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A Bi-monthly Publication of Carmel Philippines

ln ilcmoriam
sametime prior of the house.In 19&4
he was elected provincial superior. It
is only one of the many tasksto which
he was assigned.During the General
Chapterof 1989he was electedasvice-
general. During his stay in Rome, he
was at the same time prior of the
Generalatecommunity.In this function
he was known as an excellenthost.
When his term was over in 1995he
retumed to the Netherlands where he
becamea memberof our Hengelocom-
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Fr. Johan Steneker with Friarsduing the conventionn 1988, Scala,Bacolod City

T ast week the sad news reachedus ing the facilities right after the war.
1//A^ti /^4rZ'
l-:that our confrereJohan Steneker Johan was multitalented. He was a
had passedaway last March 20 after a good sportsman, and at the same time
long and painful sicknessthat eventu- a good musician and had a good voice.
O JPICUpdoiGs.............tO
ally paralyzed him. Many of us who People liked him as a solo singer. On
were privileged to remember him in the other hand he was also able to con-
good health, remember him as an duct a choir of over 40 people for O Intcrnotionol Cormelitc
intelligent,friendly and very concemed polyphonc music. As a student friar he
ilcctings of Nuns,
person.When he visitedus twice in his was a sharp and witty play-writer and
function as provincial superior he a good actor. Bernard knows more Assislonlc ond Religious
stayed not only with us, his brothers about this since they worked together.
Superiors...................| |
and sistersin Carmel, but went also On top of this he was also good at
with us to the squatter-areas of Metro drawing. Since he was a good student
Manila. With us, he visited the sugar- he was given the task to study English
workers in Negros, and the farmers in after his ordination. His first assign- O TOGUpdclgs ............. r5
Agusan.His heartwent out to the poor ment in 1950 was, however, not in the
and the people at the margin, and he school but as secretary to the provin-
wanted to back us up {n our option to cial. In 1963he was elected prior of our D Whof's New with
be the church of the poor. The care of community in Nijmegen and a year
..... t 5
the poor was for him an essential later he was also given the task of chap-
expressionof Carmel. lain to migrant people. He had this
Johan was born in Heereveen, triple task until 1967 when he trans-
Frisia,Netherlands,on June 4,7928. ferred to Hengelo and later to Almelo, O Associcrtesin
During the war he studied at the where he functioned as religion- Solidority .................. | 6
minor seminaryof Zenderenand was teacher, trouble shooter in the school,
given a responsibletask in reorganiz- leader of the pastoral team, and at the

WhatbNcw Utith
Reception/ Professionceremonies pclikula@titusbra
were held in Sta.Cruz, Laguna (March
8) and Pilar Village, Las Piflas City { [ f ell, a record-breakingnumber of attendeesper viewing scheduleand still
V Y growing!!!
(March 22).Fr. TotoJaranilla,O.Carm,
Sinceit started rn 1997, the pelikula@titusbrandsmaincreasedthe number of
Nimfa C. Tangcuangco,TOCarm and its attendeestremendouslyand has already formed its own shareof following,
Joe GenerosoTOCarm attended to h"ppy to say,a diversity of audience.
witnessthe occasions.
Top caliberartists,directorsand academiciansusually gracethe "pelikula".
CDtrCA Students,faculty of different schools,religious and simply film buffs (as what
The Third Order of Carmel was the they call themselves)are very huppy to sharethe sumptuousrosterof films that
topic discussedon the Divine Mercy "pelikula" offerseverymonth. From December2002 toApril 2003,"pelikula" has
Channellast March 15.Panelistswere more than 50 viewerssometimesreachingto 87.
composed of Fr. Toto, Bro. foe, Mila For this year,the group is focusedto reachlargeraudiences,seriouslyimple-
Exconde,TOCarm and Bay Aromin, menting dialogueafter every film and promoting quality short films.
TOCarm. Today,the "pelikula" has already its own website (http://www.pelikula-
trtrDOtr titus.tk)and brochureto promotefilm dialogue.Aside from that, "pelikula" hasa
The 3rd RegionalFormatorstain- list of talentedwriters taking careof the pressreleasesin variousnewspapersand
ing Seminar(Luzon/NCR) was held at magazines.The group is also conducting outreach programs in schoolsand
Titus BrandsmaCenterlast March 29- specialscreeningsin coordinationwith Center for Intemational Studiesat UP.
30 with more than 70 TOC Formators The group is looking forward to future tie-ups. This is in order to reach the
in attendance.Sr.Ludy Dizon, CM was maximum but diverseaudience.
the resourceperson who gave due Previewsof scheduledfilms are done by the "pelikula" planning committee
emphasisto the six (6) elementsof a to checkthe film material for defectsand most importantly to permit reflection
TOC. and critique to eventually ready themselvesin facilitating the dialogues.Aside
DOtrtrO from this preparation,the committeeinvitesprofessionalsand expertsin the field
The fratemalvisit to the Cuiguinto to help in the discussion.Feministsand women's organizationrepresentatives
Community last April 5,2N3 brought were invited during the film dialogue last March with a themeon women.
about a fruitful result - the purging [of The "pelikula" also gives importanceto short films made in good tasteand
membersl, merging [of men and quality.Everyviewing schedule,the group addeda "SpecialFeature"categoryin
women] and split of the presentcom- which it showcases short films. The filmmaker of the short film is alsorequiredto
munity into three (3): Guiguinto, provide a short talk about his/her film. This is to encourageindependent
Malolos and Hagonoy.The move was filmmakersand promote the creationof quality short films/documentaries.
meant to be strategicand beneficialfor Theme line-ups for regular viewing per month are as follows: original
the whole Order. With the impending versions(January),DecalogueII (February),women's films (March),book to film
split, more potential leaders and (April), Canneswinners (May), gay and lesbian(fune),aspectsof cinema(July),
formators are expectedto be tapped films with historicalbackdrop (August), flops (September),one person "Terry
and given the chanceto showcasetheir Zwigoff" (October),horror/suspense(November)and films aboutmusic(Decem-
talents for the good of the community, ber).
resulting in more leadersbeing trained For SpecialQuarterly Screenings, the theme line-upsare:Oscarfilms (first),
for future national positions. With coming of age (second),anime films (third) and films from obscurecountries
the impending split, Sis. Nimfa has (fourth). All line-upsare still subjectto change.pelikula@titusbrandsma is as'an
instructed Flor A'Jose, the Regional open spacefor dialogue,interactionand reflectionthrough film' and currently
Coordinator to organize a Regional facilitatedby the pelikula planning committee.
Council in the province to better
improve coordination with the
Nalional Council.
On EasterSunday,April 20,nine (9)
Postulantsfrom the Mary of Carmel
Starof the SeaTOC Community,Tanay,
Rizal were receivedin the Novitiate at
9:00 in the morning in a Eucharistic
celebration officiated by Fr. Toto
Jaranilla,O Carm. Sis.Nimfa and Bro.
Joewere presentto receivethe candi-
dates. ThePlanningCommittee and the Patronizers PeIikula@titusbrandsmain dialoque

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