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for using and servicing of high pressure air

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This instruction is for using and servicing of high pressure compressor, type
T R I D E N T K L A S I K 2 0 0
S e r i e s f r o m y e a r 2 0 0 0
O u t p u t 2 0 0 l / m i n , o v e r p r e s s u r e 2 0 0 / 3 0 0 b a r
E l e c t r o m o t o r i n p u t 5 , 5 k W
A i r c l e a n a c c o r d i n g t o D I N 3 1 8 8

1) Electrical connection schema
2) Pipe schema

Label sample

Production number
00 11 045

year month serial number

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I. Safety rules

We presume, that any person, using or servicing compressor, was regularly
taught by seller (producer), will behave carefully and will manipulate with the
compressor in the sense of this instruction.
Before starting the compressor, carefully read the all safety instruction and get to
know with basic functions of the compressor, mainly the part we get in contact with
during running or servicing. /pipe schema supplement 1, electrical schema
supplement 2/.

Attention used symbols
This symbols means that you may get heart or killed in case you dont stick the
safety instruction.

1. Dont input the fork plug of input electric wire, unless the CENTRAL
STOP switch of the fuse box is in the lower part.
- Green fuse indicator is off.

2. Make sure that the input electric wire is not damaged or extend.

3. Input wire must not lie on oil, gasoline or other kind of dirts.

4. Power source must be in secure electric circuit, and use only power
source for fork plug at the compressor electric wire.

5. The cover of the compressor can be removed, only when
compressor is without power.

6. It is forbidden to manipulate with fuse box, the producer had set all
parameters for safety run of the compressor.

7. Compressor must be in horizontal position, in good ventilated place
with around maximal temperature 30 C.

8. If there is pressure in the compressor, its forbidden to manipulate
with pips, separators or filters.

9. The producer sealed safety valves, and it is forbidden to
manipulate with them.

10. Dont touch the hot parts of the compressor.

11. Before leaving the working place, plug out the compressor cable
and turn off the electricity.

12. In case of defect, call the service center (producer).

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II. General provision and technical description

Compressor: compress air to fill pressure bottles, breathing apparatus and other
devices, by healthy air. Compressor can be used in temperatures +5 C to +30 C, in
good ventilated places.

Running the compressor in dusty or non-healthy places is forbidden.

Technical description

1 Basic frame
2 Compressor
3 Separators
4 Filters with filtration refill
5 Pressure distribution
6 Suction air filter
7 Electromotor
8 Fuse box
9 Cover
10 Reverse valve
11 Pressure valve
12 Releasing condensate hose
13 Oil gauge

Compressor: contains compressor unit and electrical unit, based on same basic
frame. Torque moment is transfer by v-belt. Driving unit is under cover, basic frame
have rubber springs to eliminate vibration.

Compressor unit: three cylinders, three grade, with Safety valves on each degree.
Suction air is cleaned from dust and dirts passing the suction filter. Air at the output
of the 1
, 2
, and 3
grade is cooled in air-lamella cooler. Axial ventilator does
cooling. Connecting of the parts is done by pipes 10x1 mm with screwing as seen
in supplement 2.

Compressor lubricating: is done by spry application of oil. Oil level in crankshaft,
can be controlled throw oil gauge.

Oil and water separation: is carried on after cooling in coolers (Ch2, Ch3) in
separator of 2
and 3
grade (O2, O3), releasing of both separators is done
automatically by electromagnetic vents on eaeach separetor (EV), in adjust intervals
or manually pressing the switch of releasing.

10 13 11
- 5 -
For better separation and filter work, is installed on the output of the second filter
pressure valve (TV), set by the producer.

Pressure distribution: with three outputs M16x 1,5, and installed safety valve
(PV3), manometer (M) and pressure switch off (TO). The producer, according to the
values of output pressure (200/300 bar), sets the values of pressure switch off.
It is possible to add another pressure switch off.

Driving unit: are three faze asynchronous electromotor 3x 400 V 5,5 kW. Over the
electromotor is installed fuse box and switch CENTRAL STOP, START, STOP,
MANUAL RELEASING, motor hour (Mh) indicator, electricity indicator (green light),
/see supplement 1, electrical schema/, fuse box can also be installed on the wall.

Technical parameters of the compressor

Dimension l x w x h 1100 x 550 x 700
Grade 3
Cylinders 3
Output amount (l/min.) 200
Filling pressure - bar 200 or 300
Adjustment of 3
grade safety valve- bar 220 or 330
Cooling of compressor air
Compressor lubrication spry application
Oil charge (l) 1,1
Air temperature at output (C) max. 35
Cleanness of the air (DIN) 3188
Electromotor - 3x 400 V 5,5 kW
Rotation of electromotor 1/min 2900
Frequency (Hz) 50
Cover class IP- 54
Weight (kg) 105

Application of gasoline motor
According to the requirement of independent running of compressor to energy
source, the producer applied driving by gasoline motor on special basic frame. Basic
carry out of the compressor unit remains the same (only small adaptation of lower
part of separators). There is no electromotor, fuse box, pressure switch off valve,
indicator of motor hour and cables.
Releasing condensate from separator of the 2
and 3
grade is done (during
running) manually, turning release screw at the bottom of separator. Recommended
interval of releasing is 6 min.
To eliminate suction of exhaust gases to compressor, we added 2,5 m long hose
with air filter at the end, to the suction of 1
Before running of the gasoline motor we open the manual drain, and colse it
after the motor runs.
Operating and servicing of compressor run by gasoline motor, is the same as
in case of electromotor.
For gasoline motor is a separate guide for service and operating, which is a part of
documentation (in case this kind of driving in wanted).

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III. Compressor operating

Before plug in to power source we control:

- The cable and power source should not be damaged
- Compressor must be in horizontal position
- - CENTRAL STOP switch must be in lower position
Green fuse indicator is off.

According to the plan of servicing we control:
- Oil in compressor: the transparent part of oil gauge must be full, (or between two
lines of oil gauge).
- Stretching of v-belt: bending during pressure 5 kp is about 1 1,5 cm.

Filling process of a pressure bottle

Its forbidden to connect pressure bottle tested for operation
pressure lower than output pressure of compressor 200 or 300 bar.

We connect filling hose from pressure distribution to bottle, valve of both ends
are closed.
We switch CENTRAL STOP- green indicator turns light on, and pressing
green switch START the compressor runs. The ventilator must run in the
direction of the dart at the cover, in other case we change fazes.
We control the function of automatic turn off, by checking the pressure; when
the pressure reaches values of 215 or 315 bars, the pressure switch off, turns
off the electromotor.
The electromotor will turn on when pressure will reach values of 150 or 250
Switching the white switch checks manual releasing of separators. Next
releasing is done automatically in intervals set by the producer. Release
starts also at each compressor stop.
If every thing works properly, we open slowly the valves and start filling of
When the bottles are full the compressor stops automatically.

Next steps:
We close the valves at the both ends of the hose.
After ventilating of the ends, we disconnect the bottle.
After connecting an empty bottle, we star the compressor again.
When finishing, manually release the separator.

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If there is present more than one person, order to manipulate can be given
only when the compressor stops!

IV. Compressor service

Small defects are eliminate according to service guide:

1. We plug out the compressor from power source.

2. Let the compressor get cold. Hot parts may burn you.

3. Release air from compressor unit.

Servicing plan:

10 running hours - control oil level
- changing active coal in filters refill.

20 running hours - changing of molecular net in filters refill.

100 running hours changing the refill of air filter.

200 running hours changing the oil in the compressor.

After season (yearly), total control of electrical connection and installation.

It is recommend to have notebook of motor hour according to motor hour

Description of operating during servicing:

Check and change of oil and filters refill.

- 8 -

1-control gauge opening for filling

4 -air release screw

2 -oil gauge. ----max.

3 -release screw with nut

Oil change:

We screw out control gauge (N
. 1), and screw out releasing screw (N
. 3), we
release oil to a tank, new oil charge = 1,1 l.

Change of filtration refill: - from air releasing screw (N
. 4), we release pressure
from the filter.
- using handle loosen, we loose upper nut of the filter.
- we replace filtration refill, and assembly it again -
the refill must be put correctly into the middle part
of the filter!

When filling the refill, we must reach the maximum weight of material by smooth
shaking. If its necessary we change the filters net or refill felt.

V. Storing and transport


Compressor must be stored in dry and clean place. Its forbidden to store the
compressor together with accumulators, oil and chemical materials.

In case of storing for more than 3 months, it is necessary to run the compressor
after general control for 15 min, and check all its functions. After releasing the
separator we clean the compressor, and prepare for storing. All this should be
registered in notebook and signed by authorized person.

- 9 -

Manipulation and transport:

To manipulate with compressor, it has two handling parts, and its need two persons,
because handling parts are too low must give attention to body hold, expected effort
is (50 kg). Using working gloves is recommended.

The transport of the compressor is possible by any kind of common vehicle, but the
compressor must be protected from getting damaged, and put in such way to
eliminate its free movement in the vehicle.

VI. Spear parts, need material and tools delivered with the

Spear parts
1 spear filtration refill, complete without charge
2 suction plancier
2 springs, for output valves of 2
and 3

1 set of O circles
1 set of Cu - fitting
4 nets for filtration refill
4 pieces of refill felt.
1 filtration refill for suction filter

1 piece, both side spanner 10/12
1 piece, both side spanner 13/17
1 piece, both side spanner 19/22
1 piece, one side spanner OK 65
1 piece, box spanner OK 13
1 piece, screwdriver -10
1 piece, hook spanner for valves
1 piece imbues key N
. 2
1 piece, handle loose 8 mm
1 piece, pliers SEGER

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VII. Supplement

- 11 -

Supplement 1

Schema of electrical connection

C17 T17



x4 x3 x2


T17 C17

x5 x6

ZR 200024 15 A1 B1 18 A2

15 A1 B2 18 A2 ZR 200010


x8 VO

M h

C17 contactor
T17 heat relay
TS pressure switch
RO switch of manual release
Mh indicator of running hour
H indicator
CS3 -1 time switch- automatic release
VO release valve
ZR 200024 automatic release relay

During parallel connection of switches,
Its necessary to disconnect bolts between terminals 2 2 and 5 6. From production number: 010406
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Supplement 2
Pipe schema