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Essay describes the process of making Iron crafts

In my many fine iron crafts, should be regarded as an outstanding father brought back
from Italy, the Venice yacht model. This yacht styling and unique, compact structure,
antique, ethnic style with Venice, Italy.
This magnificent yacht is made of plastic, 40 cm long, 10 cm wide, 1 cm high. !ull
and the base is constituted by two parts. "onical base, red cloth top with fine patterns.
#pper and bottom phase. $ottom is black, golden yellow hull, the bow is pointed. In
the section between the cabin and the bow has a detachable small lights. This lamp is
used for lighting at night. $ecause this is a craft, so there is no real light bulb. In front
of the cabin has a bottom bracket, bottom bracket holes on a dancing %illain. &o this
%illain seems small, but the manufacture of fine, she dressed in a sil%er 'acket, pants
are a red skirts, waist also tied a blue belt. !er hands on the mo%e, was dancing
posture. !er upper body and legs are connected with two copper ring. (hichui legs
down, floating. The main part of the ship)s cabin, three*dimensional trape+oid,
semicircular roof, walls all around are empty, in some edge frame shapes are car%ed
with large and small patterns. ,ome of them were fish*shaped, some like flowers
art...... shape realistic, lifelike. -laying in the water like fish, horses in "!I.//0,
flowers open in the flowers, this e1quisite little cabin can also open it2 In the rear of
the two edges of the base frame ha%e an acti%e screw the lid off the whole cabin can. I
think this is the right de%ice cabin door. 3fter opened the lid, you can see inside a
small bo1, the bo1 with rows of small chairs so you can sit in the cabin tour to watch
the appearance of the water city of Venice. 3lso hanging in the back hatch of eight
small bulbs, like one of the bottles upside down, with red, yellow, blue, green, four
colors. 3nother boatman standing in the stern, he wore a yellow hat, wearing white
pants, a blue ribbon on the collar, a red waist belt, personable, hands holding a paddle,
which is Venetian sailor characteristics, using a paddle in water, it seems, he is also
%ery skilled technical rowing it.
This magnificent boat when the iron craft can only be a toy. /n the base of the boat
has a plug attached, the hull, the %illain, etc. installed, powered on, the boat can turn
4iquan, the dancing began turning %illain enclosure dance. 5all also followed the
cabin lit up, after which they sounded beautiful music. 5atching, listening, and I
really like to Venice. 3s a VI- sitting on this fabulous lu1ury yachts, it was for me to
dance, boatman rowing for me, took me to %isit Venice this magical water world6 let
me watch the rippling waterways, a classical*style stone seat bridge6 let me en'oy the
splendid ancient culture of Venice ...... this beautiful dance, beautiful music,
into1icating, like dreaming in general.
3board the yacht glittering small and unique, is one of the treasures of my house.
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