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CARMEL NEWS A Bi-monthly Publicationof Carmel Philippines


ope for good news... ties and our full-time Vocation W e also hope for s om e
ope for beauty... Director. confrereswho will finish their
ope for life... g r a d u a t ea n d p o s t - g r a d u a t e
The year 2002brings goodness, We wish and hope this year studiesthis year while the rest
beauty and life for Carmel Phil- for the completion of the new are also engagedin short-term
ippines.The previousyear2001 Chapel and friars' quarter in coursesand training.
was a g o o d ye a r fo r th e Cebu and Collegebuilding of
Carmelites;our communities Mount Carmel College of Hope for 2002is so hopeful!
were recomposedand reconsti- SanFrancisco. Car m el Philippine si s ful l of
tuted ministries strengthened; hope.Carmelin the Philippines
commissionsand conferences Hope also for a meaningful hopesfor goodness, beautyand
w e r e o r g a n i z e d ;l e a d e r s h i p and fruitful RegionalConven- fullnessof life for evervone.
installed. formation work tions set on April for Manila,
s y s t e m a t i z e du nd e r th e n e w Visayasand Mindanaocenters. gnside
Ratio,so on and so forth. What's
Hope too for a fruitful train- tr CormelNews is
The year 2002is full of hope; i n g cour se for JPIC- O.Car m . now reody for o
first with the fraternal visit of Commission members and chollenge.........,........2
F r, Tj e u T i m m erma n s, P ri o r re p re sentativesof the four O TitusBrondsmq
Provincial and Fr. Tony dela centersto be held in Manila on Awqrd Foundstionis
Cruz,CommissaryProvincialto May 7-70,2002. lounched 3
the different communities in )
Hope likewise for the tr Mount Cqrmel
Januarycontributedmuch in the Collcgeot 4l ..,.......... 4
building and strengtheningof upcoming ProvincialChapterof
our communities;then the visit o u r Mother Pr ovince in the n Porishes in Aguson
of Fr. Anthony Scerri (General NetherlandscomeMav 2002. lcrunchedqn Annucrl
Councilor for Asia, Africa and Acsessmentond
Oceania)whoalsorenewedties The secondseriesof Spiritu- Plonning..............,.....5
with the inspirationand updates ality Forums on July is also set Novices ioin
from our CarmeliteBrothersand and the on-going studies of Mendiolo Rolly
Sisterseverywherein the world. every community,ministriesand
program are taking place New TOC
This year too, we hope for re g u l ar ly. Sum m ing up of FormolionProgrom
is introduced.............
more young men who will join pastoral and BCC experiences
us in the Formationprograms. and impact studies on Forma- tr An lmpression
Thanks to the VocationAnima- tion and ministries have also of o Novic€....,...........
tion efforts of all the communi- cometo the fore.

u"ry year, we realize the need for change and improvement

I-i especially if a new dawn is to set, a new year is about to start.

, ffi,;
We are faced with new challenges amidst all the obstaclesthat come
our way in this very complex life. Hope.is just around the corner ffi
waiting to be tapped, waiting to fill our'lives becauseit is all we
can hold on to in these times of economic hardship and emotional
"Ferment in the field," that is Carmel News. Beginning to take
a new face this year, Carmel News submitted to the challenge of
.'verthrowing old stereotypes and surpassing the conventional. It
is nerrer a failure to go against old norms and do away with the
usual. It is rather an improvement, a cycle for change.
Last January 24-25 marked the first phase of change for the
Carrr,el News. Chroniclers of different communities convened for Chroniclers Meeting Participants: (from Left to Right) Sr.Nimfa
a Chroniciers Meeting, a lecture-workshop intended to enhance Tangcuangco,Frs, lohn Gelio-ano, Pete Manilng, Toots Buenafc,
writing skills and capabilities and to learn innovative writing Peter Kramer. (Inset) Ms. Nl Buencamino-Vichland frotn LICAN
techniqr-res. craft. Ms. NJ focused more on Chr-rrchnews and reporting while
This workshop was composed of nine participants from vari- Mr. Ed was more into insightful suggestionsfor the Carn.relNews
ous communities: Frs. Toots Buenafe,John Gelio-ano, peter Kramer, since he is the publication's English editor.
Pete Manilag, Marlon Lacal, Eddie Albino, Sr. Nimfa Tangcuancc-r, The two day event commenced with the dialogr-reon needs
Bro. AIain Baiasabas,Arnold, Normie Lacanilao and Jofti Villena. a s s e s s m e n ta n d c o n c l u d e d w i t h A r c h i v a l A d m i n i s t r a t i o n a n d
Blessedwith two outstanding speakers- Ms. NJ Buencamino- Records Management.
Viehland and Mr. Ed Gerlock, the lecture-workshop was produc- With the first issue set to be releasedthis month. Carmel News
tive and knowledge-driven since both were very successfulin their is now ready for the challenge.

/ln lanuary 25-27 the JPIC-O.Carm. Commission met in Carm. O.L. Sistersdo work or-rteducation and awareness
\-rt New Escalante. building among the sistersof the congregation.
Important points of the agenda were: 4. The Manila Center is in the process of searching for a
1. The "ldeas and Proposals re: Issues of Justice and peace relevant integration of JPIC in the different rninistries of
as proposed by the participants attending the Aylesford formation, Media program and Spirituality. Fr. Tony was
JPIC meeting" held from luly 21-August 10, 2001, were elected member of the AMRSP Board and tasked kr krok
read and recommended to all communities for study, after the JPIC as its mission partner.
reflection and possible integration in the different minis- 5. The main direction of the JPIC-O.Carm.for 2002-2003 is
tries.Copies of the "ldeas and Proposals"were sent to all the integration of JPIC in all ministries of the Comrnis-
communities. sariat.Three main activities for this period were plannecl:
7. Reports of the Centers show that all centers are in the a. On the Commissariat level, a training will be held f<rr'
process of setting up a JPIC desk. San Francisco Center,s JPIC Commission members, and 3 representatives
desk is already existing and parish core-groups are formed. from every center willing and able to re-echo learn-
A need for more JPIC education was expressed.Escalante ings to the |PIC core Broups in the different centers.
has also set-up a JPIC - desk and fPIC orientation b. On the Center level training will be conducted for
sessionsare ongoing in the College, BCC's, among the TOC JPIC teams composed of parish workels, GKK
members and Youth groups in Escalanteas well as leaders and those involved in other ministrres.
Dumaguete. The Cojuanco "dangerous" influence on the c. To unify all members of the Carrnelite Family in the
farmers and the whole of Negros was clearly expressed JPICministry an expandedJPICorientatiorrpaper rvill
by Saling as member of the Rural Missionaries in Negros be formulated.
Occidental. After finishing the concept paper on the JPIC tlainins orr the
3. No specific JPIC-desk is yet existing in Cebu-Center. Titin Commissariat level, tasking of the Committee mernbels and the
is, however, gathering data of the seafaring men and their evaluation of the meeting, the Commission members anc-lthe
issues which will cause in the future a widening of the Escalantecommunity gathered at the "Cable" beach in Escalante
JPIC work of the Carmelite family in the Cebu Center. The for a swim and a camping dinner.
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a


Lay-out Artist:JOFTI .
..... .:..........:

Th" TitusBrandsmaAwardPhil-
I ippines Foundation was offi-
cially launchedon February2,2002
at the Titus Brandsma Center
QuezonCity.The Board of Trustees
is composedof: Dr. Florangel
Rosario Braid, Chairperson; Fr,
Marlon Lacal O.Carm.,Secretary; W* ffia
$?M ig-',i&l
Fr. Bernard RoosendaalO.Carm.
Treasurer; Virgel Santos, Fr.
R e y n o l d C a i g o y ,O . C a r m . , M s .
Carolina Malay, Fr. Antonio dela
Cruz, O.Carm.,members
During the first organizational
meeting of the Foundation on
February 2, 2002,Ms. Carolina
Malay proposedto focusthe search
for candidatesfor this secondTitus
BrandsmaAwardgiving to journal- TheBoard of Trusteesof Titus BrandsmaAward-PhilippinesFoundatiotr
ists from outside the Metropolis &to R) Ms. CarolinaMalay, Frs.Bernard,Tony,Rey,Marlon.
The Boardapprovedthe sameand formulated its or membersof the Carmelitefamily.Selfand individual
decisionas follows: nomination is discouragedand nomineesneed not to
"It is the challengeof bringing forth this year to be Catholics.Other nominationsoutsideMindanaoare
nationalattentionyoung but courageousjournalistsof welcomeprovided that nomineesareMindanao-based
the Southwho deservedmore than applause,more than journalistsor by nature from Mindanao .
recognitionfrom the societyfor the quality servicethey The Board encouragesto nominate:
are rendering to the Filipino Peoplein their continu- r Those who courageouslyand consistently
ous struggle for TRUTH. Their unselfish desire to worked for the education of the public by
uplift the plight of the Filipino citizenry from the bonds uncoveringthe TRUTH behind the "facts".
of ignoranceand grief takesmore than a cashstipend . Thosewho consistently promote the spirit of
to repay." dialogueand sharingto uplift the plight of the
As themeof this secondTitus BrandsmaAward was majority of the Filipino people.
chosen:"Journalistsof the South:A Challengein . Those who make senseout of the barrage of
Crisis". information in thesedays of fast, instant and
The Titus BrandsmaAward Philippines is the- easyaccessto data and information.
country'sversion of the InternationalTitus Brandsma . Thosewho remainfirm in timesof compromise.
Award given by the "lJnion CatholiqueInternationale . Those who stand rooted to the Philippine
de la Presse" (UCIP),the World Forum of professionals reality and strive to uplift the Filipino people
in secular and religious media. The Award was through honest, principled and committed
instituted in memory of the BlessedTitus Brandsma,a work.
journalist, educator and a Carmelite Priest.This is a Jury memberswill mainly be chosenfrom media
biennialprojectof the CarmeliteMedia Ministry of the organizations/stations/NGO's basedin Mindanao
Order of the Carmelites the in Philippines. who have quality backgrounds in the Mindanao
TheBoarddeclaredthe searchfor candidatesopen. situation, and can provide very good representation
In putting forward a candidate,it is necessarythat they from either the Muslim or Christian community. At
shouldbe supportedwith adequatedocumentationand leastone Muslim will be on the jury.
may be submitted by any Mindanao-basednon-gov- It was also decided that the deadline for the
ernmentalorganization,media organizations/ stations submissionof entriesis on May 27,2002.