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A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Letter Of Authorized
Ms Maliha Sameeni
BBA Department
UE, Bank Road Campus,
This report is submitted to Ms. Maliha. We assure you that this
report gives benefit to the readers. We hereby authorize that we have
done this report of Communication Barriers in Business Organization
with whole heartedly and full of honesty. We gave best relevant
We thank our head that she gave us an opportunity to enhance
our knowledge which is very useful for us in future.
Yours sincerely,
Chandni Saleem (10)
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Aqsa Omer (05)
Anam Afzal(02)
Date: 17-January-2012

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Communication in business provides clear direction,
concise instruction and unified morale for everyone to focus on
a common goal. Without effective communication in business,
there will be a lack of understanding, motivation and direction.
Communication is significant in business, because it is the
medium in which all forms of information are sent and
When communication barriers are present, it is difficult
for the receiver of information to understand the message the
sender is trying to convey. Critical parts of the message get lost.
By familiarizing yourself with the biggest barriers in
communication, you can work toward overcoming them -- and
becoming a far more effective communicator.
Communication skills especially important in today's
workplace. Learning effective communication habits will
decrease misunderstandings and improve morale by removing
communication barriers. By following the instructions:
Management by Walking Around
Conversation Skills
Listening Skills

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Types of Business Communication

There are two types of business communication in an
1. Internal Communication
2. External Communication
Internal Communication
Communication within an organization is called Internal
It includes all communication within an organization. It may be
informal or a formal function or department providing
communication in various forms to employees.
Effective internal communication is a vital mean of addressing
organizational concerns. Good communication may help to
increase job satisfaction, safety, productivity, and profits and
decrease grievances and turnover.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Under Internal Business Communication types, there come;

Upward Communication
Downward Communication
Horizontal/Literal communication
External Communication
Communication with people outside the company is
called external communication. Supervisors communicate
with sources outside the organization, such as vendors and
It leads to better;
Sales volume
Public credibility
Operational efficiency
Company profits
It should improve
Overall performance
Public goodwill
Corporate image
Ultimately, it helps to achieve
Organizational goals
Customer satisfaction

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Business communication is nothing but, the
communication between the people in the organization for the
purpose of carrying out the business activities. It may be oral,
verbal, written etc.
A business can flourish when all the targets of the
organization are achieved effectively. For efficiency in an
organization all the people (within and outside) of the
organization must be able to convey their message properly.
The exchange of ideas, understanding, within and outside the
organization to achieve the business goals is known as business
While there are many skills that are necessary for success,
communication skills are among the most important. Your
communication skills can make or break your career. If you are
good at communicating, there is a good chance that you will
quickly advance in your career. On the other hand, if you are
bad at communicating then it would be difficult for you to
move higher in your career.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Unlike many other skills, communications skills can be
used in virtually every field. Wherever you work, you always
need to communicate with others. There is no job in this world
in which you don't need to communicate with other people.
Whether you are a teacher, a driver, a designer, or anything
else, communication is an indispensable part of what you do.
The good thing about this is your effort on improving your
communication skills will definitely be fruitful since you can
always use those skills. Communication skills will always be
relevant though you switch to new careers.
Communication is essential for life in general but in
business settings, it is critical. Communication is more than just
a matter of speaking and hearing, especially within a business
setting. Good communication, on the other hand, means that
your message will be sent and that the people or organizations
understand the message in its entirety. Further, they are much
more likely to respond in a positive manner if the message was
communicated effectively. A poorly communicated message
will likely result in an unfavorable response.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Importance of Business Communication
Ernest Hemingway once said,
"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never
Effective communication is important in personal and
professional settings. An effective communicator is more likely
to get attention from his listener, because the listener knows
the communicated information will be concise and beneficial to
Client Relations
Effective communication enhances client relations, which
are crucial to a company's success. Employees are ambassadors
of the company. If an employee effectively communicates with
a client and answers her questions clearly, it can raise the
client's confidence in the company.
Job Satisfaction

Effective communication between an employee and his
supervisor can boost an employee's job satisfaction by making

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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the employee feel he can make a difference. For a manager and
employee to communicate effectively, the manager must be
able to convey objectives, and implementing the employee's
ideas. An employee who feels valued will be a more productive
team member.
Saving Time
Time in business is crucial. Being able to choose the proper
method of communication--phone, email, fax or face-face
conversation--can save a company a lot of time and money.
Communicating in an effective way will prevent confusion.
If you think about a message before delivering it and anticipate
any way it can be misconstrued, you will be able to refine your
Chances for Promotion
If you are an effective communicator, you will appear more
organized and knowledgeable and increase your chances to be
promoted. Others will notice.

Builds Self-Confidence
As you communicate effectively, you will notice your self-
confidence increases with time. You will become more available
and effective in dealing with people once your confidence in
yourself increases.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Communication is what people and animals do almost
all the time. As information is sent and received, relationships
are built and society progresses.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Barriers in Business Communication
Communication is the most important part of a business,
perhaps even more so than the infamous bottom line.
Communication is what keeps everything running and prevents
problems. Understanding barriers to communication can make
your team more effective.

A language barrier is one of the most common, especially
in business. We live in global community where business takes
place on a daily basis. This is the easiest type of barrier to
recognize. Learning another language or immersing yourself in
another culture is one of the best ways to overcome this

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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People assign specific meanings to words and phrases in
their minds and can interpret things very differently. Employees
should clarify each others' statements instead of glossing over
the speaker's intended meaning.
Lack of Knowledge
Improperly structured organizations and communication
processes and several other common barriers can ultimately
contribute to an environment in which employees generally
lack knowledge about the company, its products and their jobs.

Bad Work Relationships
A barrier commonly tied to this negative affect is
emotions. When a workplace becomes overly affected by the
emotional state of one, a few or several workers, in can
significantly affect the ability of people to work together. A
supervisor who routinely expresses negative emotions can
overwhelm workers.
Physical barriers are the most blatant, as they pertain to
the environment around you. The setting where
communication is taking place can involve noise, location or
lighting. If there is too much noise or poor lighting in a physical
setting, it may be hard to carry out successful communication.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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It can also involve spatial location such as a door or wall
inhibiting communication.

Verbal barriers can occur to anyone involved in a
conversation, whether it is two or ten people conversing. This
causes you to examine the way you talk. Characteristics such as
a monotone or quiet voice, use of colloquialisms or mumbling
and not speaking clearly are all verbal barriers to

Poor structure to the communication
Structure of a communication is an essential factor. It
doesn't matter whether that audience is an audience of one or
one million, if a communication is to be 'heard' amongst the
advertising and marketing 'noise' of today's business
So a poor structure to your message or delivery is
therefore a major barrier to effective communication.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Psychological barriers are the most difficult to identify
because the nature of this kind of barrier is usually hidden. It
pertains to the communicators' perceptions, beliefs, attitudes
and cognitions, which can have a significant effect on
communication. Also, the belief that you do not communicate
well can also be considered a psychological barrier.
Weak delivery
It doesn't matter how important or impressive the subject
of your communication is, if you deliver it without any 'punch'
you will not get as many people to take your desired action as
you would like.
A weak delivery is like the very funny joke with the badly-
told punch line. It is important to not get confused between
delivery and presenter.
The use of the wrong medium
A public presentation, with 'obligatory' PowerPoint TM
slideshow full of complex charts and data, would be the wrong

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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medium, its better to served by a white paper, or some similar
print-based format that allowed the audience to digest.
When considering which medium to use for which type of
message you wish to communicate with the audience.
A distracting environment
There's nothing worse than trying to communicate your
message to a group of people who cannot 'hear' you.
Whether their inability to 'hear' you is because of:
Their mobile phone keeps ringing, or vibrating if they've
set it to 'silent' instead of switching it off.
The room's air-conditioning/heating is not working and the
room is hot/cold.
Your voice not being strong enough.
Too many others talking in the room at the same time.
Well, there are of course a thousand possible
distracting reasons why they cannot or will not attend to
your business communication.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Complex Messages

The use of complex technical terms is general cause of
these lacks of communication. The remedy is to stick to the
point, use clear and concise messages that are easy to
Withholding Information
In the organization much of the information is maintained
confidential based on the company policies make sure the
information that is needed is readily available and easy to
Different Status
Management must keep employees well informed and
encourage feedback.
Ineffective Communication Processes
The maintenance of the hierarchy kin the organization is
very essential, but the presence of these status reduce the flow
of the communication .Thus it is essential to reduce hierarchical

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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levels and increase departmental interaction and
Lack of Trust
The most important reason for the lack of
communication in the organization is due to competition, which
leads to lack of trust among the various employees. Share
information, communicate openly and honestly, involve others
in decisions.
Difference in Way of thinking
The process of communication is not just speaking by
understanding what the other person exactly means. The
opposite person comes to know the exact meaning of the
terminologies used by the speaker. Sometimes, way of thinking
of two people working in the same organization can be entirely
different. This difference can cause or problems in the
communication process.
Cultural Barriers
Cultural barriers which can be there when people
belonging to different cultures work together can be one of the
communication barriers. At times, people may find it difficult or
feel hesitant to communicate freely with people belonging to
other cultures and castes.
Lack of Interest
Lack of interest on the part of the listener can also be

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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one of the serious barriers in communication. The process of
business communication can be complete only if the listener is
as enthusiastic in the conversation as the speaker. Lack of
interest will result in not understanding concepts and this will
cause further problems while working actually.
Gender Barrier
Though both sexes have both kinds of communicators,
women are more likely to be right-brain communicators --
abstract and intuitive. Men are left-brain communicators --
linear and logical. Depending on your own makeup, this could
be a barrier. Both have to learn how to communicate in a way
that allows both sexes to receive and understand the message.
Lack of Credibility
If it's evident that you're speaking strictly from book
knowledge, rather than personal experience, or if your
audience does not see how what you are saying could possibly
be true, this creates a credibility problem.
Attracting an audience of even one person is the first
step to making yourself heard and is greatly helped by positive
language and a positive demeanor. Exhibit friendliness in wide
eyes and nods and smiles where appropriate. Stay away from
crossed arms and accusatory, pointing fingers. When
expressing your opinions or disagreements, couch your
thoughts and contentions in calm, understanding language. If

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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others suspect that their thoughts will be shot down, they will
be far less likely to voice them in the first place. Positivity
permits others to feel safe when being around you and opening
up to you.
Improper Way of Speaking or Explaining
Some speakers have the ability of taking things for
granted and they assume very early that the listener knows a
lot on the subject. Some speakers are impatient and restless
and they get frustrated immediately when the other person
fails to understand things fast. Wrong attitude of the speaker is
one of the communication barriers in different types of
organizational settings.
Whether it is written or verbal communication, ensure
that your thoughts are well-organized for optimal
understanding. Begin with basic concepts and build upon them,
the way you organize is context-dependent that your audience
is able to follow your train of thought. Disorganized language
causes and results in a lack of attention and a non-effective
expression of your ideas.
In business, employees sometimes lack motivation as a
result of unclear communication about their roles in an
organization. When you educate employees on how their

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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company plays a role in a larger commitment, those employees
are more likely to feel motivated about doing their jobs well.
Management Barriers
Management barriers are as a result of top-bottom
leadership that excludes employees or customers from day-to-
day business functions. Employees then feel dissatisfied with
this method of leadership and communication, no new ideas
are generated and the communication breaks down.
Workplace Stress
A workplace can be a stressful environment, especially
when deadlines are tight or when a large volume of customer
interaction is taking place. Workers may be so focused on the
task at hand that they don't heed or don't hear what is being

Information Overload
Managers are surrounded with a pool of information.
It is essential to control this information flow else the
information is likely to be forgotten or overlooked. As a result
communication is less effective.

At times we just not listen, but only hear. If a superior is
engrossed in his paper work and his subordinate explains him

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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his problem, the superior may not get what he is saying and it
leads to disappointment of subordinate.
Time Pressures
Often in organization the targets have to be achieved
within a specified time period, the failure of which has adverse
consequences. In a haste to meet deadlines, the formal
channels of communication are shortened not completely
Emotional state at a particular point of time also affects
communication. If the receiver feels that communicator is
angry he interprets that the information being sent is very bad.
Complexity in Organizational Structure
Greater the hierarchy in an organization (i.e. more the
number of managerial levels), more is the chances of
communication getting destroyed. Only the people at the top
level can see the overall picture while the people at low level
just have knowledge about their own area and a little
knowledge about other areas.
Poor retention
Human memory cannot function beyond a limit. One
cant always retain what is being told specially if he is not

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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interested or not attentive. This leads to communication
One of the biggest effects of communication barriers in
businesses is that it causes employees to fail to deliver on
requested directives. This weakness can mean the receiver is
uncertain about the request. Often, it can mean the sender has
failed to present the request in a way that motivates the
receiver to take immediate action.
Less Grasping Power
The communication differences in business can also
exist because of less grasping power of the listener. If the
listener does not have good listening skills and basic knowledge
on the subject of discussion, then completing the
communication process becomes extremely difficult and time-
Role conflicts can create barriers to communication in
organizations, particularly when they involve interactions
between subordinates and superiors. Employees are often
hesitant to share their honest insights, especially when those
insights may be perceived as critical.
While misinterpretation may happen most commonly in
email interactions, it can also occur over the phone or in face-
to-face conversations. When interacting with others, we may
jump to conclusions or misinterpret something they've said. It

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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is important communication is clearly and accurately
understood. When in doubt, ask for clarification.sss
Communication barriers include any breakdown or
impediment that concerns relaying information. Such
communication may occur between workers or within a
structural system. One example of a barrier is a lack of trust
between a manager and her subordinates among departments
within an organization.
Vision and Mission
Communication barriers can impede a company from
relaying its vision and mission. Overcoming these barriers
requires the management team to hold company-wide
meetings, infuse employee orientations with the group's
mission and welcome feedback at all levels of the
organizational chart.
Ensure that every scrap of information you deliver is
correct and from a reputable source. Feigning knowledge or
showing an insufficient command of a topic saps your authority
and makes it difficult to build credibility with your audience.

Although teleconferencing has provided assistance in
bridging communication gaps between business associates in
different geographic locations, it is often viewed as less
effective than meeting face-to-face. Part of the problem stems

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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from being unable to read facial expressions and body
language, which can lead to misconstrued reactions.
Lack of Subject Knowledge -

If a person who sends a message lacks subject knowledge
then he may not be able to convey his message clearly. The
receiver could misunderstand his message, and this could lead
to a barrier to effective communication.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Communication is a process beginning with a sender
who encodes the message and passes it through some channel
to the receiver who decodes the message. It is a process by
which people exchange information and ideas between one
another using a common structure of language through words,
signs, symbols, body language and behavior. Communication is
fruitful if and only if the messages sent by the sender are
interpreted with same meaning by the receiver. If any kind of
disturbance blocks any step of communication, the message
will be destroyed. Due to such disturbances, managers in an
organization face severe problems.
Thus the managers must locate such barriers and take
steps to get rid of them. There are several barriers that affect
the flow of communication in an organization. These barriers
interrupt the flow of communication from the sender to the
receiver, thus making communication ineffective. It is essential
for managers to overcome these barriers.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Remove Communication Barriers in Organizations
(Remove communication barriers to create a positive work
Communication styles in organizations have changed
dramatically over the last century. Management no longer
dictates all work practices, sales initiatives or productivity ideas.
Instead, management involves employees in decision-making
and openly solicits ideas, making effective communication skills
especially important in today's workplace. Learning effective
communication habits will decrease misunderstandings and
improve morale by removing communication barriers.
According to Reference for Business, communication must be
"open, timely, complete and accurate" for an organization to
run efficiently and profitably.
Management by Walking Around
Interact with employees at all levels of the business.
Management can better understand the day-to-day activities of
the business if they interact directly with employees.

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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Talk to employees individually to understand their jobs. Invite
them to express safety concerns, ideas to improve productivity,
or other concerns.
Listen actively to employee concerns and take notes.
Respond truthfully to concerns. Employees do not expect you
to immediately have all the answers, but they do expect you to
listen to their concerns and work with them to resolve those
Discuss the resolution to the concern while following up with
the employee. Ask the employee if she understands the
resolution or has any suggestions to improve it. If the employee
understands the resolution, she will most likely be a proponent
of the change and encourage other employees to embrace it.
Conversation Skills
Speak in specific language. The use of highly technical words,
jargon and misused words impedes business communication.
Understanding who your audience is will help eliminate
communication barriers.
Ask questions. Use clarifying questions to ensure the message
receiver understands what you are saying. Open-ended

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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questions will allow a dialogue to occur and force the listener to
engage in a two-way conversation.
Watch people's body language. If a person's body language is
sending a message that is inconsistent with his spoken word,
start a dialogue. Tell him what you have observed and ask if his
point of view on the conversation is accurate. Do not make
assumptions based on body language alone -- not everyone
carries himself the same way.
Listening Skills
Remove distractions. Silence phones, shut the door and stop
reading email. Today's workplace forces people to multitask. If
you do not eliminate distractions while talking, the meaning of
the message may be misunderstood.
Maintain eye contact with the person you are talking with. This
technique assists the listener in understanding the message and
focusing on the conversation.
Listen actively. Do not form rebuttals and do not interrupt the
speaker. Allowing someone to finish her thoughts and relay her
entire message will keep the conversation on track.
Paraphrase the conversation to verify that the conversation
was understood. This allows the person sending the message to

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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hear your interpretation of what he just said. If what you heard
is inconsistent with the message he intended to send, the
misunderstanding can be resolved.
Ask questions. If you are on the receiving end of a message, ask
questions to clarify the meaning. Clarifying the meaning of a
conversation through questioning will remove barriers to
communication. Ask for clarification of jargon or technical

A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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A Report On Communication Barriers OF Business Organization

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