications, qualified welders and welding


UIC: 1916457 Inc. No.: J/51/215/1991

Str. Bucuresti nr. 388
910048 Calarasi, CALARASI

Tel: +40.242.331464
Fax: +40.242.314662
e-Mail: nicolae.neacsu@zafa.ro
Website: www.zafa.ro

Turnover (EUR): 3,250,000.00
No. of employees: 145
Main Line of Business by NACE

2511 Manufacture of metal structures and
parts of structures

Contact Person(s):

Nicolae NEACSU, General Manager
Viorel MIRESCU, Administrator

Abbreviations & Acronyms
Used in the Company Profiles

Unique Identification Code / Fiscal Code
(rom. Cod Unic de Identificare / Cod Fiscal)
Inc. No.
Registration Number in the Trade Register
(rom. Numrul de ordine din registrul comerului)

Limited Liability Company
(rom. Societate cu Rspundere Limitat)
Autonomous Regime
(rom. Regie Autonom)
Joint-Stock Company
(rom. Societate pe Aciuni)
Commercial Company
(rom. Societate Comercial)
Joint-Stock Co-operative Company
(rom. Societate Cooperatist pe Aciuni)
Civilian Professional Law Firm
(rom. Societate Civil Profesional de Avocai)
Handicraft Co-operative Company
(rom. Societate Cooperativ Meteugreasc)

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: (021) 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania The National Chamber is a nongovernmental,
independent, non-profit, public utility organization, with legal identity, intended to represent, support and
defend the general interests of the business community in Romania.
The National Chamber has the role to promote and pursue the development of industry, commerce, services
and agriculture, in line with market economy requirements.

National Chamber Role and activity

The National Chamber is the most important representative organization of t he Romanian business
environment and holds a key role in promoting the interests of the C hambers System, as well as of th e
Romanian business community.

The Romanian Chamber System
consists in:
The National Chamber which is
the representation vector of the
Chamber System;
The County Chambers of
Commerce and Industry and
Bucharest Municipality;
The Bilateral Chambers.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

Strong Representative Organization

The National Chamber collaborates with over 50 national public, central and l ocal institutions, being a
voice within:

Governmental committees and working groups;
Parliament, Government and Presidency
consultative organizations.

The National Chamber collaborates with over 170
organizations worldwide and is an active, rightful
member of the following international representative

ICC The International Chamber of Commerce;
Eurochambers The Association of European
Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
ABC The Association of Balkans Chambers of
Commerce and Industry;
BSEC-BC Black Sea Economic Cooperation
Business Council.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

The National Chamber Unique National Services

Issuing Certificates of Origin

The Certificates of Origin are international trade documents certifying the country of origin of the shipped
goods, meaning the country in which they were actually produced.

The Certificates of Origin are important for the classification of goods according to the Customs Tariff of the
importing country and thus to determine / calculate the amount of owed duties.

Issuing ATA Carnets
ATA is an acronym combining the French and English phrases "Admission
Temporaire / Temporary Admission."
ATA Carnet is an international document, issued by t he 67 affiliated
countries, which allows the owner, to temporary (up to one year import
goods without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including
value-added taxes. The Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary
import bonds, simplifies border crossing procedures, using a single
document and allowing the visitat ion of several countries during the same
ATA Carnet is a passport for the following goods commercial samples; exhibits for trade fairs, exhibitions,
shows, demonstrations and other special promotional events, professional equipment (artistic events, sports,

Endorsement certificates for international trade
The National Chamber may issue, upon request, necessary documents for international trade (invoices,
phytosanitary certificates, EUR 1 certificates, export certificates etc.). This service is particularly necessary
for international trade documents signed with partners from non-signatory states of the Hague Convention
in1961 on simplifying the over legalization of the documents that are to be used abroad.

Endorsement attesting Force Majeure circumstances
The Force Majeure event is an unpredictable and unavoidable circumstance, that effectively and without any
fault prevents the debtor, to execute its contractual obligation. The National Chamber is the organization
empowered by law to issue endorsement certificates attesting Force Majeure circumstances. The existence
of the case of force majeure exonerates of contractual responsibility the debtor/professionals.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

Signature certification

The National Chamber is the organization empowered by law to i ssue Signature Certifications for the
companies legal representatives, applied on its official documents.
can only certify the signatures issued by the legal representatives of
the applicant company;
can only certify the signatures on original documents;
certifies signature, not the content of documents;
cannot certify legal representatives whose mandate expired;
cannot certify for companies being radiated, in liquidation or in
administration ending with insolvency proceedings.

Operator of the Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions (AEGRM)

The National Chamber is authorized by the Ministry of Justice to operate the Electronic Archive of
Secured Transactions (AEGRM), having qualified and well trained staff with expertise in this field
Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions (AEGRM) is a computerized registry, organized into a single
database, through which one may legally advertise about the juridical liaisons that guarantee of civil and
commercial obligations.
In the archive one can sign with movable secured claims and other types of juridical documents such as
assignment of debt, conditional sales, leases, contracts, consignment etc..

The National Chamber offers the following services:
Registration of the security advices in the electronic
Specialized consultancy;
Search and copying services from the electronic
archive database;
Release upon request certified copies of entries in the

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: (021) 319 01 14-18, 21-23,
GSM: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

The National Chamber Chamber System and Business Community Services

Domestic and International Business Information
Through the National Business Information System of the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(www.snia.ro), managed by the National Center for Business Information, from the Chamber Representation
Division, information provided by the members of the Chamber System and partner organizations and
institutions of the National Chamber, is offered:
Romanian and foreign companies:
o Financial data;
o Supplies and demands of
investment projects,
o Tenders
National and international events:
o Fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, forums, conferences, seminars, workshops.

Promoting the Romanian Companies

The Electronic Catalogue Pro Business Rumania, issued yearly, presents
financial and commercial information on more than 50000 Romanian companies in
all areas (CD version, in Romanian and English).

The National Top of Companies Catalogue is issued yearly, both in print and CD,
with information on over 6000 companies ranked in the National Top of Companies.
The classification is made considering rigorous financial indicators, by field of
activity and enterprise size. It is the most well known ranking of companies achieved
by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

The monthly electronic newsletter I nfoBulletin presents Romanian business
opportunities for the foreign companies, being distributed to more than 400 key
business support organizations from all over the world: centres of trade and
investments promotion, Romania's embassies abroad, foreign embassies at
Bucharest, Chambers of Commerce and professional associations abroad, thus
reaching thousands of companies that are related with them.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

Studies and position papers

The National Chamber participates through contributions of the Romanian Chamber System to studies,
position papers, brochures developed at European level through regional and international bodies of
which is a member: Eurochambres (Association of European Chambers of Commerce), ICC
(International Chamber of Commerce), BSEC - BC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business
Council), ABC (Association of Balkan Chambers).

European Projects

The National Chamber identifies the opportunities for participation within EU funde d projects, in
transnational consortia, relevant to the Chamber System in Romania.

Regarding the external relations, the National Chamber:

- Protects and promotes the economic interests of the Chamber System and of the business community
on external level in rel ation with the international economic organizations homologous and other
economic entities;
- Generate initiatives on international level to enhance external relations of the Romanian Chamber
- Represents the interests of the Romanian business environment in the relevant European and Euro-
Atlantic organizations and develop strategic partnerships with them;
- Initiates and negotiates agreements for international economic cooperation for the benefit of the
Chamber System and the business community in Romania;
- Monitoring the ongoing international cooperation and initiate the conclusion of new agreements in
consultation with members of the Romanian Chamber System.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

- Promotes investment opportunities for the Romanian business community and disseminates
Romanian investment projects thru the National Chambers of Commerce network with which has
cooperation agreements. Activities in this regard include:

Documenting, processing and dissemination of investment information:

o The investment framework of Romania (national, regional and local level) and of
foreign countries (economic and legal information, elements of investment
o Supply and demand of domestic and foreign investments (joint venture, technology
transfer and know-how, subcontracting, licensing, franchising, cooperation in
research and development);

Providing support services and organizing meetings of potential investment partners -
Romanian or foreign through the County Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Organizing national and international events:

National Top of Companies annual Gala;
The annual reception in the honor of the CD accredited to
Forums, trade missions, fairs and exhibitions - at home and
Conferences, congresses, seminars, courses and workshops
in the halls and auditoriums of the Palace of the National
Chamber providing complete packages of services:
technical support, catering, translation, secretarial, book
accommodations, special assistance.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

Own Media Products



The Official Bulletin (quarterly). A
three months retrospective of the entire
Chambers System. The Bulletin is edited
through a joint effort of all the Chamber
System members. It is free distributed to
the Presidency, Romanian and foreign
embassies, to the National Chamber


e-Info Business newsletter (weekly).
Contains up-to-date information about
the National Chambers, its members
and partners activity. The newsletter is
distributed to more than 3000
subscribers like private companies,
public administration and media.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824
E-mail: ccir@ccir.ro

The Court of International Commercial Arbitration
Is a permanent arbitration institution having its own arbitral procedures rules: Regulations on the
Organization and Operation of the Court, respectively Regulations on the Court Board Organization.

Arbitration for the settlement of domestic and international
commercial or civil disputes, by either institutionalized arbitration
or ad hoc, its jurisdiction being based on the agreement concluded
by businesses in their contracts (the arbitration clause) or by a
subsequent act (compromise);

The Arbitral Verdict can be invested, at request, with executor formula, by the Court of

Procedures consultancy is provided free of charge by the specialists of the Arbitration Court at its
offices, by any type of correspondence (phone, post, fax, e-mail);

International co-operation with similar institutions and organizations from other countries, for the
purpose of establishing and developing collaboration. Participation in and organizing of international
conferences, meetings, forums and seminars;

Study and research of the in ternational arbitration legislation and o f the l aw applicable to the

Co-operation with the other Arbitration Courts within the Chamber System for promoting
arbitration and in case law.
Electronic Catalogue Pro Business Romania 2013
Romanian and English version

Database having 50000 Romanian companies in all fields (Top companies
ranked by the Chambers of Commerce in Romania; Members of the Chambers
of Commerce in Romania).
Allows 14 single/multiple selecti on criteri a based on a powerful search
Export of sel ected informati on i n vari ous formats (Microsoft Excel, Access),
HTML, Microsoft Word, TXT.
Fairs & Exhi bitions Directory organised by the Romani an Chamber System
and Romexpo SA in 2013.
List of the Forei gn Companies Representative Offi ces i n Romania.

Main selecti on criteria based on a powerful search engine are: company's name; legal form; county; town; line of
business-NACE code (Rev.2); turnover; gross profit; equity; number of employees; key words.
Main information on each company profile: company's name, VAT code, address, line of business, equity, number of
employees, turnover, gross profit and where available: phones, fax, e-mail, website, contact person.
Financial information is based on fiscal year 2012 balance sheet.

How can you buy it?
1. By online order form
2. By phone order at +4021-319.01.63
3. By direct acquisition from the CCIR's head office.
How can you pay it?
Via bank transfer in the bank account of CCIR no. RO79RZBR 0000 0600 0240 7966, opened with Raiffeisen Bank
Romania SMB; SWIFT: RZBRROBU; BANK CODE: 302411004; The Tax code of CCIR is RO 2842250. Please
send a copy of your bank order to fax: +4021-311.21.10. The CD-ROM will be delivered to you via Romanian Postal
service within 3 days, as soon as we receive your order and a copy of the payment document.
In cash, at CCIRs pay office, 4th floor, 3rd wing, 2 Octavian Goga Blvd., 3rd district, 030982 Bucharest, Romania.

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More information:
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
The National Business Information Center
Phone: +4021-319.01.63
Fax: +4021-311.21.10
E-mail: drc@ccir.ro
Romania country profile

Romania, in southeast Europe, is mountainous in the north while the main
feature in the south is the vast Danube valley. The river forms a delta as it
approaches the Black Sea, which is a wildlife reserve for countless native and
migratory birds.
The Romanian parliament consists of two chambers, the Senat (Senate),
which has 140 members, and the Camera Deputailor (Chamber of Deputies),
which has 345 members. The members of both chambers are chosen in
elections held every four years.
Ethnically, the population is 90% Romanian and 7% Hungarian. The
Romanian language, like a number of others in southern Europe, is directly
descended from Latin, although Romania is separated from other Romance-
language countries by Slav speakers. Romania has considerable natural
resources oil, natural gas, coal, iron, copper and bauxite. Metal-working,
petrochemicals and mechanical engineering are the main industries.
Romanian specialities include grilled meatballs, pork stew with garlic and
onions and doughnuts made with cream and cheese.
The spine-chilling tale of Dracula is based on the 15th century Romanian
Count Vlad Dracul whose son was famous in wartime for impaling captured
enemies. Well-known Romanians include the writer Eugene Ionesco, the
gymnast Nadia Comaneci and the composer George Enesco.
Official name: Romania
Area (km2): 237 500
Population: 20.02 million (2013)
Capital: Bucharest
National holiday: 01 December
Currency: Romanian Leu
Date of joining European Union: 01 J anuary 2007
Head of state: Traian Basescu; since 2004, reelected in December 2009
Head of government: Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta, since 7 May 2012
GDP (billion ): 139.400 (2013 est.)
GDP per capita in PPS: 6969 (2013 est.)
Real growth rate of GDP: 0.7% (2012)
Unemployment rate: 7.1% (2013, dec.)
Public debt (mill. ): 53.7 (2013)
Source: National Institute of Statistics, Eurostat; The World Factbook
Romanian Economy Facts

Statistical publications issued by
The National Institute of Statistics
Official statistics in Romania is organized and
coordinated by the National Institute of Statistics,
specialized body of central general government, legal
entity, subordinated to the Government and
coordinated by the minister who coordinates the
Government General Secretary. For more information,
click on the links below:
Monthly Statistical Bulletin
Prices Statistical Bulletin

Financial info from
The National Bank of Romania
Monthly averages from the National Bank of

Inflation Targets
Inflation targets are formulated in terms of the annual
change in the consumer price index and are set as
midpoints within a target band of +/-1 percentage
Inflation target in 2012 was 3.0% 1 percentage point
Inflation target starting 2013 will be 2.5% 1
percentage point
Read more ...

Inflation Report
The Inflation Report is the NBR's main communication
tool amid the current monetary policy strategy.
Published on a quarterly basis (starting August 2005)
Read more ...

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May. 2014 4.4245 3.2205