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Words of Friendship
some of my favourite thoughts on the subject
of friends
"A friend is someone who knows the song in
your heart and can sing it back to you when
you have forgotten the words."

"Best friends aren't born, they're made, one
great memory at a time."

"It's not so hard to die for a friend, as to fnd a
friend worth dying for."
"True friendshi mu!ti!ies the good in !ife and
divides its evi!s."

"True friends are the ones who never !eave
your heart, even if they !eave your !ife for a
whi!e. "ven after years aart, you ick u with
them right where you !eft o#, and even if they
die, they're never dead in your heart."

"$eo!e say true friends must a!ways ho!d
hands, but true friends don't need to ho!d
hands because they know the other hand wi!!
a!ways be there."
"A friend is someone you can ca!! u in the
midd!e of the night because you have a
rob!em or you need something, and they'!! be
there for you."

"%ife without friendshi is !ike the sky without
the sun."

"&e are not ut on earth for ourse!ves, but are
!aced here for each other. If you are there
a!ways for others, then in time of need,
someone wi!! be there for you."
"The on!y way to have a friend is to be one."

"A friend is somebody you want to be around
when you fee! !ike being by yourse!f."

"A true friend wa!ks in when the rest of the
wor!d wa!ks out."

"If a friend is in troub!e, don't annoy him by
asking if there is anything you can do. Think u
something aroriate and do it."
"'riendshi is one sou! dwe!!ing in two bodies."

"A friend is someone who reaches for your
hand but touches your heart."

"'riendshis begin because, even without
words, we understand how someone fee!s."

"(enuine friendshi is not measured by time)))
but it is measured by accetance"
"A friend is one where even though you re*ect
the si!ver, he+she sees the go!d."

",o man+woman is worth your tears and the
on!y one who is, wi!! never make you cry."

If you !ove someone, ut their name in a circ!e,
instead of a heart, because hearts can break,
but circ!es go on forever.
'riendshi is a strange thing...
&e fnd ourse!ves te!!ing each other the
deeest detai!s of our !ives...things we don't
even share with our fami!ies.
But what is a friend- A confdant- A !over- A
shou!der to cry on- An ear to !isten- A heart to
A friend is a!! of these things and more.
,o matter where we met, no matter how !ong
we've been together, I ca!! you a friend. A word
so sma!!, yet so !arge in fee!ing, a word f!!ed
with emotion, a word over*owing with !ove.
Tru!y great things come in sma!! ackages.
.nce the ackage of friendshi has been
oened, it can never be c!osed. It is a constant
book a!ways waiting...waiting to be read...and
&e may have our disagreements))we may have
our disaointments))we may argue))we may
concern one another))friendshi is a uni/ue
bond that !asts through a!! tribu!ations. A art
of each of us goes into our friendshis...our
humour))our e0eriences))our tears.
'riendshis are foundations...necessary for !ife
and !ove.
'riends))you and me))you brought another
friend and then there were three))we started
our grou))our circ!e of friend. Tthere is no
beginning ...there is no end. "ven though I
don't seak to you a!! everyday or even as
often as I wou!d !ike to, you have a!! crossed
my ath of !ife in one way or another))some of
you I've on!y bumed into))some have wa!ked
a whi!e with me))and some of you wi!! continue
to wa!k with me))but don't ever think for a
second that since we aren't in constant contact
that I don't think of you a!!... because if it
wasn't for coming across a!! of you)) who
I wou!d a be a com!ete!y di#erent erson))
and.))we!!...I'm hay with how I've turned out
so far. Thank you.
I ho!d in my hands a bo0 of go!d,
&ith a secret inside that has never been to!d.
The bo0 is rice!ess but as I see,
The treasure inside is far more recious to me.
Today I share this treasure with thee,
It's the treasure of friendshi you've given to
2any eo!e wi!! wa!k in and out of your !ife,
but on!y true friends wi!! !eave footrints in
your heart.

The recie of friendshi3 4 cu of sharing, 5
cus of caring, 4 cu of forgiveness and hugs
of tenderness. 2i0 a!! these together to make
friends forever.

'riends are !ike stars. 6ou can't a!ways see
them, but you know they are there. 7ave great
hoes and dare to go a!! out for them. 7ave
great dreams and dare to !ive them. 7ave
tremendous e0ectations and be!ieve in them.