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Sheana Ahlqvist

sheana.ahlqvist@gmail.com, (407) 491-2107

Entrepreneurial, dynamic PhD in Social Psychology looking to transition to a marketing position at an
innovative, disruptive start-up. Excellent analytical and quantitative abilities. Superior verbal and
written communication skills and extensive presentation experience. Demonstrated ability to
multitask in a fast-paced environment and work both independently and collaboratively.
Competencies include

Presentation and Communication Skills Managing a Team
Ability to Collect & Analyze Consumer Research Excellent Business Sense
Project Management Working Independently and Collaboratively
Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and
Statistical Packages
Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Motivated

Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Stony Brook University (3.88 GPA) May 2014
Dissertation focused on identifying psychological factors that explain womens underrepresentation
in technology fields
M.A. coursework in Psychology, New York University (3.73 GPA) Fall 2007 Spring 2009
B.S. in Psychology with honors, University of Central Florida (3.70 GPA) May 2007

Cofounder (Populist.io) May 2014 Present
Responsible for all non-technical aspects of the startup including brand development, A/B testing,
marketing research, driving traffic to landing page, managing social media accounts, and SEO.
Wrote, voiced, and produced preliminary demo video (http://adobe.ly/1kNLYtk).

Research Project Management (Stony Brook University) Jan 2011 May 2014
Administered a two-year-long study of 1,000+ incoming graduate students across two participant
groups and managed participant-tracking and payment.
Designed and implemented surveys, analyzed data, and reported results on which factors can
longitudinally predict womens persistence in STEM fields.
Presented findings at local and national conferences.

Strategy and Brand Development (Tutormybrain.com) June 2009 Dec 2010
Worked directly with CEO/founder on brand development and marketing strategy and successfully
grew the website to over 100 tutors (screenshots available upon request).

Independent Statistics Consultant
Experience managing clients, documenting billable hours, transforming client needs into actionable
research questions, and summarizing complex findings at a client-appropriate level.
Examined the effects of marketing information on treatment choice for depression using multinomial
logistic regression and other analyses in SPSS, January 2013.
Examined predictors of academic success among women and minorities entering law school using
longitudinal mixed models in SAS and SPSS, September 2010.

Presentation & Writing Skills
Extensive public speaking and writing expertise including presenting research to other experts at
several of the most competitive national conference in social psychology.
Presented research on women in science at an invited panel for the general public.
Co-wrote a policy-recommendation on race/gender achievement gaps.

Research Design Fall 2007 Present
Designed, developed, implemented, and analyzed data from surveys, A/B tests, and longitudinal
Utilized quantitative and qualitative methods.
Led a staff of 2-8 part-time research assistants for 5 years.

Statistics Knowledge Fall 2008 Present
Analyzed and interpreted data using t-tests, ANOVA, linear & logistic regression, correlations, non-
parametric tests, factor analysis, bootstrapped mediation, SEM, LASSO, time-series analyses,
cluster analyses, etc.
Proficient in SPSS, SAS, and spreadsheet software.

Excellent References Available upon Request.