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Average age parents young in Ecuador

In Ecuador there are 122,000 teen mothers

In the past 10 years , teen pregnancy increased by 2.3% annually Striking statistics detailing
that 75 % of teenage mothers are economically inactive.
Between 16 and 19 years, the age range of adolescent mothers, whose total number is 122 301
in Ecuador is located.
"Teenagers who become pregnant at age 16 finish school , but there making a stop in your area
of personal growth to develop the role of mothers ," says psychologist Antoinette Pea , who
attends a free youth Foundation Pro - Family.
What is surprising is that despite the health programs for the control and prevention of
unwanted pregnancies , as is the offer of free condoms in the Network of Public Health , the
rate of this problem is increasing every year, the principal question of Teleamigo , Celia Portugal
Foundation , which provides telephone therapy for young people with family problems.
"First comes the preservative free, now going to give the morning after pill .... Why increase
unwanted pregnancies? " Celia Portugal is in question.
For sociologist Catalina Garcia, the problem lies in the family. " We live in a fast-paced society ,
we give a condom or not , young people will have sex. The problem is that no family education ,
usually teenage mothers are daughters of teen parents , low status , who have no academic
preparation. So if you want your children do not go through this issue, first is an example for
them . How? " Excelling in society ," says Garcia.
According to statistics provided by the INEC, only 30,575 of all mothers belong to the
economically active population ( PEA) , most of which , 11.5% are traders shops and 10% are
domestic helpers . Regarding marital status , 55 % is bound to your partner , while 20 % is single
, 18% married ; 7% off and the remainder , divorces or becomes widowed

Within recommendations that I can provide are:
1) An aggressive campaign on sexual education.
- First to the parents and then the children students
- Started from school in an average age of 10 onwards , so that from now you go raising awareness theme
sexuality the pros and cons this with leads not know how to protect and bring children into the world about
teenagers being and therefore truncate your life.
2) A complete campaign with posters , banners and inviting the campaign to intervene in media and the public
health ministry to give chat , videoconferences on disease transmission through unprotected sex .
3) Lectures, delivered promoting contraception and free condoms to teenage students in all schools and
explaining proper usage
4) comprehensive and full support of father and son in the family implementing educational talks that were
given to parents so they can strengthen and prevent teen pregnancy (especially between mother and daughter
5) Many communication and trust between all parents and children to talk so openly about issues of sexuality
and its preventions
Dentro de las recomendaciones que yo puedo aportar tenemos:
1) Una campaa agresiva sobre la educacin sexual.
- Primero a los padres y luego a los hijos estudiantes
- Comenzar desde la escuela en una edad promedio de 10 aos en adelante, para que as desde ya se vaya concientizando
el tema sexualidad los pro y los contra que esta con lleva de no saber protegerse y traer hijos al mundo siendo unas
adolescentes y por ende truncar su vida.
2) Una campaa completa con afiches, cartelones e invitando a intervenir a dicha campaa a medios de comunicacin y al
ministerio de salud pblica, para dar charlar, videoconferencias sobre la transmisin de enfermedades por medio de las
relaciones sexuales sin proteccin.
3) Charlas, promoviendo la entrega de anticonceptivos y preservativos gratuitos a los estudiantes adolescentes en todos
los establecimientos escolares y explicando su uso adecuado
4) Apoyo integral y total de padre e hijo en el seno familiar poniendo en prctica las charlas educativas que se les dio a los
padres para as puedan fortalecer y evitar el embarazo en adolescentes ( sobre todo entre madre e hija)
5) Mucha comunicacin y sobre todo confianza entre los padres e hijos para poder as hablar abiertamente sobre los
temas de sexualidad y sus prevenciones

Melanye Guevara Molina