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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the honourable judges, teachers,
parents and my fellow friends. Today, on this fine day, I would like to present a public
speech about the advantages and disadvantages of bringing handphone to school. It is an
issue where it could be implemented soon. Before it takes place, let's look the pros and cons
of this matter.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Handphones, mobile phones, and tablets are becoming common in almost everywhere in our
society, even now, small children have it too. Today, it has become a must have item to
everyone. Even now, if I ask the audience, whether they have a handphone, probably almost
all will say yes, isn't? Well, as for now this question exclude the students, because students
are still prohibited to bring handphone to school, but if students are allow to bring
handphone, most probably, all the audience in this hall, will say yes.
But then, is it a good idea to allow students to bring handphone to school? In every story,
there are two sides of contracting ideas. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity, to let
the audiences know the advantages and disadvantages of allowing students to bring
handphone to school.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me start my speech by stating the first advantages of student bring phone to school that is,
to make communication easier, especially between parents and their children. It will allow
them to communicate with each other at any time. In the past, parents often never knew
where their children were until they came home. With handphone, parents can check up on
their kids and arrange transportation or relay important information if necessary at any time
they want. Like for example, the children can tell their parents what are their activities and
thus make the parents less worry about their children whereabouts.
Secondly, handphones can be an invaluable tool in emergency situations. For instance, if a
student is severely injured or there is a crisis situation, the phones can allow students to
contact authorities or anyone for help.
Thirdly, with the technology available, it can help the students to learn more. More easy
access to internet, students can search information on the internet easily. But it could also be
the other way around. Students use the internet to find fun instead of studying.
Now, I will focus on the disadvantages of student bring phone to school. Firstly is about theft
issue. With more and more attractive phones available, there are good chances of phone being
snatch or theft. This happen because some pupils might not be able to afford it, thus, the only
way for them to have it, is by stealing it. Students also can make extra money too by stealing
the handphone and sell it.
Moreover, students can at times be clumsy when keeping their things. We all know that once
the item is gone, it will be gone forever. The price of handphone is not cheap, and when the
theft issue arise, it can cause a lot of other trouble.
Secondly, the phone can may cause distraction in lessons. Some students that did not shut off
their phone and suddenly get a phone call, will disturb the lesson in the class. They can also
play games in hiding during the lesson. With so many students in the class, teacher could
overlooked these students. This is one of the instances of students misuse the purpose of
By bringing handphone to school also will hinder pupils to study more as they are much
more prefer to play games than to read book. They only used the privilege given for their own
joy only. Thus, the passion for learning for many students will be decreasing and this is bad
because study is important in life. Only With more knowledge we could be more developed,
but if these young generations do not like to study, it will hinder our progress to be more
Ladies and Gentleman,
I have line out the pros and cons of allowing students to bring handphone to school. Now, it
is up to us to decide and choose what is the best decision on this issue. Well then, I arrived at
the end of my speech, and thus I would like to thank all for lending your ears. Therefore, I
end my speech with thank you very much and good bye. Thank you.

A very good morning to the honorable judges, teachers and my fellow friends. My
name is Nur Sufi Syukrina bt Mohd Syukri and I am standing here today to deliver a speech
entitled How To Lead A Healthy Life. I do not profess to expert on this subject, but I will
try to shed some light on this matter.
What is healthy living? According to Webster Dictionary, healthy living is living a life
without having to worry about diseases and body size. To obtain healthy living is not easy.
We have to work hard to get it. There are several ways one can lead a healthy life. Among
the ways are having a proper diet, having enough sleep, having enough exercise and also a
proper time management.
So before I go on, let us see the ways to get a proper diet. Our diet should follow the food
pyramid. We should eat sufficient carbohydrates such as rice, bread and noodles. We must
eat plenty of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. We should also eat proteins such as fish,
meat and chicken, but in moderation. We shouldnt eat fatty and greasy foods such as junk
food, butter and margarine. If we follow this diet effectively, we will get a lot of good and
rewarding benefits.
Another way that we should practice is eating at the right time. How many of us have
breakfast in the morning? Not many, right as we are all too busy trying to make it to school
on time? This is wrong because breakfast gives us energy to start a fresh day. If we do not
have breakfast in the morning, we will feel very tired and sleepy. In fact, some cultures
advocate breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Without a proper breakfast, our
concentration span will also reduce, thus making us unable to comprehend what is taught in
We should get enough sleep every day. I am not hinting to my friends to take forty winks
when they are in class. An average child needs at least 8 hours of sleep. For example, if we
wake up at 6am, we should sleep at 10pm every night. What will happen if we do not get
enough sleep? Well, for sure we will feel very sleepy and unable to comprehend what is
taught in class, thus making us to lose out.
We must get enough exercise time every day. How many of us exercise every day? I am
afraid to admit that I am also one of the guilty ones who fall in this category. We should
exercise because when we sweat, the fats in our bodies will break. If we do not exercise, we
will become obese and this may lead to various lifestyle diseases such as heart attack and
diabetes. Our exercise routine should consist of a variety of activities such as running, games
like football and basketball and also physical exercise such as tennis and swimming so that
we dont get bored with the same activities. Make sure you exercise and dont say I have
exercised! when you actually havent. Lifestyle diseases are one of the easily preventable
diseases which have overtaken other communicable diseases like malaria and dengue.
We should also manage our time properly. Preparing a timetable and adhering to it strictly is
the best way we can manage our time. If we do not have a timetable, we will feel stressed and
unable to do our activities effectively because we will be rushing to do them. Plan your
activities well so that it does not clash with your daily routine.
If you follow my suggestions to lead a healthy life, I am sure we can build a healthier
Malaysia. Thank you for lending me your ears.

Thank you to the chairperson. A very good evening to the honorable judges, beloved
teachers, time keeper and my fellow friends. My name is Nur Sufi Syukrina bt Mohd Syukri
and I am standing here today to deliver a speech entitled One Malaysia. I do not profess to
expert on this field, but I will try to shed some light on this matter.
What is One Malaysia? One Malaysia is an idea which has been inspired by our Prime
Minister of the day, Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Razak to overcome racial problems and issues.
This idea is about uniting and integrating all citizens of Malaysia from all races and religion
into one track towards peaceful and harmony Malaysia. It is to grow unity among various
races in Malaysia based on particular important values that should become habit of every
Malaysia citizens. In other word, One Malaysia is built as a formula that will help ensuring
national aspiration, Wawasan 2020 to be achieved if it is instilled in every Malaysians soul
and practised by every Malaysian.
1 Malaysia should mean 1 Malaysian; No Chinese, Malay, Indian, Dayak, and Bumi
and/or Non-Bumi. 1 Malaysia should not be thought of 1 Malaya and others as
Sarawakian; Sabahan; Kelantanese; Johorean; and so on but as 1 Malaysian.
To succeed the idea of One Malaysia, firstly, we need to understand the concept of One
Malaysia. One Malaysia concept is based on the point that is to achieve the developed
country status as being suggested in Wawasan 2020, the main condition is a strong and
stable country and this can only be achieved when all the citizens unite. Unity that is pictured
by the idea of One Malaysia is quite different from the concept of assimilation that is being
practised by other countries where the identities of ethnic races are eradicated and replaced
by the one national identity. Instead, One Malaysia appreciates and respects the principles of
Federal Constitution as well as ethnic identities of every race in Malaysia, and assumes them
as an asset or advantage that should be proud of. One Malaysia also stress on accepting
attitude among various races of Malaysia citizens, where each race accepts the uniqueness of
other races as what they are so that we can live together in respectful environment as citizens
in one country.
To be the core of all, the principle of justice for all races that carries the meaning that the fate
of all races will be fought for and there will be no group to be left aside. This justice has to
count the matter of development rank of races that is in different grades. Therefore,
government policies and constitution allocation that are given advocacy to those who in need,
will still be carried out.
One Malaysia is the continuation agenda to build the country. To achieve development to the
country, citizens need to be developed first, and this is started with molding the accepting
attitude between races, that leads to strong unity. When the unity achieved, national
development process will run more smoothly.
Other than that, in order to achieve One Malaysia idea, we need to understand too the bases
of One Malaysia. There are few main basic of One Malaysia that we need to understand fully.
The first aspect is the application of unity cores. This is to apply the unity cores as the part of
culture and habit of Malaysians. These unity cores are the basic components that strengthen
the spirit of unity among various races in Malaysia. This unity core is supported by moral
values that should underlie Malaysian lifestyle.
The second core is application of aspiration values. Aspiration values that are stated in One
Malaysia concept is the values that should exist in our progressive and dynamic society that
will drive our country towards achieving developed country status. These aspiration values
will help in producing citizens who are able to compete efficiently in global surrounding, thus
helping in increasing our countrys economical health.
As a conclusion, we should strongly agree with this idea of One Malaysia, and we as the
citizens of Malaysia need to unite and become one in order to achieve One Malaysia, thus
leading our beloved motherland towards peaceful, harmony, unity and integration among all
different kind of races and ethnics in Malaysia.

Thank You.