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\,IIJhen you lace a ;Jroject it is generally recom-

ended that yeu use no more ,han 2 yards of laca at a
me. This is because pulling the lace through all those
"es wears the lace and may weaken i"t. It also fravs the
ges so rhat the lace doesn' t lock good :oward theend of
This methodis commonly usad by !eathercraft ersand
cnufac: urers 01 lace as wel L Often on a 5pool of lace a
'Niil bespliced in t o fill thespooi.
S"<;va -rhe ind ofthe oid Jaceonthe'top side . 5k: / e l.he ena 'Jf
'l e...'! es on the bottom sida. Careiull y tJpofv
:0theskved ends.
the project . Well , unless your project is '1ery
are doing a very simpl e stitch, 2 yards oilace
completely around it. Yeu wi ll havetesplice in a
oflace, mayoeeven$avara' t imes.
Allowcamenttodr'l un(iJ tlickV.Adher.sXived""d.("96ther.
Continua lacing aroum:i yOllr"rojee-:: with new lace.
Generallywhen lacing ona singlethicknessDi leather,
recommended thatyou put enough lace in yo ur needle
:omplete the area without splicing, Sometimes this is
not possible. On thin leathers, cement splicinqmust be
1, however on thicker leathers. drysplicingcan bedene.
This t ype spli cing can be used on anytype lacing as ill ustrat ons are 00 double loop lacing, but it is done me
In{J as jau llave more than cne layer01 ieatner. It is 2oo-V sameway regardless oftilet ype' acing being done.
ld doesn' t t ake as much time as cament spl icing. The
e: .
Now begin laclng the !'"dst of 'tour
project with the new Jengm 'JT lace. Tuck the nd of-he o.d lacabetween
I (he old lacs up tight. cutaff th Push needle under1he bight 3.S before the leathers and lace ovar it with the
at angJa. ailawing about-314" Continua Jac ing and lac.e over
I new laca so that it is Gaught and or go to the nex't stit::h ir you a,re "O(
aslnst"u;-;ed, 10 Iod< them in place. double loop lacing, won't sho,,",
Use. sharp knife and very . very careful/y slll,ha .dge
of he leather down 10 below the lacing holes and
CQv.,ng about thraehoJes. Usodrv spji.o:inll tec;hniqu6
as snownabove.
!I puts t he finshing touch t o handmade leather
w yau lace, your technique and proficiency,
,.t deal of importance in the overaU appearanc9 of
ed productoWith tne f ollowing instructi oos , plus a
?ractice, you wilt soon be do ing a professional job
There are two rul as ta remember :cing, nc
matter what t echnique you are using. 1 " .;usnould loae
no more t han 2 yards of lace in your !acing , eecle :t " time
as face can fray and wear from being Olt..l led mrough toe
hol es. 2. ) When lacing, a/ways lace with :Mil front or out-
side of the project f acing you !
Small projects with little stress
on seams or as decorative edging.
Use 3/32" hotes and 3/32" lace.
TIla Whi p St.itch uses 3% t imes
me length of lace ta "ttle lengttl
of yaur praject. FOf exampie; if
y our project measures 2 ft_
around the laced pa n, you wll
need 3",1, ti mes that amount of
lace, or 7 ft. ()f lace.
Pull stilch up tlght . Continue lacing
in a spiraJ. tigntening ,he lace a. vou
90 .
Pull the 'end af the lace tight to tak.
sJack OUt ot the last loop_ CUI off the
end of the lace w jth a marp knita and
tap all lacing flat with a smooth-
In a case where you don't lace como
plete/y around a proiect. yOU 'Nill
bagi" lacing a bit different/y. YO will
st il! bagin between the leathers, but
you will begin i!J the tirst no/e ,,"ti
also take Ihe next :;titen In the t irst
hale (twice through Ihe firs! ho/e in
tIle back leather
Begin laci ng in 1l&tW68n 1he two lal' ers
01 Jeather. l. . ave abaut 1/4" at the
cnd wnere you slit t he lace.
Br nQ the needle over 'ihe g.a'ge 01 the
ieathe r to .he frent of lhe projee! and
"rougn next hal e aver from beginning
hoie. rh. " ,hread it througn :he sl it
in the ena 01 m e lace and :hroug'
the opposte hole. ... sn own.
When 'Nhip Stitching (Jn a single
thickness of Jeatner, be sure t o catch
t he beginning tail of l..ea under the
nc.xt fQW on baek 01 the
leather. End by running needle
back unde, the last faw .titches (Jn
ot , he I"",her.
Small prajeCts with littl'e stress
on saams.
Use 3/32" hales ano 3/32" lace.
The Running Stitch uses lY.z
times the lengtl1 of lace to the
length of your project. For
example; if your project measures
2 ft. around the !aced pan, you
will need 1'1" times tl1at amount
ot lace. or 3 ft. of lace.

o O O o o

Pull st(eh up ti!!ht to lock the
Push needle through the next hote lace. Push need!., :hrough :lext
from the back. through [he ,iil and nole, being carsful not to twist
Begin lacing just as vou d id for tha out through the opposite hale in the lace.
INhip Stitch. front . as snown.
Continued on paga 10.
TH E RUI\JNI NG S7 !TC:-t- com inued from paga 9.
ooly. Come Ihrough fi ne hole in the When usng the Aunnjng Stitch 011 a
back, through slit in the lace, and single thieknes., begin lacing from
oull .11 stitehing up !Ight and pull the through first hole in front. Then lace When Wing off , 90 throu!jh nex! to back.side in ,ir51 hale, then bad,
end oft he lace ti9hl. Cut"TI' rhe .nd through thesecand hole Isecond time IllSt hol e in baci< only ano brlng t ne through secano hale and t hroU9h
0#thll lacecloseto theleothe,andt aa through oaci, hole} and continue laca up between tha 1881her.3ttd baak slit in "nd of laco. End by runnin9
./lIa<: ing tlal with smoO!II mallet . la<:i ng asusual. a few ,titChes. iaceunder laH. titc h an back.
Sma!! prejectswithlittlestresson
Use 3/32",1/8"or5/32"angleti
slits with same width lace.
must havean e\lennumber01siits.
Buckstitch with angled . li15 uses
approximately 2Yo ti mes the
length oilace tolengthofproject.
When using Ihe9uckstitch on asingl e
thici<ness, begin acingfrom oaci< side
in tirst,lit, then :,ack through second
slit in end {]f lace.Endbyrunninglace
under laststltoh on back .
-----, .
Pull milo !titeh 111) tl<Jht and oontinua
!acing In !nd' out me ha!"", pulllng
the.titehesti9htas you gD.
Wl1en you don' ! laca all th. wav
.r ound aprojsc! ,Ileginlacingbetw""n
the le.then, ' n second hole In back
Fer example; i1 yo ur
measures 2 ft. around lacedpart .
you will naed5 f. oflace.
Pul/ this stiteh up tight andcontinua
lacing in and out01 tile .Iits, 3ulllng
sthches 1:ignt 09 you 90.
d l..--'
ou/l all .titchesupti9htand
theend aithelac9 tight. Cutoff
,he .nd ot me lace dose to the
le"ther3ndta"aJllaclngflatwith . slit (second time through second ,lt)
the leathen;push nei!dlebackthrough
"" you did
1 .4 /
When not lacng all the wayaround a
project, begin lacing between leathor5
in s8Cond sUt in back "ieca. Tl1en
"ome up through jl,sl ,lit in back,
thraugh ,lit in lace and tllrough'first
I slit in fmnt. Then Jace through second
and continua lacing 3S usual.


Push needlemrou9h lasthole. Sprqd
next to the last hale, bringing needle
up bemeenthelestllen,
When tying off, 90 next to
!ast stil In back only and bring the
lace up between ,he leathers and
back a few 5titches.
Straight Slifs
B"1I1n lace a5 m DWn 1!bove. Note
sides 01 lace.

\-L "':

.. : .
:;Orr.nue lac ing, Pul! stitchea t ignt a:
'""u ;0.
Thlnk af chis stlteh as a spira l. This
kellflS the gra ln side 01 the lace out
on both .Idas 01 the project.

," }1l
,' ,,: "

When not lacing "ti the way around a
project. begin laeing between leathers
in second slit in the back. Then come
up through firS! slit in back, !hrough
sI;t in end of lace .nd through ti.st
slit in front. Ihen lace th rough second
slit Isecond lime through secand slit}
and continue lacing as usual.
PulJ all stitches tight. CUt off e nds.
Tal> st itches "at wi th a malla\.

C '
, \;
Pul! fim loop tight and Iac:e bacl!.
through flrn slits of both I.amers.
Laca to beginning stit en and Il!lIve a
loop in nQln ro last atiteh. Lac'!
through last sl it. Lace back siit
(on back anly) and push needle up
between leathers.
When ty ing off , go th ,ough "ext 10 '
last ,lit in back only and bring rhe
lace up between t he leat"er, and back
a few stitahe

Pull flrn st:ltch :ight. T.um needle a.nd
90 baek ttlruugn next !lit as sh OlNn.
Pull t he loose loop ti ght and comi nu.
oulli ng a/l t ne slecK out of he ;ace.

. \
When using the Buekstltch on a single
thickness, begin laeing f mm baek sids
in 1l rsl . lit, t hen back th rough seca nd
slit in end ot lace, end by running lac a
"nder las! stitch on back .
Lightweight leathers o, single
thickness projects where little
lace is required to caver the
"raw" edge.
Use 3/32" slits with 3/32" lace.
Single Loop Lacing uses 6% times
more lace than the length ot the
project. Fo' exampl e; ir vour
project measures 2 ft. around
laced part, yOY will need 13 ft.
of lace.
Push needle under lace as shown.
whh rhe fle.sh 5ide up. Do not
laCB, ? ult up i nugly.
Begin al tal' 0# project, "Us" lace
th.ough f ront side. Leave about ..
of end.
These flrst 2 >-titehes ,hould nOt be
tight, bUI snug as they must be
odiu.ted when conpleting steps 816.
Continue lacing in this 1ashion until
you reae" comer hole.
Fold end up and loop lae" .round as
shown. Hold with finge,s until 1st
stitch is tightened.
Continue lacing as befo re. Whel1 you
reach a corner, lace through the three
corner holes tvuice eaeh, as shown.
Lace thflu gh 2nd slil. 8 e su,e
smoot" sida af lace faces YOU , as
$ho..n in draw ings. Pull up snugly,
Don't forget 10 go under the loop
.aeh time an Ihe corner Lace lo
the beginning.
Continued on page 12.
Careful/y cutoff.nd.f rom rhe flesh
side. as snown. Tap lacing tlat with
mail eto,roll undef a wooden dowcl.
When you are notl.oi n9 eompletely
around a project 'jau wiJI begin 3S
in St op 9 01 the Whipstitch on paga
9. Then come under first stltQh as
:shown and continua lacing.
Medium size projects such as
billfolds, purses, clutches. et c.
Use 3/32" ur 1/8" lace with
correspondingly sized si 13.
Ooubl e Loop Lacing uses 7-8
time more lace than t he
length of t he project. For
example: if youf profect mea-
sures 2 ft. around laced part,
you wi ll need 14-16 tt. of l aca.
Begi;nnin-g on tront side <JI projec'f,
pu/l {he needle and lace t h r ough
ls. t 51t. L. aaveabaut ar:neJacing
end J nd go on ,,:he ,18Xt slit.
Follow tlle sama procedure5 as i n

VIIhen ""dine, go rhrough last slit,
unde, loop and men 90 lrough last
sii1 in 1ront only and come out
betw..1In me leathe,. and back 3
tew .
Wl1 en Single Loop Lc ng en single
thickness oi learher, be sure t Ocatch
tha beginning rail of lace under rhe
tirst few .titella. on rhe back 01' the
! met, end by running tne n-aedle
back under t he last few stitches on
rhe baek oi rhe leather.
Pu,h me needte under '!he cross Dr
bight. Hold 1he end otlhe I,e s dow"
PulJ the sti1ch :.Jnder the bight st9pS 1 and 2: makinga cros.s arbight.
Lace tnrough the ho<:l. Tha
snug butnat Lac2 t hl'oug" Onc.e 3g;);n 90 under cha bight z, nd end of the lacM can now be released Whan ladng a corne:o', stitch through
thethreecarnerholestwice enen.
_.. _.. _. __., :- -. --.-.. ,
the nextsit. pul! ;he . i,ehsnu\}. as ir s now /acked in place.
p a-na vi face
Pu II anv slack out 01 the first loop Push needle through Ihe laSI ;li t as
Carefu /ly off tha end 01 Ihi.
and adj ust lacing w;lh to make shown. B,ine it up bel....n tt.. lacing. Top lacing with a malte!
aH 'Our sttches ap-pe2iT equai. leathers and -out be1ween the lac ing. Or roll II"t wlth a wooden dowel.
(glJ Dre no1: lacing
When ending, go through las!
around a p,oject. you will begin
under bight and then 90 th rough the
laci ng a. in Step 1 through 3. In Step
!ast sli t again. through front only.
When Oouble Loop Lacing on a When ending. Tun Ihe needle
on he back, lay il along he edge oi Come out between the leathe,s and
4. instead 01 hOlding the "nd down
si ngl e 1hic!<ness af It:>ather, you can back \.IndaT i:Oe last '(6W stitches .ul
the leat her and just lace over it . begin just os you did in Stop 24. on 1he back oi the leather.
back a few " ilches. Trim off.
beca use

As w it h other types of n it cnes,
projecu such purses ,
efeases and holsters,
wi ll caver thicl<e r edges.
'ple Loop Lacing uses approx-
lat ely 9 t imes more lace than
e length oi tha project. Fa r
;ample: If your project mea-
res twa feet around lacad part ,
)u will need 18 feet oi lace.
Pu/l snug; laco thrOU!,M next hale.
the rront side Cf t he Pfoject
' '' o uld '::le tac:n g ,/OU. aeC}lo os
shown. Lxa ThrQugn neXl hola
Pul! 5titch snug; laca under bight
(cross-l sama as, 'Nith double loop
2nd lace as
Use :51v1U9 to loosen and 3pread Trlm sorne eod; lUcl< b .. 1Ween
P'JII out O naja irom ieatner3: breaking cerneot featheTS. to 2 open holes on
back side,
.dhesioo. frant; one opan noie on baclc..
__. ' ___ ___ . . _ . __ AA _ __ e _ _ _ o __ ....
Pull end 'Jp SE"NEEN ' eath.
13E SURE' (O majmalo :he two
Carefulty push needl. down
Lac.e thr ough na"t
openhaleat baclr..
under ONE
throuoh8 0TH
PU5A on lacing with fingers te Go baclr. tO stap 23 and begi n Continua s lack ano'
adl ust. pull ing sl ack out rJf lace. tighten ing S1itches.
Pull slack oown Ihrough borh 1001'S. Carefully cut off end. Tal' lacing
Lacing should be adjusted la givlt an around projec1 and rub arroll tor
aven appearance. eveness.
Lace through remaining hol9 and up
between lacing attopo
Sadale stitching is the best method
far sewing two '" 1110/'9 p!m;es ot

Use a Stitching awl 10 puneh holes.
You will .150 nead two harness
needles, nitchng groover, oyer'-
stitch .tool, unwaxed nen thread
and be95wax or t hread.
Use the stitching graoyer and gou9' Moinen the 90ugeo channelo lightly
channel around the edges oi ,he with a dam,..ponge,andruntheovero
THREADING T.HE leather. Gauge the leathar 00 botn stiten tool .H .round the channel on
sides. Keop tool lig"t agaiost 19ather the front side only. This marl<s

Push one naedle throughhaleand pull from front ot leather. Be cilreiul not
untll equal .mount of thread l. on Punen sacond hola with awl. Hald to piorce "A" with neoedle "S",
slde ofleamer, as showl1 above.

I edges to !nsure a gouge

of awl holeo to insure aven
Push neodle "A" through second
Stab first hole with awt as shown
aoove. 8e sure to uab proper angle
'Nith the.vol ulade.
Push needle "B"through second hale
hole from back side as shown, Al"
ways push back side needle through
Pul! both threads until all sl ack
taken up.
CUt t hreads off in :<titehlng chann /
on bo1h sides with a sharp knifa.
Lav Ilrojee1 on 'Norl< and t1IP
ave r all stitching with mallet.
Becarerul nO! tomarleather.
If you are sewing ond IUII up fu ll
length of t hread and have n01
1ha stBl'ting hole. pull l3rtstl1eh tight
and tie t hreads togethe, on top edge
ofleather as shown.
Run overstiteh wne./ OVer all 01 tha
>titenes .his aCt ually l elps tf1e p.
pearanee of any sJigin'y irregu lar
sti t enes.
Cu t needlM off threads . PUl ne8dlu
on a new length oft hread. Insenawl
on. hole baek from 3rt stitel! and
start new mread in this hola as !IX.
plained in step 4. Cont lnu. stlteh
ing .r ound project t D staning hale.
Round the edges ef the leathBf on
both sides with a bevel-e.l8 adge
Use this sti1:ch (lO anv 'edge ';"here El
r ound 1:. reicied effect desired.
Use 1/8" or 3/16" lace INitn oor
, eslondingly sized or no;es.
PUS" neadlo 3nd iace down bstween
lcatners then out ihe back through
Round braid U:le':J 9 tlmes mont laco
!hira . t. Lave *" 01 lacing en d
tucked aown batween leathen. Br ing
tilan lile Ierlgth 01 the project. ror
exampie: il yourprojectmeasures 2tI.
lace over tof rontetleather and push
lace through lirstslit. Bringlace be.:.'"
arcund laced part, you 'N1II need 18 it.
over 'iD rront .de or leather and
01 lace.
lace through feurth slit.
Bringlacs overtofrent01 lea,herthen
laes through secand slit .
I Bring lace to front of leatllor. <0o
over the fim <trand and under
over t oe sacond stl'and. then lace through
the lourtll sllt 10r tlle seeond time,
(1t' snowo1
lace 1!el\1inue lacing 90in9 under and o\ler
i'ush iaea up under neares!strand ,nd
. tm'ouoh third slit. and forward three. th91'1 aver and un
OVQI'" ;,ext strand as in step J. then
der and back two. Eaeh "Iit ,nould
lace through next sllt in line.
Complete st itching as explai ned in
step 1 1. t hen cut Dff both Sl!tS 01
tr"eads as ;)(plained in step 12.
Moi stent ite !!dolIS ofths r8lth... ond
burn4sh \\11th a ei t ele edge.ticker.
Push laca up undar strana and
ayer next strand, Bring la'::: Qtofrant
01 loather theniace tnrcugh fifth siit.
Lace around project until you reaeh
first or startng sJit. lace through
first slit aga;n tf1en oring lace to
front of and over fi!'St strand
and under secand strand as shown.
be laud through micg. . Lace through next m last slit again.
- - -
- ---







3/32", 1/&" or 3/16" lace with
rrespondlngly silad hales or sliu.
, ,
,/ ,/
, J
, 1
'11."'- _.1
, ,
1 ,
, ,
0 1---1--
Lace up through third slit 00 tOP
3Igaan catchng lacing end under
rtiteh Dn bacl, 01 leather.
, .
, I
, I
, \
- --
tnrough nex1 slit in bottom.
lacing follawing the SCime
.15 n staps 4, 5, i.nd 6.
To lace cornefS with the appliqoe
,!Itch, se! up para"el raW$ 01 slil.
as shown aboye, with ene slit on the
cornsr of the insde rQW and four
sHts on the outside row.. Itis
e nl to keep the di,tance between the
.palaJlaJ rows 01 ,slit5 the same goi.ng
around a corner as they ara when
laclng in a straight line.
Pull end 01 lace out 01 loop,
Boglnning from backoide of Jeather,
pulJ noedlo and Jaco Ihrough flrst elit
in tap row. Le8veabouT3/4"oflacing
in tl it, then push neodle and Jaco Lac e
through second slit on bottom row.
Pull stiteh snug bUI not tight.
_ '>s>
Push needle unds r o.. bight as
lace unlil SH or sn ofIfJcing rEme'n!.
Lace under twa sttches on the
side of leather and trim off excess.
Voo a're now ready to spHce in a naw
length of lace,
coroer slu$
rwic:e a.ech
Lace through me ttlres inside corner
51its twjce each and through the four
fiuts'de t:. orner ,litl on::02 eao.h, as
stiu::;h on bzck of leather.
Pull 51iteh
t ighl.
t om rQw.
up Ihrough bight
snuQ but not 1jght.
, .
Pull lace out of rem.a.ining s\it from
nitia' F'atch
stilch Dn belts, puro8J, wal
t an also be uucl ta ovarlay
8 of leather onanolhor, such
on a purse.

up thraugh secand . Iit in top
lac;ng snd under
-.;:;;;;:a .... .-.
"IZI _'- _
, \
\ \
, ,
uno.r bi ghl stlug but not
througl1 noxt slltin boto
tl.;l'\t,dV threaded needle op
next slit in top row, lea'lling
of laclnQ en(j in . lit. Push n" dle
as . I1own aud pull
8e 5ure to go throutth bignt on alJ
corner stitches.
Pull end of lace out 01 second slit in Pul! end of late outotloop. Enlarge
bottom row and second slit in topo loop slightly with modelill9 tool.
- --
-- --_\
eross ovcr first and lacE:
Ihrough fin! sllt on hcnom row.
Thi. will tarm a crasa or "bighf'.
Lace uP, throuuh ne"t ,lit in top row,
(second bi ght formad) . lace und. r
second bight d. in step 5,
Lace through nex! slit in bottom.
Continue Jacing foJ!owing the sarne
procedures as 4, 5, and 6.
Moisten the gouged channsl, lightly
wilh damp sponge. and run !he
stitch too' around the channel on
the front sida only, This marks
ton ot awl hales to nsure 8ven
If you are lac ing eompletely arOU nd a '
project, lace lo starting point. Use
modellng 1001 ta pull end of I.ce lroe
trom flrst slt as shown.
backside of leather which will Jeave
four empty slits,
P\lSh begiooing lac'" under \\"'0 oeitches
on backside of leatller, Tighten
then trm off axeess lacB.
Loe. cl own throl\gh ramai n ing slit.
, ,
\ .L.
! " , ' , "
, ,
, ,
'. '
" ,,\
Continua lar:/ng untii you h;:ve one
,lit left Dn top row sud one sli t left
CHl bo n o m row .
I.aes th,ough rP.maining top sli t then
up t l rough back af loop, 00 no! plJlI
lace 1igbt.
Lac9 \JJ through bight then down
t hrougn front 01 loop. Pul! sis e!< out
al lac e wh ere it rung th,ough loop
and undel' b igl'lt,
pull ti el", . djust ing lace with fin ge rs
Push undsr two on
to maks aU you r st it ches aplIso, baoksld e of leat"e,. Pu ll tight, then
t rfm off exCi! ' S lace.
TheArt of
By Al Stohlman
By Al Slohlman

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