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Contoh Kalimat Dalam Bentuk Simple Present Tense

1. (+) They eat breakfast every morning.

(-) They don't eat breakfast every morning.
(?) Do they eat breakfast every morning?

2. (+) Dimas speaks English everyday.
(-) Dimas doesn't speak English everyday.
(?) Does Dimas speak English everyday?

3. (+) She gets up late every sunday.
(-) She doesn't get up late every sunday.
(?) Does she get up late every sunday?

4. (+) We go to the mountain every weekend.
(-) We don't go to the mountain every weekend.
(?) Do we go to the mountain every weekend?

5. (+) He sleeps every night.
(-) He doesn't sleep every night.
(?) Does he sleep every night?

6. (+) Mr. Andrean works every morning.
(-) Mr. Andrean doesn't work every morning.
(?) Does Mr. Andrean work every morning?

7. (+) We play guitar every afternoon.
(-) We don't play guitar every afternoon.
(?) Do we play guitar every afternoon?

8. (+) Diana writes a letter.
(-) Diana doesn't write a letter.
(?) Does Diana write a letter?

9. (+) The gardener cuts grass every week.
(-) The gardener doesn't cut grass every week.
(?) Does the gardener cut the grass every week?

10. (+) Mr. Black comes home early.
(-) Mr. Black doesn't come home early.
(?) Does Mr. Black come home early?

Contoh kalimat present continius
1. I am singing right now
(-) I am not singing right now
(?) am I singing right now?
2. (+) I am writing a short story
(-) I am not writing a short story
(?) am I writing a short story?
3. (+) you are sleeping
(-) you are not sleeping
(?) are you sleeping?
4. (+) we are throwing them snow balls
(-) we are not throwing them snow balls
(?) are we throwing them snow balls?
5. (+) she is wearing a purple jacket
(-) she is not wearing a purple jacket
(?) is she wearing a purple jacket?
6. (+) my sister is teaching me about life
(-) my sister is not teaching me about life
(?) is my sister teching me about life?

Kalimat present perfect
1. I have finished my work.
I haven't finished my homework.
Have I finished my homework?

2. She has eaten lunch.
She has not eaten lunch.
Has she eaten lunch?

3. You have seen that movie.
You haven't seen that movie
Have you seen that movie?

4. She has been sick for two days.
She hasn't been sick for two days
has she been sick for two days??

5.They have been busy for one day.
They have not been busy for one day.
Have they been busy for one day?

6. You have been here for two hours
You haven't been here for two hours
Have you been here for two hours?

Contoh kalimat present perfect continius