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James Jackson
James Jackson
408 307 1511
6158 Purple Hills Dr.
San Jose, CA 95119
Business card
Web Page
Event ad
Photo design
This is a fier for the company Maggies Paradise
I used illistrator for almost everything, except I used
indesign to print with. I worked out the layout on a
peice of scratch paper, then translated that to the
The brochure is ment to be unfolded so you se the logo
on the outside, then Who we are with the young girl,
then We wont ell you what you hear with the father,
then what we will tell you and the two of them
sitting together on the fnal unfold. The picture of the
man with the wine glass is the back of the brochure.
Color scheme and color names: monochromatic red
Title Font Name & Category: Tahoma sans serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Myriad Pro sans serif
Word Count of copy: 252
M a g g i e s i t s w h a t w e d o i t s a l l w e d o .
Y o u c a n f n d l o t s o f a d v i c e a n d d e b a t e a b o u t h o w t o
t w e a k , t u n e a n d m o d i f y y o u r M a g g i e s . U n f o r t u n a t e l y ,
t h e r e a r e a l s o t h o s e w h o w a n t t o t e l l y o u w h a t y o u
h e a r o r w h a t y o u s h o u l d w a n t t o h e a r . T h a t i s n o t o u r
r o l e . W e e n c o u r a g e y o u , a s a M a g g i e o w n e r , t o d o y o u r
o w n r e s e a r c h a n d t o t r y t h e t w e a k s a n d m o d i f c a t i o n s
y o u w a n t . W h e n y o u k n o w w h a t y o u w a n t t o t r y , w e
c a n s u p p l y y o u w i t h t h e p a r t s a n d m a t e r i a l s y o u n e e d
t o m a k e i t h a p p e n .
W e w o n t t e l l y o u w h a t y o u h e a r
Maggies Paradise was started by Maggie lovers for
Maggie owners. We are dedicated to helping you
get the most from your Magnepan Speakers. We
dont sell products for other speakers. We dont sell
components. We just bring you the best products from
the best manufacturers we can fnd to help you get the
best performance from your Maggies.
Who we are
Our goal is to be honest and transparent.
We want to earn your trust.

When we have information on a product, we will share it.
When we ofer a product or suggestion based on an
opinion, we will say so.
We only ofer products we believe in. Our team tests all
of our products in real world conditions on their home
systems before we ofer them to you. If it doesnt work
for us, we wont ofer it to you.
What we will tell you:
Business card
This buisness card was made for the company Maggies
Paradise. This company sells speaker acessories for
magnepan speakers.
Using that as my starting point i designed this logo
to look like the M was two sixteenth notes and the
P was a half note. I added the bars on top to be
reminicent of sheet music, while not being blatent
about it.
Color Scheme: monochromatic red, the company
Font: Minon Pro
This letterheafd is for the company Maggies Paradise.
As will all leterheads, I had to leave room to write, so
I kept this simple. Logo on the top, with contact infor-
mation. A nice watermark that is faded so it is not dis-
tracting, and a few lines to bring it all together.
Color Sceme: Monochomatic Red
Font: Minion Pro
This Montage it a motivational poster for a quote from
Dr. Suess. why ft in when you were born to stand
out? I think it is a wonderful quote and I want to be
able to visually communicate the same thing.
I started with the quote and the idea I wanted a crowd
with someone with bright colored clothing in it. I found
one, but it was not crowded enough. So I took two
other images of crowds and blended them in multiple
times. Then I made a mask around the woman in red,
setting everything else to black and white using a
monochomatic flter.
Title Font Name & Category: Segoe Print, Decorative
Copy Font Name & Category: Berlin Sans FB, Sans font
These logos are for a dark fantasy game. I chose these
logos because they seemed to me like they were fun-
looking (because the game it fun) and because they
communicate that it would be a fantasy/adventure
I made all of these with adobe illustrator. I used the
function that lets me convert text to shapes in order to
have an easier time working with it. I mostly used add
and subtract to make my shapes.
Color Schemes and Color Names:
Top: Monochromatic red
Middle: complementary green and red
Bottom: It started as a split complementary with brick
purple and green, but people liked it more without the
brick color.
Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:
Sword logo: Georgia (oldsyle)
Leaf logo: none
Monster logo: bookman old style (oldstyle)
Personally, my favorite logo is the bottom one, with
the monster G.
Web page
This is a website just showing off my logo and explain-
ing the process of making it.
I used notepad++ and drive notepad to make the code. I
learned most of my coding from codeacadamy.com and
w3schools.com. I would change little pieces of code
and immediately look at them in chrome. Repeating
this over and over gave me this website. My wordcount
ended up being 299 for the bodycopy ( 300 if you in-
clude the text in the logo).
This website is suopposed to draw attention to the logo
and make it look as good as possible by using the same
Color scheme and color hex: split complementary
(minus one color because bick did not look good on
the website, but purple and green did). Dark green:
#002200, light green: #557755, grey #cccccc, purple
Title Font Families & Category: Jester, oldstyle
Copy Font Families & Category: only set to sans-serif.
Event ad
This is a poster advertising a charity dinner at Lulus
I scanned an image of food out of a book using the
scanners in the spori building. Then I brought it into
Microsoft Word. Using textboxes, I wrote out my body
copy and aligned it. I made a quick logo using Words
shape tool.
I used a complementary color scheme, using purple and
Title font:
Hobo STD, a decorative font
Body Copy:
Calibri, a sans font
I used a picture out of cook book, 4 ingredients or
less. It was originally 8in by 11in. I used the scanner
in the computer lab in the Spori to digitalize the image.
A simple fier for a Graduate Leadership Conference
I started with some sketches; I then transitioned my
sketch into Adobe InDesign. I worked on that design
until I had a stroke of inspiration and regrouped my
design to make a more interesting design. Originally,
the black slanted box was on top of the image, but I
switched the black box to the other side so that I could
have some white space in the middle.
I made some minor Changes after I got feedback from
my peers.I am trying to inform graduates about the
leadership conference. I want to seem professional, but
not boring.
Photo design
This poster was made to display a quote about humility
from The Wise Mans Fear that I fnd inspirational
I used a Nikon camera to take the image outside my
apartment. I was able to achieve a shallow focus with
the camera, making a really nice sepertation between
subject and background.
I used Abobe Photoshop to edit it. I created multiple
shapes and masks to create the layered effect you see in
the fnal design.
Color scheme and color names: Orange Monochromatic
Title Font Name & Category: Myriad Pro