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One of the most frustrating problems for many men across the world is that

they have no clue on how to seduce a woman. And, women wont tell them
what they want.
The mystery is further compounded when you see that other average looking
men, who dont even have a lot of money, are able to successfully seduce any
woman they desire. This makes those frustrated mens personal life a constant
struggle where they are in an emotional state that fluctuates between feeling
hopeful and miserable.
Today, there are products and techniques available that cater to men who want
to learn how to seduce women. While some of them are effective in teaching
how to seduce a girl and even how to seduce a married woman, most of them
are simply scams.
ome of the popular means include !ooks on eduction, Online "ourses for
#en, $ersonality development courses, %yms and &itness "enters, and most
popularly recently Nexus pheromones, which has been scientifically proven
and clinically tested product for seducing women.
Tips to Seduce Women
'f you really want to learn how to seduce women, here are some of the proven
and time(tested tips to seduce women that any man can use)
Before you make your first move, relax:
One of the biggest reasons men fail to attract women is because they are
too an*ious to seduce them and it shows. This ruins any chances that
they had for attracting a woman.
The first tip in the game of seduction is to play it as a game and rela*.
Once you rela*, you will smile more often and come across as a pleasant
person whom women would like to get to know.
Whatever you do, act confident:
A woman will always remember her first impression about you. o
whatever you do, make sure you act with confidence in front of your
woman because women get attracted toward men who e*hibit high self(
This includes not only what you speak but also your body language.
+owever, make sure you do not overdo it and come across as arrogant.
Compliment her, but do it Tactfully:
Women like nothing more in the world than being complimented and
praised. +owever, these compliments should be subtle, otherwise they
would seem artificial. Women like being with men who appreciate them
for what they are but at the same time who are not completely obsessed
with them.
Take care of yourself:
Women like to be seen with men who are nicely dressed, clean, fit and
hygienic so make sure that you are always fresh when you are around
her. o it is recommended that you take some time to take care of
yourself. Always avoid anything that is likely to put women off.
Make her lauh:
'f you can make a woman laugh and forget her troubles even for some
time, you have great chances of seducing women. 't will make women
en,oy your company and want to spend more time with you. +owever,
make sure that ,okes you crack are not se*ually e*plicit or offending to
!se sex hormones to your advantae:
e* hormones are chemical aromas that are emitted by humans as well
as other mammals to attract their se*ual partners. Applying se*
hormones on your body have proven to be very effective and women
find men with adequate se* hormones level, hard to resist.
While different se* hormones are available for men today, probably the
most notable se* hormone is Nexus pheromones, which have helped
thousands of men in seducing women.
"ole of Sex #ormones in Seducin a Woman
While numerous authors, relationship gurus and seduction e*perts debate on
how to seduce a woman, scientific evidence have conclusively proved the
importance of se* hormone for seducing a woman and brought a revolutionary
shift to the whole debate.
$heromones do not require you to toil almost one(third of your life in a gym.
-or it asks you to go back to school and learn skills of seducing women. 't does
not require you to bury yourself of tomes of printed advice, most of which is
useless anyways.
What $heromones do is that they emit chemical aroma from your body and
when they are received by the sensory organ of the women, they stimulate
e*citement and arousal in her. When she senses these pheromones she finds
herself subconsciously seduced and attracted toward you.
While every man naturally emits pheromones, these get veiled by our daily
showers, our clothes and other aromatic things like soaps, shampoos, and
sprays that we use on our body. What these pheromones accomplish is that they
emit ,ust the right amount of appropriate se*ual aroma from a mans body that
is required for seducing a woman.
Nexus $heromone: %our Best Bet &or Seducin Women
cientific surveys that involved hundreds of healthy men who tried different
brands of pheromones concluded that -e*us $heromone beat the other
competitive brands by huge margin. -e*us $heromones users reported)
./0 of the users observed increased eye contact with women
120 of the users were approached by women
340 of the users were able to go on more dates and have more se*
These statistics are enormous as compared to other pheromones or traditional
methods of seducing women. The success of market leader -e*us $heromones
has been well documented in medical ,ournals and featured in national media
such as 5ateline -!", 62762 and +ard "opy.
One of the main reasons for the success of -e*us $heromones is that it consists
of t'ice the strenth of (ndrostenone, the se* hormone that attracts women
se*ually, as compared to its competitors. 't is completely odorless and safe to
be used by any man who wants to seduce a woman. Thousands of men have
been able to seduce women of their dreams simply by dabbing -e*us
$heromone on their body.
'n addition to the ability to seduce women, men who used -e*us $heromone
reported significant improvement in se*ual confidence, receiving more
attention and respect from women in general. -o wonder -e*us $heromone
has a loyal fan following of thousands of men who swear by it.
This wonderful product that helps you end your years of pursuit to learn how to
seduce a woman comes with a 32 day no(questions(asked money back
guarantee so that you can check out whether or not it works for you.
1. 1
Manage your image. Before you can seduce a girl, you must have a good, positive
image. Make friends and be charming with every one you come in contact with. Never
hesitate to tell one person what you admire about another, as it will eventually reach that
person and appear undoubtedly genuine. Never argue (arguing is anti-seduction. No girl
can resist a guy whom everyone likes, unless she!s the type to rebel against popular opinion
"ust because it!s popular opinion (in which case the remainder of the steps will probably wear
her down.
#. #
Subtly reveal your human side with talk of taboo and sexuality. $f you cannot insinuate,
skip this step. %hen you talk about se&, say it in a way that 'hakespeare would approve of.
(or e&ample, )'leep is my second favorite thing to do in bed) or )my neighbors are noisy
during the day, but that!s okay because they put up with me at night.)
*. *
Do the opposite of what other guys do. $f the girl is drop-dead gorgeous, ignore her. +fter
hearing about your rakish reputation, she will wonder why you are not attracted to her. $f
other guys ignore her, shower her with the attention she has been craving.
,. ,
Hint that other girls like you. %omen hold each other!s opinions very highly and they get
"ealous easily.
-. -
Speak seductively. Never start a conversation focused on work, school, My'pace, family,
./ shows, or other everyday things. Never talk about yourself. .alk about e&otic vacation
spots, mythology, se& (sometimes, history, astrology, dreams, fate, and anything else
pleasurable and intangible. 0on!t e&press any opinions e&cept for your preference for
pleasurable things and for things that she likes. 1eep a powerful ga2e while talking about
these things. .he eyes are very important.
3. 3
Never apologize. Never worry when you are talking with a girl, because it will be written all
over your face and interpreted as a sign of timidness, which, for many girls, is a turn-off.
4. 4
Show strategic weakness (optional. .his step is optional, but it will speed up the
seduction. $f you naturally come off as weak, skip this step. (or more masculine guys, a flash
of weakness and sensitivity will make you seem honest, romantic, harmless, and more akin
to a girl!s idea of )the one.) +ll girls are frightened of guys on some level. .he more feminine
and skittish the girl is, the more necessary this step is. .he key to performing this step
correctly is to bend the truth. 0on!t talk about breakups or events that you really aresensitive
about. +s with dancing, it is your "ob to lead. 0on!t lead her into a depressing discussion
topic. +dd a masculine angle to feminine sub"ects. + good idea would be to say, )yeah, $
watched .he Notebook. $ liked how he didn!t give up hope after he saw her with the other
5. 5
!ive her plenty of space. .here are bound to be things about you that she doesn!t like.
6ive her time to forget about those things and fantasi2e about the good things you have to
7. 7
Make her laugh. %hen a woman laughs, she feels more rela&ed and lowers her defenses
(and inhibitions.
18. 18
"ouch her. 9each for her hands, hair, shoulders, ankles, and back. 0on!t "ust always wait for
her to do it first. $f she doesn!t like it, she!ll definitely let you know. But touching someone
communicates to them that you find them attractive, and also that you!re reasonably
confident. Both of these things can make someone feel more attracted to you.
11. 11
Make her feel irresistible# like you have to restrain yourself around her. .ry it by telling
her something seductive, starting with re"ection of this desirable thing - e&. ):lease don!t
wear short skirt tonight, as $ will not resist the temptation;) or something like that ):lease
don!t touch me like that, cause $ like it more than $ should;) 'he!ll probably keep doing it
(consider it a form of reverse psychology.