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International Christian Ministries
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Eileen and Delmar Debault
"Where Are Delmar And
Eileen Now?"
That has surely been the question most asked
about us in the past thirteen years. And I'll
admit that even I have had to ponder that question
upon occasion! But, WHEREVER we have been,
our purpose has been the same to lead those in
darkness to the "more abundant life" as described
by Jesus in John 10:10. This has entailed
ministering to the spiritual, physical and material
needs of many people in many lands.
When we left the security of a settled ministry in
1976 and launched into our mission work, we were
advised by some that this was a foolish thing to
do. They felt at that time in our lives we should be
preparing for our retirement (my husband has an
aversion to that word). But we foresaw those
"Golden Years" as a time of opportunity. We had
our family raised, enjoyed reasonably good health
and were anticipating the future with some Social
Security benefits. God has blessed our decision to
serve Him in this special way. We are most
grateful to Him and to Christian friends who have
been co-workers with us, according to III John 8.
Do we feel we have sacrificed the "good life?" Not
at all! These have been the most fulfilling years of
our ministry. Not always easy, not always worry
free, but always with the knowledge that we are
doing what the Lord would have us do in this
phase of our lives. There is joy in knowing that!
Eileen Debault
'T have but one candle to
burn and would rather burn
it out where people are
dying in darkness than in a
land that is flooded with
Spring Edition
Delmar and Eileen at Springdale College, Birmingham, England, fall of
1988, with visiting Professors and wives: Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Ratzlaff, San
Jose (California) Bible College; Mr. and Mrs. James Earl Ladd II, Puget
Sound Bible College, Seattle, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Lammiman,
Alberta Bible College, Calgary, Canada.
Travelling in the remote mountains of Mindanao by "Tri-Cycle," a motor
cycle with a passenger side car, with Aquilino Mabulay, Elder in the Church
of Christ, Gapasan, Ramon, Magsaysay, del Sur. Their two sons,
Emmanuel and Augustin and daughter, Esperanza, have graduated from
the Cebu Bible Seminary, Philippines, assisted by our ministry. Another
son, Rufino, and daughter, Gilda, are students now in CBS through our
support, with another younger son at home yet to go.
: .
-*v jpfl
Teaching a class by candlelight (black outs often) in the National
Bible Institute, Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Guyana, South
America, spring, 1988.
With Somchai Panya, converted Burmese Buddhist monk, in
Bangkok, Thailand, preparing to leave on an evangelistic trip to
the Cambodian refugee camps, eastern Thailand, February, 1989.
Delivering the Commencement address for the Maranatha Bible
College, Talibon, Bohol, Philippines, April, 1989.
Border crossings can be unpredictable, even among our "friendly'
neighbors to the south of us in Central America.
A *
Mrs. Luzminda, wife of Jul Castellano, Evangelist with
International Christian Ministries, with a class of VBS children,
Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines.
Franklin Roble, Cebu Bible Seminary student, supported by
International Christian Ministries, leading a youth group in
church, Bohol, Philippines.
"WELCOME" for evangelism and leadership training in the
Magsaysay Church of Christ, Negros Occidental. Six young
people from this mountain church have graduated from the Cebu
Bible Seminary, with two more enrolled.
With an Akha village chief and wife (elder in the church ofChrist)
on the Mekong River, border of Laos, January, 1989.
DDD receiving the Distinguished Alumnus Restoration Award
from Pres. Charles McNeely, at the North American Christian
Convention, Louisville, Kentucky, July 14, 1989.
On ship-board, port of Bacolod, Negros Occidental, with Mrs.
Ninfa Do-oma, daughter of Mrs. Domingo (Elma) Bojos, and baby
daughter, leaving for the Philippine National Convention of
Churches of Christ, Ilo Ilo, April, 1989.
With Peter Sutjaibun, front row left, and Jimmy Tachinam, front
row right, Rawang evangelists and a group of Christian leaders
from Burma, in hotel room, Mae Sai, Thailand border.
The choir of the Cebu Bible Seminary, under the direction of Miss
Jadeth Celis, 1989 graduate of Ozark Christian College, Joplin,
Missouri, B.S. in Music Ministry.
Teaching in Leadership Training Seminars among the tnbal
villages, mountains of northern Thailand. Jimmy Tachinam
translating in both Lahu and Akha.
DDD holding his namesake "Delmar Don" Castellano, being
welcomed by members of the team of PIONEERS FOR CHRIST
PHILIPPINE EVANGELISM, Tagbilaran Airport, Bohol,
March, 1989.
Mary Lee 5, Minaly (4 in June) and Arnold Coraiga, 23.
Arnold Corsiga and his five younger sisters and two
brothers were orphaned in June, 1986, when their mother
died in childbirth. The baby girl, Minaly (pictured),
survived. The father (a non-Christian) abandoned the
family and disappeared. No food stamps, welfare or aid-to-
dependent children in the Philippines. Arnold, a 3rd year
student in the Cebu Bible Seminary, vowed to keep his
'family' together, with very meager finances. Our ministry
assisted with his Seminary expenses and paid his tuition
for four years. Since his graduation in March, 1989, he has
pioneered a new church on the Island Province of Bohol
and has kept the children together. We continue to raise
funds for their support. Help can be designated through
ICM, or sent directly by personal check: ARNOLD
CORSIGA, c/o Rommy Ranola, Can-Lapao, 6308
Jagna, Bohol, Philippines.
Quo Vadis Whither
Are You Bound?
Eileen and I never planned to be engaged in our present
ministry. It started when we became deeply involved with
Mid-India Christian Mission while serving the Osage Hills
Christian Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967-'75. Serving 10
years as Board Chairman and 8 as US Field Representa
tives, we began to travel to other countries in Missions.
God opened many doors and we walked through them. By
1987, our mission work had become so diversified it became
necessary to incorporate as a separate entity. We were
traveling world-wide in a service of Leadership Training,
Bible College/Institute Teaching and Evangelism. From
our beginning "roots" in missions in India and neighbor
ing Assam and Burma, we were confronted with more
opportunities than we had time or money to accommodate.
This pictorial newsletter is a sample of some of our
activities the past two years. Since God holds the future we
are prepared to follow His Will, according to Acts 1:8.
Will You Pray with us for these specificgoals?
1 For health and strength to meet the challenge of
2 For an additional $500.00 per month regular
support. (We have $500.00 now and need $1000.00 for
basic expenses.)
3 For the doors of evangelism and missions to
remain open for the Gospel in the Orient.
4 For the funds for our students in the Cebu Bible
Seminary and our outreach in pioneer evangelism
with the Philippine evangelists through Internation
al Christian Ministries.
5 For a great revival and evangelistic explosion in
Eastern Europe as a result of the fall of the Iron
Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.
Delmar D. Debault
ADDRESS all correspondence:
P.O. Box 848
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Before you move, please send the mailinK label with a copy of your new address to
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 2427. Knoxville, TN 37901-2427.
Delmar D. Debault, Chairman
Eileen M. Debault
412 E. Tillman Avenue
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Louise Carden, Secretary
341 S. Sharp St.
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Robert S. Garlinger
2011 11th Avenue, N.W.
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Mission Services
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Eileen and Delmar Debault
News of
International Christian Ministries
P.O. Box 848
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Tel. (813) 676-6667
May 30. 1990
Dear Christian Friend,
As the Restoration Movement spread across the frontiers of America in the 19th Century, this Mew Testament
message also found its wayto the South Pacific. From those earlydays, Churches of Christwere established in
NewZealand and Australia. Through the years those churches have gone through manyexperiences, sometimes
of growth and strength but in later years they have faced difficulties and trials resultingfrom liberalinfluences of
merger and compromise and many have been decimated bydenominational union. Buta lightof hope has been
shining brighter in very recent times. An influential number of Christian leaders in America and the British
Churches of Christ have become seriously concerned and are lending strength to these faithful brethren.
Eileen and 1have been invited by the brethren in NewZealand and Australia for a visit in the fall of 1990. We will
leave Atlanta, Georgia, Friday night, August 31, with scheduled arrival in Aukland, New Zealand September 2,
6:30 AM. We are scheduled for a week of Evangelism and Leadership Training with the churches in the Aukland
area, with Bro. John S. Fulford, Minister of the Mairango Bay Church of Christ arranging the services. Aweek of
services among the churches inthe southern Island, Dunedin area, is being arranged by Bro. Darrei Boyd. We will
arrivein Sidney, Australia,Saturday, September 15, for seven weeks of ministryamong the churches. Australian
evangelist, Doug Willis and missionary Darryl Krause are arranging our itinerary. Our daughter, Cindy, whowill be
traveling with us for a month, will retum to her home (and work) in Atlanta September 30. Wewill continue our
ministry another five weeks.
The round-trip farefrom Atlanta, Georgia toAukland, NewZealand andSidney, Australia iscurrently $1,165 per
person. These fares require a thirty day pre-purchase. Therefore, the airfare funds of $2,330 must be inthe
mission account by July 31,1990. Although July 31 is several weeks away,we are anxious to secure the funds
andfinalize thetriplong before that date. Weanticipate a total of $1,500eachfortheairfare andourtravel inNew
Zealand and Australia. We are entirely dependent upon our mission supporters for the travel funds. We will
manage our personal expenses on this trip as we have all the others.
Will you pray with usthatGod's people will sharewith us enough toprovide the$3,000thatDleen and1will need
for our travel expenses? Wll you consider having a share in this amount? Ifeveryone on our mailing list could
contribute at least $25, it would be sufficient But not all can respond in such a manner, therefore. It \m11 be
necessary for a number to participate in a more substantial amount. Wewill go ifGod's people will send us. We
cannot go if the travel funds are not forthcoming. Checks should be made payable to International Christian
Above all else, we appreciate your prayers, friendship and love.
In His Service,
Delmar and Eileen Debault
PO Box 848
Lake Wales, Florida 33859
Eileen and Delmar Debault
News of
International Christian Ministries
P.O. Box 848
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Tel. (813) 676-6667
Summer, 1990
Dear Christian Friends:
When our white cottage loomed Into view at 412 East Tiilman Avenue, at 1:30 P.M. Tuesday, August 21, home
never looked any better to me. I had been on the road for 20 weeks, had driven 15,000 miles (over 24,000 kms)
plus a couple of plane trips and had slept in 42 different beds. From Florida to Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas,
Oklahoma and Arkansas more than 100 sermons and Bible lessons had been delivered. We had served in two
youth camps, five DVBS's, two revivals, two area rallies and KiamlchI Family Camp and the KlamichI Mens Clinic,
the North American Christian Convention, two meetings of the Board of Directors of International Disaster
Emergency Service, Kempton, IN., and the Board of Trustees of the KiamlchI Mountains Christian Mission. We had
presented missions or preached In 25 different churches. Last spring it looked as though our summer might be a
light one, but it turned out to be one of the busiest In the past fourteen years since we have been in this special
When Mission Services, Knoxvllie, TN., mailed our letter for us in May asking for $3,000.00 which we estimated
would be our basic travel costs to New Zealand and Australia, we had no balance in our travel funds. Today that
amount has been received, almost to the dollar. How can we ever doubt the Love of God or question His Will for us
In our ministry of missions/evangelism? Only you, God's people could make this possible. The dollars and cents
can be counted, but who on earth can recount the shield of prayers and love that have surrounded us by day and
protected us through the night. Thank you, thank you, dear ones. Words on paper lookso cold, a big hug would
do It better.
God has so blessed our efforts to raise funds and support for our students In the Cebu (Philippines) Bible Seminary
and a number of Filipino Evangelists (grads of CBS) now in new-church evangelism (they prefer the term
"pioneering"). We have not had to refuse a single request because of the lack of a sponsoring church, Sunday
School class or Individual who was willing to accept the challenge. We raised enough in the youth camps, DVBS and
other appeals to enable us to send our personal commitments to our CBS students for the next year. In addition to
this, our personal needs have been provided for. As Eileen says, "We have ail we need, but maybe not as much as
we would want."
We are home for just 8 days before leaving for Aukland, New Zealand, August 29th and the mound of
correspondence on my desk is almost overwhelming. This letter will aid tremendously In being able to reach you.
The only difficulty we have faced has been Eileen's visual Impairment. She had lost much of the focal vision In her
left eye from Macular Degeneration in December, 1986, but her right eye was not affected until March, 1990. She
received extensive treatment (Laser) in the University of South Florida (Tampa) Medical Center under the care of Dr.
Peter Reed Pavan, Ophthalmic Retina Specialist, rated one of the leaders in this field in Florida. We knowshe has
had the best medical treatment available for the condition and all has been done that is possible. She functions
very well and is able to carry on In many of her normal activities. She has difficulty in reading but Is able to
accomplish that with proper lighting and special glasses. She has not driven since she left for Illinois May 23rd with
my brother Don and wife, but she thinks she may see well enough to drive in daylight on the familiar streets of
Lake Wales. Otherwise, we are in excellent healthfor a couple of old codgers in their sixties and seventies.
We will leave Orlando at 5:00 P.M., Wednesday, August 29th on Delta, then board Qantas Airlines in Los Angeles
at 10:45 P.M. and arrive In Aukland, New Zealand, 6:30 A.M., Friday, August 31. After preaching in two churches
on Sunday, September 2, Brother John Fulford has scheduled for me a full week of Leadership Training Seminars
for the churches of the Aukland area. Our daughter, Cindy, will arrive In Aukland Sunday morning, September 9th,
at 6:30. After services Sunday morning, we will fly to Christ Church (southern island) in the afternoon for a Gospel
rally with all the churches there that night. Monday morning, September 10, we will go by train to Dunedin for
another rally that night with the area churches. Tuesday, we go by bus to the southern end of New Zealand for
three days of Leadership Training in a combined effort with the churches. Friday, September 14, we return to
Aukiand and fly to Sidney, Australia, Saturday afternoon, September 15 at 4:30.
In Australia, we will be guests of Mrs. Don Craig, widow of the founding minister of the Westside Christian Church
in New Castle, New SouthWales. I will preach and teach Inthe church for ail services, Sunday, September 16, and
then we will "headquarter" with Mrs. Craig while in Australia. Correspondence can reach us VIA her address. For
the next sevenweeks, "Aussie" Evangelist, Doug Willis, and American Missionary, Darryl Krause, have scheduled for
me a "full itinerary" of evangelism, leadership training and teaching missions among the Australian churches -
southwest to Adelaide, south to Melbourne, Sidney/New Castle, then northeast to Brisbane and Queensland. When
I wrote to Doug and Darryl and requested a little shorterstay(due to greatly reduced airfares with a 60-day limit),
they both replied, "Finewith us, but we are not_ cancelling any programs. You just wont have any free time left for
sight-seeing." O.K., but who cares? I do intend to keep my eyes open and "see a lot of sights" regardless of how
busythose guys keep me.
Cindy will leavefor home (Atlanta) Saturday, September 29th. Eileen and Cindy will havetime to "playtourist" and
take a few side trips while she Is in Australia. We will continue another month and leave for home, Tuesday,
October 30, at 4:00 P.M., with scheduled arrival in Orlando at 11:46 P.M., same day, but actually about a 24-hour
trip, as we "gain a day" bycrossing the International date line.
For the past fourteen years, Eileen's mother, Mrs. Sadie Davis, has been our combined faithful "F.A.", personal
business manager and helper in a multitude of ways while we are overseas and travelling in the USA. We could
never have done what has been accomplished without her. But the time has come when it is necessary for her to
relinquish some of her responsibilities (she will be 89 on October 3rd). We are extremely fortunate In having Mrs.
Louise Carden, widow of our beloved friend Leon (Shorty) Carden and daughter of the late Mrs. Pearl Houser,
available and willing to assume these responsibilities for us. Louise will serve as the Secretary/Treasurer of
INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES and will handle our personal business affiars while we are gone. She has
been a close personal friend of the Debauit and Davis families for forty years, so it is with deep appreciation and
comfort that we bring this information to you.
In case of emergency or the necessity to reach us for any reason, Eileen's mother's number Is 813-676-1652; the
numbers of Louise Carden are: Res. - 813-676-1592 and Work - 676-1481. Our Australian address will be c/o
Mrs. Don Craig, 89 Harriett Street, Waratah, New South Wales, 2298, Australia, but remember to allow up to two
weeks for delivery, by October 15. _
This will be our first mission trip "down under"
and we are excited for that. But, above all, we
are thankful for another opportunity to have a
part in the extension of the Kingdom of God in
our ministry to the "regions beyond." Thank
you, thank you, for your prayers, love and the
financial support to keep us on the road, in the
air and across the sea.
JISLove and NAME,
Delmar and Eileen Debauit
P.O. Box 848
LakeWakes. Rortda 33853
Delmar D. Debauit, Chairman
Eileen M. Debauit
412 L Tlllman Avenue
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Louise Carden, Seaetaiy/Treasurer
341 S. Sharp St.
Lake Wales, Rorida 33853
Robert S. Carllnger
2011 11th Avenue, N.W.
Winter Haven, Rorida 33880
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